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  1. Sounds like I'm better off giving you my save game to play through. 😉 What tactic do you play if you don't mind me asking? Most ppl seem to find success with 4-1-2-2-1 so I always use that or a close variation but results are so inconsistent at times.
  2. It amazes me when people say this game is easy. Don't get me wrong, it's not impossible, but I'd never get promoted 7 seasons in a row or win the title in 5 successive seasons from the start. What's your secret, Zoot?
  3. Weird. I don't think it's ever worked for me. And I've just spent the last 10 minutes reloading the game and running through the same scenario to no avail. At least its realistic - I started the season with Milan and was sacked by February with the club sitting mid-table. Thanks for the info anyway.
  4. Hi, I had this news item today due to a bad run of form with Milan - see attached images. Every time I've had this with past games, I select 'Request More Time' but it makes no difference and I instantly get the sack. This time was no different. So my question is, is there ever a scenario when the 'Request More Time' option would work and you get to retain your job, or is it always pre-determined that you'll get sacked? If it is the former, please can I know more about this scenario. If it's the latter, then what is the point of even having this option available?
  5. If you are talking about the examples in the attached images, it means that the gold player is a fan favourite. You'll also find that they have stars next to their names on the squad list. I guess you need to treat them a bit more carefully than others, i.e. if you discipline them unfairly or sell them, fans/teammates will get the hump. That's my take from it anyway.
  6. I don't work for SI and this is just a personal theory, but I find young players - especially those at big clubs - are overvalued in the game. In your case I imagine only a very small percentage could afford Saka at his market value, but his current ability is below their level hence you are getting lowball offers from smaller teams.
  7. Hi. No, you have to resign. Your employment will run indefinitely unless you resign or are sacked.
  8. Hi Andrew, before I buy the editor, please can you let me know if it can do the following: 1) edit the Germany national team so actual players get called up 2) show you players across the game that have you as a favoured person or your club as a favoured club?
  9. Are you able to search for all players that have yours as a favoured club BTW?
  10. Hi, Does anyone know if the FMDB editor allows you to modify the German national team, so active players actually get called up for international fixtures? Thanks
  11. Of course, I understand. Like I said, I think the logic is sound, but the impact can be a bit heavy handed at times. I'd be interested to hear other people's thoughts though.
  12. I'm glad someone has brought this up as it has bugged me for a while now. Marc, appreciate the feedback and I agree with the logic that performances should impact player ratings. However I think it's too heavy handed as it stands and any changes need to be felt over a longer period of time. When you consider that there are only 9 possible grades a player can get, and the quality of player that represents the two extremes of the scale, the example that Karnack gives of Benassi dropping two whole stars (4 grades out of 9!) after just 6 games is way too much of an impact, too soon, I think. To put it in a real-life context, Dele Alli goes through spells where he does little for 6 games, but if this grading was applied to him IRL he'd drop half a star, maybe one star at a push. Another thing that needs addressing is how heavily sub appearances affect a player's star rating. Just the other day I signed a promising youngster to gradually replace an older, established player. He wasn't quite as good as my older player yet, so I spent the next few months mostly bringing him off the bench to ease him in but due to a succession of 6 match ratings his star rating has dropped like a stone. So I'm probably going to end up selling him now. I think this whole thing needs reviewing so a) the way performances influence star ratings is felt over a longer period of time and b) match ratings from sub appearances do not have any impact on star rating, or only if the player comes on before the 60th minute, for example. PS: Also agree with Karnack's later point that the potential star rating should not be so heavily affected by short-term performances. Real life example is Moise Kean. He probably had 4.5/5* potential when he moved from Juve to Everton. He has struggled in the PL but even now his real-life potential should still be at least 4*. In FMM it would have dropped to 3* within a few months.
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