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  1. I don't do it because I want the most realistic experience possible, but I don't mind at all people doing it. What annoys me sometimes though is when people boast about the fact they've won back to back Champions Leagues with Portsmouth which wouldn't be possible without some form of divine intervention like this.
  2. So if I was creating a player would there be a way to tell or a formula which highlights their best position. I know there is best roles but I find with that it only limits it to their current position
  3. I'm having the same issue. Settings are on Fixtures/Results. Stop Game Morning/Evening but screen isn't stopping
  4. might be worth checking the editor and seeing what the clubs affluence attribute is
  5. Passion, Affluence, Loyalty, Temperament, Expectations, what bearing does passion and temperament have on the game? I would imagine affluence and loyalty have an affect on attendance. Expectations I would imagine would make the fans turn on you if you're not meeting them. What does passion really do though or is it just in there for visual aesthetics?
  6. you don't see the edit button at the bottom?
  7. Yea you would highlight all the players you want then there should be an edit button at the bottom, it will tell you how many players you are editing and you go into the profile as normal and whatever you edit in there will apply changes to all those players
  8. mass edit all the managers and set their “buying players” attribute higher and set their “frugal with the transfer budget” lower
  9. There is a weird thing that's happening where after Ive created a player started a new game and their first and surname seem to have a huge gap in-between. It looks wierd. What is going on?? Ive noticed these little bugs after the update, its annoying.
  10. I edited some squad numbers for a team and they are coming up blank on the team screen. For example I have assigned a player number 9 in the editor for a team I don't control but when starting a new game the squad number is blank when looking at the team screen
  11. Do they have any impact on finances or are they just there for visual aesthetics? Do their attributes such as resources and business have any baring on your finances or is it exclusively the chairman that has any impact. For example say you had a chairman that had poor attributes for business but had 5 directors who all had 20 for business would that generate more revenue even if you had a poor chairman? Also why is it that you can't see attributes/profiles for board members. Wouldn't it be useful to know more about your chairman other than looking in the editor.
  12. I started a thread a while ago about the lack of long range goals scores for or against me, I think they have rectified it to the point where it is too overpowered now. Such is life
  13. What factors do you need as a club to get the best out of these? For example I know that Chairman's business attribute will give you better sponsorship deals but what else. Does things like Corporate Facilities help get good sponsorship also? In terms of merchandise is it literally just the global appeal of the club or are there other factors that can improve this?
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