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  1. It would be good to be able to bring your backroom team with you when starting a new job. That's not to say it would be a guarantee they would decide to join you. I just resigned from my job at LA Galaxy and applied for the vacant Wigan position who are one place above relegation in the Championship. I could quite understand it if my backroom team at Galaxy didn't fancy swapping the California sunshine for the north of England!
  2. This is the game save after the news item appeared. After 782M.zip
  3. This is the game save before the news item came up. Before 782M.zip
  4. This can't be right can it? When he's only valued at £6.25M.
  5. I do. Check this one out.inexperienced manager board response.zip
  6. I suspect this isn't a bug but despite being in only my fourth season, I think the Board were wrong to dismiss me based on my inexperience when I have a National ranking and have won 2 league titles and 1 cup.
  7. This is an old bug that seems to be reappearing. I tried to sign Emerson Hyndman. I approached Bournemouth with an enquiry and they wanted something like £3.5M. As soon as I made the bid, a Chinese club came in and rivalled my bid, and every time I increased my bid, the Chinese club would out bid me. Interestingly, this club didn't appear on the rival offer screen when making my first bid. Eventually I withdrew my offer and in doing so Bournemouth stated that no one had reached their valuation of £9.75M. I tired once more to sign him but the same thing happened again. The Chinese club could easily have afforded him but they seemed to pull out of a deal whenever I did. Later on Southampton and Brighton make bids to sign him. With Southampton buying him for a lot less than what they wanted from me. This just doesn't seem right to me.
  8. How do I make sure the results of matches in my league becomes the default notification e.g. I'm playing in the MLS and I have the leagues from England, Spain and Portugal loaded. Sometimes there are fixtures in the MLS and England/Spain/Portugal taking place on the same date and when I hit 'Continue', the league results from non-MLS matches take precedence over results in my league.
  9. I'm playing one of the best careers I've had on FMM. I'm in charge of LA Galaxy. I started my reputation as 'Unknown' and I disabled budgets in the first transfer window so that I had zero money to spend. My first season was a massive disappointment. I finished 11th in the Western Conference and the Board were disappointed with me. Despite under-performing, I didn't get the sack. For anyone who knows me on this forum, I have often complained about how easy FMM is. To finish 11th is completely unheard of for me. It was a very refreshing and welcome change. In my second season I was given a measly £800k for my transfer budget. I thought this was great in terms of the difficulty level as I could only make minor improvements to the squad. Towards the end of the season I was up and around the lower playoff places (which didn't seem to satisfy my Board) but a late tactical switch saw me go on a four match winning run where I eventually finished a highly credible 4th. I then progressed to the semi-finals of the MLS Cup where I lost to eventual winners Sporting Kansas on penalties. My Board were slightly disappointed with me but interestingly I won coach of the year. I am now coming towards the end of my third season. I predicted at the start that I would win some silverware largely due to raising funds of around £18M, which in the MLS, is a considerable amount to spend on improving your squad. As predicted I won the MLS Supporter’s Shield and I’m currently contesting the latter stages of the MLS Cup. It was a close run thing however. I won the Supporters Shield by 3 points which was only decided during the final round of fixtures. The MLS is an incredibly fun league to play. Most clubs are evenly matched and the playoff nature of the league means that finishing in the lower playoff places still gives you a shot at winning the most prestigious prize. A few observations: I believe the current conditioning tweak has improved the game. I never found it restrictive. It never forced me to rotate my team if I didn’t want to. But there were times during the season where players would have a conditioning of anything around 84-87% and so I had the choice of choosing to play them and risk injury/poor performance or play someone else who was fitter and allow my tired players some rest. I really enjoyed this aspect of managing my squad. I am happy to say that so far I have only had two seasons where my striker has been the league’s top goal scorer (one at Lazio and one at LA Galaxy). I'm really happy with this fix as in previous FMM games, my strikers would always lead the charts. I do find the issue with player match ratings to be annoying. I notice that a rating seems time dependent. So if my goal keeper has a solid game up to 80 minutes and then makes a costly error, he will get a 4 but if the same error was made in the first 10 minutes and then for the remainder of the game he had a solid game, he would likely get a 6 or a 7. The transfer deals of squad players that I agreed to sell kept falling through because they couldn't get a work permit. This would be a mixture of American and European players. It was frustrating because the deals would be made and then the work permits would be refused at the opening of the transfer window. I don't know if this is how it works in real life but I assumed work permits would be sorted at the point of the transfer deal being made. I could be wrong however. I’m going to continue my career and see if I can build up my reputation to such an extent that European clubs will consider approaching me. It will be interesting to see how this pans out as I have selected my nationality as American.
  10. It would be good if on your manager profile screen, it showed whether any clubs were showing an interest in you (similar to the player contract screen). It would act as a useful indicator to see how well you're doing as a manager and it would give you the opportunity to consider your position knowing that an approach could be made. Also, can job offers be negotiated so that you can request to join your new club at the end of the season. The new club might say yes or they might say no. Either response could have an impact on your current squad.
  11. I'm still getting this bug too. One incoming transfer which was a deal agreed with the player at the end of his contract and one outgoing transfer which has been negotiated during the transfer window. Both are shown as 'pending'. UPDATE Ignore this. The transfers went through. It was a bit confusing but I think it had something to do with me playing in the MLS and transfer windows between the MLS and Europe being different.
  12. We often see some really famous names fade into obscurity on FMM. Players like Lionel Messi who, once they reach a certain age (say 33), they either retire or are just left to rot in the first team squad. It would be really good if these players instead sought a move to leagues such as the MLS, Chinese Super League or Hyundai A-League rather than just retire when they still have much to offer.
  13. The ability to negotiate squad status with players that go on loan i.e. if a club wishes to loan in one of my hot prospects, I'd like to negotiate his squad status so to guarantee playing time for him.
  14. If you bought FIFA or PES for PlayStation and then went and bought yourself an Xbox, you would then have to buy FIFA or PES again. Android / iOS is no different.
  15. Yes it must have been. Unfortunately I have accidentally overwritten my Lazio save with my LA Galaxy save but yes, I think it's safe to assume that the average stamina rating for my Lazio squad would be higher than 12.7. I'm beginning to get a better understanding of it all now. I think the conditioning tweak is working quite well.
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