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  1. Check your wage budget. I think (but could be wrong) that the Board gives you excessive wages by mistake which you then have to adjust to bring your transfer budget up to a realistic amount.
  2. Yep, that has been an ongoing issue which has never been fixed. Frustrating.
  3. Sorry @Alari Naylor, completely my misunderstanding. Glad that you have (finally!) replicated this issue
  4. Come on @Alari Naylor. I raised this issue back in April. That particular career ended ages ago, so no, I don't have an example. In fact, I haven't been on these boards much lately as questions and feedback to SI are not often responded to.
  5. Pricing plan for future versions?

    Please! Under no circumstances turn this game into a "freemium" model. Games made using the freemium model tend to be a complete and utter rip off. The way FM Mobile operates ensures you are getting a premium game at a really fair price. If you want to pay for additional extras - you can but the great thing about FMs IAPs is that they don't disadvantage you if you choose not to. I have to say @passenger58 - your suggestion is a really bad one.
  6. If that is true, a major change needs to be made to the the way the game interprets reputation. When you look at managers such as Allardyce, Pullis, Pardew, and Hughton - neither of these managers have won anything major yet clubs will always be courting their services. Reputation should take into account cup final appearances, promotion, exceeding your board's objectives and win ratio. I do think however that you shouldn't be labelled 'World Class' unless you have won something major.
  7. I feel there is an issue with manager reputation. It's another one of those issues that seem to appear in every release of FM Mobile. I really don't know why things like this cannot be corrected before the release of a game. Here's my scenario. I take charge of QPR in the Championship. I guide them to promotion in my first season and then in every subsequent season, I improve upon my previous league placing - along with appearances in various cup finals including the Europa League. I haven't yet won a trophy but I've turned QPR into a regular top five side. My reputation is stuck on 'Regional' and so no club offers me a job as a result. If this were real life, I would have been approached on a number of occasions. I decide to apply for a vacancy in the Vanarama South League and I guide them to League 1 (with odds on to achieve promotion to the Championship) winning the FA Trophy twice and beating a number of Championship and Premier League teams in cup competitions along the way. My reputation is still stuck on 'Regional' and no other club has offered me a chance to manage them. Again, real life, I'd have lots of clubs clamouring to sign me. I'm not suggestion the likes of Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern, nor top four or five teams from Europes best leagues. But certainly teams who are struggling and have a higher reputation that the clubs I've managed. What gives FM some much needed longevity is the realism that comes from receiving job offers from clubs once they recognise your achievements and career progression. This seems to be lacking in FM Mobile 2017 and its something that really annoys me.
  8. I think this is about right. Kane is worth more than Pogba.
  9. Do red cards make a difference?

    I can safely that I have yet to lose a match when reduced to 10 men in my current save. In fact I recently won a league cup fixture against Birmingham City who are a league above me in the Championship. With the scores level at 1-1, one of my players is red carded in the 84' minute. And then in the 92' minute I receive a second red card but score immediately after which sends me through. The only changes I made to my tactics was to rearrange my formation to play a 4-4. I don't know. Maybe my current tactics are suited to situations when my team is reduced to 10 or 9 men but I would have expected the opposition to have taken advantage and won in some of those situations. It is still highly unlikely that teams reduced to 10 men will go on to win a game.
  10. This happens a lot. Players played out of position or selected to play when semi-injured.
  11. Do red cards make a difference?

    I think there is a problem with the game failing to recognise the numerical advantage a team has when the opposition has a player sent off. I play with a Commited style of tackling and so have had a fair few red cards. I would say in nearly all cases (maybe all cases), I have gone on to win the match comfortably. In my most recent match, I won the game 4-1 having been reduced to 10 men from the 52nd minute. I play a 4-2-4 formation and when I have a player sent off, I play a 4-2-3 formation (one central AF with the two IF/Winger either side of him). The only changes I sometimes make to my tactics is to select Men Behind Ball but often I don't need to do this. I have never felt being reduced to ten men is a disadvantage.
  12. Fans SHOULD be afraid to show their disappointment! A league 2 team reaches the 4th round of the league cup only to lose to Man City at the Etihad Stadium 4-0. Fans should be beside themselves with joy with an away trip to a Premier League side. My board should be shaking me by the hand for reaching so far in a tournament that we had little hope to win. This is very harsh 🤔
  13. Player Ratings Bug

    Player subbed due to a match rating of 4. At the final whistle he is awarded a rating of 7.Because of this, I can't discipline the player for poor performance. @Alari Naylor - do you still want save files sent to you?
  14. I think transfer and wage budgets are an issue within FMM. As stated previously, at QPR I was awarded £3.5M for my first season in the Premier League, which I felt was ridiculous. I was then awarded the same amount in my second season. No financial progression despite attaining Premier League status and increase in stadium. Later on in my career, I decided to take on the challenge of taking a Vanarama South team all the way to the top. On promotion to League 2, I was awarded a transfer budget of over £1M. This seem unrealistically generous. I will point out one thing. I have seen instances where the transfer budget is meek but the wage budget is incredibly high. If you adjust your budgets, you can sometimes get a fairer transfer budget without compromising your wage bill too greatly.
  15. Please please please please @Marc Vaughan make this game more challenging. I have taken over a team that were promoted to the Vanarama South League and have got them promoted to League 2 in back-to-back seasons and I'm course for promotion to League 1, beating League 1 and Championship teams in cup competitions along the way. It offers zero incentive to keep on playing when I continually romp home to 4-0 victories. I don't play fancy tactics; 4-2-4, Defensive, Direct, Mixed Passing, Committed Tackling. It shouldn't be this easy. I've actually got to the point where I'm celebrating losing games. This game would be PERFECTION if it offered a realistic challenge. Getting a team promoted from the Vanarama South to League 2 football should be one of the most difficult things to achieve. I have a transfer budget over £1M which I refuse to touch because it would get even easier (I do find it odd that a promoted team to League 2 would have such a rich transfer budget).