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  1. Fan/Media Reaction I would like to see more enhancements on how the fans and media react to you and your actions. I'm thinking: a news item detailing how the fans have reacted to your appointment as manager (similar to how fans react when a club makes a marquee signing). a monthly or regular news item summarising how the fans are feeling about your performance as manager i.e. team form, player selection, transfer window activity etc. a fan appraisal screen which could influence and pressurise the board to back or sack you. Fans can have a lot of sway on the fate of a manager and I think the game should better reflect this. Transfer Deadline Day Can we have a much more enhanced transfer deadline day. At the very least the day needs to be spaced out by hourly or two hourly segments to try and get deals concluded. So many transfer offers are made too late in the day and the window usually closes before the deals can be concluded. You could have it so that when you hit continue, the day proceeds by an hour or two. Manager Reputation I think more can be done on how your managerial reputation influences players and staff signing for you. Currently I am a world class manager in charge of Sevilla. I find it astonishing how unlikely staff and players want to sign for me. I think the following improvements should be made: The option of bringing with you your backroom team when taking over a new club. Your standing within the game should entice coaches, scouts and physios to want to work for you. In my current game, my World Class reputation does nothing in terms of attracting talent to work with me. Players who either admire you or who list you as their favourite person should be eager to want to sign for you. How many players wanted to join Manchester City because of Pep Guardiola? You could argue the same point about Pochettino at Tottenham. Staff Talent Improvements need to be made to the depth of coaching, scouting and physio talent within the game. In my current career, the number of staff positions (specialising in specific areas) are woefully deficient. Even the top clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid have bronze rated staff.
  2. I'd also like to see the option of delaying decisions until the end of the season. This would work really well when: A club approaches you to become their manager (I was approached by Juventus with 8 games left of the season to go. My current club was on course to win the title and so I was forced to choose between winning a title or taking over the biggest club in Italy). A player asks for a new contract. I feel the rate of players requesting new contracts to be OTT. One of my star players signed a new expensive contract and less than a year later, he wanted another new expensive contract. Being able to say "discuss at the end of the season" could have a dramatic impact on the players attitude depending on their personality type. A professional / loyal player will either get on with his job or be motivated to up his game to demonstrate why he deserves a better contract. A disloyal or unprofessional player will sulk and feel demotivated in his performances.
  3. Better media questions The only questions asked by the media are "X club is looking to sign X player in a cut price deal". Could we make the media a bit more interesting by adding a few more questions. The following for example: Being asked to confirm rumours that you would like to sign "X player". The outcome being that your answer could encourage the targeted player to want to join your club / or upset fans or the current 1st team player (who plays in same position) who wouldn't want X player signing. Being asked to respond to rumours on whether you would be interested in taking over X club. The outcome being that confirming your interest in taking over said club could encourage a job offer / but could also upset current employer, fans and playing squad. Denying any interest in the job offer would please board and perhaps reward you with a board request. Being asked to respond to rumours that your unhappy with your board. The outcome being that if you are a highly rated manager, any public showing of unhappiness to your board could either encourage the board to demonstrate their appreciation for you (a granted board request) or give you the sack. The board's potential reaction to any public moaning (think Mourinho) could be based on your reputation and success rate with the club.
  4. I have the option to select the level of coaching badge I want at the beginning of a career. I often select Gold. However, the game will revert this back to the Bronze level.
  5. Lillywhite Dean

    Ridiculous results

    I'd like to share an observation I have about this Sampdoria career I'm playing. As you know, I've played this game quite extensively for quite sometime and I have been pretty brutal comprehensive with my feedback. So I like to think I have a pretty good idea of how the game works from a user/gamer perspective. The number of goals scored, the winning margin of some of my victories (how many goals I've won by), and the success I've been able to achieve through the use of these really negative tactics has definitely made the game "iffy" (I eventually finished 2nd in Serie A). But I am now on my third season and decided to change my tactics. Bizarrely, playing a formation and strategy that would better suit my very talented squad (most players have a rating of at least 4 stars out of 5) has made the match results really, really random. I'm using tactics that I have used many times before yet the results are just so unpredictable. I can beat teams by scorelines such as 5-3, 4-1, 7-0 but then lose to teams 6-4 (and this isn't losing to top of the table teams - I'm talking about losing heavily to teams who are lower than mid-table or fighting relegation). It has become so bizarre. The amount of goals involved in a game averages at a staggering 4.2 goals per match and this isn't down to my very attacking tactics. I tend to play with a counter or control strategy now. So having thought about all the things I've done differently in this career from previous careers, the only thing that has changed is how I watch the enhanced match highlights. I now watch matches with the options of Pitch / Key / Fast as opposed to my usual Pitch / Extended / Fast. Now I'm sure you're going to tell me that the match highlights have no bearing on the results. What probably changes the results is how many tactical changes are made based on how much of the match you see. But it does seem odd that having played FMM on the extended option for so long, and being used to a certain amount of goals per game, the fact that I have now changed the highlights to 'Key' has seemed to dramatically alter the outcome of games. P.S. "Playing soccer" ??
  6. I had a future transfer agreed in the January transfer window. The bid was accepted before the window shut but the contract was accepted after the window had shut. A news item informed me that the player (Timo Werner) would join at the beginning of the next transfer window. I completed my season and hit continue to start the next season. One of my transfer that had been made outside the window completed as normal but there was no sign of Timo Werner joining the club. I looked at my future transfers page and the prearranged transfer had disappeared (it was listed there previous to the new season starting). I looked at Wener's contract page and nothing was listed to say he would be joining my club.
  7. Lillywhite Dean

    Ridiculous results

    Save file sent. Thanks for taking a look at it.
  8. Lillywhite Dean

    Ridiculous results

    I'm now into my second season and three of those players have moved on. Will the save still be of any use? I should have taken a copy of my save for reference for reference. Apologies.
  9. Lillywhite Dean

    Ridiculous results

    The thing is, I'm not countering. I'm playing a contained strategy which (from what I recall in previous versions of FM) is a strategy where the players don't look to attack, preferring to keep possession of the ball and not doing anything risky that could result in the opposition scoring. Yet I am the leagues top scoring side which contradicts that mentality. But this is how I set up the team: And these are my attacking players: Surely a world class side such as Juventus would cope with these primitive tactics.
  10. Lillywhite Dean

    Ridiculous results

    I don't think a slow, uber defensive, long ball game would make me a tactical genius. It is the easiest tactic to defend against.
  11. I really want this game to work but : Managing Sampdoria. 4-2-3-1 • Contain / Narrow / Slow / Disciplined • Balanced / All over / Normal tackling • Shoot on sight / Run at defence / Long passing style • Mixed passing focus / Mixed GK distribution How can I possibly beat the formidable Juventus 6-0 using the tactics a League 2 or Conference team would use when playing a Premier League team? My Sampdoria side are average. I deactivated budgets in transfer window so I didn't have a penny to spend at the start of the season. It's not like my side have the skills needed to make these tactics work so well i.e. dribbling and shooting. These basic and negative tactics have so far got me to 2nd in Serie A. And if you think beating Juventus 6-0 is ridiculous, take a look at this result: This shouldn't be happening.
  12. Lillywhite Dean

    Unlock reputations

    I have had the 'World Class' reputation for around 3-4 seasons yet when I set up a new career, the options for selecting my starting reputation remain at 'Unknown' and 'Local (Normal)'. The information icon next to this feature says that all reputation levels will be unlocked once you have reached 'World Class'. This hasn't happened for me.
  13. Lillywhite Dean

    Unrealistic match ratings

    It's infuriating. So much so that I've stopped playing FMM.
  14. Lillywhite Dean

    Wasted transfers

    @Marc Duffy @Marc Vaughan I say this respectfully. I think it would be decent if we had some idea of how seriously SI are taking these concerns. There is a growing sense of frustration among a number of keen FMM players that reported bugs are not being properly investigated and fixed. A lot of people have gone to a great deal of trouble in reporting their FMM issues for you. It does feel very much like we pay £9.99 a year to become FMM testers - giving priceless feedback on the game and providing examples of serious bugs via save files - only for many of the concerns to be ignored. Too many serious bugs have gone unfixed in FMM2018. I think it is bad form to expect people to pay £9.99 for another title when a number of issues reported in FMM2018 have not been fixed and are unlikely to be fixed for FMM2019 (based on the trend of bugs carrying over from previous titles). You should check out FMM Vibe: https://fmmvibe.com/forums/topic/40621-fmm18-bug-list/?page=37&tab=comments#comment-351807