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  1. My initial thought was Newcastle, ASM as the IW, Almiron as AP and Wilson DLF. Could be lethal.
  2. Bare in mind the mentality set to positive will also instruct players to play slightly more direct passing at a slightly higher tempo.
  3. Playing out of defence would bring your players deeper to assist with build up play. This in turn will draw the opposition out, leaving space to attack.
  4. Is it just myself that none of the images are working for? Very good read though, will certainly help with creating something that isn't just the usual high pressing, attacking possession style that so far has been my only way of being successful.
  5. In my opinion the RB for Spurs is more attacking and the RW is less offensive than the LW. I'd change Doherty to a FB-At and Bale to IW-Su. Hojbjerg I'm not sure is a DLP, he doesn't seem to attract the ball too much but more so breaks up play and finds other players in the team. So maybe a DM-De would be a more accurate role? Also I'd personally use Kane as a CF-Su so he offers more of an attacking threat. As you've used a defensive formation, you might want to consider adding 'tighter marking' as an instruction.
  6. I would say this guy is a BBM. Already decent physically and mentally with well rounded technical attributes.
  7. Again, you could try playing with or without this instruction and see what results you get. Personally I would leave it off.
  8. Add 'press more' player instructions to your front 4 players. Try playing some games with and without tighter marking. See which one you feels works for you. Personally I wouldn't start with too many instructions, watch the games and tweak as you go.
  9. Given that you'll likely be a more dominant team in most games I would go with a Higher DL, Standard LOE, and a split press on the front 4 rather than urgent pressing. You might want to consider using the offside trap or playing one of the CB's as covering.
  10. As a Leeds United fan, I'm obviously amazed by the job Marcelo Bielsa has done and the style of football he's managed to achieve with largely the same group of players who finished 13th in The Championship. I've seen a few tactical recreations of Bielsa's Leeds on various forums and YouTube videos but have never felt they can fully replicate the transition from 4141 to 3313 and the passing and movement of the team. I attempted my own recreation and to my surprise I've found that what I've come up with is the closest replication I've come across. I'll put the instructions belo
  11. Other than the Match Engine being updated, I can't think of any change in FM Touch for years, it can still have tweaks and new features added and still be a 'streamlined' version of the full game. The issue is that there appears to be real focus on FMM and FM to add new features and improve the player experience but Touch is like those versions of Fifa they release for old consoles, 'let's just update the kits and transfers and charge them the same price as we do every year'.
  12. Squad dynamics have been added to FMM this year, they aren't in FMT. There are more coaching staff available. Media and player interaction is more varied and frequent. Given that FMM is on mobile, and FMT is on PC/Console/High End Tablets, its a little bit embarrassing that there are areas where FMM is more in depth.
  13. They actually originally tweeted on October 16th that FM Touch features would be announced 'soon'.. With the effort they have put into FMM this year, I'm debating whether to just play the mobile version and save myself some money. There's features on there now that aren't even on Touch.
  14. I haven't gone back to 'Full FM' since I first played FM Classic which I think was 2013? FM 2012 was when it seemed to get too tedious to play in my opinion. It's nice to be able to take control of the main aspects without repetitive press questions, player conversations, training considerations and having to manage 4 squads of youth players.
  15. Sorry. My attitude wasn't aimed at you. It's more so stance SI have taken in that it's our fault for expecting a Beta for FM Touch and the heavy handed approach they have taken in that if we don't appreciate their response, we're free to get a refund.
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