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  1. Is FMM too easy?

    If you're an experienced player of FMM, the game is way too easy. I implore SI to either make the game more difficult or to add some kind of difficulty setting for experienced players because I can see myself playing this game for 4-5 months and then giving up on it because there's no real challenge to it. With regards to your situation @Footix, you need to consider the following: Does your formation suit the players you have? Do you assign the correct player roles to the players you have? Does the team shape and tactical options you employ compliment your formation and player roles? How does the team shape and tactical options you employ match up against the AI's tactics? So for example: Don't try and fit your players into a formation unless they're suited to it. If you have only one good striker, don't play a formation with two or three strikers. If you have really good wingers, play a formation that has width. If you have a lot of creative midfielders, consider a formation that utilises at least two advanced playmakers. If you have a weak defence, play with three Centre backs and maybe prop up the defence with some steel in midfield. Player roles are very important. Each player will have a preferred position but make sure they have the appropriate stats for it. So if you want to play with a BWM, does he have good strength, tackle, and stamina? If you want to play with wingers, do they have good pace, dribble and crossing? If their skill ratings don't tie up with the role you assign to them, they won't do the job well. Make sure the team is balanced as well. If you play with too many attack minded players, you will leave yourself exposed defensively i.e. a midfield full of creative players will be unable to cover your defence in the way a BWM would. Similarly, if you play with too many defensive players, your strikers will be starved of the crosses, passes and through balls they need to score. Team shape and tactical options should mirror the strengths of your squad. So if you play with a high pressing tactic, do your players have high ratings in stamina? If you select through balls as one tactical option, do your players have the creative skills, such as high passing, decisions, and creativity, to make this option work? If you have a high defensive line, do your defenders have good pace and positioning ratings to make this work? Always look at how the AI is playing. If they're attacking and are the stronger side, play a shape that will counteract this (so counter or defensive). If you're the stronger side, play a positive tactic that takes the game to them. If the AI is playing narrow, consider play with width. If the AI is playing wide, consider using the through ball option (if you have the players that can do that job i.e. good passing skills and creativity). It's all about counteracting what the AI is doing. With regards to transfers, I personally don't think the scouts do a very good job and so I often don't need them. In fact, I think this is one of the areas in FMM that makes the game very easy. Often I am able to strengthen my squad with players by going to the player search screen. You carry out a search for a player you need based on selecting a minimum attribute rating. So if I wanted to buy myself a winger, I would do a search for a player with a minimum rating of 12 in areas such as crossing, pace, dribbling, stamina, and then see which players come up in the results. Obviously depending on your status as a club will depend on your minimum rating. You mentioned you play with Cambridge, so maybe the minimum rating would be 10 or 11. Leave 'interested players on' to see how many players are willing to join you (which makes signing them easier) and if no player is interested, turn this option off and then filter your search based on your transfer budget. I usually find clubs are willing to sell and players are willing to join if you offer more money than they currently earn. This is all depended on your transfer and wage budget of course. Also, always keep an eye out for free transfers. You can sign some decent players for nothing - especially after the first season.
  2. Own goal recorded as a disallowed goal

    Hi Alari. This game occurred in May and my save has now reached September. Will it still be useful to you?
  3. AI Tactics

    Thanks Alari, I will take a look and see if I can find examples. The screenshot of the tactic above does seem to be the preferred tactic of nearly all MLS managers. I understand that preferred formations by real-life managers often follow the trend e.g. a lot of Premier League teams will adopt the 4-2-3-1 formation (a few seasons ago 4-3-3 was the formation) but this is also about the team's mentality that I find unrealistic i.e. the width, temp and creative freedom. I can accept 4-2-3-1 as being a popular formation but why does the the AI always employ a balanced, narrow, normal tempo with balanced creative freedom? This suggests to me that the AI has a default tactical set-up and is unable to adopt a dynamic tactic based on the tactics I employ.
  4. FMM18 Tactics feedback

    I too would like to voice my agreement that the game is too easy. Can an update resolve this? With regards to tactics; my initial impressions are that the AI is not dynamic enough in using the enhanced tactical options. Most of the teams I’ve come across are set up in the 4-2-3-1 formation or a 5-3-2 (wing back) formation with a balanced, narrow shape and slow passing. This means that my tactical set-up is often the same for every game - so I don’t feel I’m able to utilise the breadth of tactical options on offer. I also feel the AI is too slow in altering its tactics as the game develops. For example, if the AI is losing 2-0, you won’t see the AI change tactics until late on in the game when there’s little time for the AI to get anything from the match. I don’t know if my expectations are too high here but I would like to see a smarter AI. I will try and post some clear examples of my experiences. I’m not very confident that the ‘Overload’ option is as attacking as it should be. On the rare occasion where I am behind with time running out, I switch to Overload and assign more attacking roles to my players but the enhanced match engine doesn’t seem to show my players surging forward to get that goal. I'm basing this opinion on the assumption that Overload is an extremely risky attacking option where defence is neglected in order to score.
  5. Qualification to the NACL

    Thanks @Alistair Gempf for clearing that up for me.
  6. Qualification to the NACL

    Sorry @Alistair Gempf, getting a bit confused here. So how is it that I haven't qualified for the 2018 NACL having won the MLS Cup, Supporters Shield and Eastern Conference in 2017? By the way, as we're on the subject of MLS competitions, does the game not recognise all of those three competitions as individual titles? When I look at my managerial record, it tells me I have won 2 league titles and 0 cup wins.
  7. Qualification to the NACL

    Hi @Alistair Gempf Having looked at the fixtures for all the teams you mentioned above in your reply (Seattle, FC Dallas, New York, Colorado and Vancouver), I can confirm that other than Vancouver (it's actually Toronto), all those teams played in the 2018 NACL. The competition started in January 2018 and the New York Red Balls won it with the final played on 18 and 25 April 2018. I am in the latter stages of the season (I've got up to 1 September 2018 in my 2nd season) and no fixtures have been announced for the NACL. I have won everything other than the US Open and I haven't qualified for NACL. When I click on the link for the competition, it tells me that the draw date will take place on 2 Jan 2019. Will my team qualify for this?
  8. Can anyone confirm how a MLS club earns qualification to the North American Champions League. I'm in my 2nd season having won the MLS Cup in my first season (as well as the Eastern Conference and the Supporters Shield) and yet I don't seem to have qualified.
  9. AI Tactics

    I'm finding that all AI MLS opposition are set up to play matches using the same tactics. 4-2-3-1 / balanced / narrow width / balanced tempo / balanced creativity. Is this by design? Surely FMMs new tactical enhancements should allow the AI to be more dynamic with its match tactics.
  10. EDIT. Not sure my OP made a lot of sense so have re-edited it to remove all the waffle. Colorado scored an own goal but instead of the game correctly awarding me (Atlanta United) a 2nd goal to make the score 1-2, it somehow decided that a) the goal was scored by Colorado in the correct net, and b) the goal was offside. Atlanta had been attacking from right to left in the first half and it was in the left goal that the own goal was scored by Colorado, which came from an Atlanta cross into the box and headed in by Ari Lassiter in the 41 min. As you can see, it's been recorded as disallowed goal for Colorado when in fact I should have been awarded the goal.
  11. Game difficulty

    I agree with the OP. FMM is, and has always been, an easy game to play. I was desperate (and I mean desperate) for FMM to offer a more serious challenge this time around. I have written a number of detailed posts about this issue on the 2015, 16 and 17 versions of FMM. I find that by the time I've played a couple of careers on it, I stop playing the game because it doesn't offer a big enough challenge for me and so there is no incentive to return to it. I'm currently on my first FMM 2018 career. I've chosen to play as Atlanta United in the MLS and in my first season, I won the Supporters Shield, the Eastern Conference and the MLS Cup. My objectives were to achieve a mid-table position and some cup success. I blew those objectives out of the water. I understand the developers reluctance to make the game too difficult as it might alienate new and novice players but there is a real core fan base who have been playing this game for years and so changes should be made to the game to cater for the more experienced player. I for one would enjoy a season where I am battling relegation right until the end of the season.
  12. Problem with Match engine

    Hi @Alari Naylor I received an email from Sega saying I needed to post a link to this thread when submitting a copy of my save. I just wondered whether you got my save or whether I do need to link to this thread.
  13. Board happiness

    Thanks for confirming @Alistair Gempf. It's nice to know this issue is known and being reviewed.
  14. Board happiness

    I have posted a few messages in the Low Morale thread about the somewhat mean and miserable attitude of the Board. I think however this is a separate issue hence the opening of this thread. My objective at the beginning of the season was to achieve a mid-table league position and cup success. Throughout the season I have been on course in surpassing this goal yet the Board have consistently remained disappointed with me. At the end of the season, I achieved: - the MLS Eastern Conference - the MLS Supporters Shield - the MLS Cup Yet the Board's resulting attitude to all this is that I might hang on to my job for another season!?! On top of all that, the game did not see fit to award me the MLS Coach of the Year - instead giving it to a coach who achieved nothing in their season. I do find this frustrating as this was an issue in the 2016 version of FMM and it needed a fix after the 2016 release.
  15. Make an enquiry bug

    There is a player I would like to sign and I have been alerted to his availability due to the player being placed on the transfer market. I make an enquiry with the club and I'm quoted £875K. I make a bid for £875K and it is rejected. I increase it to £900K and it rejected. I increase it to £925K and it is rejected.