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  1. 1. What I'm saying is it was a lot easier to keep Tavernier on as captain rather than give it to someone else. Who do you think the captain would be if all the players arrived at the same time and there wasn't anyone already in the role? 2. If you don't give examples then there isn't much I can do to explain. Morelos for example hardly kicked a ball for the whole of 2020 so had a slight reduction as he wasn't performing as well as he did in 2019. He was also getting moves to clubs he probably shouldn't have been in-game so this was another reason. 3. Not officially confirmed anywher
  2. 1. Gerrard inherited Tavernier as captain after Murty gave him the role. Would probably have upset the dressing room if he came in and changed things. I think everyone can see and hear that Connor Goldson is the real leader of the group, probably with McGregor not far behind. But Tavernier wears the armband and leads in a different way. 2. Examples? There's been quite a lot of changes (both up and down) in the update. 3. Hasn't been confirmed. 4. Examples? 5. Thanks, will take a look at this one
  3. It's something I'll make a point of reviewing next time we are updating attributes. His Strength is set as 14 at the moment and I don't think arguing over a point or two is getting us anywhere. New players generally don't get changed much until researchers get a chance to watch players properly or there are glaring errors.
  4. Firstly, like all new signings Calvin Bassey will be reviewed fully for the January update once he's (hopefully) had the chance to play a number of games. He's not played much yet but I do like what I've seen so far. Tavernier should be very strong going forward and comfortable defensively for the level he's playing at. As much as his performances have improved so far this season he was still at fault for quite a few goals last season, especially in the games against tougher opponents. Young Boys away springs to mind. Given the number of options England have at right back I can't see T
  5. I think 14 is fair for Tav. Although he's been excellent this season his crossing can still be erratic. For example against Hamilton under no pressure he crossed 2 right out for goal kicks.
  6. Yeah the socks are blue in the 3D texture. Will get that one sorted.
  7. You can get to the User Interface settings by tapping the Settings icon on the left menu and choosing Settings. Then there is a View menu at the bottom where you can select further settings.
  8. This. There used to be a huge build up and talk of winning it, continual references to 1966 so it was amusing to see it all go wrong. The commentators are the worst for it. Now there are much better players in other teams than England have it isn't as likely that they'll win it and it isn't expected. Much more low key. These days if they done a strongest XI from qualified teams I doubt any English players would get in it. Might work in their favour though as they could be a decent counter attacking side.
  9. Looking forward to playing with this. Will be starting a Gala Fairydean save. Top work Morrissey. And looking forward to B-Teams being part of the pyramid. Will be great for young player development if they do it properly.
  10. It won't be possible to use the same code twice. It will be linked to your flatmates Steam account now so you'll have to wait for his copy to arrive and use that code in your own Steam account.
  11. San Marino only has one league (split into two groups) so I don't know how you could do the dafuge challenge there.
  12. Looking forward to people creating the San Marino and Italian Serie D as lower levels than Serie C2 and an active San Marino league should benefit the San Marino Challenge
  13. 1. Are you going to be running a new sign up / challenge for FM2009? Yes indeed! 2. What type of sign up / challenge will you be running? One familiar one and one new one which I don't think has been done before. Both challenges btw. 3. Are you going to be posting your thread as soon as the game is released or wait until a patch has been released? Depends really. I like to test them out first and make sure all the details are correct before posting.
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