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  1. How did you creat that skin Kim?
  2. Cheers jack, means so much! Thank you so much for my reply too, i know hour all very busy. For me ant the moment, i only have this one more achievement to get before i complete the challenges. Are there any pointers on what i need to do(70%+ posession)(10+shots/shots on target)(high rep vs low rep side)? if not, is there any way the team there could assist in ticking this one off? I do hope you can help, i desperatly want to complete this.
  3. Has anyone here completed this challenge and knows how they did it?
  4. Another example below. Is this achievement impossible? So confused by it. Any advice is welcome
  5. Any ideas on this one? It is the last achievement i have left out of 42. Please help me..any advice is welcome. Si : any help?
  6. Good Morning All, Hope this finds you well I was wondering if i could get some pointers on this achievement as i feel i have achieved it with the wins shown below but it is saying i still havent. Any help is appreciated