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  1. Are you semi professional? If so, I know sometimes you can go into the in game editor and change your status to professional, but don't hit the ok button, and then change it back to semi professional. I know this sometimes clears that bug. The other thing I've found was that it default to non contract, but you could offer part time contracts upwards of £100p/w.
  2. Unfortunately this is the deal breaker for me with these kind of saves. I tried again recently with a level 10 team and I was actually really enjoying it and then I got to the FA Vase. I just can't enoy waiting that long for these things. My PC runs normal databases fine, and I think if in the future it can run one of these databases fine (maybe with me buying a new PC, granted), then I could really enjoy one of these saves.
  3. I used to always play the classic/touch version on the PC (never played FM on any tablet/phone), and wouldn't even entertain the idea of the full game. My view was that it was just way too much detail. However I think from last year and more so this year, the delegating of responsiblities you don't want to do is a massive turn back to the full game for me. I like the way that if you don't want to do certain aspects, the game doesn't 'punish' you for it. Like I don't do training or press conferences but the game doesn't pick me up on that and downgrade me in any way. It would be ideal if we could pick and choose what we want in the game, but hey, maybe in the future we might.
  4. I was having a bit of mess around with this the other night. Tried it with a few different teams to see what it's about and it doesn't work all the time, and is difficult to even make any money in the lower leagues. I tried with Boreham Wood and the best I could manage was £49k for a goalkeeper. Worst one I got was offered £2.4k. Interestingly enough, the young players released from Prem/Championship teams I got, would then be bought by Prem/Championship teams. The amount of players I had to go through to test it all would have made it not worth the effort had I wanted to do it within a 'proper game'. Tried with Everton too and got a few through which sold for £5m odd but ended up with 2 players that had no offers at all. Ben Watson and another one, the name escapes me. From what I seen, that example in the video of Van Ginkel would be few and far between. Is this the biggest exploit? No, not even close.
  5. Anyone else a bit stuck trying to get involved in a game right now? Lots of clubs in my head that I want to manage, or challenges I want to try, but I start game, lose interest and back to square one. It's a shame because I've got the time and I want to play the game, but I just can't get into any game. Anyone else at the same point?
  6. Same issue here. Database is just too slow to process.
  7. If there's any justice in this world then the 2 that are doing the Scarborough and Leiston saves deserve some success. Fair play for going on with it for so long.
  8. A club as big as Sunderland hiring a semi professional footballer who hasn't had a job in coaching before. Completely unrealistic. If you put unrealistic stuff in like that then the game can balance it out with what happened to you.
  9. This wouldn't have happened had you not put in unrealistic badges and reputation.
  10. I don't think I've known a year like this year for inconsistent results.
  11. Go to the league you want to search and then transfers > released players, and you'll see them in there.
  12. Ok, thanks. Is it all good to start a level 10 game? Not going to do 2 season and end up with no fixtures or anything like that? Good work on it too.
  13. Would like to start a proper lower league save on this. I'm local to the Midlands and I've noticed that the players for the teams in the Midland Premier League and below are the same that were in last years edition or this (or something similar). Is there a way to update these or would I be stuck with out of date players?
  14. Another example I can add is on my current save, Jamie Allen a midfielder that couldn't get a regular place in my League One team is now one of my first names on the team sheet in the Prem. He's 8th place according to stars in his position in the squad depth.
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