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  1. i always start unemployed and just stay unemployed and see how everything plays out over the years
  2. lex311085

    Screen flow fixtures/results

    what do you put in the minimal interval section?
  3. Hi Is there a way to show fixtures & results as it did in previous versions of the game. So that you see fixtures prior to kick off and once hit continue you then see the results? The only time you get to see flow like above is if your team is involved in the tournament. I would like to see world cup, champions league, europa league & european championship fixtures & results on match day/kick off as it was before. I manage Burgess Hill in the lower leagues of England and seeing these screen flows is a good way to still be involved and up to date in the bigger world of football.
  4. Hi I have managed to resolve this. The custom database was from an FM 17. As I said before I updated all the dates in the nation rules to 18/19 because I thought that they wouldn't validate otherwise but it turns out that this was the error. When I reloaded with 16/17 season dates it weirdly worked. Thank you for looking into this for me.
  5. I don't know if this is significant but it was imported from a FM17 database so initially had 2016/17 dates in the nation rules which actually seemed to work when setting up a new game. It seems to have stopped working after updating the dates in the nation rules to 2018/19 which doesn't make sense
  6. the file is called "music2" can you let me know if you have received
  7. It brings up an application error then quits. I am using a custom database but I have tested the rules and they are valid. I have no idea what is causing the issue. Ive looked through the rules/game dates etc. I am also using a logos/graphics etc but I have tried those on other custom databases and it works fine
  8. lex311085

    How to disable brexit?

    Have you tested over a number of years
  9. lex311085

    Brexit in FM19

    Im confused, I thought it was hard coded from the beginning so its not a matter of saving then reloading on the 26th.
  10. lex311085

    How to disable brexit?

    did it confirm on 26th October 2018 or some other date.
  11. lex311085

    FM19 Editor

    I think you have to change it first of all to an xml file and then copy it to the 19 folder, then go into the 19 editor and import but I think loads of people are having problems getting it to load/be compatible
  12. lex311085

    How to disable brexit?

    Has this worked for people?
  13. lex311085

    [Germany] Data Issues

    how many other names are wrong i.e Max Mustermann (Nico Kovac) I thought the Bundesliga was licensed?
  14. lex311085

    FM difficulty...

    Well I guess if it was the summer after the fist season and you won the league then it could happen. Especially if Chelsea had a nightmare season.