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  1. The Half-Back drops in between a two of Center Backs, pushing them wider and forming a back-three. It's a neat movement for formations with attacking backs.
  2. How about dropping the widemen down a notch to the midfield positions to help the defence a bit more? Edit : It would stay true to your initial idea of a 4411 too. And I'd like to add that personally I would use a FB(S) on the side of a Inverted Winger to overlap. And with a BBM instead of the Mez.
  3. Could you post heat-map of positioning for the starting eleven from a match? I'm curious to see the average position of the wide-men and the mezzala in this setup.
  4. Very nice of you to add another league on a continent with few leagues. Makes a pentagon type challenge more varied. It would be fantastic if you could add another African Country aswell. Edit : Yes, I know there are user made leagues, but I like my game vanilla.
  5. This de Baas and Koc pairing is a dream partnership in my book. One for each side, with each foot. Proper brilliant personalities, And even national teammates too! Long may it last, I would hope if these lads were on my team. Over to Estenssoro again. You are rotating him in decently, but as Messi above states - he needs to improve on his mental skills a bit to become a true great. This will naturally rise with age, and most importantly, match experience. Could Estenssoro be loaned out to play first-choice at a proper level? If you have a U21 player with decent skills, who wouldn't have as high expectations for games, be the backup for de Baas? Estenssoro is 24 and would need to be first team sooner rather than later I think.
  6. This would be easier if de Baas was 35, or Estenssoro was 19. As it is now, I would think both of them would expect to play a fair amount of games. de Baas has such good mental skills, and his fitness is good too. He could very well last you several more seasons if he is lucky with injuries. Do you really need to change? Are you winning? If you are having problems, I'd say start phasing de Baas out over the current, and maybe next, season. Play Estenssoro during cup-games and against lower half league opponents. How does their match ratings compare? What kind of personalities do they have? I'm very curious about your untouchable defender though, would you let us see him too?
  7. Standard, defensive and offensive variant of the same structure.
  8. I'll chime in a bit on the "restart the match" part of the topic: I always used to do this in my younger days whenever I percieved a result to be "unrealistic" or "unfair". As I grew older, I figured spending 300-500 hours on each years addition was wasted if the trophies I'd won was due to reloading cup finals and the like. I adjusted my view of FM somewhat, and found it quite good at simulating that "the ball is round", as we say in Norway. And with that I learned to accept that, sometimes, **** will happen. You'll get relegated. The GK will get sent of five minutes in to the CL final. You'll get sacked and struggle to get another job for some time.
  9. I remember on the old CM games when the cursor became a ball. I had to put it inside a goal if there were one in the background. Top corner if I could.
  10. I'm in the same situation with woman, work and 3 kids. First thing you need to do is negotiate with the woman, so that you are both happy with amount of "own time" designated throughout a week. She goes to spa, you play FM. She goes for wine-night with girlfriends, you play FM. And so forth. Do the dishes or wash the floor, then "I'm going to play some FM" later that day will be acceptable too. Or maybe do one of those opaque"romantic" things. I try that from time to time, but it only results in more kids(so less FM). Whenever you watch football on TV, try to play FM at the same time for that maximum football experience. Should give you 2 hours gametime pr. game on TV. Either a laptop in the sofa near the telly, or a dualscreen stationary PC. For the actual game: Delegate as much as you can to your staff. Makes hiring correct staff even more important and immersive. Set the game to auto-continue to save downtime on clicking continue. Check what the optimized amount of leagues and nations is for your PC. Don't include too much.
  11. I'll try here too : Anyone know if there are new leagues and nations for FM2020? Or if there is an overview over which leagues and nations are "new-ish" aka added to the games last few editions?
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tonton_Zola_Moukoko Tonton is a manager mate.
  13. There is an available team in the lowest playable Danish league, Tårup/Fårup or something. They are amateur in a semi-pro league. Try to survive that. I didn't :P
  14. I've been playing since '93, "A lot of them" would be the correct answer, I won't pretend to have seen it all. But to make sure I haven't been there before, a new league/nation addition to Fm2020 would guarantee that Would really like if they added a new country to Africa, as there is only South Africa playable.
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