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  1. Are there any mods that remove VAR? Sick to death of the referee's snail paced walk to the monitor every single game
  2. Stadiums are so bugged in FM. Everton build the Bramley Dock stadium and never move into it, nations build stupid stadiums for international tournaments that make no sense whatsoever (Steven Gerrard Stadium - Built in Leicester).
  3. Has anyone else found an unrealistic amount of injuries occurring after you've made your final sub? In 36 games this season I think I have had an injury after my final sub in around 15 of them, meaning we finish the game with 10 men. How often does this happen in real life? Not very often at all.
  4. You've chosen a fantastic club to start with, best of luck!
  5. I think it would be a cool idea to be able to see a Best XI of players you have managed throughout your save, regardless of which club they were at when you managed them
  6. So what has happened is that I have traded with Minnesota for their 2nd overall pick, and the game has just decided to not register that trade even though on the draft screen it says I have the 2nd overall pick, not I cannot draft any players at all and have to completely pass up on my picks in the draft.
  7. Anybody have any idea how to continue the MLS draft when it physically will not let you draft any players?
  8. Can somebody help me, I click Draft to draft a player in the draft and literally nothing happens so I cannot continue the draft without pressing Pass/Finish, not drafting anyone.
  9. I'll suggest it in the features as it would be nice to have a Best XI compiled of the players across various teams you have managed I think, thanks
  10. The Carlos Vela linked in the MLS records screen for the most goals in a season is the wrong Carlos Vela. Also, the record is 34 and I think (haven't got the game open so may be wrong) his record shows 33 in his player history.
  11. Is there any possible way to see a Best XI of players that have played for you across your entire save?
  12. I have just signed Cade Cowell in a trade, gone to register him and now all of my players are unregistered with no option to register them. It is just issue after issue with this league. Do you guys not test it in the slightest? And you had the cheek to say the problems had been addressed in the 21.3 update.
  13. On top of this, I have an MLS all star game on the same day as my team have a game, and whoever selects the squad has selected no full backs. Oh and now Nico Barella is also going to play in the game, the man who plays for Inter.
  14. Mats Hummels has absolutely no connection to the MLS whatsoever. He is still at Dortmund in this save and has no future arrangement to join the MLS. Honestly what you guys have done with this league is disgraceful, the entire league is unplayable.
  15. So on my save Nashville have just signed a lad from the Championship in England for a transfer fee, and then waived him on the same day. - Improved transfer logic for MLS teams at game start- Improved MLS teams salary cap management These sentences are copied and pasted from the Official 21.3 changelist. It is shambolic that this is still happening after many, many FM's.
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