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  1. The status beiung blank seems like a bug, best raised in the bug forums and then someone from our QA department can have a look.
  2. I'd say its more likely that your graphics card is struggling to render at 4k more than any issue with the TV itself. WHat are your PC specs?
  3. Yes they use the quick match engine No that doesn't mean only reputation matters and it doesn't mean no developlment will take place.
  4. Computer Type: PC CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 2700X @3.7Ghz (Stock) / 4GHz (turbo boost) RAM: 16 GB DDR4 @2933 MHz OS: Windows 10 1809 X64 Storage: SSD - PCIe M.2 SSD - Samsung 970 Evo Benchmark A: 3 min 03 sec Benchmark B: 5 min 44 sec Benchmark C: 7 min 01 sec Probably a good idea to mention which Windows 10 version as I have, as really each release is more like a traditional different version, or akin to a a MacOS point version - and certainly could affect performance. It would be good to have a test with more matches in full detail as well, as this really tests the multi-threading and thus multiple CPU cores much more.
  5. Might be worth checking in the nvidia control panel (if you have a nvidia) and check FM isn't using the integrated GPU - someelse else reported this had happened to them.
  6. I can't seem to reproduce this in Steam or in our internal builds. Can you send a screenshot of task manager showing FM with high CPU (maybe gpu?) usage? so I can compare to what I'm seeing here.
  7. In which situations? Inside a match, out of match or processing? Or all of the above?
  8. Its because FMT has too much information to fit into a UI (at a readable level!) on a small screen. Football Manager Mobile is slimmer version for phones.
  9. All users need to be on the same version. If you unsubscribe to the beta it will revert to 19.2.x However if you have saved any saves in 19.3 you will not be able to load them in 19.2 and will have to wait to go back to the beta or full update to 19.3
  10. Can you give us a screenshot of the out of memory error message please. It also might be worth trying the public beta out and see how that gets on. See https://community.sigames.com/topic/455060-join-the-football-manager-2019-public-beta-today/
  11. Yeah that reply came from me - its just a longer explanation of what I said above.
  12. If you get an even vaguely top end computer today I'd expect to be viable for a long time. Until a couple of months ago I was still running a 9 year old core i7 960 and tbh it was fine, mainly the mechanical HDD holding it back, so longevity of computers is much greater now as advancements are much slower than they used to be.
  13. FM has been 64bit for a couple of versions now If you play with all matches in full detail you will find it uses all your cores, but under default settings single threaded perf will be king.
  14. No it isn't - how can the probability of individual coin flip ever not be 50:50 ? (mindblown) - well aside some sort of fixed coin anyway...
  15. This was not a straight forward fix I'm afraid, it required updating mid-version to a newer version of Apples tools which is always risky as they normally bring new issues we have to work around and test for, so we weren't dragging our heels I can ensure you.
  16. Its actually about 10 years old, you posted asking about in the laptop thread and I said that machine has a graphics card below minimum spec, so it is quite likely the game will not run at all or will have major issues. But as said the demo is freely available so best to try that. Previous reply here:
  17. Both machines are very old and will not run the game that well. The HP is below minimum spec on the graphics card, so chances are the game won't run properly at all. The toshiba I think is right on the minimum spec - although I'm not completely sure as Intel graphics card naming scheme is so confusing - so it should just about run it
  18. That is intentional, if the game is idle there is no need to use power running a static screen at 60fps
  19. Best to log it in the bugs forum and we can have a look at why it is slow. DO you mean processing is slow or the player search screen is slow (or both) ?
  20. Afraid not, tablet versions do not support network play. You can between Mac & PC
  21. Hopefully your Mac can update to 10.11 https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT206886
  22. Theres no difference between the demo and the full game (aside time limit) so if thats working fine it is fine
  23. The demo is the best thing to test as KUBI said, but I'd imagine it will be fine
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