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  1. Yes that's exactly the point I was making about more competitive AI teams but "smarter" is they correct word. It comes down to team selection, transfer strategy and adapting tactics during the game. A few examples come to mind: You see a lot of depleted squads after 5-10 seasons where the AI hasn't adequately replaced ageing players. You see a lot of AI teams signing players in positions that are unnecessary e.g. signing forwards when they only have one GK. You see the super clubs acquiring world class players and then not playing them. You see AI teams start a match with the 'overload' tactic and then moving to 'Defensive' or 'Contain' when they're chasing a goal with 10 minutes left. You see AI teams select players out of position when they have natural alternatives on the bench e.g. play a right footed winger as LB when a LB is actually on the bench. You see AI teams select unfit players for matches when fit players are available. If SI could improve the AI on the above, maybe the game would be more challenging.
  2. I have made similar suggestions before but it isn't something SI want to do. They believe things like manager reputation, badges and season's objectives are the way to make the game more challenging. I don't visit this forum that often these days as I have lost interest in playing the game. I have been a regular player buying FMM every year for the past ...... well since it first came out (I also had it on PSP). This is the first time where I feel utterly indifferent to it now and I'm no longer excited by the next release of FMM. Don't get me wrong, it is a wonderfully crafted game and nothing comes close to it. But I guess when you've been playing it for as long as I have, it will remain easy unless radical changes are made to either the games difficulty or to the games AI so that it can remain more competitive.
  3. It is too easy. FMM always has been. I have posted so many comments on this subject and have asked for the game to become more difficult or for there to a difficulty option, or for improvements to the AI. Usually play it for six months and then stop and wait for the next series to come out in the hope that it offers more of a challenge.
  4. Like many people have said here, I find the game too easy, so if I start managing a team in one of the top five European leagues, I usually end up winning it in one-to-two seasons depending on who I'm managing. My favourite careers tend to involve the MLS. I love the playoff system and it means that even if I top my conference, there's still a chance I could lose in the knock-out format of the MLS Cup. I was managing San Jose Earthquakes with the aim of building a whole team of young American talent. The idea would be that if I got the USA job, I would just call up all my players and play my club team on the world stage.
  5. I would like to see the club board act tougher if you don't meet your season objective. I deliberately set my targets higher to make the game more challenging and if I don't achieve them, I'm often still in the job at the end of the season.
  6. This has been a long-standing issue within the game. I had hoped FMM20 would be better at this.
  7. What @Zoot said I would also like to focus on this part. The AI is not very good at replacing star players and accumulating talent to ensure that it remains competitive. I usually find that when i'm passed five seasons, rival club squads are looking unbalanced and low on quality. Whereas in contrast, it is easy for us, the player, to build up a quality squad and dominate until you get bored and decide to join a different club and effectively start over. But still a great game.
  8. This is still happening by the way. Tbh it's putting me off managing in China.
  9. Are we any closer to addressing the player ratings issue? Just lost a match 3-1 and most of my players have 7s and 8s despite their ratings being 6s for the vast majority of the match. This has been issue since FMM18 (and probably in previous versions too).
  10. The following news item appears in my inbox. But when I go to discipline the player, the only option is to praise the player over his performance in training, not discipline. The save file is here. player talk training level.zip
  11. Has there been an increase in the size of the players and ball for the enhanced match engine? Having played a few games since installing the update, I’m finding the proportions odd for the pitch size. The players and the ball seems large for the pitch and goal nets seem small in comparison.
  12. I received the following news item: But my finances look pretty good to me. £51.5K per week under my wage budget and £54M available for transfers. Is this a bug or am I missing something? financial crisis.zip
  13. I started my career with Southampton and selected to play with transfer budgets disabled (so I didn't have any money to spend at the beginning of the season). I finished 15th which is unheard of for me. But I was really encouraged by this as its a pretty realistic outcome for the club. However, next season, with a substantial transfer budget to play with, the game becomes much easier because the ease of signing quality players has such an impact on the game. I think AI clubs are too willing to sell their players. When I look to improve my team, I either sign the best players from lower reputation clubs or good squad players from higher reputation clubs. In the first instance, the lower reputation club should do everything in their power to prevent their best players from leaving. In the second situation, the player himself should be more reluctant to join a club that would be seen as a step-down. This does happen in the game but probably not often enough. I look at my career with RB Leipzig and I managed to sign two world class players for under £60M each (Dele Alli, Bruno Fernandes). The selling clubs should have held out for much more money and the players's demands were very, very reasonable. I can't remember what my transfer budget was that season but it was incredibly generous given who I was managing - and the ability to offload players for generous transfer fees meant that I had vast sums of money to splash on players when needed. Maybe a review of how transfers work and a review of how transfer / wage budgets are allocated would go someway to rectifying this?
  14. Hi Louie, Two files attached. Number 1 is the news items telling me how the player has been disruptive in training. Number 2 is the save after I have responded to the news item and then find I am unable to discipline the player. Training discipline 1.zip
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