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  1. I would look for higher attributes, but my idea is that if even 1 of the core attributes is below a 10 I would not have the player in my club.
  2. Vision and Off The Ball I would consider for outfield positions. My initial idea is a base of 8 that would apply to all positions from GK to ST and build from there. I'd like to keep things as simple as possible from the start and slowly evolve this into something as my reputation grows and I can afford to bring in top players who will have more attributes in high figures.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll definitely check out some YouTube videos for inspiration on creating a club DNA to see if there's anything I haven't considered. Using the Tifo video as a point of reference my initial thoughts on team instructions would be. Narrow, Play Out of Defence, Shorter Passing, Higher Tempo, Work Ball Into Box Counter, Counter Press, Take Short Kicks Offside Trap, Higher DL, Force Outside, More Urgent Press, Prevent Short GK Distribution Player roles- SK-De FB-Su CD-De BPD-De WB-Su DLP-De
  4. I'm looking to start a game whereby I implement a Vertical Tiki Taka style with Crystal Palace. I know the starting squad will not be suited to this initially, so I need to get my recruitment right. With this in mind I'm trying to narrow down 6-8 attributes that I'd like all my signings to have at least a 10 rating in. In my head I'm thinking. First Touch and Passing - Ability to control the ball and pick out the right pass in tight spaces and at pace. Concentration and Decisions - Focusing for the full 90 minutes and making the right decisions. Teamwork and Work
  5. Brilliant read and not a side that gets as much attention as it maybe should. As a Leeds fan I was in awe of this side, especially Ronaldo. Could you add the PI's for your alternate formations? Also, do you use any OI's? In what situations would you use the asymmetric 442 used against Chelsea in the final?
  6. I used a 433 with Wigan with good results. SK-De WB-Su CD-De CD-De WB-Su DM-De AP-At BWM-Su W-Su IW-At DLF-Su Using the Team Instructions from the OP, even managed a 3-0 win against a strong Spurs side in the first season.
  7. Leeds Test Predicted: 10th Result: 12th Started really well with 6 wins in my first 7 games, followed later by a run of 13 games without a win. For most of the season I was in an around the middle pack, had I been able to put a few wins together I might have made it into the Europa League spots. We ended the season with the 7th most goals scored in the league with 55, unfortunately our defence was abysmal, conceding 68, the 3rd most in the division. We were knocked out away to Everton in the FA Cup 5th Round having beaten Brighton and Coventry. In the League Cup we w
  8. This is really intriguing. I've been searching for a normal tactic this year that's universal. Not every club has players capable of playing Mezalla, Inverted Wing Backs, Complete Forward etc. Will try this tonight and feed back the results.
  9. I would consider your mentality if you're looking to play counter attacking football. Cautious will naturally make your players play safe and at a lower tempo. For me, if you're looking to play counter attacking football, a positive mentality as this will increase the tempo and your players will naturally be at a higher mentality looking to progress the ball forward.
  10. My initial thought was Newcastle, ASM as the IW, Almiron as AP and Wilson DLF. Could be lethal.
  11. Bare in mind the mentality set to positive will also instruct players to play slightly more direct passing at a slightly higher tempo.
  12. Playing out of defence would bring your players deeper to assist with build up play. This in turn will draw the opposition out, leaving space to attack.
  13. Is it just myself that none of the images are working for? Very good read though, will certainly help with creating something that isn't just the usual high pressing, attacking possession style that so far has been my only way of being successful.
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