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  1. I finished the season with my striker scoring 24 Premier League goals. The same tally as a striker from another team. However, the news item announced that my striker had taken second place. This feature has probably very little impact on the game itself but curious as to why a Golden Boot award cannot be shared.
  2. I'm playing the 2032-33 season. Immediately after retiring, these players became head coaches and have attained the following reputations and jobs: Tammy Abraham - World Class - AC Milan - ranked 7th in the world Raheem Sterling - World Class - Atletico Madrid - ranked 14th in the world Jordan Pickford - Continental - England - no ranking information I find this very unrealistic. I understand the need to recycle players into managers but the game is just matching players with no football management experience with vacant top tier jobs and handing them elite reputations.
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