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  1. Or even just bringing it in line with club management in FMM. For example, currently you can't manage your staff as an international manager and there is no scouting, training, dynamics info.
  2. That's not a bad shout. I normally start the game with the highest rep I have available. I'll downgrade in future.
  3. The squad numbers thing already exists in the squad page. Also in Manager Options you can set that you don't want any job offers to be made to you.
  4. Slightly off topic, but I've always wondered if there is any detrimental effect to changing tactics too often. For example, do players perform better if you play the same tactics every game (due to familiarity, consistency, etc)? Or are to able to change tactics every game with no negative effects?
  5. Plus one for this. Keeping tabs on a large number of players out on loan is very time consuming.
  6. Not to the same extent as @Zoot, but I find the game pretty easy now too. I usually limit myself to just single nationality squads and free transfer, loans, exchanges (i.e. no transfer fees paid). Even with those restrictions, I've won a couple of Serie A titles with Palermo having started in the third tier seven seasons ago. Having said that, I can't blame the game. My relative success is simply based on experience. I've been heavily playing FMM for 5 or 6 years now, so I'm obviously going to benefit from that. It's a tough balancing act and I can't expect SI to make the game impossibly difficult just to satisfy veterans otherwise you won't get any new players sticking around. I would be interested in knowing what other people do to make it more of a challenge or if SI are planning to introduce some sort of difficulty settings in-game. I would also agree that, having played as them in a previous version, Bilbao is probably the toughest job you can have in this game simply due to the limited pool of players. It's a lot of fun though. Might give them a try again in FMM 22. 😉
  7. Hi, I'd like to see a bit more fanfare when a player reaches significant personal milestones. This would make it a bit more rewarding to have long-serving players at the club. For example, it could be for their 100th goal at a club or their 300th appearance. It's the sort of thing that is mentioned during matches all the time on TV but we don't get any sort of reference in game. A news item would be a good start, but any other ideas would be welcome.
  8. I do often find several good players getting released at 30/31 years old, which seems a bit extreme. For example, in the game I'm playing now Virgil Van Dijk's Liverpool contract expired in 2023 and he got released at the age of 31 and signed by West Ham. That would never happen in real life. Players certainly seem to hold less worth (as opposed to value) once they hit 30 than they would in the real game. The amount of good players that get released every summer is ridiculous.
  9. Hi, Can I ask for a bit more context on these marking settings (Zonal and Man) ? Do they only apply at set pieces or in general play too? I suspect it's the set pieces only as I've set a DMC to man mark an opposition AMC all game and he tends to do his own thing most of the time. Thanks
  10. Just to put in my two cents on this, I appreciate the game isn't perfect and there will always be bugs, but I think SI produce a hell of a game ever year. I put in hundreds of hours of play each time and I couldn't do this if it was as bad as the OP suggests. The hard work is appreciated. While individual feedback would be nice, I'd rather they didn't spend too much time on the forums. Pretty sure when you raise a bug for FIFA you don't get EA asking you to do the UAT. And I especially don't want them bowing too much to pressure on here as inevitably it will come down to whoever moans the most and the loudest. Maybe as a compromise, SI could present a list of smaller bug fixes on here every sprint and users can vote for the one(s) they want implemented? That way users get some input and you'd be able to gauge the bugs that are bothering people the most. As always there are other alternative titles if FMM is not to your liking. Good luck with those. I've tried them and they're mostly terrible. 😉
  11. I'm guessing your reserve team is full. I think the limit is 40. Try releasing one or two reserve players and see if you can demote players after that.
  12. I've experienced this before where the coach is still playing (i.e. player coach, etc). They can still show up in the staff search list. Is that the case here?
  13. The only one that works for me is that you launch the game before you turn on airplane mode,as it's at the point of launching it that it checks for data connectivity. However it doesn't always work for long as if I switch between other apps and go back to FMM, it sometimes shows me that message again and I can't proceed any further. It'd be good to get some sort of official response from SI.
  14. Thanks. Glad it's not just me. I've found the latter as a workaround but it's not ideal. I get the impression this was a decision to minimise game piracy but it seems heavy handed to punish the many for the actions of the few.
  15. Hi, Why am I unable to play the game offline anymore? I often have to travel for work and playing FMM helps me get through those journeys where I have to have my phone on airplane mode or when I have no phone reception? The last time I tried launching the app on airplane mode, I got the screen below and couldn't proceed past it. Why does it even need to be connecting with Google Play store anyway?
  16. Agree with this. I think it's important to maintain the level of common dual nationalities (i.e. English/Irish. Turkish/German, French/Senegalese, Argentinian/Italian. Australian/Greek, etc). Also, as mentioned previously I find the number of players with a second nationality generally drops as a save game progresses. Is this a known issue?
  17. I seem to remember this conversation coming up on here about a year ago and it was suggested that this means that the player is unhappy to a high enough degree that it shows up on the team selection screen but not enough that anything it mentioned on the Player Personal page.
  18. I've had this multiple times before and it's really annoying. Will try to come up with a save game too.
  19. Hi @Daniel Williams @Marc Vaughan @StephenCronin Sorry I took a while to reply. I've been playing through my save game and experimenting a little. So it turns out you CAN call up players with a second nationality but it's really tough. The only times I was able to was when I was managing Portugal and Netherlands. In both cases the players were of a low standard (£5k, 30-something journeymen). I have also managed Albania, Turkey, DR Congo and Northern Ireland in the same save game and wasn't able to call up any, even at the standard of player described above. I suspect the reputation of your nation is a big deciding factor even if the player himself is mediocre at best and has no hope of playing international football otherwise. Another thing I have noticed is a big reduction in the amount of players with a second nationality the more you play through a game. I'm guessing the starting DB has a certain amount but this is not being maintained through regens. This obviously gives you a smaller pool of players to select from later in the game. Is this a known issue?
  20. Same here. FM is an excellent game but there are areas that can be improved (scouting and international management come to mind) and I'd rather these are looked at rather than a largely superfluous addition of the 3D engine
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