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  1. Oh boy I see a lot of MLS talk in the change list, fingers crossed it’s finally fixed after years of being broken, well done to those at SI if they’ve managed to get MLS AI properly functioning, look forward to testing it out tomorrow
  2. Post this in the league specific issues thread for the USA, will be seen there mate
  3. Never had one nor seen one that I can recall, just wondered if anyone has?
  4. I do agree with this, and it was the same last year imo. We are seeing more and more young attacking full backs in real life as that is where the game is at now, but this isn't reflected in FM.
  5. Any update on whether this bug is going to be fixed? It's pretty annoying
  6. Not necessarily, American sports teams "tank" to get better draft picks etc. Obviously doesn't happen in Europe, but for my own immersion I do not want to be promoted first season every time I am not in the top tier
  7. Anyone know if there's any update on if the editor will be fixed? If so, will it be fixed within the winter update or will there be a separate fix?
  8. I find it way too easy to get promoted on FM, so I've often found myself "throwing" games on occasion so that I don't get promoted in a season. For instance, my current save I am managing a side who are down the bottom end in real life, so I wanted to stabilise them over 3/4 seasons before getting promoted to the top division. Halfway through the first season and we are level on points with 2nd place, so for a few games I start experimenting with tactics and youth players in order to drop a few points and leave us mid-table as I just think it is unrealistic to be going up already. Anyone else
  9. Press conferences have always been the worst part of the game for me. They completely break immersion with the ridiculous questions that get worse as the save progresses. I do them for the first half of a season then just don't bother anymore, then it always comes up in job interviews that I am known to be bad at handling the press.
  10. Rejected for a job as I do not have the experience guiding teams away from relegation. Minnesota play in a league where they cannot possibly be relegated.
  11. - Getting messages in the dugout, click one of the options and then the same message displays during the next highlight and comes back again when it returns to the in-between highlights - Clicking on a player during a game then removes his position indication from his shirt at the bottom of the screen (image below - see Buballa, Becker and Makienok) - When you go to a players profile, the circle for his position is almost never on that players natural position. Sometimes it is automatically on a position he cannot even play (see image, when opening Zeqiri's profile it auto sel
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