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  1. I do all that too, and I can still enjoy the whole experience of a matchday, not just its outcome. Not sure why you don't have the time, but then again I know lots of players love to race through their matches on full speed, minimal highlights, and get through a season asap. I prefer playing on comprehensive highlights (full match for big games), as that gives me the time to have a more hands on approach of managing my team, seeing how the match is panning out, make adjustments, micro manage if needs be, but still take in the whole matchday experience along the way (which includes noticing how beautiful FM is, or was, pre-FM18). The older FMs also offered a variety of camera angles, one of my favorite being the Tactical view, something I used often to study replays and player positioning, tactical impact etc. Sadly that, along with a lot more matchday options along those lines were removed after FM17. Anyway, to each their own I suppose. "The match engine and the graphics engine are two completely different things." Yes, we know.
  2. The problem with watching youtbuers is they don't really do the match engine justice. The vast majority of them play the game on fast speed, from the same generic camera angle, and the whole show is about getting through each game as quickly as possible. That seems to be the general format of them all imo. So a lot of the subtle things about the 3D match are lost or missed. The only way you can really compare older versions to the fundamental change that came with FM18 and onwards, is to play them yourselves and spend time with them. Play a season in FM17 for instance, and one in FM21. You see both have their pro's and cons. 21's ME is more advanced (obviously), has more animations etc. FM17 has better visuals, and more stadium variety, and 16 different camera angles to choose from, as well as a wealth of graphical options to chose from in preferences (as mentioned earlier in this thread, here: Link). Sorry you cant get your FM17 to work to try this. I'm still playing it to this day and have provided a selection of screenshots from around the world on my current FM17 save. There just seems to be more "character" to the stadiums, and the visuals add that little bit extra to my game, especially the lighting. I played FM19 and 20 extensively, and FM21 for a few seasons too, but they're so generic looking and bland compared to the overall matchday experience that FM17 offered. Its hard to put into words how its different, the only way to see and feel it is to go back and play those pre-FM18 versions and see if you notice it too (hope you get it working). Stadium variety, shadows, and lighting from my FM17 save... Scottish lower leagues Brazil England Denmark lower league Germany One other thing that I think has been lost with recent versions of FM is the ability to mod the 'between highlights' match panel, which at one time provided us with a wealth of useful info that was visually pleasing to the eye. This being my personal favourite in FM17... I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think the kind of modabilty we once had of those panels is possible anymore. It was those subtle aspects of the older FMs that also helped improve the whole matchday experience too, i.e. little things like the aesthetically pleasing match scoreboard on those screenshots I posted. They may seem inconsequential to those who don't notice or care about that stuff, but for players who love watching their games and put a lot of time into the 3D matchday experience, they are important. I really dislike the direction the later FMs went when they made it harder for modders to create things like that.
  3. This is the crux of the matter for me. FM17's matchday experience was extremely well done, graphically. We had many different options to tweak the visuals, and 16 different camera angles to choose from when watching our matches. Then FM18 comes along and those options were removed and the matchday graphics went horribly backwards. It seems FM19, 20, and 21 have had very few updates to those retrograded graphics that occurred between FM17 and FM18. I'm not talking about the ME logic or animations here, which have indeed improved, but purely speaking from a visual PoV. I'd love to hear a reason why SI did what they did between FM17 & FM18 because the match day aesthetics are very important part of the whole football manager experience for a lot of players. No one expects FIFA graphics. But a return to where they left off in FM17 would be welcome, I'm sure.
  4. Its not just the visuals that have been downgraded since FM17, the graphical options have too. We got all these options in FM17 just for the match day camera angles alone... And in preferences, these were the list of graphical options we had that modified the lighting, shadows, colour vibrancy, and all sorts of little things so we could tailor the visual match day experience to whatever we preferred Compare those to the paltry few options we got in FM21. Still, its early days, and just a teaser video we've seen. These options could be back for 22 and showcased in future vids, fingers crossed.
  5. prot651 "3D looks nothing new . Same old stadiums .. yawn .. The game and the game play needs a shot in the arm along with the stadiums and visuals . " I agree. New managerial features are always welcome of course, but I wish they'd give the visuals a much needed overhaul one year, or at least try and get them back to where they were in FM17 (which, graphically, was by far the best looking FM). Even FM11 had better looking pitches, lighting, and stadiums than the last three versions of FM. FM17 visuals for comparison...
  6. Having experienced veterans in your squad should be useful just like it is in RL - by the influence they can have on younger players, not just by mentoring, but also out on the pitch too. Thankfully its something SI have acknowledged. Whether it'll make it into the game one day is another matter though
  7. Same here. 18, 19, and 20 got gradually worse for me, with 20 being the worst ever edition imho. 21 is much better, but is spoilt by no longer offering a challenge when taking over poor or average clubs. So I went back to 17 and have spent a dozen seasons mulling around the lower leagues with poor-average clubs, doing what poor average clubs do.. pretty much nothing Lots of mid-tables finishes, a couple of relegation scraps, and a shot at the play-offs all mixed in. But this next season is going to be our year.. the academy is starting to bear fruit!
  8. That's why I've gone back to FM17 for the third year in a row. Overpowered morale and broken tactics are two things I can't counter-balance with the self-imposed challenges I set myself when playing 18, 19 and 20.. Whereas FM17 is far more challenging than those three and easier to find the balance when setting myself goals.. its not perfect... but challenge-wise, its streets ahead of the versions that came after. I think one compounding issue that's reinforced by the flaws highlighted in this thread and on the ME bugs forum, is that SI constantly flesh the game out with more and more features that are specifically designed to help the player understand, and ultimately dominate, their gameworld. They're there to facilitate us in our journey to overcome the opposition. Everything new is therefore advantageous to the human player, and there doesn't seem to be a counterbalance to this. So it gets easier to succeed with every iteration of the game the more its filled with such features. And we can't turn them off or really avoid them - they're built in as standard and in your face. There really needs to be a counterbalance to all the bells and whistles they add - something that's optional and can be ticked in preferences, like turning off visual attributes (bring back the bars for example), maybe add better options that add more ambiguity to scout reports, turn off the new features etc so a lot of the stuff is stripped away for those that find it too advantageous. Not exactly 'skill levels' but something that allows players to set up their game with handicaps if needs be. To find our own balance, we shouldn't have to spend weeks and months making attribute-hiding skins and working out which overpowering tactics to avoid. It should be built in to the game itself.. as options. Also.. I'm not sure I fully subscribe to your conspiracy theory, but it wouldn't surprise me if that kind of thinking plays a small role in this games 'development'. As I mentioned earlier in this thread, SI would likely get swamped with far more complaints and refund requests if the game was too hard for the masses to easily succeed at. Regarding FM21, I'll see what the January update does to address the lingering issues from last year and the new ones raised in this thread before SI get another penny from me.
  9. The main issues raised aren't really about realism, or finding ways to handicap yourself to get a semblance of challenge from the game. There are fundamental flaws with this versions game, some of which make it extremely easy to succeed at. The AI is way too passive in some people's saves, as this linked thread highlights...
  10. @WellsCould you share the files you made for those? They look great!
  11. If that's not possible, is there a way to have a white backdrop with dark team text colour? This is how I have mine on FM17.. Its clear and concise, which is the most important thing imo. I haven't bought FM21 yet, so can't test it.
  12. Please share the files when you've finished . I only buy the new FM game once a skin is released that hides exact attribute values, so this looks perfect. Great work!
  13. Is it possible to reduce the attribute text size to 0, so that it no longer shows? That's how it was done on FM20 afaik... Open any file in the players folder with attribute in it and add the following line... <record id="widget_info" class="attribute_label" alignment="right,centre_y" size="0" style="semi_bold" multiline="false"/>
  14. Its a mod that hides attribute numbers so you only get an inkling of strengths and weakness via coloured boxes. But you can also have full 'fog of war' and hide everything on the attribute panel by changing the coloured boxes to all the same colour in your preferences/interface/skin colour options. Open any file in the players folder with attribute in it and add the following line... <record id="widget_info" class="attribute_label" alignment="right,centre_y" size="0" style="semi_bold" multiline="false"/> This worked on FM20, not sure if it'll work on FM21 yet.
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