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  1. I would return to the game if the following was fixed. 1) AI player conditioning 2) AI Manager formations need to be correct. 3) DM ratings bug. If point one makes the game much more difficult than at present then we are in business and the game could be great. I know you have indicated this would all be tinkered with can you confirm this Mark? although would love to play the game with updated players would prefer to wait for the gameplay to be sorted, PS VVD stats need a boost best defender in the world by a mile and 3rd best full stop for me.
  2. Ok thanks Mark and good luck🤞🏻, just one last question, will the DM ratings be looked at? and correct manager formations ie pep playing his 4-1-2-2-1?
  3. Will that be for both human and AI controlled players Mark? So they work in the same way?
  4. Yeah that’s it, until this is sorted they is no sense of achievement.
  5. Should have added I can understand what you say about knock on effects and difficult for quick fix but I have to reiterate these two problems have literally been about and (known) about for years. It kills me to play against teams with loads of injury’s and 60-70% fit players every match.
  6. Marc, it’s great to know you are aware and involved in this now. However SI has been aware of this problem for years, so will anything be done and quickly? This AI player conditioning problem and the DM Rating bug have so many knock on effects, incorrect formations for mangers I mean pep and Sarri 4-2-3-1, they are big 4-1-2-2-1 men. injurys galore, lower average ratings, and a very very easy game. i just want to play the game and haven’t been able to for years because of these two problems. As I have mentioned before from a human manager perspective the games looks and fe
  7. Just to add, I am and old School Champ man player☺️ and even the very early versions didn’t have this particular problem. CM97/98 oh the memory’s🤗
  8. Its very worrying😔. Bearing in mind it’s absolutly fundamental in terms of playing the game. For me it’s broken. And unplayable right now.
  9. Its like that for me every single game sometimes worse.
  10. Yeah the AI player condition is way to harsh and the human managed players to good, needs to meet somewhere in the middle I guess?
  11. Thanks for the response👍🏻 Both and in turn this then means loads of injury’s for AI managed players. what about DM ratings and incorrect formations?
  12. Again I would put this down to AI player conditioning bug. You will always get top scorer as your striker is always fit and players more games. Where by AI strikers miss lots of games through injury or are tired all the time. This also then has the knock on effect for lowering AI player average ratings to I guess.
  13. Thanks for the response. just to be clear are you going to look into both the AI managed teams player condition and injuries to be inline with with human managed teams. The other major problem being DM ratings. I guess this is a well no problem for you guys and presumably the reason that most AI managed teams have moved away from formations that include defensive midfielders. Again this makes things very unrealistic as most of the top clubs play a 4-1-2-2-1 formation and as things stand you’ve changed most of them to 4-2-3-1. The game would be magnificent if these problems could
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