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  1. I have players inmy game who have had incredible careers and are only seen as veteran strikers or elite strikers. Yet some players who have had unremarkable careers but a high CA are seen as legendary. Can you only be a legendary player if you have a high CA?
  2. he wasn't playing for me, but i kept him on my shortlist as he was that brilliant that I wanted to keep tabs on him cos I was just interested. and yes literally no "wnt" icon next his name in any of the transfer windows which is weird
  3. as in a goal a game so would score 95 goals in 100 games
  4. yes, Patson Daka in my save who Dortmund bought, Pretty average attributes but ended up having a goalscoring rate of about 95% consistently, literally no interest in him from anyone in the 8 or so years he was there. Also a player called Ricky Jade Jones played for Rotherham in my save in the championship, scored about 80 goals in 2 seasons, literally no premier league or even top championship team interest in him at all. Just to add to that aswell. I created a striker in the editor and made his attributes so he'd be the best in the world however his form and goalscoring did not reflect
  5. both Lampard and Ole are still in the job after 10 years in my saves.. both with good levels of success. Man Utd have won about 5 titles in that time and a champions league, chelsea have won 2 titles in that time and a champions league. Both have won domestic cups plently times inbetween. I think its more to do with the fact that they have good teams on paper. Manager attributes don't mean that much in this game. You could use the editor to to experiment and put Klopps motivation and man management and coaching stats to 1 out of 20 and Liverpool would still do well. I know this because i
  6. what is it with Hertha Berlin in this game? they seem quite rich and go for the best players who seem to be very willing to go there. Are they this rich in real life?
  7. I've spent ages customizing view on the squad screen and they've all just disappeared. what gives?
  8. With updates are players attributes also tweaked?
  9. Every time i look at transfers for AI teams some transfers that happened in june are added to last years summary rather than the current year, surely it should just be done accoring to the transfer window dates, means that if someone is bought in june and another player is bought in august the game will treat it as though they were bought in separate windows and they are on differemt summaries in the annual transfer screen, is there any way to change this.
  10. When people say holiday save, what do they mean by that
  11. Is that normal? Am I missing something? Also Tottenham who came 15th in the previous season are in it?
  12. How can you tell who the team captains are from a game that you are scouting/attending from the touchline tablet, back when there were the widgets/team list you would see a (c) next to their name
  13. Yes, I've started unemployed and have had loads of offers but I think it also depends how many leagues you have loaded. Think I have about 50 loaded. But apparently there is a code in which you will always be offered jobs otherwise it would be impossible to get started
  14. Thanks, I actually tried that and it didn't work. So annoying cos I had to re download 20 and free up space on my computer to have 19/20/21 installed. Wonder if I was doing something wrong. I'll try again
  15. Yes, also seems that even if you havve no badges/experience high profile clubs will still come to you
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