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  1. Morning, I played a file on FMM18 yesterday with West Ham and saved it. This morning it says west ham but then It comes up unemployed? What has gone wrong? Kind regards Stuart Ps: file too big so heres pictures.
  2. Good Morning, Please can you tell me why my save isnt working? And what i can do to bring it back? Kind regards, Stuart Sola fm_save1.zip 0d50e610-31f1-d7b1-1f050875-0e81e11b.dmp 5ac042cc-22c6-3398-2e942707-1f0a9e0e.dmp 700dc01d-b77a-c906-22ff27a6-37332ef8.dmp 346cc605-380b-3ff9-5f3e9254-24fd7bd7.dmp
  3. My logos are not working after last nights privacy update. Is anyone else experiencing this? Any work around? Deleted cache 3x but no change and no longer a reload skin button? Kind regards Stuart
  4. Just to add further evidence. I have only noticed this happening today and my updated apps show nothing new has been updated for my cleaning apps today which means there the same as they were before this happened. Please fix this. I am currently in a long save with inverness but still only have 8 achievements(bought ones).
  5. Just shutdown my android Samsung Edge S6 thinking I would give the game a fresh start. On pressing on FMM 18- this came up Please look into this FMM18. I do not think this a cleaning app as i have had them since ive had this phone but not had an issue. Plus, how would a cleaning app manage to delete my in-game unlockable and achievements. I am getting really tired of all the bugs on this game. A user will give a pass to some but when you put hundreds of game to gain all the unlockable and all the achievements just to realise its all been deleted or glitched or bugged - it does make you lose a lot of the fun of the game, not trying to be harsh but realistic. The best scenario for me would be you fixing the problem, restoring my achievements and unlockable and then i can get back to playing my save.
  6. Good evening, I have had exactly the same issue. When i have noticed it tonight I am so unhappy with it as i had 43/45 achievements and managed to unlock all of the unlockables. Is there a way of SI getting these back on my game?
  7. Cheers jack, means so much! Thank you so much for my reply too, i know hour all very busy. For me ant the moment, i only have this one more achievement to get before i complete the challenges. Are there any pointers on what i need to do(70%+ posession)(10+shots/shots on target)(high rep vs low rep side)? if not, is there any way the team there could assist in ticking this one off? I do hope you can help, i desperatly want to complete this.
  8. Has anyone here completed this challenge and knows how they did it?
  9. Another example below. Is this achievement impossible? So confused by it. Any advice is welcome
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