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  1. San Marino isn't an option to take over as an International Club. Where am I going wrong?
  2. Have the teams that have won it previously been at a sufficient youth level?
  3. Finish in the top 2 and then win the play-offs.
  4. Away attendances have always been incorrect. It's something they've never got quite right.
  5. The top tactic seems to be 'the tactic' this year.
  6. What's the best way to give your team the most money and still pass FFP?
  7. Anyone have any ideas on this? I assume it's the same for FM19 but I can't find an answer on Google.
  8. I'd like to start a new game but give myself as close to unlimited money as possible. What is the best way to do this?
  9. Is it possible to have a database with FFP taken out? I'd do it myself but I'm awful with the editor.
  10. I don't, but what you could do is create one yourself. Either take over Chelsea and get them relegated through team selection or use an editor to destory the team before every game.
  11. Sounds like you would be better off finding and downloading an instant result skin. I use the instant result for pretty much all of my games. I set up the team and tactics and then instant result it. You get the win/loss as if you were actually doing it. You can set up match plans for the AM to use, but I generally don't bother. Just pick the team and tactics and he'll change it as he sees fit. If you do want to try out that youngster though, the AM will almost always sub him at half time. But yes, I don't play the actual matches either, I just instant result them.
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