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  1. Having 32GB of ram isn't going to be any benefit to FM, it certainly won't make the game more stable, if you are getting instability you should log those crash dumps in the forums so they can be investigated
  2. Think its sad to lose the full detail test as that does show off a different aspect of performance, but I think its also good to look at future perf - perhaps there is room for both :.
  3. Technically below min spec, it might work but likely very slowly
  4. If you run powercfg -requests From an administrator command prompt it should give a better indidcation of what is causing the machine to not sleep
  5. The CPU is very weak I wouldn't recommend it, I think it would struggle massively
  6. Same thing applies, its Arm not Intel x86-64 which we don't compile the game for, so it would only run under an x86 emulator
  7. Its an Arm version of Windows so no, only under an emulator but even then I'd expect it be extremely slow if it works at all
  8. Only thing really updatable in macbooks tends to be RAM which won't really help. If its slowed down the most likely cause is dust etc blocking up the fans / vent holes causing it to overheat - so cleaning it out is probably the best thing you can do.
  9. The entire game is rendered using the GPU via DirectX 11, so that is totally normal
  10. Prettty much sums it up as I said in the thread before, in default settings like the the XT will be faster if you are going to detail level and manually setting lots of leagues/nations to full detail the 3950X is probably better.
  11. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i3-9100F-vs-AMD-Ryzen-3-3200G-vs-AMD-Ryzen-5-4500U/3461vs3497vs3702 I'll add though thats not the whole picture as comparing different class CPU's over a longer period is tricky the 4500U is a low power processor so althoguh the quickest it will also be the most likely to throttle performance due to overheating Other caveat is generally the single threaded performance is the key for FM which is much closer between the three. Perosnally I'm more of a desktop person, but really it depends what you want, I wouldn't expect vast differences betwee
  12. It does, the issue is that if we were to release a binary wthout protection, it would help the crackers remove the protection.
  13. I very much wouldn't buy a Mac at this point given soon Intel based macs are going to be discontinued, leaving you in a situation where new software is likely to be run via emulation. So I'd either wait (but guess its going to be too long) or switch to a Windows machine
  14. You might need to clear the cache folder (or turn off skin cache in preferences and restart, then can turn it back on again)
  15. The game tries to keep player numbers fairly level, so if inactive teams don't have many real players that will remain - so basically loading more leagues/bigger databases will see more newgens to keep that balance.
  16. They were ltc files when this was first annouced - the source english ltf can be found in C:\Users\<your.username>\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\languages
  17. It does reduce the download size which could be useful for people with poor internet connections but not really my area!
  18. This is unsupported and likely will have multiple issues as a lot of the skin funcionality is specific to tablets.
  19. The procesisng is all done on Googles servers so no need for a high end PC for the 3D graphics.
  20. The disk is not required at all, all you need to do is add the key that is contained within the case and then steam should download/install it.
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