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  1. I am a manager with a continental rating. The start of season expectations news item says: "The board have faith in your managerial talent, but they are concerned about whether the club's stars will respect someone of your stature". I thought being a continental rated manager meant I had stature within the game.
  2. Playing a career at Roma and after my final match of the season, I receive a news item to say that one of my players has broken his leg in training and will be out for nine months. Why are my players training when the season has ended? We don't have any further games scheduled. They shouldn't be training.
  3. This has been a problem for as long as I can remember. Disappointing it still continues to be an issue.
  4. I have attribute masking switched on (ticked). This is how I usually go about landing players on free transfers. Player search > Customise > Contract Status Expired > Positions (select needed position) > Attributes (add three or four attributes with a score of 10-12 for each attribute) > Search I then check out the list of players and take a look at what's available. I've been able to find players who are rated 3.5 to 5 stars on current ability. One of my 5 star players signed on a free contract, Admiral Muskwe, was a reserve player at Leicester City. Some p
  5. Hampton Richmond Free transfers.zip Hi Marc, save attached. I just find that there is a wealth of really good talent available for a semi-professional team. There should be more competition to sign them and they're probably too good to be playing at that level. I also find that their integration into the first XI is a bit too smooth. The relationships formed really quickly. Also, I had a couple of strikers out injured so I just went back to the search player function, selected contract expired and basically had a quick flick through all the available players (and there were a lo
  6. I have started a career in the Vanarama South League. Having gained promotion in my first season aided by the ease of signing decent players on free transfers, I attacked my second season in the Vanarama National League with the same approach. My transfer budget was modest at best but it didn't matter. I was able to sign 15 players on a free transfer with many of those rated 4 stars and above. I'm 14 games into the season and I'm one point behind 1st place. My objective was to avoid relegation. I don't think it should be so easy to sign players on free transfers. It certainly ma
  7. I'm managing a team in the Vanarama National League South and I have instructed my Bronze (natural) rated Youth Scout to look for young talent in UK & Ireland. The results are for players that range in value from £210K to £2.5M. My transfer budget was £6K. I then wondered whether these players were scouted because they could be loaned out to me. But when I suggest a loan deal, the club declines the offer. Wouldn't it be better if the scout looked for players that were realistic targets for a club at my level?
  8. Annoyingly I don't have a pkm. I hit continue in frustration and then realised I probably needed one. If I remember correctly, the news item said that the player awarded a 5 (Kigbu) was at fault for one of the goals. His stats for the match read: PaA: 27 PaC: 18 TaA: 3 TaW: 3 Int: 5 HeA: 2 HeW: 2 Mis: 3 MiG: 1 So his stats seem pretty good and only one of his mistakes lead to a goal. No one else in the team was responsible for making mistakes that lead to goals.
  9. This is an issue I have raised many times. And for some reason, it just really bothers me. My team loses 4-1 but 9 out of 11 of my players have match ratings of 7/10. One player has 8/10. The only negative performance is a 5/10. I want to give negative feedback to the team for the disappointing result but I can't because 90% of my team played really well... despite losing 4-1.
  10. I have the following suggestion for making it easier to identify young promising talent from within your squad. Currently, certain players in the 1st team squad have stars next to their name if the player is deemed to be a star player. Could we have a similar identifier for young players in the reserve team. I propose that if you have a Gold rated Youth Coach (and maybe if the coach is assigned responsibility for developing young players), the Youth Coach will assign a star to any player he believes has the potential to develop into a 1st team player. It would make it easier to glanc
  11. Yes that's exactly the point I was making about more competitive AI teams but "smarter" is they correct word. It comes down to team selection, transfer strategy and adapting tactics during the game. A few examples come to mind: You see a lot of depleted squads after 5-10 seasons where the AI hasn't adequately replaced ageing players. You see a lot of AI teams signing players in positions that are unnecessary e.g. signing forwards when they only have one GK. You see the super clubs acquiring world class players and then not playing them. You see AI teams start a ma
  12. I have made similar suggestions before but it isn't something SI want to do. They believe things like manager reputation, badges and season's objectives are the way to make the game more challenging. I don't visit this forum that often these days as I have lost interest in playing the game. I have been a regular player buying FMM every year for the past ...... well since it first came out (I also had it on PSP). This is the first time where I feel utterly indifferent to it now and I'm no longer excited by the next release of FMM. Don't get me wrong, it is a wonderfully crafted game and n
  13. It is too easy. FMM always has been. I have posted so many comments on this subject and have asked for the game to become more difficult or for there to a difficulty option, or for improvements to the AI. Usually play it for six months and then stop and wait for the next series to come out in the hope that it offers more of a challenge.
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