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  1. Fair enough. SI will just have to wait until it's done for my money then! 😂
  2. I'd like to know this too. Used this file last year to take Hackney Wick FC from level 12 to the premier league and loved it - keep up the great work! This year they're in the Essex Senior league thanks to a merger so I was hoping for an early release of the first few leagues so I can fully edit the club with players and staff etc before I start my career.
  3. One problem I have noticed is that my match ticket and season ticket prices go up at a ridiculous rate. I reached level 7 with a level 12 club and the prices were £25 / £900.
  4. I think I need to give up on this database. Third play-through with my career now and it's ****ed up again. Started semi-pro this time, and could offer part time contracts. Won promotion, and lost the ability to offer PT contracts. League settings are exactly the same as the league I was promoted from.
  5. In my abandoned first career and both my tests the club turned semi pro when promoted to level 10, starting from level 12.
  6. Ok I just run a test, setting Combined Counties D1 (level 10) to all part time, and the club to all amateur contracts. When the club I chose (which started at level 12) reached this division and turned semi-pro, all new contracts signed are part time. There is no bug. It's just an oversight in the added leagues creation. It takes the club's set contract types because the leagues don't have them set. Once the club reaches leagues with set contract types, they override the club settings.
  7. Ok I've done some poking around and it doesn't look to be ignoring league settings. It's just that they aren't set in the first place. They're all ''-'' I'm running a test now, getting a club into a league which DOES have it set, then will see if it's ignoring the settings.
  8. Currently the club is set like this and my manager got a PT contract when turning semi-pro. Does that mean if I set them all to part-time, that when we turn semi-pro that all players will be eligible for PT contracts?
  9. OK thanks, does that mean it's not possible for the club to be amateur until reaching a level to turn semi pro naturally?
  10. Can someone tell me what I need to change to fix it in the PGE? Do I change contract type to part or full time?
  11. Am I right in thinking that I'll NEVER be able to offer any other contract than non-contract, even when going pro? Or is this only going to affect the leagues that aren't in the vanilla game?
  12. That's what I'd like to know. If I had an IGE I'd do a test giving the club a bigger bank balance and holiday a bit to see if it changes.
  13. This is what gets me though. Or is it just a generic message? What exactly does 'in the future' actually mean?
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