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  1. Thank you for your kind advice. I always appricate that I get competent answers when I ask on these forums. However, I really only need advice on how to get this movement : If at all possible, of course. I want asymetrical wide play in a symetrical narrow formation. I've been playing since '93 so I always try to make "something else" these days. Suggestions for other kinds of asymetrical movement is also nice, if you have it.
  2. Those three TI's go well togheter. Compress the space, press the players and attack while transition happens higher up the pitch. LoE is standard though, to keep some midfielders guarding lanes instead. It's succesful enough, but I don't get the forward movement from the left sided players I described - that's were I need input.
  3. Sorry, Advance playmaker AP(S) it should be then,
  4. The idea is to have different attacking movements happening on each side. Which obviously isn't working since I'm posting here. Current setup: Right side : I want the WB(S) to stay wide and provide triangle-options and crosses. I want the FP(S) to stay centrally and seek space to recieve the ball in and dictate play from. I want the PF(S) to come slighly deeper to provide passing options and pull defenders out of position. No problems on this side, it's working as planned. Left side: I want the IWB(S) to move into the midfield strata in front of the A(D) and to the left of the FP(S) I do not want him to cross or stay wide. I want the MEZ(S) to move widest of the left sided players, to cross or play angled throughballs to the forwards. I do not want him to move forward centrally I want the PF(A) to stay in the channel between the fullback and the central defender on the opposing team. I do not want him to go wide left or move towards midfield. I'm having problems on this side. I can get the IWB(S) to stop crossing, he cuts inside and passes instead. But I cannot get the MEZ wide and forward enough, and the PF(A) moves to the side and in front of the MEZ instead of staying in the channel. Looking at the average positions and passing triangles after matches, I find that the variation between left and right much smaller than I intended. Thoughts I've had: Is the IWB not working due to lack of wide player in midfield strata and/or underlap-instruction not set? Is the Mezzala the wrong role for the intended movement? Should I try the CAR? Is the PF(A) the correct Forward role for this idea? When I set PF(S) I find he drops too deep. Should I use a Poacher instead? Any suggestions to get the style I want on the left side?
  5. If you have the CM(A) on the right, a W(S) on the right along with your FB(A) you have a shape that leans towards the right side of the pitch. Have you tried focusing play down that flank? It could present an overloaded zone for the defendig team, creating space especially for the CM(A) and the FB(A) to move into. Edit : Maybe with an overlapping on the right as well.
  6. You could go direct and distribute faster, to further your counter-game. So remove the distribute to defenders TI's. Maybe lower the D-line a bit to lure teams forward before you counter. Do you have fast players? Fast wingers perhaps? Go counter and focus on the wings if that is the case. If you don't have fast players, consider you are in Italy and go slow, short passing. Lay very deep. Waste time. Play for set-pieces.
  7. I'm currently managing Stjarnan in Iceland and they do not have reserve or youth squads. I get the youth candidate "team" for the yearly intake - but I can not set up any games for this "team". Question is then : Can a reserve or youth team be created by any means? Like invest in youth facilities or something? Stjarnan has a lower-league affiliate that I send my youth too - and that might be how it works IRL too. But can I change it?
  8. Have you tried adding the "Regroup" TI? Maybe the forwards would fall back before pressing then?
  9. What kind of workload do the Coaches have? I'm guessing it's high, or even intense, if the players complain about lack of attention.
  10. Welcome back! Some tips for you; Get the ass.man to do the press conferences, as they really haven't changed one bit since 2015. You probably saw that allready. A lot has changed with tactics, start simple and build from there to get the style you want. Training and Tutoring has changed a lot, read a bit of this thread to get the basics : Edit : I forgot to say; it's also very much fun still,
  11. Play through middle, lower the tempo, play narrower, set player instructions for the wide players to cross less and take less risks( just maybe on this one).
  12. Have you tried giving the player feedback about needing to step up in training if he wants to be part of the first team? You could do that on previous editions, and depending on the personality of the player, would get an either negativ or positiv respons from that.
  13. Oh, thats nice! I've never tried a mod for FM before, so this might be a dumb question : Can it be used for an savegame, or must I make new game?
  14. Is there a way to mod the Norwegian league to be playable?
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