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  1. Discipline

    Sure, no problem. Thanks for replying.
  2. Discipline

    One of the issues in FMM2017 was that a player could be performing poorly with a score of say, 5 and then at the full time a decent score of 7 or 8 would suddenly be awarded. Do you know if this has been resolved for FMM2018?
  3. FA Trophy

    Yes I have experienced that myself but that might actually be the rules for this tournament.
  4. I have both FMT17 and FMM17 on my Android tablet and phone. I was browsing for football games on my S7 Edge phone and I came across FMT17 available to download on to my phone. I thought FMT17 was only for tablets. Will it also work on my phone if I download it?
  5. Formation, as in the number of midfielders and player positions are key here. If you have one or two ball winning midfielders and then a creative midfielder with high passing (DLP or AP) then I'd say possession will increase. Playing long and direct will obviously contribute to losing possession.
  6. There aren't that many variations in the way goals are scored. Unless SI are going to increase the variation of how goals scored, I don't see why a replay is necessary.
  7. This would make the game an unrealistic simulation. We just need: - a more dynamic AI (play players in the right positions. Select tactics appropriate to what's happening during the match). - make it more difficult for lower reputation clubs to sign players with higher reputations. - sort out club finances. It is too easy to accumulate large transfer budgets at lower rep clubs. - managerial reputation needs fixing (it always has). Chairman should be tougher with lower rep managers.
  8. A few people have called upon SI to stop worrying about evolving the game and just focus on improving what is already in place. I think this should be the priority. It is very frustrating to be playing a game that has the same issues and bugs as the 2013 version of FMM.
  9. I don't disagree with this - you have made some valid points. But all I can say is that FMM attracts a large number of people who can't commit to the desktop version. Long gone are the days where I could spend all my time playing Football Manager so I look to FMM to give me that FM fix on my daily commute, lunch break or in bed when the misses is fast asleep. I would like FMM to be a casual experience in comparison to the desktop version but challenging enough for me to enjoy a realistic managerial simulation. I was chatting to my colleague at work and he told me that after getting Peterborough Utd promoted to the Premier League, he had £91M in the bank! Maybe all that is needed is a few tweaks here and there, such as the issues highlighted in your post (players like Messi going to the Championship has been a long-running issue and this really spoils my enjoyment) but many of us have been banging on about these issue for quite some time and so I really wish our friends at SI would make these improvements as they could really come up with a fantastic game.
  10. I agree with this. FMM is far too easy. I have called for a two tier difficulty option before. I took over a team that was promoted to the Vanarama South League and got them promoted all the way to the Premier League in back to back seasons. The ease of signing young quality players for free or on the cheap helped me achieve this as did a very unrealistic and generous board with finances (Finances are very inconsistent in FMM. I found that I received (in a comparative sense) a more generous transfer budget managing Harlow Town which had a tiny stadium with poor facilities, than I did when managing Championship teams promoted to the Premier League). My brother sometimes downloads FMM when it goes on sale. He isn't quite the fan that I am so he will dip into it every now and then. Every time he downloads it, I get a message from him saying something along the lines of "won the premier league in my first season", or "gave up playing it as I took Luton Town to the Champions League - so unrealistic". This is from someone who purchases FMM every other season. I often see posts from players who find FMM difficult but that's not because FMM is difficult, It's because they haven't taken the time to learn to play the game. Once you have understood FMM, you can pretty much play the same tactics in every career in every new releases and it will yield the same results. I was incredibly disappointed with FMM17 in the end. I stopped playing it four months ago because taking Harlow Town to the Premier League in back to back seasons, whilst beating Premier League teams in the League Cup along the way with ease, was just no fun for me. SI really needs to address this issue otherwise the people who have supported this game for so long will give up on it.
  11. Check your wage budget. I think (but could be wrong) that the Board gives you excessive wages by mistake which you then have to adjust to bring your transfer budget up to a realistic amount.
  12. Yep, that has been an ongoing issue which has never been fixed. Frustrating.
  13. Sorry @Alari Naylor, completely my misunderstanding. Glad that you have (finally!) replicated this issue
  14. Come on @Alari Naylor. I raised this issue back in April. That particular career ended ages ago, so no, I don't have an example. In fact, I haven't been on these boards much lately as questions and feedback to SI are not often responded to.