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  1. Ter

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    You have to remember Tavernier is playing in Scotland and is currently going through a decent patch of form. If he was really that good then he'd be off to the Premier League already. His consistency is getting better but I remember times when he was overhitting crosses and his long shots aren't always on target either. From what little I've seen so far Barisic has a much better delivery than Tavernier. Particularly when he played against Rangers for Osijek his delivery from wide areas was outstanding.
  2. Ter

    Not all real kits showing

    Some kit assets are still being added in time for the game's release
  3. This. There used to be a huge build up and talk of winning it, continual references to 1966 so it was amusing to see it all go wrong. The commentators are the worst for it. Now there are much better players in other teams than England have it isn't as likely that they'll win it and it isn't expected. Much more low key. These days if they done a strongest XI from qualified teams I doubt any English players would get in it. Might work in their favour though as they could be a decent counter attacking side.
  4. Ter

    Funko Pop!

    I keep finding excuses to go places that have a B&M I've never been to so that I can try and find this unmasked Iron Man for a fiver
  5. Ter

    Funko Pop!

    Yeah I had noticed that already but didn't know they had reprinted the boxes. The spelling is also wrong on the back of the other JP pops as well.
  6. Ter

    Jurassic World 2 - Fallen Kingdom

    Was IMAX 3D showing I went to. Didn't really notice anything coming out the screen. They showed a trailer of Ant Man and the Wasp before it where things were flying out all over the place. 24 people at the midnight showing last night. Benefits of having a cinema 5 mins away so just popped over.
  7. Ter

    Funko Pop!

    These are the two I got. If they are fakes then they are very good fakes
  8. Ter

    Funko Pop!

    I ordered a couple of Jurassic Park ones for £7 each from Game Dealz through Amazon. Turned up fairly quickly and haven't had a letter about any custom charges (yet) so hopefully should be OK.
  9. Ter

    Jurassic World 2 - Fallen Kingdom

    Anyone been to see it yet? I went to see it last night and thought it was excellent. Opening scenes are fantastic.
  10. Ter

    Funko Pop!

    I got a couple from the US through Amazon.co.uk with no customs charges. Guess it depends on your luck and where you buy from. I ordered loads from Barnes & Noble in the US as they were selling quite a lot for $2 each but got hit with customs charges when it arrived. Still worked out cheaper than getting the same pops from here. Spent far too much on these over the past couple of years. Have over 100 now and have ran out of space. Started with the Masters of the Universe ones then got a bit out of hand. B&M has been great for bargain pops but I only really buy ones I like if they are a decent price. Regretting not buying the Ultimate Warrior a few months ago and now it has went way up in price. Think the most valuable ones I have are Batman (Black Chrome) Luke Skywalker (Hooded) Faker Macho Man Sleestak (Land of Lost) Enik (Land of Lost) - Found for £7.99 in Glasgow Forbidden Planet last week On my want list are the rest of the Jurassic Park ones, Jurassic World when they come out and I'm going to try and get the rumoured Stinkor exclusive from San Diego Comic Con but dunno how difficult that is going to be.
  11. Yeah, I don't think Asda have any smaller express stores or whatever they are called these days so easier just to get rid and rebrand them all to Sainsbury's. And bump the prices up. Still not got over Presto and Safeway disappearing.
  12. Can see one of these brands disappearing in the next few years if it goes through. Can't see them keeping both going long term. Shame though as the main two large supermarkets to me are Asda and Sainsbury's and I prefer Asda for the "big shops" as it is much cheaper.
  13. Likely GAME will get all the money up front and you'll owe the money to Close Brothers. Tempted to get PS VR on the scheme though
  14. Ter

    The day the dream died (or has it)

    They should get viewers to nominate their Aunt's to guest host with Dec and call the feature "My Aunt and Dec". Winner. Or if they just do celeb guest hosts then they need to break the bank to make the first one Minnie Driver.
  15. Ter

    [Scotland] (Official) Data Issues

    Yep, just checked and he has Rangers set as a disliked club for some reason. Must be leftover from his time at Hibs.