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  1. Never bought the saying that the game is too easy. There are literally so many things you can change in your own game to make the game so much harder for you.
  2. Yea I had the same issue too. I used a real time editor to get rid of Brexit and I assumed it was because of this. I thought I'd just try and sign someone with the message anyway and see what happened. For me, turned out to be nothing and I could sign them and play them just fine.
  3. I'm trying my best to play the game with a smile on my face whilst there are so many bugs going on in the game. But the one I keep seeing (or it may have been added to the game) is players which are either young players or fringe players coming to the end of their contracts and suddently wanting to be a regular starter. Anyone else noticed it's been added to the game or is it just me?
  4. This may have been asked before, but has the option to view latest scores and league tables gone from the match screen?
  5. Well that is pretty much gamebreaking. What a shame to have only read this now, but saves me wasting anymore time.
  6. If there was one thing that didn't need to be changed from all these years of FM, it's the acceptance of a job process.
  7. I am only 4 games into a new season from the Beta. Is it worth starting a new one or will all the bugs be fixed once I load up?
  8. Is there anything in these 13 pages which hasn't been fixed from the beta and is game breaking?
  9. Obviously not for this challenge, but I've noticed you can sign 14 year olds. Maybe this just passed me by on previous years but it's the first time I've noticed it.
  10. I know it's a known issue but until the valuations on transfers are sorted I don't think anyone can start a proper save.
  11. As many have said, first impressions are that this seasons version could be really good. Going to wait until release date to get stuck into a save so that they can iron out all the creases, but well done SI, great work.
  12. For a team that's only been going 8 years, I think Sevco are well represented in the game.
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