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  1. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    Great feedback. As you say, it shouldn't be this easy. There are so many things to like about the game but soon the novelty wears off once you've found that winning formula.
  2. Hi @paulolucas. I agree with everything you have said. There are a few of us that have raised exactly the same issues as you have, so I hope the developers will read this feedback and make the necessary fixes for FMM19. P.S. Your English is very good.
  3. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    Admittedly the tactical overhaul was a much needed enhancement and is something that would probably trump the need to fix the underlying issues within the game. But then you have this new, but related problem, whereby do the new enhanced tactical features work as well as they should when the underlying issues remain unfixed?
  4. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    Apologies for my ignorance but surely it would be better for the game (and its reputation) if the developers spent most of their time perfecting it rather than focusing on new features. I get that the priority for any business is to make money and to do this you need to give people reason to keep coming back for more. But surely it's possible for SI to spend their time perfecting the game (or at least focusing on some of the above issues) and then add some smallish but popular additions such as extra leagues (as well as the standard player and league updates). No matter how many new features you add to the game, if the underlying issues aren't fixed, the game will always suffer from the same problems that affect that overall user experience.
  5. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    I would really welcome some input from SI on this. How about it guys?
  6. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    You could be right about the consequences of a poor AI in relation to the game's tactical depth. Ultimately we won't know for sure until those issues have been fixed but I agree that this should be the priority for SI for FMM2019. My worry is that a November release date will make the likelihood of those issues being fixed unlikely. I always hope SI are taking note of our concerns but what amazes me is that the developers must play this game as much as we do and so must surely have a good grasp of the issues already?
  7. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    Thanks @Declan Barryfor summarising. I have the following comments. Point 1: I disagree. I think the game’s depth is too easy and tactics are relatively straightforward. I appreciate I’m saying this as an experienced player so I need to consider the point as a newbie. But anyone who is willing to take the time to learn the game, play a couple of seasons, experiment with formations and tactics will realise that actually, it is easy to find a winning formula that doesn’t require much tweaking. Point 2: I agree. The AI intelligence is weak. It doesn’t adequately perform the essential tasks of being a manager which is a major contributing factor to why FMM is easy. Point 3: I agree. The job market for whatever reason in FMM2018 is static. This didn’t seem to be a problem in FMM2017. The developers also need to rethink the way FMM recognises achievement and how that equates to your standing as a manager. Point 4: I agree. I wonder whether my gold coaching badge in ‘Motivation’ is a contributing reason for why many of my unhappy players continue to play so well. Regardless of this, unhappy and unsettled players should have a much more negative influence on the game. Point 5: I agree. Lower league management should be the most difficult part of the game. I remember playing a career in FMM2017 where I took over a Vanarama South league side and got them back to back promotions all the way to the Premier League whilst beating Premier League teams in cup tournaments along the way. I had no budget for the first couple of seasons but still had success thanks to a combination of decent loan deals, quality free agents and playing sub-standard youth team players who would always achieve high match ratings. I think there are other important issues that need to be added to this list. I’d like to include the folllowing: 6. The match rating system is broke. Players who perform badly for the vast majority of the match can still finish the game with a rating of 7 or above. How can a player who was rated as a 4 or 5 up until 80th minute suddenly end the game with a 7 or 8. Similarly, players can get sent off and have a match rating of 7+. I very rarely see match ratings below 6 and 7s for either my team or the opponents. The most ridiculous example is when a team is thrashed by 4+ goals yet everyone still has matching rating of 6 and above. 7. Training and player conditioning. It is unrealistic and biased towards the human player. There is disparity between how well your players improve under training conditions and that of AI clubs and their players. There is a similar issue between your players and AI players being match fit. I could have three games in a week. I could play away to Madrid, away to a team in the Champions League and then home to Malaga. I can pick the same 11 players for all three games and not have to worry about fitness levels. The same can’t be said for the AI. When I look at their teams, they often have unfit players or players playing out of position due to fitness issues. And good point by @ss03. The depth and gameplay experience of FMM would likely provide a richer game if the AI was smart enough to play the game properly.
  8. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    That is a very good point. I've lost count the number of times I have taken over a club only to find one goalkeeper in the first match squad. That should not be happening.
  9. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    @ss03 Your Real Madrid example is a carbon copy of my experience with the game. When I started my my current career, the aim was to build up a reputation so that one of the best clubs in football i.e. Barcelona or Real Madrid would come calling my way. However, this hasn't happened as I have manage to turn Sevilla into the best team in Europe (last season I achieved the treble – Champions League, La Liga, Spanish Cup). The Real Madrid vacancy did come up, and despite having a World Class reputation, I wasn’t offered the job. I contemplated applying for it, which would have been irritating given they should be begging me to leave Sevilla for them, but I decided to stay at Sevilla. The main reason for this was because Real Madrid were in such bad shape (very much like your screenshots in your post above). At Sevilla I had developed a world class squad where even my B team could go out and (most likely) win the league. I looked at the Madrid squad and realised that I would have to start over. Sack all the backroom staff, bring in new staff, and then commence a massive player recruitment campaign. On other days I may have been tempted to do this but the unrealistic nature of the situation (a club as rich and powerful as Real Madrid allowing themselves to deteriorate to such an extent) just put me off completely. Unfortunately this isn’t just a FMM2018 problem. It has been an issue in previous versions of the game which makes me wonder whether this problem will ever be resolved. Maybe it isn't possible due to the games limitations or maybe it’s just not a priority for the developers because they need to spend time developing new features rather than fixing things.
  10. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    This would be fantastic if it could be done. It really would. The developers really need to look at the game's AI intelligence as the AI doesn't know how to identify its own weaknesses and then improve on it. For example, I had a look at some of the top teams from my playable leagues after 11 seasons of play and most of the top rated clubs have just deteriorated. Their squads are ageing and adequate replacements are not being sought. In fact their transfer activity is non-existent in some cases. In the 2028/29 season: Real Madrid made one summer signing - £14M on a 32 year old defender Barcelona made one summer signing - £35 on a 30 year old winger Bayern made one summer signing - £15.75M on a 30 year old defender Juventus made one summer signing - £8M on 31 year old full back Man City made zero summer signings Inter Milan made zero summer signings There are plenty more examples of this. And then you have the backroom teams which are incomplete and/ or of low quality. For example: Barcelona have two bronze rated physios Real Madrid have three bronze rated physios Bayern only have one scout position filled (rated silver) Man City have two silver rated scouts, two silver rated physios and one bronze rated physio Man Utd have three silver rated coaches and two bronze rated physios AC Milan have two out of three scout positions filled and a number of silver and bronze rated staff across all roles. Teams of this calibre should have the best coaches and staff available to them. There are also plenty of examples where AI clubs employ three members of staff with the same specialisms i.e. 3 x tactical analyst scouts. Every season I make a point at looking at my my team (squad and staff) and identify areas that need strengthening but my rivals just allow themselves to become weaker and weaker. I usually get to this stage of my career and give up because there is hardly any real competition. If there's no competition, what incentive do I have to carry on? I endorse this message.
  11. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    I have been calling for SI to introduce a difficulty mode for about the last two releases. I recall receiving a reply from Marc V on the subject. He believed the different managerial reputations would help frame the game's difficulty i.e. if you start a new game with a reputation as 'unknown', you are more likely to struggle than when starting a new career with a reputation of National and above. Unfortunately, I haven't found this to be the case as my experience as an unknown coach is more or less the same as my experience as a world class coach. I do sometimes wonder whether the game's overall difficulty would improve automatically if many of the issues we speak about were simply fixed. I think SI are contradicting themselves a bit when they say FMM has been designed for the casual gamer or for those people who don't have the time to commit themselves to the desktop version. Every year we see a more enhanced and sophisticated version of the game which is continuously distancing itself from this idea of a mobile version being a quick 'pick up and play' game. Of course FMM continues to be a much simpler version of its desktop brother but that doesn't mean to say it remains a simple game. And I have read the comments from those people who complain about the game being too difficult for them. I honestly believe that a lot of that is down to the individual not taking time to learn the game and develop their understanding of it. Some people want that instant FIFA football style fix where they achieve quick wins or at least experience a fast rate of progression in their game-play but that isn't what Football Manager is about.
  12. Lillywhite Dean

    Is FMM too easy?

    Thanks for sharing this @ss03. Your post perfectly sums up some of the issues I have with FMM2018. I'm also glad that someone else is willing to share their frustrations with the game. Like you I think FMM2018 is a great little game but I do find these issues spoil the overall enjoyment of the game. I visited the forum tonight to vent my frustrations on the AI's lack of transfer activity which as you know (and perfectly summarised in your post), really widens the gap between the strength of your squad and the squads of your rivals. I also think you have perfectly described the issue with training. Whilst I knew this was an area of the game that needed addressing, I hadn't really appreciated just how much of a problem it was until my latest career save. We really do have an advantage over the AI when it comes to player training and player conditioning. It makes a massive difference to your chances of winning when your players are always fit and ready for the next match but the AI's players are not. I am currently the manager of Sevilla and I had a run of fixtures that saw me play away to Real Madrid and then three days later, a difficult Champions League match. In both games I was able to field the same (strongest) line-up despite playing a really energising tactic (high pressing / control). Yet my opponents struggle to field fit players and I often see players selected in their first team with an injury sign for being short of match fitness, or players being played out of position. I don't think I have ever had to worry about picking a first team player that has less than 86% match fitness. I really hope the likes of @Alari Naylor, @Marc Vaughan, and @Marc Duffy are taking note! The issues we're highlighting here have been a problem in the game for quite some time. I really hope these issues are ironed out for the 2019 version.
  13. Lillywhite Dean

    Future transfers disappear from game

    I don't I'm afraid. I am now duplicating my saves so that when something bug-like happens, I can provide it to you even if I've moved on in my save. Unfortunately I've only just started doing this.
  14. Lillywhite Dean

    International managers stay too long

    This resembles my current save. I'm now playing in the 2028/29 season and managers at Spain, Belgium, Croatia, England and France have all kept their managers. I think Argentina and Wales have kept theirs too. There have been some international sackings but they are very rare. Unusual given that managers are keeping their jobs for so long despite poor performances at major tournaments.
  15. Fan/Media Reaction I would like to see more enhancements on how the fans and media react to you and your actions. I'm thinking: a news item detailing how the fans have reacted to your appointment as manager (similar to how fans react when a club makes a marquee signing). a monthly or regular news item summarising how the fans are feeling about your performance as manager i.e. team form, player selection, transfer window activity etc. a fan appraisal screen which could influence and pressurise the board to back or sack you. Fans can have a lot of sway on the fate of a manager and I think the game should better reflect this. Transfer Deadline Day Can we have a much more enhanced transfer deadline day. At the very least the day needs to be spaced out by hourly or two hourly segments to try and get deals concluded. So many transfer offers are made too late in the day and the window usually closes before the deals can be concluded. You could have it so that when you hit continue, the day proceeds by an hour or two. Manager Reputation I think more can be done on how your managerial reputation influences players and staff signing for you. Currently I am a world class manager in charge of Sevilla. I find it astonishing how unlikely staff and players want to sign for me. I think the following improvements should be made: The option of bringing with you your backroom team when taking over a new club. Your standing within the game should entice coaches, scouts and physios to want to work for you. In my current game, my World Class reputation does nothing in terms of attracting talent to work with me. Players who either admire you or who list you as their favourite person should be eager to want to sign for you. How many players wanted to join Manchester City because of Pep Guardiola? You could argue the same point about Pochettino at Tottenham. Staff Talent Improvements need to be made to the depth of coaching, scouting and physio talent within the game. In my current career, the number of staff positions (specialising in specific areas) are woefully deficient. Even the top clubs such as Barcelona and Real Madrid have bronze rated staff.