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  1. It would concern me if their to do list had a "top 100".
  2. Anyone from SI!! Not looking for dates of when this will happen by. It would just be helpful to know whether you plan to fix a few broken things within the game or whether I should just accept the game as it is and wait for FMM2018 for further improvements.
  3. It's not a rumour. It's a news item which requires me to comment on which will then have an impact on my relationship with the player and board. I downplayed his chances (because he is a 19 y/o Vanarama National League player) and my board criticised me.
  4. I received a news item which relates to one of my players getting a first England cap. He plays in the Vanarama National League!
  5. Can anyone from SI confirm whether there will be further bug busting updates? Some of the bugs are really affecting my enjoyment of the game, which is a pity as this could be perfection. For example, the player ratings issue is driving me crazy!
  6. Personally I think there are two options for this: apply a fix that enables the manager to decide the rules of the tie; or apply a fix that uses the sames rules from a similar knockout competition I just think having extra time and then having to go to another replay is silly. No manager would agree to this format.
  7. So should this have been included as an option in FMM?
  8. YES!! THIS!! So frustrating. And its an old bug. FMM has always had this problem
  9. Instead of coming up with new features, I would just like the current game to be bug free. The transfers, free transfers and contract system working as it should. A more accurate match rating system. A more realistic and dynamic manager reputation system. A more realistic and dynamic club reputation system. Realistic expectations and budget from the Board. SI make a fantastic game but every year these issues crop up and it takes over six months to get anywhere near to putting them right.
  10. I did wonder. What a ridiculous rule!
  11. I just don't understand how FMM2017 has these types of bugs. I recall encountering the same issues with transfers, contracts, match ratings, board expectations (and plenty more) in 2012, 2013, 2014 etc etc. The guys at SI make a fabulous game but its always released with the same kinds of bugs and then it takes over six months for it to be in a state that has everything ironed out.
  12. Based on my experience, harmony is based mainly on three things: - Player selection - Player contracts - Player interaction Certain players who feel they are worthy of a first team place will lose morale if they aren’t being selected regularly enough for matches. You either need to select them or rotate your team selection to make them happy or grant them their transfer request if asked. Players who are rewarded with improved contracts increases harmony. Players who feel they are on contracts where their wages are too low will be unhappy. Player interaction is an enhanced feature for this version of FMM. However, it is severely hampered by the inaccurate match rating system. But! When looking to use player interaction, particularly when issuing positive feedback, look at the personal page of the player’s profile to see what kind of characteristic they have. These characteristics will offer you clues as to how to handle a player. Also look to see who their favourite person is. If it’s you then their likely to appreciate any feedback you give to them. Because I’ve mentioned the personal page of the player profile, you should also keep an eye on this page to see if there are any conflicts. I have a player in my squad who is one of my best players. However, quite a few other players do not get on with him and so this could also affect the harmony of the squad.
  13. I'm managing a team in the Vanarama South league. I've just played my first FA Trophy fixture and at the end of 90 minutes, the score was 0-0. The game proceeded into ET and after an additional 30 minutes, it remained 0-0 and the match ended. Should there have been a penalty shootout? Instead I have a replay of the fixture.
  14. Sixth season completed, finished 3rd in the Premier League and my reputation is still on Regional. Have finished above Tottenham in the last two seasons and they turned down my job offer.
  15. This is happening a lot in my current save @Alari Naylor. I shall try and send you a PKM file later this evening. It's great to hear that the team are working on longer-term improvements but what makes this bug particularly frustrating is that it undoes the good work in the new enahnced player interaction feature. Again the same RB is culpable for a goal and is awarded a 4 at half time. I substitute him based on this rating but at full-time, the game upgrades his rating to a 6. I want to discipline him so I give him a warning over his poor performance but as the game registered a 6 and not a 4, my RB feels my warning was very harsh. I can't manage my players!