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  1. @bossland Which xml file and line of code do I need to edit to make the match competition logo appear larger? And is it possible to change the competition logo to competition text instead? See screenshot....
  2. This actually works on FM20. Just follow the install instructions from the OP, and place the files & folders in the equivalent FM20 locations.
  3. Beautiful work @bossland My new favorite skin. I don't suppose its possible to change the numerical attributes to bars? I've noticed this request crop up a few times on the skinning forum, but it seems no one has been able to do it for Fm20 yet. Something like this?
  4. I've gone back to playing FM17 lately having spent the last couple of years playing 18 and 19 respectively. I didn't realise just how much more fun 17 was until I'd spent considerable time playing the latter two versions. Even graphically the 3D aesthetics of 17 blows 18 and 19 away with its variety of pitches and pitch states, lighting effects, and a whole host of different camera views to choose from (which unforgivably were removed in 18 and 19), plus 17 has a directors view that actually works as it should, and a nice variety of weather effects that seems to be lacking in the last two games. 17 really is the pinnacle of the ME for me, both how it plays and how it looks, despite its few flaws others have mentioned here. FM18 and 19 were a big step backward imo. Hoping 20's ME is a lot more than just a "few tweaks" from the last two, if not I'll be sticking with 17 for the long haul.
  5. Yep, same issue. Got a 10 season save that now crashes on May 15th. Starting a new save seems a bit pointless as this issue seems to be effecting a few people now, so there's no guarantee a new save won't be immune to it either. I don't fancy wasting the next 3 months playing a save that could have this bug occur and promptly end my game again.
  6. My game crashes on the same day too - May 15th. But May 15th 2028. Its annoying because I'm 10 years into this save and have invested a lot of time into it. Is it possible to salvage it somehow? I've tried removing custom logos, skins, packs etc, and just used the default settings to try and progress, but it still crashes on May 15th 2028. I'm using my own custom database, but the only edits I've made are team names. I've also activated the missing 4 south american leagues via the editor (made them view only in game). i've uploaded it to the link posted above. File name: Ajax May 15th 2028
  7. This is something I started doing way back during the FM13 & FM14 days. It became quite popular with players who liked seeing full team names instead of the shortened or abbreviated names the default database shows. So for those interested, this DB has replaced thousands of abbreviated club names with their full, or 'long' names. Full names will now appear on league tables, fixture lists, and the match scoreboard. Bare in mind that most custom skins are designed with the abbreviated or shortened names in mind, so try it at your own discretion. Example screenshots.. Full names on league tables: Full names on fixture lists: Full names on the match scoreboard: Download links and instructions : Link
  8. To make the scoreboard text larger you can do it by increasing the font size by editing the code in your match title bar.xml file (its in your skins; panel/match folder). Look for the headers; <home team name>, <away team name>, and <home score>, <away score> and amend their font sizes.. Example... <widget class="text_button" id="T1nm" auto_size="none" alignment="left,centre_y,can_scale" size="13" click_event="htac" font="scoreboard" colour="white"> I too would like to see a return to the horizontal scoreboard but have no idea how to do it. I'm not a fan of the new scoreboard in FM18. It seems there's an alignment issue when the away team scores - see the screenshot below. I've tested the default skin, and around 6 custom skins, and they all have it. Anyone know of a fix? Would much prefer a return to the older scoreboards though. This is how I had mine set in FM17.. simple and unobtrusive... Would really like that again if any modders out there know how to do it in FM 18.
  9. ^^ Any help with this would be appreciated. It's been 4 or 5 years since I created mods for FM, so I'm a little rusty with how to go about making the changes necessary these days
  10. I really like this skin One small issue though... what do I need to edit in the match title bar score.xml file so the scoreboard below shows both team names as well as their logo's? I also noted that this scoreboard doesn't display injury time either (how can I add that) ? Cheers!
  11. The youth rating for each nation is something I've not messed with before so was wondering if someone who has modified it in their database has noticed any significant effect? What I'm wanting to do is reduce the quality or number of top class newgens from appearing in my career games. At the moment the number of wonderkids and high PA talent entering my save is a bit much for my liking. I prefer them to be much rarer. Does reducing youth rating decrease the newgen quality, or the frequency of wonderkids appearing? And has anyone found a nice balance with the settings?
  12. This mod replaces the default add boards with national flags, emblems, and banners for 60 national teams, and several international tournament finals (World Cup, European Championships, Copa America, Confederations Cup, Olympics). A few examples: Argentina Brazil England Northern Ireland Olympics World Cup Finals Notes: Only the national team classed as playing at home will have their banners on show. If an international friendly is played in a different country to the two participants, then the default SI boards will be on show (an example of this is when Mexico play friendlies in the USA against other nations). In tournament finals (like the world cup) the tournament banners will appear on the ad-boards for all matches, except when the host nation is playing (instead the host nation banners will be shown intead). Download Link: http://fm-fmo.weebly.com/fm14-mod-downloads.html HOW TO INSTALL After unpacking the rar/zip file, you’ll find two folders: “ads” with one xml file, and “pictures,” with a large folder within it called “ads” 1...Place the first ads folder (the one with the fm.xml file inside) into the “My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014” folder. 2a...If you are NOT using a custom skin place the “pictures” folder (with the large “ads” folder) into the following folder: My Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2014/Graphics If you don’t have a Graphics folder already created, make one now. And if you already have a Pictures folder in your Graphics folder, simply place the large ads folder within it. 2b...If you ARE already using a custom skin then the pictures folder instead needs to go inside the graphics folder that's inside your skins folder i.e. /Football Manager 2014/skins/YOUR SKIN/graphics After this (like any Graphics addition), go to the Interface screen in the game’s Preferences screen: click the Clear Cache button, and make sure the “Reload Skin when confirming changes in Preferences” is clicked. Then click the Reload Skin button. In some cases (especially if you have just looked at a game in the match engine), you will also have to reboot the game entirely, so as to refresh the match-engine graphics and allow the game to access the just-installed xml file. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Thanks to SI forum member strangerthankindness for information on how to create these add-ons. His original SI forum post with a link to his club team version of this mod can be found here (along with further acknowledgements to those involved in first creating modified ad-boards): http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/385308-FM-14-Released-Custom-match-engine-supporters-flags-and-club-logos-for-individual-stadiums
  13. I only worked on the national team ad-board banners - which I'll release in a few weeks, shortly before the world cup. I'm not sure how to get the 3-tier stands working as its something I haven't used yet.
  14. You can find a mod that hides CA and PA stars here : http://fm-fmo.weebly.com/fm14-mod-downloads.html
  15. I think that happens with all regional custom files - so it could be an issue with FM itself and not necessary an issue with this particular database. The regional boundary settings in the editor don't always work as they should so there's little that can be done about it until the boundary features in FM and its editor get more precise and stable.
  16. I'll try and get the national sides finished before this summers world cup kicks off (June 13th), then I may have a crack at doing South American clubs. Its quite time consuming though so don't hold your breath I love how the different emblems and colours bring the match day alive - far better than generic ad-boards. This is something SI should consider for future FMs Belgium Brazil Croatia England Germany
  17. I've finally got around to making some national team adboards and banners. Is it ok for me to use your ads/fm.xml file if I distribute them? I've basically used your file and just written the extra code for the nation teams and world cup and tagged it on the end of that file. I've completed about 30 national teams so far, created one for the world cup, and one for the world club championship. World Cup flag emblems around the pitch: Example of a nation specific flags & emblems mod (in this case Brazil): The world cup emblems appear for every world cup finals game (group stage, 2nd phase, QF, SF, Final), unless the hosts are one of the teams playing, then the hosts emblems appear instead. I've also done the Copa America and the European Championships but for some reason these won't appear in the game? Any ideas? Is it something to do with the .DS_Store file that appears in each folder? I'm not sure what that is or how to edit it.
  18. Excellent mod - just what I was looking for, thanks
  19. Do you have a link to that Brazilian mod? I would like to try and merge it with your mod if that's possible?
  20. This is pretty much why I stopped working on various databases too (school leagues database, youth development project, and the lower league pyramid). I must have spent three times as much time on database projects last year than I did actually playing the bloody game! I submitted bug report after bug report for the FM13 editor only to find most of them popped back up in the FM14 editor - so I totally get where you're coming from. The time investment just isn't worth it at the moment. I'm sure the editor will get more and more stable with each edition, but at the moment, like you, I personally can't justify investing the hours I did like last year on projects that ultimately fail thanks to obscure issues within the editor. The full club names database, fixing team text contrast issues, and a fairly unambitious lower league activation database is all I've bothered tinkering with this year. Roll on FM15 editor - lets hope you receive some love and attention....
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