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  1. I think it does. And I'm not sure what relevance a game's age has. I can think of other examples of complex and detailed games that are 15+ years old that blow me away on a mobile device. GTA San Andreas is one. Final Fantasy VII (22 years!) is another. Their age is irrelevant. The fact is FMM19 is a more advanced version of the later Championship Manager games yet it costs less. That to me shows good value for money. The other way I look at it is I can go to my local and buy two pints for £10 or I can buy FMM. P.S. the absolute worst thing SI could do is make this game free and base it on the freemium model. That model ruins games and is a massive con. I would far sooner pay a premium price and have the full game experience than download it for free but then having to keep pumping money into it.
  2. I gave the 3-4-3 formation a go in FMM18 and had great success with it in Italy. I switched to this formation having realised my wing play (wing-backs/full-backs + wingers) were not great. I had three very decent CBs with good stats in positioning, decisions and pace. So a high press with an offside trap worked really well. My two wide players, who had decent defensive stats, were played as defensive wingers so that provided cover on the channels. It was a really good tactic and I enjoyed the fact that I was using something other than the 4-2-3-1 or 4-2-4 formation. I tried to do this in FMM19 but struggled to recapture the same kind of success. I think I probably could have made it work once I brought in the right players for it but 4-2-3-1 just seems to click right away.
  3. I think the price is fair. It's a premium title. This game is as complex and as detailed as the old Championship Manager games which would have sold for £25 to £35.
  4. Why is it that when the AI switches to a Contain strategy, there is a significant improvement in their performance, specifically in attack? I've been keeping an eye on this for a while. In my previous match, I went in at half-time 6-0 up against Sochi. They started the match with a Defensive strategy and I played with a Balanced strategy. It was a dominant performance from my team. Sochi were absolutely hammered. The 2nd half starts and Sochi switch to a Contain strategy and I keep my Balanced strategy. They completely dominate the 2nd half and manage to score three goals against a defence with match ratings of 8s +. This is extraordinary given how bad Sochi were in the 2nd half. However, this isn't uncommon and I remember back in FMM18, I played a career with the default tactic of Contain because I was able to beat so many teams and score plenty of goals from it. My understanding is that the Contain strategy is a strategy where the team doesn't look to score. It's all about keeping possession, not making any mistakes, run down the clock and making sure the opponent has less time on the ball so they cannot score against you. It is the most negative tactic to play in FMM yet according to the Enhanced Match Engine, any team playing with Contain will have plenty of possession in their opponents final third and will create so many chances on their opponents goal. It seems to do the opposite of what it's designed to do, which is anti-attacking. Is there any chance the Contain strategy could be mistakenly set up to enact another strategy such as Counter? Sochi v Spartak Moscow.pkm
  5. Could the game somehow up the difficulty level based on how well you are performing as a manager. If you're winning league titles and Champions Leagues year after year, the AI performs better. If you're not winning these things, things stay the same.
  6. I think that's the challenge for SI. How do you keep the game challenging the further into your career you reach. I'm only five seasons into my current career yet I've won the Champions League twice, the league title every year and numerous domestic cups. It has not got to the point where I've lost interest and think about starting a new career with different playable leagues. If the game somehow upped the difficulty level based on how well you are performing as a manager - or at least kept the AI competitive, long careers would be so much more enjoyable. I'm currently manager of Spartak Moscow and to try and keep things interesting, I've decided to implement a transfer policy of buying and developing Russian players only. I sold some of my best players in order to do this and their replacements are nowhere near as good. Yet I'm still competing at the highest level.
  7. I'm posting this following a discussion on the 'Is FMM too easy?' thread. Strikers and attacking players score many more goals for a human controlled team than their counterparts in AI teams. This has been the way since I can remember in FMM. If you look at my example below, my striker, Ze Luis, had a poor return of goals in his first three seasons, improved for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 seasons but then when I took over in 2020/21, his goal scoring exploits suddenly became Christiano Ronaldo level of proportions. It should also be noted that Ze Luis had a 2.5 star rating for Current Ability. Someone shared the opinion that this could be down to the player conditioning issue. Human controlled players are fitter than the AI players so they are always likely to perform better whereas AI players will struggle for fitness and therefore struggle for good form. I don't know what the cause is but there is definitely a bias towards human controlled players scoring more goals than the AI players. It's a regular theme for my striker to score anywhere from 30 to 50 goals a season. Can something be done about it?
  8. Look at the player conditioning between my team (Spartak) and the AI (Zenit) after a recent match. There are seven players for Zenit who are in the 60s and 70s whereas I have nine players who are in the 80s and 90s.
  9. I certainly think both issues are important. That being said, I think the bigger issue is the AI recovery ability in between matches OR more to the point, the human player recovery ability whereby our players seem to recover more quickly than the AI players. I've been thinking about a real-life example; Spurs played Chelsea in a pulsating semi-final match on Thursday, a FA Cup tie on Sunday, has a match against Watford on Wednesday and then a match against Leicester on Saturday. Pochettino would not be able to select the same XI for each of those games, and if he did, those players would not be a 100% match fit. However, if this scenario occured in FMM, (or if I use any FMM experience of a congested English Christmas and January fixture period as an example) a human controlled team would have its players 89-100% fit for each game whereas the AI's players would not have the same level of fitness in comparison.
  10. Another FMM "quirk" that seems to give us an advantage of the AI is the fact that I can put anyone up front and they will end up scoring over 30 goals a season. Never have I had a career where my best striker has struggled for goals. Not once has any of my forward players gone through a rough patch of not being able to score. Yet the AI often suffers from this.
  11. I might have actually. Are we talking about the .pkm files?
  12. Here are some examples of the AI being unable to manage its tactics properly. I'm coming across so many matches where the AI will select a team with players in the in wrong positions.
  13. Unfortunately SI has confirmed they have no intention of introducing difficulty levels in future editions of FMM. This is disappointing especially as more and more people are calling for it. I also note the poll at the beginning of this thread has increased to 60/40 in favour of the game being too easy. I have come to the conclusion that FMM19 is easier to win than FMM18 and FMM17. All three games are easy but I found winning the Champions League in FMM17 and FMM18 to be more of a challenge. In FMM19, I have won the Champions League in my first attempt of trying with each of the clubs I’ve managed. This includes teams like Nottm Forest and Spartak Moscow whose squads are hugely inferior to the majority of top European clubs. Beating Barcelona in the semi-final of the Champions League on an aggregate score of 8-4 with a team made up of mainly 2.5 to 3 star CA players was a real "oh come on" moment. I’m hoping SI will take the issue of Player Conditioning seriously and implement fixes that will help make the game more challenging. It is ridiculous that you are able to select the same XI for every match but the AI squads are full of massively unfit players. This obviously gives us an unfair advantage over the AI. It is so unrealistic for your players to be match fit for every single game.
  14. One reason could be your scouts. How good are they? Scout reports aren't always a 100% accurate (just like in real life) so sometimes if you buy a player based on a scouts recommendation, the signed player could be better or worse than what the report suggests.
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