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  1. Can we have the option of warning and fineing players who go public with their desire to play for a bigger club. I have a young talented striker who has twice revealed in a newspaper interview his desire to move to bigger club. You can fine or warn players for unprofessional behaviour but this area is greyed out in this particular situation.
  2. Is FMM too easy?

    So as mentioned previously, I won Serie B with Livorno at my first attempt. This wasn’t very hard to achieve, so it did feel like a bit of a let down as I expected the season to be more challenging when compared to my Serie C/A title success the season previously. My final league standing was W25 D12 L5 GD+51. I played a 3-4-3 formation and my three strikers scored a combined 79 league goals. One of my strikers won the golden boot with 33 goals and my other striker came 2nd with 29 goals (my third striker scored 17 league goals). What I liked This is hard to say. The board’s objective was to achieve mid-table safety in Serie B yet I won the league comfortably. I never felt under any pressure and at no point during the season did I suspect that another club would be mounting a challenge. I guess my modest transfer budget was a positive because this (in theory) would make the challenge of promotion more difficult but… (see below) What I didn’t like Obviously the ease of winning Serie B. I won Serie C/A very easily (and could kind of understand this as it was expected) but I don't think I should have walked to the Serie B title quite so easily. The transfers. I thought having a very modest transfer budget would make signing talented players more difficult but this wasn’t to be the case. I knew that sending my scouts to South America and Africa would more likely (when compared to Europe and UK & Ireland) unearth young, promising talent, or very decent players at very affordable prices. As expected my silver graded first team scout found a 25 year old Brazilian striker called Leonardo from SEP (Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras). I signed him for only £80K despite being worth so much more as he had fantastic stats. During his first season with me, he scored 37 goals in 43 games. It felt like I had cheated a little as this player wasn’t hard to find or difficult to sign. He adapted very quickly to life in Italy and obviously his 37 league goals were instrumental in securing the Serie B league title. It was immensly fun signing such a player of that calibre but it did make my job a lot easier. I thought that I would at least have to face the issue of a bigger club wanting to prise him off my hands but despite Leonardo wanting to move to a bigger club at one point, no other club came in for him and so keeping him has been easy. Final verdict Have to say that I was disappointed with this season. I was expecting much more of a challenge but all it took was a couple of decent signings and the league title was mine. No tweaks to my tactics, no unhappy players to contend with, no transfer requests from clubs wanting to sign my best players. All too easy.
  3. No job offers

    This definitely needs addressing. I'm in my 4th season and have a 'National' reputation. I have successfully guided a Serie C/A side all the way to Serie A (though back-to-back league titles) and I'm currently in 3rd place with a team that was only expected to achieve mid-table safety. I've not had one job offer, which is obviously unrealistic. Part of the fun of playing FMM is to build up your reputation so that other clubs look to tempt you away from your current club.
  4. I'd like to echo this. I also had the same bug with the league table from Serie B (although I won the league so promotion was obviously automatic for me). And yes, buying and selling is way too easy on FMM 2018. I don't often have to enter into protracted negotiations with clubs. I often make enquiries and find that clubs are willing to sell and at values that are entirely reasonable. When it comes to selling, I offer my unwanted player to clubs which always results in clubs eager to buy my unwanted players, and often at a value higher than their actual transfer value.
  5. The option for specific scouting assignments i.e. assign a scout to look for a defensive winger between the ages of 21-27, with a transfer value of no more than £3M. I am often left frustrated by my scouts when they return back with reports on players who's transfer value far exceeds my transfer budget.
  6. Team report inaccuracies

    Ah I think I understand now @Jamie King. Thanks for explaining that to me again. Maybe the wording is a little unclear in that respect but I can certainly understand the difficulty in trying to capture the above points with only half a dozen words at your disposal.
  7. Why is it in FMM that clubs will allow the contracts of so many top rated players run down? I'm about to start my 4th season. It's the summer transfer window and I want to see which players are being released from their clubs. I navigated to the player search screen, selected 'expired' from the contract option and then selected a minimum rating of 14 for technique from the player attribute section. The following players came up: Christiano Ronaldo Karim Benzema Marek Hamsik Sami Khedira Dimitri Payet Pedro Ivan Rakitic David Silva Ever Banega And in the season before, we had players such as Wayne Rooney and Oliver Giroud without a club. There have been other really good players too. It also appears that the ratings for some of these players have really deteriorated which is odd given that many of these players would be able to continue playing at a really decent level well into their late thirties. I also just had a looked at Lionel Messi (who is still under contract at Barcelona), and his stats have really deteriorated despite being only 33. It would be better for the game if these players were transfer listed and then sold to other clubs rather than forgotten about and released. We have often seen world class players transfer to a mid-level Premier League clubs or join the MLS in the twilight of their careers. Can the same not happen here? The game would be much better for it.
  8. Is FMM too easy?

    I managed Livorno to the Serie B title. I did it quite comfortably. Having achieved back to back league titles, I'm beginning to think this game is still easy....
  9. Team report inaccuracies

    Hi @Jamie King. Thanks for replying to my post. With regards to my home form, I know that either half (or just over half) my games had been draws. I still say that to call my home form "very disappointing" is harsh considering I am managing a newly promoted side who is expected to struggle. The professionalism has stumped me because I haven't seen any evidence to suggest that my players have been unprofessional. I retained a lot of players that I'd used in Serie B but I also brought in a number of new players to give my squad some much needed depth for Serie A. I look at the team report to identify weaknesses so this is an area I would want to improve. I was expecting to receive messages from my assistant manager telling me that x player hasn't showed up for training, or x player has a strained relationship with x player but I haven't had any of those. Is that what FMM categorises as being unprofessional or is thing something else?
  10. My scout came back to me with the details of a striker. I decided I wanted to sign him. So: I made an enquiry with the club and was told they would definitely consider a bid of £1.6M. After making the bid, I immediately received two news items to say two other rival bids had been accepted and a third message to say my bid had been rejected. I made a second enquiry with the club and was told (again) that a bid of £1.6M would be considered. As soon as I made that second bid, it was (again) immediately rejected but with a message to say that a bid of £1.8M would be enough. I increased my bid to £1.8M and (again) it was rejected immediately. I located the players contract page to see how much the rival clubs had bid for this player and the value offered was in excess of £4M. I made a third transfer enquiry with the club and was told a bid of £1.6M (the original quote) would be considered. This was then subsequently rejected. So something isn't right here. For a start I don't like the way rival clubs can launch a bid for a player as soon I make my bid, and one that automatically gazumps my offer. This gives them an unfair advantage. Secondly, why is the club quoting me a transfer cost only for them to keep on rejecting it? Even after the two rival clubs made their bids, my transfer enquiry was responded to with a figure that was considerably lower than what they had already accepted.
  11. transfer market

    If you're playing Football Manager Mobile, the range of transfer options are limited. You won't be able to pay instalments as you can on the desktop version of Football Manager. The only other options available are to offer a percentage of a future resale or the exchange of a player.
  12. Team report inaccuracies

    From time to time I notice things from the team report that are either odd or completely inaccurate. This comment falls under the latter. "Home form has been very disappointing". My team is 2nd in the table with only 3 defeats from 22 league games played. All three defeats have been in away fixtures. Then there's these three negatives: - we have a disloyal group of players - our current squad is lacking in professionalism - the current squad tends to fear playing in big matches Well none of my players have sought to leave the club or rejected any contract offers. I'm not sure how professionalism is measured but I haven't had any issues with players missing training, or players not getting along with each other. And with regards to players fearing big matches, well the only big matches my team have played are the matches against the bigger teams in Serie B and our record against these teams is very, very good. Only one of my three defeats was against a side who were sitting above me in the table. I really like the team report feature. I use it to help me address weaknesses in my squad. However, these inaccuracies are making me question the usefulness of this information.
  13. Can we have a speed setting that sits in between the current medium and fast speeds. Fast is great for whizzing through a season and medium is good for wanting to closely analyse play but a speed setting in between the two might allow me to do both.
  14. Is FMM too easy?

    I wanted to start a new career so to have something to compare with my Minnesota United career. I decided to manage Livorno in the Serie C/A league. I started as a manager with no reputation but opted to retain my gold coaching badge. After completing my first season, I finished top of the league with three games left to play and 11 points above my nearest rival. I started off with some convincing wins but also had a couple of surprising defeats which forced me to rethink my tactics. Once I switched from a 4-3-3 to a 3-4-3 formation, I found that I was defeating my rivals quite easily. My final standing was W23 D9 L4 GD44. What I liked Manager interaction: I received more media and player interaction when compared to my career in the MLS. I was often asked about the lax attitude of many of my players (no evidence support they were being lazy in training) and a number of my players seemed more bothered about my low reputation which I thought was quite realistic. This had an impact on contract negotiations and potential player transfers. However, I soon started winning over most of these players as soon as the team started winning. That said, there have been a few odd interactions with players who still wanted to wait and see how I performed before signing a new contract with the club despite it being the end of the season and having won the league title. Another form of player interaction that I really liked was having a 37 year old player come up to me and ask if they can retrain into a new position to prolong their playing career. I have never seen this before and I think this is great. I have seen a lot of players retire far too young (31 year olds for example) so to see a 37 year old with decent stats wanting to carry on is a great touch. I offered him a 1 year extension because of that. Appreciative board: The Board were a lot more appreciative of my efforts than they were at Minnesota in the MLS. As soon as I topped the league, they were always happy to praise me at the monthly board meetings. I also won manager of the year which was something I never won in the MLS despite being a serious contender for it. What I didn’t like Game difficulty: I suspect Livorno are one of the strongest teams in Serie C/A because my objective at the start of the season was to mount a serious challenge for the title. However, even if this is true, I found winning the title to be very easy. I had to make a few tactical tweaks early on in the season due to some surprising defeats but once my team settled into the 3-4-3 formation, I was uncatchable. I had a total of 4 defeats in the league and I never felt like any of my rivals would catch me up. If Livorno are the top side in Serie C/A then I guess the outcome is quite realistic (I note in real life they are topping the same league) but I really hope Serie B offers a much tougher test. I was beginning to think (from my career in the MLS) that FMM 2018 had ramped up the difficulty levels. Player injuries: Either I was very unlucky or the Italian leagues might need a few tweaks as I found that I had an extraordinarily high number of injuries. My training schedule isn’t on the demanding side and my training facilities are rated as “impressive” but so many of my players received training injuries. I also checked my coach reports to see if any of my players were injury prone – yet none of them were. A lot of players who received training injuries would return from one injury and then quickly succumbed to a new one. I would say that I never had less than five injured players at any one time. Transfers: I didn’t have much of a transfer budget to play with (which is realistic) but I was able to sign a large number of promising Italians on free transfers from clubs who were daft to let them leave in the first place. I'm also able to sell a lot of unwanted players very easily. For example, I signed a striker from the Scottish Championship who had pretty good stats for my level of competition. He cost around £250k but he only made 9 starts (was out injured for a month) and scored zero goals. At the beginning of my second season in Serie B, I decided that he wasn’t going to do it for me so I listed him for transfer and offered him to clubs for his true value - £750k. No club was interested. So I offered him to clubs for a reduced cost of £600k and both Bolton and Millwall tabled bids. I then negotiated the price up to £700k which Bolton were willing to match. I accepted the transfer and made a £500k profit on a player who was absolute rubbish for me. It makes me wonder whether this is a trick I can keep on repeating as I never seem be short of offers for players I no longer need. Final verdict I’m hoping my success in Serie C was achieved easily due to me picking the strongest side in the competition (which therefore makes this seasons success quite realistic). However, my next objective is to achieve mid-table safety in Serie B which I think is probably going to be quite easy to achieve but I hope it still offers a challenge. I have yet to enjoy a relegation scrap and so would love this to happen in my forthcoming season.
  15. Unrealistic match ratings

    A nine goal bonanza yet according to the match ratings, both defences have performed well and my goalkeeper (who had a right shocker) manages a 6/10 when he should have got a much lower rating.