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  1. I need a little help too please. I've got the font I want and know how to rename each text file in the fonts folder, but where do I add the actual font files please?
  2. uninstalling and reinstalling works and adds the new logo on the desktop
  3. I've now removed all graphics/kits apart from the league I'm in to see if that helps. Surely should still run good with the specs I have?
  4. I've got a MAcBook Air, I've attached some info on specs. FM24 seems to slow right down as I'm playing and freezes all the time. It can take ages between clicks. I have some add-ons. For example, kits and logos for the top divisions in around 5 countries. I've removed other graphics to try ans speed things up. I have loads of memory space on my laptop. I've even tried in offline mode and disconnected the WIFI and closed all other applications. Not suer what else to do. Is it a case of the age of the laptop has caught up with it and can't cope. Any help would be amazing. TIA
  5. I've just downloaded FMT 2024 on my switch and started a save with West Ham. I've found that Declan Rice and Gianluca Scamacca are still in the squad. How do I update it to the current squads. I started the game with the option real life.
  6. Tried uninstalling and re installing the games, defo doesn't work. Wonder if they'll ever sort it
  7. tracking this too as I have the same issue. Raise a new request as I didn't see this one
  8. Apologies, can you link me to the other post please. I couldnt see one
  9. I've reported this to Sega support and they also advised to report it here, I've had FM24 downloaded since the beta was released and the icon. has always shown as FM23. I assumed this would be updated once the full game came out but it remains the same. I was advised through the Football Manager page on Twitter (or X should I say) to uninstall and reinstall the game and that should fix it. Tried that a couple of times, even uninstalled, closed down Steam, closed down my MacBook and rebooted then installed again but with no luck. Screen grab added. Can someone look at this please. It's not a big issue as it doesn't in anyway affect game play, loving the game play by the way. TIA
  10. This has only just happened today (8/11/23). Been playing FM245 off an on all day and been fine up to now. Now, when I go into a game on match day, all the players are white along with the crowd. All other colours look fine, pitch, ref etc. Is there an easy fix for this or do I need to uninstall the game and install a fresh game? TIA for any help given
  11. Does anyone know if this is going to be fixed or how I can fix this manually. The desktop logo shows FM23, however the logo in the bottom app menu bar shows correcxtly as FM24
  12. Looks a lovely smooth skin, I'd be happy to test on MacBook if you need testers
  13. Try a diffferent skin, seems to work on those. You can find some on fmscout.com. See if this works for you
  14. Not sure if this is a bug or something I'm missing in the setting but the player names don't seem to be showing on the match day haighlights. The box is there but it's blank.
  15. What an absolute plum I am. Thanks for confirrming @bluestillidie00
  16. Downloaded this and added to the skins folder but its not showing. Tried the downloaded file as it is and also extracted using archiver. Any ideas please? TIA
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