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  1. It you have a suitable senior player in mind, you can go to his player page and select 'Mentor Another Player'. Hopefully your wonderkid will be one of the four young players available for him to mentor.
  2. Go to the affected player's page. Select the Personal tab to see why he's unhappy. Select the Contract tab to see interested clubs. Hope that helps.
  3. I seem to remember SI saying that players in reserve leagues don't progress. Their games are just to give them game time and show you who is playing well and potentially ready for a run in the first team. Similarly loaning a player to a non-playable league won't aid development. They need to be playing first team football in a playable league. @SI, correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. Ah. If the player's contract is close to expiring it's a bit more complicated. You won't be able to offer him a contract, but neither will anyone else do that's cool. Once the transfer decides to drop off your save game you'll be able to offer one, but so will others so keep an eye on things closely and offer as soon as you can. Hope that makes sense.
  5. I've seen this issue loads of times in this year's edition. You'll be pleased to know the transfers don't normally go through. They just somehow drop off the game at the next transfer window.
  6. I might be in the minority, but rather than just add new features, I'd prefer the FMM team to tweak current features to make them better. I find there are way too many repetitive and time consuming operations in the game. This takes away from some of the enjoyment imo. 1) Having to 'Offer To Clubs' for every single player individually. 2) Having to release each player from contract individually. 3) Not having a player position filter at squad level, so you can view all defenders together, for example. 4) Not being able to differentiate via Player Search between players listed by club and listed by request. 5) Not being able to filter by player Role in player search. How many AM's would I need to click through to find a Trequartista? 6) In the player search position filter, not being able to select two positions with an OR operator (for example, if I want to search for either right backs or centre backs). Currently I have to make two separate searches. 7) Not being able to select specific countries/nationalities for your scout assignments. 8) Not being able to apply filters to your scout results. 9) Not being able to filter the Scouting Agency page by your current league/level. If I'm managing a Conference North club, knowing the top 50 players in England is no use to me. Knowing the top 50 Conference North/South players is. 10) Not being able to compare attributes for more than two players at once. Most of these little 'features' have existed for years and irk me with every annual release. Love the game but having played as much as I have over the years, they've worn me down. Would much rather have these fixed than new features added.
  7. Yeah, agreed. It'd only really be worth doing for derby games, and those with your rivals at the top/bottom of the table. Glad you like it though. 👍🏼
  8. Hi, In the game currently, you'll occasionally receive a news item which allows you to comment on your own job stability or the form (good or bad) of one of your players. This, then, is supposed to have either a positive or negative effect on either your own position or your player's mental state going into the next match. Can this be tweaked to also allow you to give feedback on the opposition, for example before a big derby game? So you'd comment on an opposition player's good/bad form or a struggling manager, and this in turn would make them either raise or lower their game against you. It's the sort of thing Mourinho and Ferguson did all the time to their rivals. Presumably it's not reinventing the wheel as the logic is there - it just needs to be extended to those outside your club. There'll need to be a few new news item templates written up though. Hope that all makes sense.
  9. Hi There are a lot of players in-game with the 'Relaxed' personality. Through experience I've come to interpret this as meaning that they do not train as hard as others, hence negatively affecting their development over time. Are there any other impacts barring the above? For example, would they tend to try less than others in a match? Or are they less demanding in contract negotiations, for example? Also can this personality change over time? Perhaps through talking to the player or pairing them up with a more professional mentor? Thanks
  10. I agree that individual player tactics would be a very welcome addition to the game. Seems odd that if you have a winger with high dribbling attribute (for example, Adama Traore), you can't set him individually to run at defenders. Obviously you can set the instruction at a team level but not every player in your squad will have good dribbling, and that's when you get players giving the ball away cheaply.
  11. I didn't even know that. You learn something new every day.
  12. I've always found this odd too but it's the way the game currently works. Whether it's supposed to, I don't know.
  13. You can't sort by ONLY second nationality but if you filter by Ivorian it will show those with both first and second nationality. Then sort by nationality column and you'll be able to see which ones have a different first nationality.
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