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  1. Currently we only have the option to add viewable leagues during the setup process. It would be helpful to be able to add them once a save is underway. Additionally, there's been times when I've preloaded lots of playable leagues when setting up a journeyman save, but when I've finished managing in a particular country and moved elsewhere, I should be able to turn that former country/league I managed in into a viewable one, instead of having to remove it completely, or leave it 'playable'. On long journeyman saves, this option would be a useful way to keep the process times down,
  2. Not sure why the issue was never addressed as it's been raised before, a long time ago. I can only assume its to keep the ever increasing saved game file size under control. But I agree, we should be given an option to set this 'archiving' time period ourselves. Pkms are very small, less than 300kbs each, so its not a big issue to save each match after its finished and store them in a folder somewhere, then you can go back and re-watch them in the viewer. But we should at least have an option to save a seasons worth in one go, and archive them. And the game should let us know the cut
  3. A picture is worth a thousand words. Come on SI, 10 years on and your game looks nowhere near as good as it once did!
  4. FM17 is still way ahead of the last three versions imho. Yes it was flawed (like every version of FM has been), but to me it was the best version SI have produced. The last three have been a big step backwards, not just in the ME itself, but also aesthetically. As someone who enjoys watching matches in 3D, the difference between FM17, and 18/19/20 is like night and day. 17 produced a lot more variety in gameplay like passing, chance creation, types of goals scored. Animation looked far better too, with less 'skating' than we see in todays ME. The ME logic itself will always divid
  5. Pretty much my sentiments too. But its not just the overpowered tactics at fault, as others have mentioned morale seems to play a big part now too. I never used genpress in my games since I've heard it was way overpowered. And since the FM12 days I've always used a skin that adds some ambiguity when viewing a players strengths and weakness (I really dislike the way the default skin shows you exactly what a players attributes are without any means to add some 'fog-of-war' options - something that was asked for time and again going back to those FM12 days, and probably before that too).
  6. Could you please PM me your tactic? It sounds like something I've been trying to setup myself for a while - something that doesn't exploit weaknesses in the match engine. I'm looking for a tactic that tasks me to micro manage the actual match as and when needed during play, and not have the hands off approach because my tactics overpower the opposition due to flawed AI logic.
  7. @bossland Which xml file and line of code do I need to edit to make the match competition logo appear larger? And is it possible to change the competition logo to competition text instead? See screenshot....
  8. This actually works on FM20. Just follow the install instructions from the OP, and place the files & folders in the equivalent FM20 locations.
  9. Beautiful work @bossland My new favorite skin. I don't suppose its possible to change the numerical attributes to bars? I've noticed this request crop up a few times on the skinning forum, but it seems no one has been able to do it for Fm20 yet. Something like this?
  10. I've gone back to playing FM17 lately having spent the last couple of years playing 18 and 19 respectively. I didn't realise just how much more fun 17 was until I'd spent considerable time playing the latter two versions. Even graphically the 3D aesthetics of 17 blows 18 and 19 away with its variety of pitches and pitch states, lighting effects, and a whole host of different camera views to choose from (which unforgivably were removed in 18 and 19), plus 17 has a directors view that actually works as it should, and a nice variety of weather effects that seems to be lacking in the last two ga
  11. Yep, same issue. Got a 10 season save that now crashes on May 15th. Starting a new save seems a bit pointless as this issue seems to be effecting a few people now, so there's no guarantee a new save won't be immune to it either. I don't fancy wasting the next 3 months playing a save that could have this bug occur and promptly end my game again.
  12. My game crashes on the same day too - May 15th. But May 15th 2028. Its annoying because I'm 10 years into this save and have invested a lot of time into it. Is it possible to salvage it somehow? I've tried removing custom logos, skins, packs etc, and just used the default settings to try and progress, but it still crashes on May 15th 2028. I'm using my own custom database, but the only edits I've made are team names. I've also activated the missing 4 south american leagues via the editor (made them view only in game). i've uploaded it to the li
  13. This is something I started doing way back during the FM13 & FM14 days. It became quite popular with players who liked seeing full team names instead of the shortened or abbreviated names the default database shows. So for those interested, this DB has replaced thousands of abbreviated club names with their full, or 'long' names. Full names will now appear on league tables, fixture lists, and the match scoreboard. Bare in mind that most custom skins are designed with the abbreviated or shortened names in mind, so try it at your own discretion. Example screenshots.. Fu
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