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  1. Sorry mate, I was so happy I got them at last that I cracked straight on without making a separate save file! Which also means I'm screwed if I get sacked or relegated from VCS!
  2. Here it is. New manager of Enfield Town, Nolan Davenport! Nolan was my first great player through my Enfield Town academy on my FM14 Dafuge Challenge game. A physical, tough tackling CB, he amassed over 200 caps for England as well as well over 1000 club apps, and was still playing as a rotation CB for me aged 38 when I ended the game. He is now my manager for this career, and has his own twitter which charts progress of my game: @Nolan_Davenport
  3. Picked up the game yesterday and I've finally got Enfield Town. Will post the required manager screenshot once I'm back on the pc in the morning.
  4. Quotschalla looks like bollocks. 9.xx rating 4 seasons in a row, and 63 assists as well as scoring 106 goals? Massively exploitative tactic, at least.
  5. FM13, Enfield Town. The player: http://grabilla.com/02c08-cd403d73-c587-4ff7-98de-2b8c62fc4e47.html
  6. 25th June.
  7. Use the pregame editor to give all clubs a transfer embargo for the first 6 months or so?
  8. I think that is more to do with Screen Flow than subscriptions. You can set that up in Preferences>Interface>Screen Flow.
  9. Alexis Sánchez got a nice boost, along with AML now his natural position.
  10. Go to Advanced (when picking database size) and add Division > Regional Premier Leagues.
  11. Any chance of a kits (showing all the club kits) box on the Club Overview page please?
  12. I got the same when I added English tiers 7+8, but I kept hitting OK and it loaded up. In game, it shows discipline rules for all added divisions, so idk what the actual issue is... :/ Edit: Also get the popups every time I load the save.
  13. He is 15 so is not old enough according to child protection laws. Though Dan Crowley was 15 at the start of FM14...
  14. http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.php Used to use it on my old, slower PC. Worked a treat.