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    A big fan of FMM. I'm always contributing to this site with feedback and suggestions in the hope that I can help improve the game.

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  1. I think that probably is it. I'd also say the process in developing young talent is quite straightforward. I instruct my Youth Scouts to find players with potential, sign those who have a potential ability rating of 4 stars+ and then loan them out or give them occasional first team opportunities from the subs bench - progressing to first teams starts in low priority matches (Carbaro Cup), and then promotion to first team regular. The addition of focused training (with good training facilities) also really helps with nurturing and developing high level talent. But despite those young players now having really great attributes and turning out really good performances, it's like the AI overlooks this and therefore doesn't recognise them as potential transfer targets. So it could definitely have something to do with reputation. Having said all that, 16 of my players feature on the Scouting Agency Youth Rankings list yet none of them has any declared interest shown in them (when looking at their contract page). Places 1st, 2nd and 3rd on this list are my players so it does seem odd that so many of my players (particularly the top 3) feature on this scouting list yet are not attracting the interest of rival clubs.
  2. I'm six season into my main FMM19 career and youth development has been a big feature in my management style. In those six seasons, I think I've only received three bids (it could be higher but I can't think of any more - one player was the subject of multiple bids which I kept rejecting). One bid came in for a talented youngster when I was managing in League One and the two other bids were during my second Premier League season. Those bids were for players who I considered to be young and very talented i.e. under 25 with a current ability of 3.5 to 4 stars and a potential ability of 4.5 to 5 stars. Interestingly none of my top scorers, who have also been the league's top goal scorers, have ever been the subject of transfer interest. All other players sold by me were only sold because I offered them to clubs (this has been very easy to do).
  3. Lillywhite Dean

    Signed contract not recognising squad status

    My original save was overwritten but I have been able to recreate the situation with a different player. It is exactly the same scenario. The player's initial contract demands included "Backup" as his squad status (even though he has featured many times in the first team). I agree to his demands but set the contract status to "Rotation". The contract is agreed but once signed, the squad status reverts back to "Backup". I think this is the correct save file. The player who signed the contract is Darius Whittamore.
  4. Lillywhite Dean

    Signed contract not recognising squad status

    Will you need the save to be from before the contract was offered/agreed?
  5. Lillywhite Dean

    League Ladder Icon

    I think it means you've qualified for Europe through winning the Carbaro Cup. Icons will appear next to team names once European Qualification has been achieved. You also see an icon once the league winner has been confirmed.
  6. I think this issue has already been reported but I don't know if it was reported pre-the last update or after. I received a news item from a players agent informing me that as a member of the first team squad, his client deserves a better contract. I open contract negotiations and see my player has requested a "Backup" status. This in itself is odd because he has been playing as a first team player since the start of the season (15 games) and so he should really be asking for "Rotation" upwards. I changed his status to "Rotation" and agreed to all his demands. The contract is agreed. I then receive a news item to say my player has signed a new contract. When I look at his contract screen, the squad status has reverted back to "Backup".
  7. Lillywhite Dean

    Declaring an interest in other clubs

    I've also just seen that my loyalty rating remains at 20. I would think that this should be taking a bit of a hit!
  8. Having just discovered that you can declare an interest in managing other clubs; I decided to try this out. I'm currently managing Nottm Forest. The Board are very happy with me - the overall rating in the Board Confidence screen is green and is two thirds full. I declared an interest in managing Olympique Marseille. I received a new item to say "Shocked Nottm Forest supporters appear angry at his lack of loyalty to the club". I then received a subsequent news item from the Board to say "...remind you that your responsibilities lie with Nottm Forest and hope that you are committed to staying at the club." I was expecting to be in a lot of more trouble and for my actions to have bigger consequences. For example, my Board Confidence ratings are still in the greens and not one of my players is unhappy with me for declaring an interest in managing another club. Does the outcome vary depending on your status and how you are viewed by your Board? I would still expect there to be a significant impact on player morale (unless of course you are a terrible manager).
  9. I don't know if this is a new feature or not but the 'Declare Interest' button located in the squad overview page is fantastic. I've had my eye on moving to Ligue 1 to take over one of the big French clubs. Olympique Marseille are struggling in 11th place and when I looked at their General Info page to see who their manager is and what his job status is, I noticed the option to declare an interest in managing them. I suspect that you need to use this with caution. Great feature though.
  10. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM19 observations

    I can give you a couple of pointers. First of all whenever you buy a new edition of FMM, you should just use the first season to become familiar with the game. Things won't necessarily click first time. These are the things I do when I first start out in a new career: • Assess your backroom team. How good are your Coaches, Scouts, and Physios. Aim to employ the best that you can (minimum Silver + Natural if possible). Your training facilities will dictate how members of staff you can employ but I tend to employ coaches that specialise in Fitness, Attack, Defence and General. Obviously don’t employ someone who has the same specialism as you. • Look at your Team Summary from the Team Report. What does it list as your weaknesses? If it says things like poor passing, uncomfortable on the ball, makes decisions at the wrong moments; don’t use tactics that would require your players making difficult passes i.e. Through Balls or Work into Box, or tactics that would involve your players using an expressive creative freedom. The Team Summary is a useful resource for providing clues on what to do and what not to do. • Select a formation based on your squad strengths. If your squad has great defensive players but poor offensive players, pick a formation that uses more defensive players than attacking players – at least until you’ve used your transfer budget to improve the attacking areas. If your squad has strength in midfield but weaknesses out on the wings, don’t pick a formation that will require wing play i.e. wingers and inside forwards playing in a formation such as 4-2-4 or 4-2-3-1. If in doubt, use a balanced formation that doesn't lean one way or the other i.e. 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1. • Look at your Squad Depth from the Team Report. How many positions are green and how many are yellow, orange and red? Your transfer policy should be based on what formation you decide to use and how many positions within that formation are not green. Also look at the Suggested XI. This is only a suggestion based on who your coaches think are the best players to use in that formation but it will give you a star rating for each position. Anything under 3 stars should be avoided. • If you’re struggling with tactics, start off with a balanced approach and only make tweaks during the course of the match depending on what the score is. • Tactical instruction will only be effective if it has the right group of players to carry it out e.g. the expressive creative freedom will require players to be have high creative attributes and high decision making attributes. Selecting Fast play will require your players to have high stamina and high pace. A high defensive line will require your defenders to have high pace, stamina and decision making. The offside trap will require your defenders to be good at positioning and decision making. Choose shoot on sight if your attacking player has high shooting attributes. Look for overlap should be used if you play with FBs or WBs. Work into Box / Through Balls should be used if your players have good passing stats. Your passing focus should be based on which formation you play with OR the formation of the opposition (a decision for you to make). If your opponent is playing a formation that uses no wing play i.e. 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2, consider using a passing focus of Both Flanks to expose them on the channels. Alternatively, if your best players are in the middle of the pitch or out wide, use a passing focus that looks to involve those players as much as possible. • Player Roles should complement the tactics you use. If in doubt, keep it simple and just assign each player a role based on their preferred (or suggested) role. However, look at your tactics and in particular, your formation, and think about the type of player it will need. I play a 4-3-1-2 formation. I used this formation because I didn’t have any wingers or inside forwards in my squad so rather than spending my transfer budget on bringing those players in, I opted to utilise the depth I had in central midfield. Because this formation has no wingers, I play with FB who will run down the vacant channels. I play with two standard CD. I have at least one BWM (to ensure my midfield is not left exposed) and I play with a DLP to give cover to the defence but to also offer some creativity in attack. I use two AP because I have plenty of creative players and the more chances you create, the more chances of scoring there are. I play with two AF which admittedly I don’t usually do (I only usually play with one AF and either a TM, P, DLF). But both AF have been scoring goals for fun. If I had wingers or if I played with a long ball tactic, I would use a TM. And yes, morale is important. Remember to praise your players when they play well. Don't over do it or they will become complacent. A happy player is a high performing player.
  11. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM19 observations

    Cheers @Marc Vaughan 👍 🏆
  12. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM19 observations

    I'm glad it isn't just me then. The problem with this top goal scorer quirk is that it means you will always have an advantage over the AI if one or two of your players are always able to score over 25 goals. Obviously the more goals you score, the more likely it is you will win matches.
  13. Lillywhite Dean

    FMM19 observations

    @MikaelSand @DarJ - any comments on the top scorer quirk? I am not exaggerating when I say that in FMM18 and FMM19, one of my strikers will, 9 times out of 10, be the league's top scorer. The only time this doesn't happen is if I rotate my strikers (so I will have 3+ strikers in the top five) or if my main striker picks up an injury.
  14. Just to say that one of my best players has just been the subject of a successful transfer bid. He had a £20M release clause and three clubs made the offer after the January transfer window. Because the clubs are Brazilian, they were able to sign him immediately! This has left me in a difficult spot (which is good) because I have to wait until the summer transfer window to replace him. It has left me questioning the deal though. Will players ever reject clubs when their minimum release clause fee is met? I ask this because my player was a 25 year old Portuguese Advanced Playmaker. He has gone from playing in the Premier League, with a decent shout of qualifying for Europe, to moving to the Brazilian league. This is possible of course (and I get the Portuguese - Brazilian connections), but it is an interesting career move.
  15. Can't you just fill the blank spaces with burger vans