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  1. Lillywhite Dean

    Contract negotiations

    This happens to me as well.
  2. Lillywhite Dean

    Football Manager Mobile 2018

    Yes, you are right of course. First and foremost they need to make money and it is new features and evolved game-play that keeps people coming back for more. However, I wonder if the game’s evolution on the mobile platform has now exceeded the capabilities and resources of the current development team.
  3. Lillywhite Dean

    Football Manager Mobile 2018

    Unfortunately, in terms of bugs and AI intelligence, FMM2018 has not been a success. I would implore the developers to concentrate on fixing the game and ensuring it is bug free before releasing a new version with additional new features. Otherwise the novelty of a new game with new features will soon wear off and it will just feel like paper over the cracks.
  4. Lillywhite Dean

    Future bug fixes for FMM2018

    Thanks for the reply James. I will be honest and say that I find this hugely disappointing. A large number of bugs have been discovered since the game was released yet many of them remain unresolved. What makes this news more depressing is that some of the bugs identified in FMM2018 were prevalent in previous versions of FMM (so we're seeing them appear in every new release). I appreciate how the FMM development team is considerably smaller than its bigger FM brother and I understand how you need to divide your time between fixing/updating FMM2018 and developing FMM2019, but a lot of FMM2018's issues were reported to SI early on in the games release but they still remain unresolved. It really does spoil the enjoyment factor of FMM. I obviously don’t speak for everyone but I’m quite disappointed that the following bugs and issues have not been fixed: Player rating bug where poor performing players will receive ratings of 6 or 7 and above despite receiving red cards, scoring own goals, or just general poor play (you rarely see a player receive a rating below 6 even if you lose 5-0). Manager reputation bug where a manager’s reputation is slow to progress despite the player achieving success early on in their career. This can lead to (but is not specifically linked to); Club hire / vacancy bug which sees very little activity in either other clubs approaching you to take over or clubs rejecting your job application despite having a suitable reputation level (or suitable amount of success). Transfer bug which has many issues including problems bidding wars, problems with the contract negotiations, the option to buy players after a season long loan, erratic AI transfer activity (basically every transfer issue that has been reported and is still under review) I’d welcome feedback from other FMM players who share my views on this. I’d also welcome SI to reconsider their plans on not releasing another bug-fix.
  5. Lillywhite Dean

    Future bug fixes for FMM2018

    Come on @James Akintayo, what's the story with this? People are continuing to report major bugs (on top of those that have already been reported) and there has been no indication on whether the game will receive any further updates to fix these issues.
  6. Lillywhite Dean

    Contract madness

    It's been a known issue for about the past three games!
  7. Lillywhite Dean

    Top goalscorer frequency

    I had a youth team striker who had green attributes for Strength, Aerial, Pace, and Stamina but orange and red ratings for everything else (including finishing, decision making, movement etc). He used to score goals for fun. He would easily be among one of my top three goal scorers who dominated the goal scoring charts. There was no point trying to sign quality strikers when youth team players with such low attributes could do the job for me.
  8. Lillywhite Dean

    Wasted transfers

    The other side effect this AI transfer weakness has is that all the top European clubs become over-bloated with world class/International class players which means the squads of every other club is distinctly average. This problem falls under one of my criticisms of why FMM is too easy. AI clubs are not intelligent at strengthening their squads (especially over a long-term period). When so few clubs sign all the best players, the level of competition overall is weak. It is also very unrealistic to have all those world class footballers signing for a club and then subsequently feeling content with not getting any game time.
  9. Lillywhite Dean

    Wasted transfers

    This has happened in every career I've played on FMM2018. Well done for raising it. It is very annoying.
  10. Lillywhite Dean

    Future bug fixes for FMM2018

    Surely SI cannot leave the game in its current state with so many bugs reported? (and those bugs were reported in good time)
  11. I would be really grateful if someone from SI could confirm whether a planned update has been, or will be scheduled in the coming weeks or months. It would be great to have some reassurance that FMM2018 will receive another update in order to fix a large number of bugs that have been reported on these forums. There are a lot issues still plaguing the game and I would hate to think that FMM2018 will no longer be supported.
  12. Lillywhite Dean

    Wrong deputy captain

    Thank you.
  13. Lillywhite Dean

    Wrong deputy captain

    The game does not correctly select my deputy captain when I substitute my first choice captain during a match. I have selected Harry Kane as my captain. In the tactics assignment screen, I have selected a number of players to take over that responsibility when Kane is substituted. However, despite my deputies being present in the match team, the captain's armband is handed to a player (Martin Laxalt) who isn't on this list and has a terrible leadership rating of 9. As you can see on the match summary screens, Laxalt has been designated the captain. And here is my captain assignment list. I can provide a save if needed.
  14. Will there be another scheduled fix to come for FMM2018? A variety of issues are still being investigated and so it would be incredibly disappointing if FMM2018 was no longer being supported with bug fixes.