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    A big fan of FMM. I'm always contributing to this site with feedback and suggestions in the hope that I can help improve the game.

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  1. I received the following news item: But my finances look pretty good to me. £51.5K per week under my wage budget and £54M available for transfers. Is this a bug or am I missing something? financial crisis.zip
  2. I started my career with Southampton and selected to play with transfer budgets disabled (so I didn't have any money to spend at the beginning of the season). I finished 15th which is unheard of for me. But I was really encouraged by this as its a pretty realistic outcome for the club. However, next season, with a substantial transfer budget to play with, the game becomes much easier because the ease of signing quality players has such an impact on the game. I think AI clubs are too willing to sell their players. When I look to improve my team, I either sign the best players from lower reputation clubs or good squad players from higher reputation clubs. In the first instance, the lower reputation club should do everything in their power to prevent their best players from leaving. In the second situation, the player himself should be more reluctant to join a club that would be seen as a step-down. This does happen in the game but probably not often enough. I look at my career with RB Leipzig and I managed to sign two world class players for under £60M each (Dele Alli, Bruno Fernandes). The selling clubs should have held out for much more money and the players's demands were very, very reasonable. I can't remember what my transfer budget was that season but it was incredibly generous given who I was managing - and the ability to offload players for generous transfer fees meant that I had vast sums of money to splash on players when needed. Maybe a review of how transfers work and a review of how transfer / wage budgets are allocated would go someway to rectifying this?
  3. Hi Louie, Two files attached. Number 1 is the news items telling me how the player has been disruptive in training. Number 2 is the save after I have responded to the news item and then find I am unable to discipline the player. Training discipline 1.zip
  4. Sorry @Louie Silvani, I did have a save but I've seem to have overwritten it. I will try and recreate it as I have a save from when before the news item first appeared.
  5. Why am I unable to discipline a player for their efforts in training? Surely I should be able to select the thumbs down for this?
  6. It would also be great if you could look at red cards and their lack of influence on match ratings. Dele Alli received a straight red on the 22nd minute. His overall match rating was 6/10, which is what it was prior to the sending off. In my opinion, Alli should have received a match rating of 3 or below.
  7. I'm very happy you reported this. The match ratings issue was a major bugbear for me when playing FMM19.
  8. I thought I would share some additional feedback on FMM20 now that I have progressed further into my career. I am enjoying the game and there are a lot of feature in this year's version that I really like. The positives outweigh the negatives and I'm enjoying it more than FMM19. However, I do still find the game too easy. I won't get into the fine details as most of you will have read my points on this before. However, I will make the following observations: Squad building is too easy. I have no trouble signing the players I want OR I find it too easy to search for quality players at reasonable transfer values OR the players I sign often gel quickly and make an immediate impact (I rarely have a 'Roberto Soldado' or a 'Vincent Janssen'). The AI on the other hand does not seem quite as proficient in signing the right players to improve their teams and offer a serious challenge to my dominance. It is too easy to generate funds that give you the financial clout to outmuscle your rivals. I find it easy to offer unwanted players to clubs for values that far exceed their true worth. I often double my transfer budget each season. I also think the transfer budgets at some clubs are on the generous side. Because I find it easy to build quality squads (and because the AI is unable to do this itself), it doesn't take long for me to start dominating the game. The other point I want to make about the difficulty level is this; I have built an excellent first XI at RB Leipzig, and with this first XI I have won the Bundesliga (with 8 games to spare), sit 24 points clear of 2nd place (with six games to go), have reached the semi-final of the Champions League, and have reached the final of the DFB Pokal Cup. I decide to give the majority of my first XI a break (to rest them for the Champions League) and play my 2nd XI for the remaining Bundesliga games and Pokal Cup games. By my reckoning, this would give the AI a better chance at beating me as I'm not selecting my best players. However, I'm still churning out comfortable victories. I'm going to places like Bayern and winning comfortably 2-0. I don't think this should be happening. But if its the case that my 2nd XI is incredibly strong (and is better than most teams in the Bundesliga), then it kinda reinforces my point about squad building being too easy.
  9. I've gone for a completely new tactical set-up for FMM20. Playing a 4-3-2-1 with a focus on a fast passing game. Getting plenty of high possession stats and seeing some lovely, intricate passing plays on the enhanced match engine
  10. Just to make you aware that those two transfers occurred after the latest update. One more piece of transfer related feedback. A club contacts me to make an offer on player X. They offer an amount that is either way below the player X's transfer value OR is an amount offered slightly above player X's transfer value. If I try to negotiate the transfer, the club will stay firm and only offer an amount close to their opening offer. What I will do is reject the offer, wait for the offer on the table to clear, and then immediately offer the player to any club for the amount I was asking during the negotiations (sometimes more). I am almost certainly guaranteed at least two clubs will match my asking offer. I therefore do most of my selling business by offering players to clubs for values that exceed the players true worth. That's my experience anyway. P.S. I am really enjoying the 2D enhanced match engine. The best version of it yet.
  11. I have made £117M by selling unwanted players at inflated transfer values. Here are two examples. £11M for a player valued at £700K. £10M for a player valued at £2.4M. This means that I can easily keep adding quality to my squad because I have an easy way of generating transfer funds. Along with the £70M my board gave to me, I have been able to spend over £180M on players this season.
  12. If you have found previous version of FMM easy then you will likely find FMM20 easy too. I'm still playing my first career. I started at Southampton and was given a modest transfer budget. In my two seasons with them, I finished 15th and then was placed 10th when RB Leipzig came in for me. In my first full season, with a very decent sized transfer budget, I finished one point off 1st place and won the Europa League and the DFB Pokal Cup. I am now into my second full season with RB Leipzig and was given £70M at the beginning of the season. I managed to generate a further £94M by selling unwanted players and used my budget on signing Sandro Tonali for £70M, Dele Alli for £58M, and Bruno Fernandes for £52M. I strongly suspect that I will do very well again this season. The Southampton part of the career was great but as soon as you're being handed big transfer budgets, the game gets so much easier. The fact that I can sell unwanted players for three times their transfer value means I can always generate vast sums of money too.
  13. I have a couple of suggestions for improving the job market element of the game. Selecting an option that indicates you are open to leaving the club via the Public Manager Stance option should result in your Board being very unhappy and the risk of losing your job. There should be an option to accept a job offer where your appointment is delayed until the end of the season. I have just been offered the Chelsea job but in my career at RB Leizig, I have a Europ League Semi Final to play, a DFB Pokal Final to play and I'm one point off 1st place with two games left to play. I don't really want to leave the club when I have so much left to play for. In reality, Chelsea would most likely agree to my request to take over the club at the end of the season. This feature could also impact on your career. The Board may opt to dismiss you because of your disloyalty or your squad might lose morale because of your imminent departure.
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