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  1. I doubt it will work if they have changed the editor. which I suspect they may have for FM19.
  2. I done a video looking at Celtics updated squad with January transfers added. I've put it in the spoiler, so people can watch it if they choose.
  3. Finlayson is good in my save too. But not as good as that yet.
  4. I've done a video on Rangers updated squad with January transfers (sortitoutsi squad update) and where they will fit in to the team. I know a lot of people don't like videos links so have put it under a spoiler, so people can watch it if they choose.
  5. No advice at all? Surely there is a way around this that I'm forgetting?
  6. Hi, Guys. I'm adding a created team to Vanarama National League South, which is easy enough using the editor. However, I always remember there being an issue with adding a created team to cup competitions, I usually got round this using advanced rules as I was editing cup comps anyway. Is there a simple way of adding a created team to correct cup comps such as FA Cup, FA Trophy etc and continuing on when the team is promoted i.e being in EFL Cup, EFL trophy without doing advanced rules and changing cup structure? Any advice would be appreciated. It's probably some
  7. Barjonas turns out good if he plays first season i.e loaned out, which you have done. Keep an eye on Aidan Wilson as well.
  8. Seems a strange one to be honest, but Mozza is actually on Si forums. Maybe post in this forum for a quicker response. I've never had that issue ever.
  9. Sorry about the lateness of response. Thanks for the advice. I did ask and read the rules of the forum before posting. I was only adding further videos to finish what previous people had suggested/wanted to see. Since I guessed they would have watched previous videos given some of the replies, I didn't see any issues following up with other videos etc. It wasn't to stretch out "plugging my videos and channel", it was merely to act upon feedback. I'm done now anyway. I appreciate some people prefer screenshots and what not over videos. Thanks for the support anyway.
  10. Hi, Guys. Basically, I want to create a club with created players, all at the same current ability, but I want to give them random but meaningful positional stats i.e strikers best stat would be for finishing/midfielder passing etc. Is there a way to do this? If I leave all blank, is this the best way for a random stat or does the editor automatically give stats randomly based on current ability you have entered? Also, can physical stats be random or do they have to be entered? I have created players before, obviously, but not in this way. Would greatly apprecia
  11. I've never personally had that. What type of affiliate club are you trying to set up?
  12. I've done another video looking at some of the players I've missed in the Scotland team 5 years in the future plus others you guys wanted to see -
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