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  1. Hi, The kits in-game were approved by the SPFL and I don't think we got sent any new kits for this season. That usually means they haven't changed from last year. If we are able to update them we will.
  2. Yeah everyone will get reviewed for the January update. He's not been as confrontational recently so dunno if an arguing with officials ppm is required. As long as players in the game are getting games and still have another year left on their contracts and aren't injured then they shouldn't really be retiring IMO. I don't think he's got anything set in the database that would cause him to retire.
  3. I think there was justification in reducing his composure, concentration and decisions. Especially after last season and he makes a lot of wrong decisions such as shooting instead of passing a lot of the time. Teamwork shouldn't be as low though. Will take a look at the big match rating as you are right that he hasn't produced the goods in some of the bigger matches and had some high profile misses. The corner thing will just be filling out his attributes. He's an established player now so all the attributes should be filled in. Just because he hasn't taken a corner doesn't mean he can't so that's an obvious difficult one to judge. With the crossing he's put some very good balls into the box from wide areas. Mostly driven along the ground rather than what you would class as a typical cross. That's when he's not shooting on sight. No need to apologise as your feedback has been great and it's good to discuss things like this.
  4. Was disappointed Gerrard didn't try to sort it out. I saw they switched to short corners with Kent coming short but Kent should have had a chance to hit them. I think once Barisic is back fit again we'll see what a proper delivery is like
  5. His marking and positioning were already reduced. Tavernier is good going forward as has been said many times but you just have to look at his performance last night to see he's not quite ironed out issues in his game by getting caught in possession a few times, out of position and his delivery from corners and set pieces was abysmal. And this was in a game that Rangers largely dominated which should have suited us. The penalty taking could be increased slightly but I think overall his other attributes are quite fair. As always these will be continually monitored (as with all players, especially the new guys and youngsters) and updated.
  6. You have to remember Tavernier is playing in Scotland and is currently going through a decent patch of form. If he was really that good then he'd be off to the Premier League already. His consistency is getting better but I remember times when he was overhitting crosses and his long shots aren't always on target either. From what little I've seen so far Barisic has a much better delivery than Tavernier. Particularly when he played against Rangers for Osijek his delivery from wide areas was outstanding.
  7. This. There used to be a huge build up and talk of winning it, continual references to 1966 so it was amusing to see it all go wrong. The commentators are the worst for it. Now there are much better players in other teams than England have it isn't as likely that they'll win it and it isn't expected. Much more low key. These days if they done a strongest XI from qualified teams I doubt any English players would get in it. Might work in their favour though as they could be a decent counter attacking side.
  8. Looking forward to playing with this. Will be starting a Gala Fairydean save. Top work Morrissey. And looking forward to B-Teams being part of the pyramid. Will be great for young player development if they do it properly.
  9. France or Germany will beat Portugal by 3 or 4 goals in the final. It will be like the last Euros where Spain demolished Italy all over again.
  10. I doubt reserving one space in the starting 11 for English players would fall foul of any EU employment laws. The homegrown quota rule is probably more restrictive there and there have been no issues raised with that.
  11. Introducing a rule that requires a young English player be on the pitch at all times doesn't come with any legal issues. There is nothing stopping clubs having players from elsewhere and playing them if they want to. Looking at what the Germans done. Over 12 years they built 52 centres of excellence for the most promising young talents to attend. Had 366 regional coaching bases where 1300 professional full-time coaches teach the young players the basics. Apparently it cost €48M per year and the cost has more than doubled since 2002. Money was spent educating coaches from top to bottom. The German FA and Bundesliga worked together and created their club licensing programme which had various criteria which had to be met or clubs would be demoted. As well as financial regulations each club had to "build or maintain a centre of excellence and had to nurture talent". The criteria went as far as specifying how many players eligible for a German youth team had to be in squads, how many coaches and physios a club had to employ and how clubs interacted with local schools. If something similar is going to happen in England then the Premier League clubs need to be on board. They have the finances to do it but as can be expected they will be looking after their own interests first and producing players for the England national team is probably low on their agenda if it's on it at all. You look at Iceland who invested a lot in football and now every school has a pitch and they have regional indoor centres which are available to anyone. Educating coaches as well and you've got facilities for young players and trained people teaching them so standards are always likely to improve. It's not rocket science but the hard part is getting everyone pulling in the same direction and maybe giving up some cash to help make it happen.
  12. I don't see why a young player quota wouldn't work. It's not going to happen in the Premiership but in the Championship you would have at least 24 young English players playing in the first team every week. That would do wonders for their development. Don't know what Scotland has to do with anything as there were never any forced age limits on players except for the U21 players having to be in the match day squad after they increased the number of subs. All it did was have youngsters sat on the bench and rarely getting on. Especially at the bigger teams who had to win every week. The problem you have is the big Premiership teams are hoovering up all the talent from a young age, paying them daft wages and more often than not they aren't getting much competitive game time when they should be breaking into a first team in League Two at 16/17. This isn't as much as a problem in other countries as they have B-Teams in the lower leagues or relaxed loan rules/club partnerships but there are too many clubs against the idea in England for that to happen when other countries like Portugal and Holland have tried it out in recent years. It's quite rare that you get players like Dele Alli who had a good couple of seasons playing regularly for MK Dons before moving to the Premiership and getting games. Eric Dier came through the B-Team system at Sporting before progressing to the first team and then getting a move to the Premiership. You look at all the players under 24 in the England squad and their pathway to there and they have all been getting regular football from an early age and it's no co-incidence they are probably thought of as some of the better players in the squad. John Stones (22) - 1 full season at Barnsley before moving to Everton and playing regularly for 3 seasons. 4 full seasons of experience and development from around 18 Raheem Sterling (21) - 3 full seasons at Liverpool and 1 full season at Man City playing at the highest level from around 17. He's still way overrated though. Eric Dier (22) - Progressed from Sporting B to first team and played a bit part for a couple of seasons. Moved to Spurs and was a regular for 2 seasons. Playing at a good level from around 17 Jack Wilshere (24) - Been in and around the Arsenal first team since he was 16. Good 7 seasons at a top level. Hasn't kicked on as he should have due to injuries. Ross Barkley (22) - Been a regular for Everton since he was 18 Dale Alli (20) - Couple of seasons for MK Dons and a regular in the Premiership. In first team since 17. Harry Kane (22) - Loans to Leyton Orient, Millwall, Norwich and Leicester before breaking into Spurs team. 3 full seasons in Prem Marcus Rashford (18) - Took his chance in Man Utd first team when Van Gaal was blooding youth players all over the place. Something that doesn't happen very often at all. You look at the current England U21 squad or who have recently been called up and there are players in there who are 20+ who have hardly played any first team football. Has to be concerning.
  13. Poor management, lack of motivation from players, wrong system, wrong players. England don't have any world class players any more. But because they play in the Premiership and earn a fortune they probably think they are elite players. A reality check is needed and they need proper coaching and playing in a system that suits them. The worst thing you can do as a manager is shoehorn players into your system. Rooney was abysmal against Iceland. There just aren't enough real quality English players around and this is partly due to the Premiership and its foreign imports and not enough English players are getting game time. I can't see that changing any time soon but if the FA want to do something about it they should try and get the Football League clubs on board and introduce squad and match day rules that provide opportunities for young English players. Maybe something like an U20 English player has to be on the pitch at all times in Championship matches. You look at the England U21 squad for the Toulon Tournament and it doesn't make very good reading and there isn't an awful lot to get excited about.
  14. Yes. I watched Love Island instead of Portugal v Poland last night. Although if it was on BBC I'd have had it on the laptop.
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