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  1. Yes, pretty much. As I haven't spend any money, I guess the game has nothing to measure the quality of the signings against, so it doesn't move. That's how I've seen it to work in my experiences anyway. Unfortunately I don't have any save games to demonstrate this with. Maybe SI can confirm if this is how the logic works anyway.
  2. Yeah it's basically because I never buy any players with money (just frees, loans and swaps), so the game probably sees me as not having proved I have transfer acumen as I haven't spent anything.
  3. Agree with this. Can the board expectations for the season be included in the club's General Info section?
  4. I've gone through careers where I haven't spent a penny in transfer fees and sold hundreds of millions of pounds of talent, while winning competitions on a regular basis, and still had a transfer acumen rating of 10 and an average Transfers bar on the Board Confidence screen. So basically the fact the game is geared towards rewarding extravagant signings doesn't surprise me, but doesn't feel entirely right to me.
  5. I've found this as well actually. I'll be playing as a Serie A team with all Italian leagues loaded. There are always a disproportionately low number of loan offers from other Italian clubs. But you get loads from random Eastern European, Greek and Turkish clubs. It's frustrating if you're sending your player out to play 40 games in an active league and all you get is offers from other random places. There are around 100 Italian clubs in active leagues, not to mention the lower tiers, so it seems strange than so few offers come in from them.
  6. Sorry, I've corrected the steps. Please try these. To recreate: 1) Find 'Player X' in Player Search, and 'Make Offer' (ensuring he's not on your shortlist already). 2) Click on [Exchange Player]. 'Part-Exchange Player Selection' window is displayed. 3) Click [X] to close Exchange window. 4) Click [X] to close Negotiations window. 5) Continue game to a future date. 6) Check Shortlist. 'Player X' has been added.
  7. That may be seen as an unusual formation by the match engine. Someone at SI can probably comment.
  8. Did you switch to some ultra attacking formation near the end with one centre back and four strikers? If so, that message is a reference to that, not necessarily how you started the game.
  9. Not a major issue but a bit of an irritance. When I approach a club about a player and click on the 'Exchange Player' dropdown, the overlay displays the players available to trade. This is handy when I'm broke and need to change up personnel. If I decide against any of the exchange players and exit negotiations, a couple of days later, I'll find the original player I approached has been added to my Shortlist. This is fine for the odd one, but when I've unsuccessfully tried my luck with 20 different players, it gets annoying having to manually remove each one from my Shortlist on
  10. @Marc Vaughan Out of interest, is it just reputation that influences which manager is offered a vacant job? Do things like nationality, coaching style and formation come into it? I ask because sometimes when the AI appoints a new manager there are often more qualified ones available. For example, in one save Arsenal appointed Sean Dyche when there were many better options there.
  11. I've actually just uploaded a save game with a similar issue via the in-app functionality. I'm in my second season managing Brondby in Denmark. The expectations at the start of the season were a mid table finish. It's now March and I'm 6 points clear at the top of the table. I'm also on the verge of reaching the domestic cup semi final as well as having just been knocked out of the Europa League first knockout stage (by Borussia MG). Team morale/dynamics are generally good and club financial state is Rich. But for some reason the last couple of months my board have been s
  12. In the examples you gave, you'd pretty much have to go unbeaten the rest of the season to meet the targets. Obviously unrealistic, especially with an unhappy, underperforming squad and outside a transfer window.
  13. With regards the AI checking for squad depth, it does this for human managers already with both the team report and the recommended signings when you join a new club. It just needs to use this info when it comes to squad building for AI teams.
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