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  1. Hi all, Is there anyway to stream FM20 from my personal laptop to my work laptop. I'm not allowed Steam on my work laptop due to security issues and want to play whilst working lol, but not have 2 laptops infront of me. I know there is Stadia but will this work and will I have to purchase FM20 again via Stadia to play? How much is Stadia bearing in mind I will probably only play FM20 through it, is it worth it. I'm not very techy so any help would be amazing. Thanks in advance.
  2. This is all I get when I try to connect to You Tube. Any ideas please.
  3. Great work mate, thanks for helping out, I'll do this later on
  4. Great skin, how do you get the kits with the top half of the bodies and where do you download them from?
  5. Thanks @Neil Brock, I'll take a look shortly. is it easy to update?
  6. I'm trying to find out if the Jan transfer update will be out or is out for the Nintendo Switch and if so how do I update it. I can see it's out for FM20 and FMT20 on PC and MAC and also on Android. CAn't seem to locate the answer anywhere. Thanks in advance.
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