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  1. Thanks for the feedback, Marc. So as things are now, are there any attributes I can search for in player search or would it not necessarily correlate? Am I going to have to look in each potential signings Personal tab for one of those personalities above?
  2. Hi, I'm managing Sunderland and about to start their third season in the Championship (2022/23). We should have got promoted last season but basically bottled it. We were top with a few games left but lost 3 of our last 5, and then threw away a 2-goal lead late on in the playoff semi final to go out on away goals. Generally my squad is pretty good and well balanced but one thing I'd like to improve is Determination (currently rated C). I consider that area may be a reason for the end-of-season collapse last time. Looking at my team dynamics page, I can see only one player
  3. I've said on here before that I generally find it hard to get any consistency the first season, mainly as it takes time to get to know the squad and working out your best team. I almost always see a marked improvement the second season, even with the same players. I don't know if the game has been coded that way or if it's just because the players have stronger relationships and/or have benefited from a year's worth of training. One thing I will agree with is the point that starting with a low (or no) reputation really sets you up to fail at the majority of clubs. It's better t
  4. Same here. I was having to check each players Relationships range individually. Thanks for the info, Stephen.
  5. I'm still not convinced by this set pieces config. I always have at least 2 players 'stay back' and 1-2 players 'stay back if needed', but I often find that when I have a corner I am left with 1 v 1 at the back making me prone to the counter attack. Do other tactical nuances (like mentality for example) override these settings? If so, they probably shouldn't.
  6. Winger stay wide and provide crosses. Inside forwards cut in and take shots at goal. Also what are their shooting attributes like? Are your team creating many chances in general?
  7. If i have a 'Tactical Analyst' - they are usually as rare as unicorns - I set them as the scout who provides opposition reports in Manager Options. they tend to give a bit more info as Marc suggests.
  8. When you get approached by another club wanting to loan one of your players (or when you offer one to an affiliate club), I think an indicator should be given of what role that player will play at the other club (i.e. First Team, Rotation, Backup, etc). I've lost count of the amount of times I've loaned out a promising player to get gametime, only for them to only feature in a handful of games over the season. If I have an idea of what sort of role they'll play at the loaning club, it won't be so much of a lottery when accepting offers.
  9. Hi, Quick question - I've never seen the option to express my interest in a specific job in FMM when a manager already exits there. Are you sure you didn't mean this for the PC version? If you did mean it for FMM please can you share a screenshot or two?
  10. With regards the manager age, I think the best solution for this @Marc Vaughan, is to just remove it entirely. It has no benefit gameplay-wise and there's no point leaving it in there if it's an arbitrary and inaccurate value.
  11. If you cancel the partnership early on, you can normally set them another mentor, however once it gets past a certain point it won't let you reassign. Also, yes, if you set up a partnership and the mentee ends up going on loan, depending on how long they were being mentored for, you may or may not be able to reassign on their return. The biggest issue I have with the mentoring system is how the progress is paused due to an injury to one of the individuals involved. Surely mentoring isn't just an 'on the pitch' thing. I agree the progress could slow down but it shouldn't be paused i
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