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  1. Above posters has a very valid point on user accessibility that SI should take on board. Personally, I liked the percentages but after reading this thread see the point in obfuscating the numbers to engage immersion. However, on a squad screen, the "heart" column is too wide in comparison with the icon itself, and that makes room for less columns in total ( I like a lot of info on my squad screen).
  2. They player is referring to you, the managers, reputation rating. Win stuff, finish the licences. Then it'll increase.
  3. Has he been playing for two clubs in the same calendar year? A loan maybe?
  4. I completely forgot you can put an Deep Lying Forward on Attack-duty now. Maybe that is the answer, a bit of both worlds? United doesn't have a player that fits the role though, so might be a period of position training or a transfer to make that role work.
  5. No Pogba in the team, a sensible man. I agree with the above post about the striker being isolated. Especially since there are no runners from central midfield. A MEZ or a BBM could help out with that. An AF will challenge the channels more than the P, so you might see more of the pushing defenders back and keeping the pressure on the backline you want with this. The P is a static role. An PF(A) should press even more, but might be just chasing shadows since no other players are pressuring the defence with him.
  6. Do you have a player able to play WP on the right side instead of a WM? Would be preferable with the focus passing down this flank. If you have a WP there, and change the DLP(D) into something more generic like CM(D) - (or BMW if you press high), the WP should see a lot of the ball as the only playmaker. This should leave maximum space on the left side for your IW(A) and BBM to run into. Add TI: Underlap right If you put underlap on the right side, players on the right side(the WP mainly in your case) will look for any players making runs inside (not just on the right side). Hav
  7. Either way works. There is some delay between the new coach accepting the contract and confirming the signing. You can sack the previous coach in between. You can also wait until confirming the new coach, and on the same screen get an option for which coach to remove(if you have maximum amount of coaches).
  8. If you have no reserve team, you should really try to have a smaller senior-squad, and just try and use the u19 to complete a second string line-up. If you have 3-5 senior players in the second string, you could maintain the sharpness with just rotation. A larger number would make some players not stay fresh throughout the season. You should not play friendlies instead of training the seniors btw. Or do you have a reserve team but no league for them? Then you can go to "responsibilities" and make the reserve manager arrange friendlies every week if there is no matc
  9. The Half-Back drops in between a two of Center Backs, pushing them wider and forming a back-three. It's a neat movement for formations with attacking backs.
  10. How about dropping the widemen down a notch to the midfield positions to help the defence a bit more? Edit : It would stay true to your initial idea of a 4411 too. And I'd like to add that personally I would use a FB(S) on the side of a Inverted Winger to overlap. And with a BBM instead of the Mez.
  11. Could you post heat-map of positioning for the starting eleven from a match? I'm curious to see the average position of the wide-men and the mezzala in this setup.
  12. Very nice of you to add another league on a continent with few leagues. Makes a pentagon type challenge more varied. It would be fantastic if you could add another African Country aswell. Edit : Yes, I know there are user made leagues, but I like my game vanilla.
  13. This de Baas and Koc pairing is a dream partnership in my book. One for each side, with each foot. Proper brilliant personalities, And even national teammates too! Long may it last, I would hope if these lads were on my team. Over to Estenssoro again. You are rotating him in decently, but as Messi above states - he needs to improve on his mental skills a bit to become a true great. This will naturally rise with age, and most importantly, match experience. Could Estenssoro be loaned out to play first-choice at a proper level? If you have a U21 player with decent skills, who would
  14. This would be easier if de Baas was 35, or Estenssoro was 19. As it is now, I would think both of them would expect to play a fair amount of games. de Baas has such good mental skills, and his fitness is good too. He could very well last you several more seasons if he is lucky with injuries. Do you really need to change? Are you winning? If you are having problems, I'd say start phasing de Baas out over the current, and maybe next, season. Play Estenssoro during cup-games and against lower half league opponents. How does their match ratings compare? What kind of personali
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