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  1. Hi, great skin, just one question: How do I change header bar text to left-aligned?
  2. I feel it’s time for a new club challenge and I’m seriously considering leaving Cattolica Calcio. I’ve won everything possible there and turned them into the world’s biggest club with the world’s best academy. I’m thinking of retiring my current manager as a club manager and having him focus only on the NT, and having a new manager take over at a club in San Marino. I feel that the club is big enough to continue producing players without my guidance and that having another club on the up and eventually producing players can only benefit the NT and also breathe new life into the career whe
  3. We made the Semi-Final! We lost 2-0 to Spain, but WOW! We finished third after beating hosts South Africa on penalties in the playoff. And we're up to 21st in the world rankings. The bad news is Andrea Reggini retired from international duty at the young age of 29, as top scorer and most caps of any San Marino player ever.
  4. So proud right now! We got further than I could have ever expected!
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