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  1. Currently the game has tons of issues, from lack of central play, to unrealistically high pass completion and possession numbers for weaker teams, then comes this. I've beaten Villareal both times, 1-1 Draw and 2-1 win against United, 2-0 defeat and then a 2-0 victory at home vs Atalanta. I'm not using some crazy unrealistic exploit tactic, but the game definitely feels easy during beta. Zivkovic looks pretty good in game and I've been playing him as a striker (at least until Ohi comes), he's got 5 goals in CL and 10 goals in the league so far. We certainly do have a strong side, as far as I can tell player attributes have improved from FM21.
  2. Def not gonna use that above tactic again, this was the score with my regular 4-3-3. Though with players that have better natural fitness, stamina and work rate, I could see that tactic winning against much much larger opponents.
  3. Absolutely disgusting. When I saw it, I though yeah no way I'm gonna play with this tactic, it's just clearly an exploit. But our next game was against United in CL. So I just had to see. def doesn't work against much stronger teams, but rolls over any weaker or similar team
  4. Red Star v Metalac Gornji Milanovac.pkmRed Star v Ferencvárosi TC.pkm https://i.gyazo.com/8578699ebd0c1ff40605554701abc7b3.png compared to real life stats, in the PL https://i.gyazo.com/0907fe8799c995447dea42c4fbc63706.png Bottom half teams usually have 70-80% pass completion, but in FM they're sitting comfortably around 90%.
  5. This has been an ongoing issue with the game's mentalities and AI managers playing on defensive mentalities. In FM22 it seems to be even worse, managers who play on defensive mentalities will have really high possession numbers with an unrealistically high pass completion. 67% Possession and 95% pass completion is just ridiculous, especially when you consider the fact that they haven't created many chances and we have 25 shots and 2.65 xG against them.
  6. Oh my god, and guess what? BETA is the 2ND letter of Greek alphabet. So if 2nd videos get released today, that must mean the BETA IS GETTING RELEASED TODAY.
  7. Shhh, now that we are onto them, they might surprise us and release it early!
  8. 26th it is then, they play QPR away in EFL Cup and it's exactly 2 weeks away from the release.
  9. That was to be expected. If they had reworked it, they would've put it among their headline features.
  10. Pressing triggers are stuff like opposition player taking a bad touch, being on his weak foot, bad pass, etc. What I kinda wanted to be included, was different types of counterpress. For example, you have space oriented, ball oriented, man oriented and passing lane oriented counterpress. Right now I'm not sure what we have in game, seems like just a man oriented counter press.
  11. Excited by some features, but really disappointed with the match day. Let's talk about their main big match features that they've marketed. 1. New animation engine - New animations look great, they've said they wont be adding everything right away so I understand there's a lot of work ahead of them for the future versions. "For example, a player moving to receive a pass in previous years would make very few movements before controlling the pass and would often ‘slide’ before they reached the ball. Adding root motion means that is a thing of the past in FM22." This specific issue might have been fixed, but there's still a ton of sliding from players on the pitch, especially when they're in possession of the ball. Running with the ball looks weird, and in general there's still sliding present in the game. So no, it's not a thing of the past. 2. Pressing - For FM22, we’ve added pressing triggers as part of a complete overhaul of the existing pressing system. Yet the player can't choose which pressing triggers to use? I understand it was probably done because it would give even more edge to human managers over the AI managers. It’s also worth noting that if you have a squad that is lacking stamina then playing a Gegenpress system over the course of 90 minutes isn’t the best idea in FM22. Yet they went on to play a few games on Gegenpress, scoring 3 goals per game and just rolling over the opposition teams without issues. And like others have mentioned, bad defending, lots of goals from corners, and awful match day lighting, awful stadiums. Still can't wait to play it, definitely sticking to 2D match view. I hope the ME gets fixed by the time game is released.
  12. Yes it does, just not on a separate screen. Edit: There's a scroll bar on the right in that image Miles posted, so it's not a separate screen but 100% exactly the same as it is in FM21 under Rules tab.
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