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  1. Always happens with him. The algorithms can't replicate his real life stats because they are "unreal" ironically. Also from what I've seen with Barcelona's AI they usually play him on the wing and the match engine again can't replicate goal scoring wingers. That's why with Liverpool for example Firmino will always outscore Mane and Salah. Makes you wonder what the point of player traits are
  2. Then what's the point in having the pre set tactics as a guide
  3. Yep. it's getting boring. Everytime I watch AI highlights most of the goals are from headers. Theres no point in having a finishing attribute
  4. Yes I know but after looking at the fact that 71% of goals are scored with the feet and 16% are scored with the head I don't think its realistic for Leo Messi to score 20 headers a season and 2 with his left foot. I think it does matter how goals go in otherwise its unrealistic but if you think that doesn't matter then play on
  5. But I'm saying this as a general ai problem from different games, not just games i'm involved in. Obviously everyone will have different goal distribution because everyone has a different tactic
  6. Also I don't just want my matches to be realistic, I want all ai matches to be realistic aswell so whatever happens in your individual games isn't nesscesarily a factor in how realistic goal distribution is because it depends on your own tactics
  7. ok I did the same experiment again and 44% of goals came from headers 42% from feet 14% from penalties, 0% from direct free kicks. in real life it is 71% are scored with the foot 16% headers, 10% penalties and 3% free kicks. so there we go, this has just become cross/header manager
  8. I also looked at goal distribution in Europes top 3 leagues, Premier League, La Liga and Bundesliga this season and 71% are scored with the foot 16% headers, 10% penalties and 3% free kicks. I think thats more of an accurate representation if you want to look at popular competitions
  9. I experimented and looked at the ai in the top leagues last 100 goals on fm19 and the ai from the top leagues last 100 goals on fm20. fm19 has much more variety and realistic goals. The majority of the goals in fm20 come from crossing with an easy header on the end of it its like all the strikers have 20 for heading. fm 19 was much more realistically varied where the majority of the goals were from one v ones like it should be. which is a more realistic outcome out of these goal scoring scenarios for both games FM 19 Percentage One On One 24 Long range 16 Shot from in box 12 Cross 10 penalty 8 free kick 7 corner and header 6 dribble 6 cut back 5 rebound 3 Header from in box 2 free kick and header 1 FM 20 Percentage Cross 26 One On One 16 Shot from in box 14 penalty 11 free kick and header 9 Long range 8 rebound 5 Corner and header 5 cut back 3 dribble 2 free kick 1
  10. Just a simple question. I'm not buying the game until it is
  11. I think positioning and Movement are the same things except one is for attack and one is for defense
  12. oh come on.. he came second in the 2019/20 season no one with 1 motivation/man management/Determination etc should ever get near that. If i took over man city tomorrow I'd be fighting relegation
  13. this is proof that ai manager stats mean nothing rendering this thread useless. disappointing.
  14. From what I've seen I don't think manager stats matter or translate that much in the game. I once did an experiment with klopp in which i put all his attributes down to 1 and Liverpool still won the league comfortably
  15. preferences > interface >screenflow> select competition twice (matches/fixtures &results), select morning and evening for stop game
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