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  1. I seem to remember this conversation coming up on here about a year ago and it was suggested that this means that the player is unhappy to a high enough degree that it shows up on the team selection screen but not enough that anything it mentioned on the Player Personal page.
  2. I've had this multiple times before and it's really annoying. Will try to come up with a save game too.
  3. Hi @Daniel Williams @Marc Vaughan @StephenCronin Sorry I took a while to reply. I've been playing through my save game and experimenting a little. So it turns out you CAN call up players with a second nationality but it's really tough. The only times I was able to was when I was managing Portugal and Netherlands. In both cases the players were of a low standard (£5k, 30-something journeymen). I have also managed Albania, Turkey, DR Congo and Northern Ireland in the same save game and wasn't able to call up any, even at the standard of player described above. I susp
  4. Same here. FM is an excellent game but there are areas that can be improved (scouting and international management come to mind) and I'd rather these are looked at rather than a largely superfluous addition of the 3D engine
  5. Hi, I've managed a few national sides in my current save game. On several occasions I have identified players who are eligible for my team based on their second nationality but I have never been successful in calling them up. They always say they have no interest even if they're a fairly mediocre player getting called up for a decent national team. Should I be able to call up players based on their second nationality or has the game been coded so I can't? I'll be disappointed if it's the latter tbh. Part of the appeal of managing nations to me was finding hidden gems tha
  6. The scouting system needs a big revamp imo.
  7. Just realised I posted the same sort of thing several months ago.
  8. I don't have the exact same roles but find that this is one of the most effective formations for me too.
  9. I'd be interested in learning how the reputation grading works 'under the hood'. Do you have to achieve a certain number of manager points in a certain time to move up a level? Also I've noticed in the Hall Of Fame page that you can go down the list as well as up. Does that mean that your reputation can be downgraded too (for example, from Continental to National)?
  10. I guess my thought is that it would be good to have a list similar to the league one (in the image) but just with my own club POTS. That's be a nice personal touch to look back on after 25 seasons.
  11. Hi, This idea was suggested by @Timmy0816in another thread but I thought I'd create its own as it's a good one. Can we add club POTS awards to the game? I think this would have more relevance to the manager than most of the other league awards. If you're managing a club that finishes mid-table you'll have little interest in the league POTS but the club one world give you singing to get excited about. Thanks
  12. Thanks for checking the code and passing to QA. Yes, I have found that established players pick up the FC a lot more often than they used to that is good progress. Thanks for that. As for your scenario, I think in most cases they'd retain the club they came through at as an FC but would probably pick up a dislike for the staff that released them. For example, Andy Robertson got released by Celtic as a teenager but still has them as a favoured club in game.
  13. Hi @Marc Vaughan. Sorry to bump an old thread. I've gone through about 6 seasons with my current club (Palermo) and have yet to see any youth player come through with them as the favoured club. That just doesn't seem right as presumably they've been at the club for several years so I'd expect some to have them as the FC, In contrast, pretty much every player in Barcelona B's starting squad has Barcelona as an FC, Was anything done to tweak this when I raised this previously?
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