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  1. There is definitely a bug with the player ratings. I substituted on two players in the 93rd minute. Once they arrived on to the pitch, there was time for the opposition to take a direct free kick and for my goalkeeper to take a goal kick. The final whistle then went and the game awarded my two subs an 8 and a 7. They had no more than a minute of game time. They didn't even touch the ball!
  2. It really bothers me that this hasn't been fixed. Transfers are such an integral part of the game so the fact that these types of bugs can go unnoticed or unresolved is really poor.
  3. Whenever I play BWM, I always have them in the centre of the pitch and I always have a playmaker of some description playing alongside him (so either an AP or a DLP). You need someone to do something with the possession once a BWM has won the ball back. I never play opposite roles on the fullbacks. Either select FB or WB. One of each creates unbalance in my opinion. I tend to go WB if I don't have width in my midfield or if I want to have a more attacking philosophy to my tactics. I only ever olay a complete forward if he has the stats to play this role otherwise I go with Advanced Forward.
  4. I'm seeing the AI select a weird 4-4-2 formation where the right sided CM is playing a deeper position. I see this formation played by a lot of teams. I'm also seeing the AI select players in their incorrect playing position - and it seems to has little effect on them playing a poor game. Is this a bug?
  5. A lot of these bugs are easy to spot. Many of the bugs reported after the release date and then the winter transfer update were highlighted within days, if not hours of the game/update being installed. This proves that a small dedicated team should be able to spot the bugs before the game/update is released. I suspect it has more to do with the pressures of ensuring the game and then the update is released by certain deadlines. It becomes more about "what can we live with and then try to fix later on" rather than trying to get it perfect first time.
  6. This can't be right SI. I've just been knocked out in the FA Cup 4th round by a Championship team sat in 22nd place. I got beat badly, which is fine cause shock eliminations happen but look at my player ratings. I'm finding it impossible to manage poor performance or to make appropriate changes to my team because the game is always telling me my players are performing well. Can something be done to change this?
  7. Out of interest, which type of players are you trying to sign? Are they from the same league or a league above?
  8. Remember that player roles also need to compliment the formation and team tactics. If you want to tell me which formation, tactics and player role setup you use, I'd be happy to do my best Gary Neville impression.
  9. I find this game too easy. I certainly wish it had more of a challenge. As Alari says, those people who are considered to be hardcore players would probably find FMM 2017 on the easy side. I've been playing these types of games for about 25 years (that has made me feel really old) so I definitely have a much better idea of what is needed to be successful at it. It must be difficult to find a difficulty level which fits everyone's skill level and I suppose it's better for it to be slightly easy than completely impossible, but if you're reading SI - make it harder 😉.
  10. I'm encountering situations where players performing poorly end up with a very good overall rating. Example: three of my players have ratings of 5/10. I substitute two of the three at half time. At 90 mins, the match stats tell me they earned a rating of 7/10. Coincidentally the subs who came on also received 7/10 (but they earned that). I wanted to discipline those three players after the match but I cant now because the game has recorded their performance as being good.
  11. Any feedback to the concerns I have raised @Alari Naylor? Are these types of issues cropping up in your games?
  12. Does this update not include any tweaks to the transfers system? I was under the impression that some tweaks would be made but didn't spot anything on the change list.
  13. I think the transfer system needs a lot of work. I haven't play FMM since 2015 and I don't remember it being this odd. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang at Bury!?! If that ever happens in my career, I think I will quit it there and then.
  14. I have some concerns with the transfer system in FMM 2017. I have previously posted about trying to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic on a free transfer which resulted in him turning down my offer as he didn’t think I could meet his demands (I am managing QPR in the Premier League and offered the maximum my wage structure would allow which was £50k. He rejected my offer (which is fair) but he then accepted a contract with an Austrian club (with a lower rep) for £19k). To Alari’s credit, he acknowledged this was an issue within the game and hoped that a tweak included in the forthcoming update would see an improvement for this. However, there does appear to be some issues with transfers. The following transfer behaviour has cropped up several times which just doesn’t seem right to me: • A.I. transfer bids tend to be of a substantially lower value than the players true worth. Often those bids will be accepted. • If I make a similar bid for the same player, the club will either reject my bid and accept the A.I’s. bid OR reject both bids. If I quit the game without saving, replay the transfer scenario - but this time not make a similar bid, the club will accept the initial bid made by the A.I.* • Often when enquiring about a player, the A.I. will suggest a transfer fee substantially lower than the player’s true transfer value. At first I thought this was great but now it’s becoming very unrealistic. • Players subjected to a transfer bid made by myself will reject a contract offer before 1) the club has had the chance to accept my bid, and 2) reject before I’ve had the chance to offer the player a contract. If I ignore the message and continue to the negotiation stage, the player will accept the contract offered. *An example of this. Derby County (relegated from the Premier League) receive a £1.6m bid from Sunderland for Tom Ince who is worth £8.5m. Sunderland’s offer is accepted. In seeing this, I offer the same amount of money and my bid is rejected. Tom Ince moves to Sunderland for a fee considerably lower than what he is worth. The transfer system is obviously a big part of Football Manager. I hope this is something that can be looked at as I’m witnessing some very unrealistic transfer behaviour.
  15. Unfortunately a few issues have cropped up in my current game, which is a shame because it has been really enjoyable so far. Transfers I think there’s quite a few bugs with the overall transfer system. I plan to write a post about this in the bugs section but it will mainly cover how the AI makes unusually low bids for players which are often accepted. It will also include how players subjected to a transfer bid by me reject a contract offer before 1) the club has accepted my bid, and 2) before I’ve had the chance to offer a contract. Transfer Budget I have posted a query about this in the bugs forum. Two seasons in a row, I have been offered a transfer budget of £3.5M. This seems unusually low for a Premier League club and it really restricts what you can do in terms of bringing in new talent to compete with the biggest and the best. Manager Profile At the start of my career, my profile was set at ‘Local’. After winning promotion to the Premier League and then securing Premier League football by finishing 12th in the league, I would have thought this reputation would be upgraded. If I were to lose my job (or resign due to a lack of transfer funds!), I expect the only clubs interested in securing my services would be around League 1 or League 2. I think that a manager who has achieved promotion to the Premier League and then survival should be awarded a higher rating (think Chris Hughton). In such an event, I would think my achievements so far would see me land another Championship job. Unsettled Youth Players I offered contracts to a number of 17 and 18 y/o from my reserves because I wanted to see if I could develop players within the club. One youngster was sent out on loan within his first season of being offered a contract. Whilst out on loan, I received an email to say he was unhappy at QPR and wanted to be transfer listed. There was no reason to explain his unhappiness. He is 17 and has just been offered a youth contract. I’m guessing this should be posted as a bug?