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  1. I haven't noticed a drastic impact to player conditioning since the latest hot fix. In fact I prefer the original player conditioning update that was released within the winter update. It very much feels like the main reason I have for rotating my squad is to keep players happy and to maintain their attributes. It doesn't feel like conditioning is forcing (or encouraging) me to rotate my team. I'm managing Lazio and I have one gold rated natural fitness coach and my training facilities are state of the art. So I realise this will have a big impact on player recovery. Anyone complaining about their player's recovery should upgrade their coaching and facilities if they haven't done so already. During the months of February and March (a busy period of the season), I found that most of my first XI could play consecutive matches without suffering from a dip in performance. My fixture list had matches with only a three day interval in between them and I found that a lot of my players would, after three days rest, have a conditioning % rating of mid-to-high 90s. Only a handful of players would be in the low 90s. I had one instance of a player who had not sufficiently recovered in time for the next match. This was a player who had a conditioning rating of 88%. I should probably state this is not ultra-scientific. If I really wanted to test this, (as I have done before) I would have played the same XI for every match. I have rotated the odd player due to the reasons highlighted above. But I do feel the developers could be harsher. I accept the argument that it would be unrealistic to have to rotate your team for every game but I feel the winter months / end of the season should see more fatigue.
  2. Pretty much all of my players ratings are coming back with irregular results. Another good example. Parma hammered 6-0 yet no one has a rating of below 6. Some defenders have ratings of 8. Lazio v Parma.pkm
  3. Hi @Sebastian SzlenkierSzlenkier Do you still need examples of irregular player ratings? I have a number of examples to share. This one is a good example. Lazio v Udinese.pkm
  4. Not from me unfortunately. I'm cruising at the top of Serie A with Lazio and have just thrashed Atletico 5-0 in the Champions League.
  5. Sorry, I may not have been clear in my previous message. I tried to recreate the bug by playing a separate save file which had an earlier save point in my career. However, the player in question was sold without encountering any issues.
  6. I do have a save before I offered the player up for transfer but, and this is a bit odd, I recreated the steps from my original save and I received a bid, which I was able to accept, and then later able to confirm. That didn't happen in the save I provided to you?
  7. The only way I could push the transfer through was to go on holiday (I recall this being a work around from an earlier, similar bug). The ironic thing about this is that I have never experienced this bug before. I remember a lot of people did when FMM19 was first released, and I know several updates were released to fix this error. It's weird that now all of a sudden I'm experiencing it.
  8. Good question. I just scouted this player. Liked the look of him so made a successful transfer bid. He arrives at my club and suddenly his stats decrease in dribbling, passing, and tackling. Do I need to fire my scout?
  9. I have just started my second season after updating to 10.2.1. Two transfer bugs have appeared. 1. Both Liverpool and Chelsea have made bids for my Advanced Playmaker, Luis Alberto. He is valued at £27M but both bids have been for £0. He has two years left on his contact and news item have appeared prior to the bids being made to say either club plan on making a bid close to his valuation. 2. I have offered my striker, Simone Palombi, up for transfer. I received a news item to say Union Berlin had made an offer but I was unable to accept it. I then received a news item to say the offer had been accepted. I then received a further news item to ask me to confirm the transfer but it didn't have the action button for me to confirm or decline the transfer. I now keep getting the "£8.5M transfer for Simone Palombi can now be completed" message over and over again. Lillywhite Dean transfer issues.zip
  10. Because FMT is a more time consuming game. A lot of people like FMM because of its fast paced nature.
  11. Well I don't know if most players are able to take a team from VNL to Prem but I know I can! I have noticed a lot more feedback this time where people are saying FMM19 is easy compared to the feedback received for previous versions. I'm currently playing FMM19 with the winter update so waiting to see if the player conditioning tweak has made it a little more challenging.
  12. Hi Marc, save attached. Discipline issue.zip However, I now seem to be able to discipline the player. I found that I could do this after continuing the game for a few days. The option to discipline the player was not available when I clicked on the players name from the news item about the suspension. So you may not feel this is worth investigating. P.S. the option to discipline players for red cards directly from the news item is available for league matches but not for continental matches. Not sure if this is by design or not. P.P.S I remember the old CM games where you could discipline a player for 'no reason'.
  13. Why is it you can't discipline players who have been sent off in continents competitions. One of my midfielders received a red card in the second round first leg match and the option to discipline him is greyed out.
  14. Angelos, update 10.2.1 has reversed the original conditioning fix. I played three games in nine days and the worst conditioning rating a player of mine had was 89%. Most of my players had 91-100% fitness. This is playing Serie A during December which is a congested period. I no longer have any fitness issues.
  15. Unfortunately my update was automatic so I can't reverse this.
  16. Hi @Marc Vaughan, what did the hot fix tweak? I've been playing FMM on my commute into work this morning and all of a sudden I'm not seeing any of my players suffering with match/condition fatigue over a congested December period. I had three fixtures in a nine day period and the lowest conditioning rating a player had was 91%. Most had 100%. I'm concerned this update has reversed the condition fix that was applied in the previous update.
  17. 93% is still a match fit player. Some players who struggle to reach match fitness may have a low stamina attribute. The recent update included an update to how the game manages player fitness because previously, players would be 100% fit for every match (which is unrealistic).
  18. Hi @MikaelS - Yes we did. I shared our post on this discovery in my reply to @Marc Vaughan. I think it's quite a significant find.
  19. Hi Marc, can I ask a question about players coming through the academy. At Lazio, half-way through the season, I upgraded my youth facilities to 'Top'. At the beginning of the next season, only three players were deemed good enough to graduate from the academy. Their stats were really poor and my assistant manager suggested I release them all (which I agreed with). If my youth facilities are Top, shouldn't I expect to see higher quality graduates coming through?
  20. No one is asking for FMM to be super hard. We just want it to be challenging. For a lot of us experienced FMM players (and some newbies too), the game doesn't provide that. I do like your idea of two different game modes though.
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