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  1. lex311085

    Long range screamers

    I started a thread a while ago about the lack of long range goals scores for or against me, I think they have rectified it to the point where it is too overpowered now. Such is life
  2. What factors do you need as a club to get the best out of these? For example I know that Chairman's business attribute will give you better sponsorship deals but what else. Does things like Corporate Facilities help get good sponsorship also? In terms of merchandise is it literally just the global appeal of the club or are there other factors that can improve this?
  3. was the bundesliga playable and on full detail?
  4. for me its about 70% SIMULATION 30%FUN/DEFYING ODDS. I'm not a fan of people getting back to back promotions to the premier league and winning the champions league with Doncaster within 5 seasons
  5. Situation is that I have a 27yo who should really be at his peak. However they have a low current ability but a high potential ability. He's got good determination, ambition and professionalism. Ive got good training facilities so I'm wondering if he will reach his potential ability and how long it will take. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  6. Fair enough. I'd like that too. I use the in game editor alot and I haven't come across that kind of option but I would double check in the editors forum.
  7. I don't think you can. can i just ask out of curiosity, why you would want to do that?
  8. I don't know if its just my game but I can't remember the last time i saw a long range 20/30/40 yarder go in. Before you ask about my tactics etc. I don't just watch my games. I "attend" Euro Cups, World Cups, Champions league semis and finals etc.
  9. yea you have to go to the competition page and do it from there. For some weird reason you can't do it from the schedule anymore. I have no idea why they took that out.
  10. I think you're wrong about flexibility, I think you're thinking of adaptability
  11. I can never seem to get this right. I want to create a group stage/knockout format in which the teams that top the group are seeded first pretty much the same as the champions league where the winner of a group would play the runner up in another group in the next round. I know I'd have to use the advanced editor but any ideas on how to do this as painless as possible?
  12. There's a few staff non tactical attributes that I don't fully understand the meaning behind. I have an idea but would like to know more in depth. Determination - I read that for the human player this affects whether they will get requests etc accepted by the board. Is this the same for AI staff or does determination mean something different for them. The others are flexibility and flamboyancy. I assume flexibility means something along the lines that a manager is more flexible with his tactics/willing to allow more creative freedom But Flamboyancy is such a broad term, how is it related to football/FM19. Is it the exact opposite of directness?
  13. Yes, see this interests me. Its like if Christiano Ronaldo becomes a coach in my save will his style be attacking, defensive? would he have 20 for coaching technical but 1 for coaching defending? but then you get managers in real life who were never particularly attack minded players (Guardiola) who has adopted an ultra attacking approach to their managerial careers
  14. lex311085

    Something is really wrong with some matches

    to be fair looking at your first 11 it seems plausible. The zero realism comes from the fact that Norwich wouldn't realistically have those kind of players/get to the champions league quarter final in 5 years time