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  1. what about when you upgrade to catalina with fm 19, i'm in 2 minds cos i don't want lose saves, editor data etc
  2. I know it might be a stupid question but just wanted to double-check as I am in the middle of a save and just want everything to be the same as it was, also used the editor quite a bit
  3. Maybe in some ways the game doesn't know how to act to a meagre welsh team in real life being this successful so is still treating it as a small team with a small team mentality. I wonder what the reputation is of the team and the league you are playing in is?
  4. So i have english leagues loaded down to level 8 and you’re telling me not one of the managers in these various leagues dont want the england job and the fa would hire a random newgen with literally no experience. If you started a new game with no badges or experience and got the england job as your first job we’d all be saying how unrealistic and weird it was
  5. I did holiday but most leagues were active i.e england, france germany italy spain usa mexico portugal so holidaying shouldn’t really affect the realism
  6. and then this happened. England manager hired with no experience whatsoever, explain that to me?
  7. I would say no. I love his game but its not as intricate as the developers make out. I once put all of mourinho's attributes such as man management, motivation etc down to 1 as an experiment and he still won the league comfortably with united. As someone said above I think it also comes down to the tactics and well they work with the match engine. Lots of times Ive seen on here people complaining that Pep isn't as good as irl and always gets sacked after one season. That's because his tactics don't work that well with the match engine.
  8. As far as I can see there is no reason why he would leave Man Utd at this stage to go to Chelsea, Ive just double checked the save and Chelsea are 9th and Man utd are 4th. It would be like if Klopp left Liverpool last season before their semi finals against Barcelona to go to Arsenal. It doesn't make sense. I had a similar situation with Frank Lampard in which he was Arsenal manager and doing well. Came second in the league and won an FA Cup but left to go to a struggling Chelsea. Now this made sense as he is a Chelsea legend and they are listed as one of his favourite clubs
  9. In year 2035, around april manager has left Man Utd in 4th place, 9000 reputation and in a CL semi final to go to Chelsea who are 6th and 8000 reputation. getting ridiculous now
  10. In year 2035, around april manager has left Man Utd in 4th place, 9000 reputation and in a CL semi final to go to Chelsea who are 6th and 8000 reputation. Really?
  11. After about 10 seasons in the game clubs who were not necessarily world beaters suddenly become elite teams in the game due to takeovers, good management etc but the original reputations of these teams tend to stay in tact from what they were at the beginning of the save. This makes for unrealistic management movement. For instance if spurs in the last 10 years wins loads of league titles and man utd consistently come 5/6th the spurs manager will always go to man utd when that job becomes available solely because they are a “bigger” club when spurs in the reality of the game have now become a bigger club than utd. Same thing with klopp. Liverpool dominate the first few seasons so guardiola gets sacked for not winning the league so klopp takes the man city job because man city are “bigger”, this is so unrealistic for a number of reasons and needs looking at in the next edition otherwise long term saves are pointless if club reputations do not change to a realistic level
  12. Yea this is one of the most unrealistic aspects of the game. In my save Klopp wins 2 league titles in a row with Liverpool then goes to City after Guardiola gets sacked. This is only because City's reputation is probably bigger which is another point as reputations of teams don't grow enough. Klopp would never go to city especially after dominating with Liverpool. Zidane in my save has managed Man Utd, Chelsea, City and Liverpool all in the space of four years.
  13. why don't people just use the editor to create a son. Then the in game editor to edit relationships and add you as a relation
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