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  1. My current FM career has taken me to year 2034 and I have been appointed manager of Denmark. I've been asked to select my first squad. I go to the player search screen, select the Danish nationality from the search criteria, untick 'Interested Only' and find 6 pages of players available to call up. That seems like a decent amount of players but then when I specify Danish players by their position, there appears to be a big shortage of players in specific positions. For example, only one left sided attacking player, or two right sided attacking players, or two left full/wing backs etc.
  2. I can think of several real life examples whereby a player has used interest from another team to leverage a better deal at their existing club. John Terry is the first that comes to mind. Manchester City were willing to offer Terry a bumper contract to prize him away from Chelsea, and Terry entertained this idea whilst negotiating a better deal with Chelsea. Wayne Rooney did it too with Manchester United when (again) City tried to tempt him away. So I definitely think a player should be willing to negotiate a new contract with their existing club to demand a significant increase on their exis
  3. I think this is something the developers should look to address in the next version.
  4. I've discovered that if I offer my player a new contract at the point of receiving a transfer bid news item, the player will agree a new contract on similar terms thus automatically rejecting the bid and doing so without upsetting the player. If you take the example below, my player, Eloy Garcia Martin has a release clause of £11M. He plays for Ibiza who are in the 2nd tier of Spanish football. Hamburger SV, who are in the Bundesliga (so the equivalent of being a tier above Ibiza), has activated the release clause and Garcia Martin would like the opportunity to consider the approach.
  5. Nah, not having it . Newcastle, Leeds and... erm....Brighton, are not the same as Chelsea and Manchester United with all their millions.
  6. Managed Ibiza to the Second Division Pro A title and saw that my reputation went up to National. Have started my season in La Liga 2 and my reputation has downgraded to Regional again. Why would that happen?
  7. Just played the 2027/28 season where Everton, Chelsea and Manchester United were all playing in the Championship. I have never seen the likes of Chelsea and Manchester United relegated. Unbelievable Jeff.
  8. So, I started my next season having finished 4th and winning Manager of the Season. I felt very confident about my chances of success. The board wanted another mid-table finish with cup success but I felt more confident and opted for European Qualification. As the new season progressed, results were very up and down. I had tweaked my tactics and rather revert back to what I had been doing, I was stubborn and was determined to make the new tactics work. A poor run of results resulted in me getting the sack (@Marc Vaughan, I was delighted with getting the sack). I knew my Regional reputatio
  9. I have guided Deportivo all the way back to La Liga and in my first season in the Spanish top flight, finished 4th in the league. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the Manager of the Season award. I was thinking that the standard thing would happen whereby the league champion would receive it. But winning it has made no impact to my reputation. Surely if you win Manager of the Season, it should increase your reputation - or at least upgrade it from Regional to National.
  10. One of my young players won 'Young player of the season' in La Liga. I was curious to see if I could congratulate him through the 'Talk with player' menu - but alas, I could not. So a suggestion that this could be a new feature. You can congratulate players for having good games or periods of good form - would it be worth being able to congratulate your players for their successes (could strengthen bonds between player and manager or possibly inflate their ego). Also - when players win awards, does this have an impact on their valuation?
  11. I have a player who is growing frustrated at the progress of his mentoring with a senior player. His frustrations have been ongoing all season and there is no obvious way for me to break up this relationship. Is there a way to cancel this?
  12. This is a bug that has featured in previous versions of FM Mobile but it seems to be happening more frequently in the 2021 version. I'm playing in the 2nd tier of the Spanish league and I play a lot of teams whose players are being played out of position. I had one game where a striker was playing in goal (I managed to win 1-0 despite playing attacking and instructing my players to shoot on sight). Has anyone else noticed this? You could argue that the lower leagues will not have the squad depth of the higher leagues but the Spanish 2nd tier is professional so I'm not sure it would a
  13. Doesn't your nationality play a part here? For example, if you play as someone who is English, Scottish or Welsh, and then load up the Argentinian league with the lowest manager reputation, it will be more of a struggle to get jobs then say if you selected your nationality as Argentinian.
  14. I'm finding the game is saturated with Poachers and Roaming Playmakers. I often want to find players who are trained specifically in other roles such as a deep laying forward or box to box midfielder. I scouted a player who was an Advanced Forward. Great! Signed him and when he arrived, his role turned into a Poacher. Anyone else found this to be an issue?
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