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  1. Yeah but my point is, the other one isn't a slur. It's the way people from Albania call themselves, so people from neighboring countries picked it up as well. Why would they call themselves using a slur?
  2. No that's not the same logic, that's a slur. It's not that "the words are similar" in this case, it's the same word transcribed from Albanian to Serbian. People in the Balkans use both terms. Did I say something wrong or something you disagree with? Please enlighten me.
  3. Well we could go far back into history to see what and why all this happened. But that's not the topic here I guess. Albanian terrorists started doing what terrorsts do, Serbian police retaliated, things got messy, we got a war, etc. etc. Their parents migrated to Switzerland like many of them did, and still do to this day. To blame Serbs because they emigrated is just silly, besides, those 2s parents migrated way before the war started.
  4. It's not really that deep, Albanians don't call themselves "Albanians" but Shqiptars. Simple as that. Siptar is just transcribed to Serbian. Yeah right, SeRbiA bAd. They would've totally stayed there and played for them. Sure.
  5. I'm using a very similar tactic, I assume you are going for something similar to Tuchel's Chelsea? I'm not totally sure about DWs behavior, as I always see them getting the ball and cutting inside for some reason. I'd change your right DW to WM-S, and maybe use Stay wider and Run wide with the ball instructions. Also I'd switch your TM-A to TM-S or DLF-A/S. That tactic has been working really well for me, it could be that you don't have the right players for it.
  6. I'd imagine it is. From what I've seen there's a larger gap between CB and RB so if opposition have a player in there to exploit it, it is a big problem. I just switched to DLP-S HB-D midfield instead, so I wont have a midfielder dropping on the right, but in the center. It does the same thing basically, and it works better in FM. I've actually managed to get promoted twice in a row with Bolton using that tactic, finishing 1st in L2 and 2nd in L1. Here's how it looks. Both forwards are set to Close down more and mark tighter, DLF-A is set to roam from position. Both IWs
  7. So this is something I've been recently trying to recreate, the only way I got it to work more consistently is to move right CB to central spot, LCB is given the stay-wide instruction just like RCM. I just don't see my players forming that shape otherwise. CM-D on the right will drop deep, and sometimes cover that empty spot in defence. Average positions with ball.
  8. The skin now includes dark version as well.
  9. Yes if you have bought in-game editor. I've just added it to my Royal'21 skin.
  10. Thanks. I haven't noticed it myself, I think you can set a different color in game to change it. (I'm guessing it's only for staff attributes, as players have attribute boxes) It should work without issues.
  11. Based on Livid'20, Royal'20 now features same layout as the last year's version with default purple color. Features -Redesigned various panels (Home, Player profile, Club profile...) -Added Instant Result button -Redesigned various boxes and buttons -Glossy purple look -DF11 Facepack support -ADDED DARK VERSION- To install, just copy all files from Royal'21 DARK to default Royal'21 folder. Future plans This is the first version of this skin, updates will come, if you spot any bugs feel free to report them in th
  12. I'm kinda in love with this year's purple. This is gonna be released, not sure when, maybe tomorrow, maybe in a week? Whenever I'm happy with it.
  13. Haven't played it yet, but I gotta say the skin looks awesome this year. I really love that dark purple look.
  14. Ah the classic, "just don't buy it". They are introducing some kind of graphical improvements every year, yet the game looked better 8 years ago than it does now.
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