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    A big fan of FMM. I'm always contributing to this site with feedback and suggestions in the hope that I can help improve the game.

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  1. It would be my pleasure. I have been playing FMM since it was first released on the PSP back in 2006 and the have bought every iteration of FMM on mobile mobile device since it was released back in 2010. I have experienced all the developments and enhancements and have seen what has worked really well and what has worked not quite so well. My personal opinion is that a 3D match engine is unnecessary for this version of the game. It would essentially be playing FMT or FMT lite. However, I do accept that people have different preferences and ideas for the game and I completely accept the case that if a 3D option was made available, and it was something you didn't like it, you could just simply switch it off in the settings and revert back to 2D or text. That would work. But the issue here is about priorities and how much precious time developers should spend on specific areas of the game. Therefore a 3D match engine is not the priority at the moment. Why? Well the last few versions of FMM have seen huge developments in terms of tactics, transfer negotiations and training. But these enhancements require further work as they're not working as well as they should be. FMM19 also had a lot of bugs. FMM18 also had a fair amount of bugs but FMM19 had too many bugs. The developers need to spend time perfecting the current version of FMM before they start thinking about adding more 'glamour' enhancements. Get FMM20 perfected and then concentrate on adding a 3D match engine or something else that is equally as 'big' in terms of enhancements.
  2. Love it That makes Spurs vice-European Champions.
  3. 3D match engine is not the priority. It really isn't guys.
  4. You do (or did) get that message in the mobile version.
  5. Has the conditioning been tweaked further so that it has even less of an impact than it did previously?
  6. Yes I see this happen often. It was an issue in previous FM games too.
  7. I just had a transfer accepted from West Brom for Kane Wilson. The offer was £5M + a player. However, I was never given the opportunity to enter contract negotiations as a contract was already agreed. The only action I had left on this deal is to confirm the transfer. Transfer without contract negotiations.zip Unfortunately I don't have a save before the transfer was made. Only before I have the opportunity to confirm the deal. Btw, I do think this would be a cool feature whereby the Chairman (or DoF) insists on handling contract negotiations therefore restricting your involvement in handling the clubs finances.
  8. Yes this is true. I even wondered whether the various mentality options were labelled incorrectly because I seem to play a more counter strategy when I select Control or even a Contain mentality. I'm also amazed how much possession I have when playing Counter.
  9. You're wrong to say "a minority". A lot of people play for realism.
  10. I'm negotiating a contract with Crystal Palace player, Frankie John. He sets out his demands and I agree to them. However, when I hit the suggest terms button, his mood bar moves towards 0% and he responds in a way that suggests I haven't offered anywhere near what he asked for. If I then attempt to offer more than what he requested, the mood bar moves closer to 0%. In the end, Frankie John gives up on the negotiations even though I offered what was requested and then some. frankie john transfer.zip
  11. Tweaks have been made to various areas of the game which have combined to make things a bit more challenging. I still think FMM is easy but in my current save, it took me until my third season to start dominating the MLS with LA Galaxy (who are not the dominant team they used to be). I then quit my job and took over at Wigan who were one place above relegation with four games left to play. I managed to survive relegation (just) and then spent my first full season struggling to get into the top half of the table (I confidently told the board I would achieve a playoff place but ended up in 17th place). I am now in my second full season with Wigan and look likely to achieve at least a playoff place. I had a save with Lazio where I dominated Serie A and Europe so I believe the game is still too easy when you're in charge of a club with good financial resources. However, FMM does seem to present more of a challenge when managing clubs in the lower divisions. The problem I had with LA Galaxy (and I suspect with Wigan) is that when you eventually build a winning team, the AI doesn't seem to be able to catch up with you.
  12. It would be good to be able to bring your backroom team with you when starting a new job. That's not to say it would be a guarantee they would decide to join you. I just resigned from my job at LA Galaxy and applied for the vacant Wigan position who are one place above relegation in the Championship. I could quite understand it if my backroom team at Galaxy didn't fancy swapping the California sunshine for the north of England!
  13. This is the game save after the news item appeared. After 782M.zip
  14. This is the game save before the news item came up. Before 782M.zip
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