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  1. I am really quite heartbroken about the MLS, but aside from that the game does seem to be improved from the Beta which is good to see
  2. For years the AI has had major issues building a squad due to the wage cap rules. It ends up with some sides having squads of as little as 10 usually (this year Austin FC have a squad of 4 on the test save I just ran) which means they have to field greyed out players. SI know the issue exists.
  3. MLS still unplayable. A known issue for years still not fixed despite calls for it to be fixed more than ever this year. Might as well delete that league from the game if SI aren't interested in fixing it. Ah well, back to Europe.
  4. Also there is clearly still no expansion draft when Austin FC enter the league. They have 4 players, 18 games, 18 losses.
  5. Started a save, holidayed half an MLS season, same issue still here. Yet another FM with no MLS because it's broken. Nice one SI.
  6. Checked back and I have put this in Dynamic instead of Transfers, god I am an idiot, Mods please delete if poss
  7. Not sure if this goes here or in the League Specific issues but in the La Liga transfer rumour news there is a story about Newcastle chasing Liverpool's Joel Matip, this shouldn't be there.
  8. Hi guys, just wondering if there has been any progress on improving the AI squad building (the issue of them having 10 players registered and having to field greyed out players) before full release?
  9. So I am sitting watching the match not realising we are actually 1-0 down here. There was no highlight of the goal. The match finished 1-0 so afterwards I go to watch the highlights to see the goal, I click goals only on the highlights and it just doesn't work, so then I go on key highlights and it doesn't show the goal. PKM attached. Barcelona v Deportivo (Goal scored but no highlight).pkm
  10. Where it says longest winning streak it lists all of my results instead. Not sure if this is a known issue or if this is the correct place for it but yeah it's a bug.
  11. Will the new EFL rule allowing 5 substitutions (9 named) be replicated in-game upon full release? It doesn't come into effect until tomorrow so not sure if you guys are able to add a rule to come into effect mid-season so probs best to go from beginning of season if being implemented?
  12. No question but I can No Comment or Storm out. Save game uploaded "Deportivo La Coruna - SI Forum"
  13. Been scheduled a Copa Del Rey match whilst the 2022 World Cup is going on and the league is on hold, not sure what the case is IRL but I would assume the Cup would be delayed just like the league?
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