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  1. Not necessarily, I'm pretty sure a lot of players are just used to it happening sometimes so they just ignore it when it happens. It does happen regardless of your tactical set-up. What I'm talking about is when ball is in the air going towards (mainly) a defender, he chooses to let the ball bounce off his head to opposition instead of receiving the ball. I think that's what the OP meant. Defender usually has tons of space (around him and between him and opposition player) to position himself but chooses to just clear it with his head, which in turn can result in ball getting picked up by opposition player. It happened with World-Class players and average players. I don't see how it could be a tactical or player issue. Just to be clear it doesn't always happen, but it happens often enough for me and other players to notice. Just because players aren't complaining about it on forums about it doesn't mean the issue doesn't exist.
  2. Yeah, I don't understand why some people like to dismiss this issue and sometimes even blame it on tactic or player. It's annoying, and I've had it happen so many times in this and previous versions of the game. The game is far from perfect, and trying to simulate real-life tactics is very hard. Some things just don't happen in this ME and you have to work around that if you wanna try and make something. I've tried to do everything to prevent needless crosses that will just bounce off a defender, you really have to go out of your way to make it happen. That's one example. You can create many successful tactics, they don't need to be reliant on set-pieces. Just don't expect them to work like in real-life.
  3. I really don't see an issue here, I'm fairly sure you can select who you are getting a report from, under staff responsibilities.
  4. Yeah, true. Honestly game improves so much from demo to .3 update so we'll just have to wait and see, though demo gives you an idea of how it will be.
  5. Yeah, which is cool. But every year there are things that are working better and others that are working worse than previous years version. They wont create a perfect match engine, but currently there are a lot of issues. Some which have been in the game for years.
  6. Actually more than what I expected. All of that will be useless unless there are major improvements made to the match engine though.
  7. Tons of purple in this one, panels are same as Livid skin. Tried something with the tactics creator as you can see in that gif. Not 100% on color combinations.
  8. So, I'm almost finished with 3rd season. I got some or most of behavior I wanted, but sometimes I'm struggling to break certain sides down. In my 2nd season I finished 4th. There were a lot of games finishing 0-0, 1-1, or losing narrowly 0-1 or 1-2. Those conceded goals are usually some random ridiculous shots or set-pieces. Sometimes counters. They don't happen often though. I can't really point out which formations I'm struggling against, a lot of them seem to be 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1 DM Wide, or even 4-2-3-1. Then again I've comfortably beat quite a few teams that were using those formations. I think I got what I wanted from fullbacks. https://gyazo.com/f4e6febcf1e92631bbd9e6f4336c20ec His first instinct wasn't to go for a cross, instead he passes inside. I'm pretty sure that's because they don't have "Run Wide With The Ball" PI. Here in these 2 gifs you can see how we scored a goal from it. (In normal circumstances FB would go for a cross which would get blocked, but not with how I've set them up) https://gyazo.com/de1170c519e1bb953f1daae85eb64c08 He doesn't go running wide to get a cross in, instead he stays there and passes it inside. https://gyazo.com/8f4afe30abfe9ca2babfd9f8badabfe8 This is the 2nd part, they recycle the ball, it gets to Sancho who goes inside and passes into space for my CF-A who scores. Something I also tried to implement, through passes that don't only happen from deep and from counters. Wasn't sure about CF-A, in 1st half I played with PF-A then I changed it...My striker seems to be doing well though so I don't see why I should change it. It's similar to the last one I posted above.
  9. I wouldn't argue that it's easy. For some people it can be pretty hard. It is pretty easy (imo) to take a mid/bottom table club and finish in top 6. Then the hard part comes after that. It needs some balancing maybe. I still think match engine needs lots of improvement, I feel like it's kinda limited currently. Probably needs to be more realistic but not at the expense of making the game too hard.
  10. It really felt like I got all 3 of those in my last game. Opposition goalkeeper suddenly making saves like he's the best keeper in the world, bottom half team defending and attacking like world class team, to top that off my players were lost.
  11. client object browser should fix that I think, make sure it's named properly.
  12. Thanks. paper.xml put this graphic (make sure it's named paper) and .xml file into Livid/Graphics/boxes/custom/background fade (if the folder doesn't exist just create a new one) That would change the color, but then the text would need to be changed too since you wouldn't see it on teams that use white as their primary color. titlebar search panel.xmltitlebar.xml header.xml then you need to place these 3 files into Livid/panels/generic client object browser.xml and this one into panels/client_object I think that's all, but it wont be the same as in the picture because there are some other graphics that are edited.
  13. So are you! I'm just saying some things can be out of managers hands when it comes to FM. I think I'm onto something here, I've only played one game using this setup, but in that one game I saw a lot of things that I didn't before. Both FBs told to Cross Less Often, Cross From Deep, Dribble Less DM told to do More Direct Passes and Mark Tighter RPM told to Mark Tighter, Pass It Shorter B2B told to Mark Tighter, Pass It Shorter Front 3 also told to Pass It Shorter Here the finish was lacking, but a great move by Horta https://gyazo.com/8813930520bc31b1b75bbf51781d7f9c Ball from CD to RMD, again the final pass/finish were lacking https://gyazo.com/73adae3cac6674874dfe04e298d63c6a RPM running into space then passing it to B2B who had a clear shot on goal, again lacking finish. https://gyazo.com/3ae3ad0d17d0855fe8fa6dc0103c88df 3 great moves, that could've been goals. I'm happy with what I see. Then comes the first goal https://gyazo.com/7360035bf51f0618f5f38a3a2afc6d08 IF-S running from deep, cutting into space, and then a diagonal ball towards RMD. Absolutely perfect, that's what I wanted. RMD is here a bit deeper, he passed it to PF-A who dropped deeper, PF-A then plays it into space for RPM who narrowly misses. https://gyazo.com/fe6ebbf52bac271d8d18cb4e32464217 2nd goal, similar to 1st https://gyazo.com/c419fda890eaadd53f62a3b8b94c91c7 Mind you I've been playing with 10 men from 40th minute. Changed absolutely nothing and managed to finish the game 2-0. Good possession numbers, good amount of shots and kept a clean sheet. Augsburg were playing 4-2-1-3, Horta had tons of space behind their midfielders to run into. This is obviously only one game, but it seems like I'm on the right track.
  14. Sorry, I just don't believe that. Not everything has to be a tactical issue. Hell just look at the difference between when game got released and 19.3 version, ME had issues, and some issues are still there. Every year there are different issues, some issues are solved, some new are created. It seems like it's hard to balance some things out without sacrificing other things. I have tried everything just to prevent the exact thing from happening. I mean, that's one of the reasons why I made the OP. When my WBs are in attack, I don't want them to primarily think about crossing the ball into the box, why can't they just pass the ball inside, even when there are options. (That gif may not be the perfect representation of the problem, but even there WB could've passed it inside to No. 31 if his primary instinct wasn't to cross the ball...even though he's being told to cross less). Like I said that gif isn't the best representation of the issue, it was a counter and there were 4 players in the box, I understand why he choose to cross. Crosses were OP a few years ago and they seem to have slightly over buffed the blocking %. I don't know what the %'s are in the real world for crosses that get blocked, but in my case it's anywhere from 50-85%.
  15. I had some free time so I decided to work a bit more on the Livid skin. Please don't ask for download link, as I don't know if I'm gonna release any more versions of the skin for FM19. It's all WIP anyways. Panels stayed the same, I've changed the titlebar so it displays the team primary color, as I thought the original version kinda lacked something that tells you which club you are playing as :P Still not 100% on the design though And this I thought was the best page to showcase the other stuff, like new buttons and stuff. Overall the skin is using darker more blue-ish colors now, but also there are a lot of transparent boxes. I still feel that some areas are looking bland but as I said it's work in progress...Any feedback is welcome. (oh and also I can't figure out how to edit the match titlebar.xml as the default one is meh)
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