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  1. Ah the classic, "just don't buy it". They are introducing some kind of graphical improvements every year, yet the game looked better 8 years ago than it does now.
  2. Finally got to redesigning home page. After doing the match panels and this, I think that's pretty much it for this year. Although, you never know.
  3. I honestly just use spacebar to continue so I wasn't really bothered to mess with that button.
  4. Due to current situation, I have a lot of free time so...here's something I worked on for past few days. Panels are pretty much the same, except the tactics screen. Mainly I was working on new color scheme, boxes and buttons. I really like how that orange combines with other colors.
  5. Nah honestly I've seen his previous post. Just looks like a troll. " This is tactics from pep guardiola the king himself made in this game as good as it gets and mancity is the best team in the world "
  6. ? @mutukusam Might be better to post it in suggestions forum.
  7. Same issue LB and CB sitting on top of each other.
  8. Because teams have realized you are a threat and have adapted their tactics. They wont be attacking you as much and thus leave space behind for you to counter constantly.
  9. 1st tactic - WB-S, WM-A, MEZ-A all on one side...way too risky defensively. 2nd tactic - again your left flank is too exposed. 3rd tactic actually looks like it's the most balanced one, I personally wouldn't use BWM in 2 man midfield though. I'm sure someone will post a more thorough analysis of your tactics. But usually teams adapt to your style of play and tactics so they also change their tactics.
  10. I'm not sure how you'd go about doing it now, but as @djjoshiejosh said look for roles like Mezzala or even RPM in CM area. I remember that during beta you'd see fullbacks cutting back constantly when they are unable to cross and it worked pretty good, now it seems like they toned it down by a lot and it's similar to how it was on FM19, although with not as many blocked crosses.
  11. Should be player attributes panel, under Technical, Goalkeeping, Mental and Physical tables. For example I used this: <record index="0" alignment="centre" column_span="5" hide_sorting="true" disabled="true" font="title" colour="accent"> <translation id="text" translation_id="229413" type="use" value="Technical"/> </record> You should be able to add size="" to that one as well and change it to whatever you want.
  12. Open panels/player/player attributes panel.xml and delete appearance="boxes/custom/attributes/paper" on 23rd line. Also change use_attribute_colour_as_bg="true" to "false"
  13. Attribute boxes shouldn't appear on that screen unless you added them manually. In any case there should be colour="black", under the "Attribute Value" line.
  14. I finished 9th in my first season with Norwich. I pretty much only used 4-1-2-3, not exactly sure how it was set up because I changed it a lot over the season, Pukki was playing as DLF-A mainly, Buendia on the right as IW-S or IF-S. Buendia was my best player in that season (11 goals and 11 assists in PL) and I ended up selling him for over £85mil to Manchester United. In 1st season I brought in 2 players, Kristoffer Ajer (I bring him to every club I play with, that guy is awesome, although a bit on the slower side, he can play as your centre back or, where I used him, a defensive/central mi
  15. player attribute analyser outfield inside panels/player folder. change <colour id="colour" name="fg" /> to <colour id="colour" name="bg" /> (line 9)
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