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  1. It seems to work when I select National stadium but I just dont understand why it doesn't work when I select "specific Stadium"
  2. Hi in the advanced editor I have cup competitions in which finals keep just getting played at the home stadium of one of the teams. I've looked this up on the forum and tried this method below but hasn't worked. What am I missing. In the fixtures dates, set the final (or semi final) stadium to "Ask competition neutral" (For the semi final better: "Ask competition neutral (not home)") Go to stages --> round defaults. Stadium should be greyed out / not checked (you can set it "home" in all round defaults, except semi and final) Go to rounds --> Final (or semi-final) --> General Click stadium --> specific stadium (or national stadium) --> set the specific stadium (For semi-final "ask competition neutral" again).
  3. Also what annoys me about this engine also is that every AI team pretty much plays the same. If I watch highlights of premier league goals Liverpool never play like Liverpool, Man City never play like Man city, Barcelona never play like Barcelona even though there are such a variety of tactics which is supposed to bring individuality and identity to a team. Even the AI manager stats don't really mean anything. if you edited Klopp or Guardiolas attributes from 20's to 1's they would still get the same league positions as they usually do in the game.
  4. yea you can pretty much tailor it to what you want. One thing I would say though is how important is the match engine to you? Because tactics are pretty obselete, every goal is a cross/header or set piece
  5. Engine. Its well known in this version 1on 1s are unrealistic. Basically every goal I score and every goal the opposition scores against me or if I watch highlights of other teams known for passing football the only goals ever really scored are crosses and headers or set peices
  6. I always see attendance as 3500 (3000 away), where does that 3000 figure really come from
  7. Hi Is there a way in the pre editor to have semi finals of cup competitions for a created nation rule to play on different days/times. At the moment I have a cup competition and I want at the quarter final stage 2 games to be played on a saturday and the other two on a sunday and by the semi final stage i want one game to be played on a saturday and the other to be played on a sunday. Preferably would like to do this on basic rules
  8. For example if I wanted to watch two world cup games live but they're on at the same time
  9. Hi I edited some TV Dates/Times in the editor in some nation rules and they are not translating into the game. For example I wanted a game to be played at 1245 on a saturday and moved to TV but it doesn't work. I clicked on move matches for tv broadcasting in preferences but that doesn't work either. Any ideas
  10. It actually was already selected so not sure what's going on there
  11. I don't know if it is just my game but all premier league fixtures seem to be 3pm on a saturday with the ocassional tuesday night 1945. What happened to sunday/monday games? or even early/late afternoon kick offs on a saturday?
  12. The sacking was not reasonable but Sunderland at the same time wouldn't have given the job to someone with just semi pro experience and a pro license. I think that's the problem.
  13. No one should need to do this. SI just need to make a more realistic balanced match engine
  14. Yea SI are bragging quite alot on twitter about how many people are playing this game. I personally think its the worst match engine so far but as long as people are still buying/playing and anyone that criticises the game is in the minority then it won't be changed
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