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  1. (sic)

    Key and preferable attribute highlight

    Did you add the RGB values in between ""? Maybe you didn't reload the skin after applying changes? The file you have to edit is in your documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/skins/yourskin/settings
  2. (sic)

    Key and preferable attribute highlight

    <colour name="preferred attribute" red="" green="" blue="" alpha=""/> <colour name="required attribute" red="" green="" blue="" alpha=""/> If you don't have those lines, just add them. (settings file)
  3. (sic)

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Didn't want to make a new post so I'll just reply here. Is it possible to change the little circles when selecting Position (scouting), currently they're black and hard to see. I've spent whole day searching trough different files but couldn't find it. Also I'm looking at changing that green color...
  4. Thanks for reporting the issue, it's fixed now!
  5. I'm pretty sure you can't use this skin for FMT. I don't plan on releasing FMT version of the skin.
  6. I'm also unable to fix it, it uses the exact same coding as the other 2 menus on that page, yet it acts completely differently. That's why I think it's an issue with the game. This skin really does make it look extreme, where all the text disappears, I've seen other skins having an issue with the similar thing but not at this level, that's probably because of the colors I used.
  7. Yep that's an issue with the skin at the moment, not sure how much I can do since other 2 dropdown menus are working correctly and they have same code as the one for position/role/duty. Even on normal skin when you hover over positions, the text disappears. I'll try looking into it. Hopefully it's fixed in the next update since it seems it's an issue with the game.
  8. Completely recolored Football Manager Dark skin. This is the skin I started making for myself, but later decided to polish and share it with everyone else! Last year I was messing around with editing different skins, but now I've decided to publish my own skin for the first time. Features: Instant Result Button Recolored majority of skin colors so it fits the dark theme Redesigned Club profile DF11 Facepack support Available in Blue, Orange, Green and White colors Updates: v1.4 - Added Blue, Green and White versions of the skin v1.5 - Added DF11 Facepack support, updated Club profile panels v1.5.1 - Bugfixes Download: FMScout Direct Link Credits: Thanks to: Wannachup 'Pikawa'(CFM skins) and 'necjeff'(DF11Faces.com) for DF11 panels Michael Murray - for providing base skin and helping out when needed
  9. (sic)

    Pressing is broken since 19.1.0

    Nope. Standard closing down. Even if I increased it this shouldn't happen, last 3 defenders all going for the player and leaving so much space open... My tactic isn't really a problem, since it's working really good. (4 draws 3 losses in League 1 as Marseille, GD of 73, together with league I won both cups and CL...so the tactic is obviously working)
  10. (sic)

    Pressing is broken since 19.1.0

    Yeah, noticed it too. I had no such problems with my tactic before the update. But now I have this https://gyazo.com/5c52dee6b34bf0a2e9ed4d9617c3a029 3 players (Both CD and a FB) closing down player, getting in each others way and failing to win the ball.
  11. (sic)

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Another issue is when clicking training on player and going to position/role/duty it looks like this :. https://gyazo.com/56c444e2637802b1a9736b7619dfd3f2 It should look like this instead https://gyazo.com/a8643a6641e7cab841f83c97d934c296 It's seems like it's controlled by player training information.xml I'm still not sure about the thing I've mentioned above (promo banner) couldn't find a way to move it. Edit : Managed to move the banner.
  12. (sic)

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Well, I've stumbled upon some new issues. I was able to move all menu items except the add at the bottom. I have no idea how to move, everything I've tried didn't work. Seems to be controlled by this <!--promo banner image--> <widget class="picture" id="prob" width="250" height="150" keep_aspect_ratio="true" scale_picture="false" alignment="horizontal" offset="100" /> Also in main menu, I've looked into previous years threads. Changed the background, but manager is missing. Tried to add 2 .dds files intro textures but that doesn't seem to help.
  13. (sic)

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Thank you so much for your help. Only now I've realized how to use blue/green/red replacements and that it's controlled in the xml file inside graphics folder...I feel kinda stupid now That was exactly the problem with the menu...those graphic files were transparent. Hopefully there wont be any more issues regarding this. Still have to start moving panels around so that should be fun.
  14. (sic)

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Also, that green bar on top of tactics is still there in match. Can't find which file to edit. Edit : Found it! Still can't find this purple thing
  15. (sic)

    [FM19] A couple of things

    Thank you very much for help. Yeah, I needed to edit graphics for the menu highlight. It was some kind of blue overlay on top that was put on top of settings anyways. But after changing its color it's now even darker. https://gyazo.com/8be655c58bad25927f2f47ead99277d8 If I set it to transparent then it's completely dark. Also when I set border and shadow for menu, it turns blue instead of orange like I set it. Still not sure about player name boxes, I think you misunderstood me. I don't want to change font, but the teal box around it. Or I just didn't do it right.