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  1. I didn't realise you could turn it off... I might have a final FM19 save in me yet then...
  2. I don't use anything other than Instant Result
  3. Easily possible when your starting reputation is high.
  4. Are there any 'cheaty-glitchy' corner routines for this FM?
  5. Sure this has probably been mentioned but this is slightly infuriating... Promoted to the Championship with Coventry and try to sign a free agent called George Thomas. Wants £21.5k a week and won't budge. I can only offer £5k a week max so I put him on my shortlist just incase it drops down in a while. Bolton, who have just been relegated to League One, sign him. On £4.3k a week.
  6. Had something similar recently. Won promotion first season with Coventry. Came 5th in the Championship but lost in the play-off semi finals. I had the lowest budget and this was only increased by 50k (which is nothing really) and they come back expecting promotion next season! Scouts tell me I've got 5 players that are good Championship players, the rest are League One and below. I mean I'll give it a go, I'm enjoying this save, but I was fully expecting another fight bravely against relegation expectation.
  7. I thought that too, but it doesn't seem to show them.
  8. Say you play in the FA Cup and get knocked out, but you still see the other results. How do I get to see the results come up for competitions I'm not in, but want to see? Say for example I want to see the Champions League and World Cup Qualifier results?
  9. What's the best way to simulate the All Players Interested downloadable from Touch into the full game?
  10. As said above. Go on holiday for a day and the computer will simulate it with greyed out players.
  11. San Marino isn't an option to take over as an International Club. Where am I going wrong?
  12. Have the teams that have won it previously been at a sufficient youth level?
  13. Finish in the top 2 and then win the play-offs.
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