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    [FM18] Position instructions box

    Alright seems like it was an easy fix, thank you. There's a slight issue, although it doesn't matter now that it's solved. I'm actually editing another skin (DF11 Base Dark to be precise) and there only 4 folders inside panels. Tactics folder is completely missing. I've checked other skins and it seems like they all have tons of folders, including tactics but this one is missing them. Also I couldn't find tactics and those 2 files when I extracted sitoolkit. Maybe it's extracted from different file, I'm not sure. I'll be sure to check this.
  2. Hello, I kinda got tired of skin that I was using for so long, so I've decided to make my own. I've edited most of the colors but one thing is still in that (imo) ugly green color. I can't figure out how to change that one...I really need some help since I've been trying to figure it out for past few hours lol
  3. @Jean0987654321 So you got him too? So far seems like a beast...3 games, 3 goals and an assist. And my biggest win in the league so far 4-1 away against Hoffenheim. Seems like a good start to 2nd part of season.
  4. Well, here's a quick update from my game... Surprisingly I'm not sacked yet...1st part of season is done. I've qualified for 1st knockout round of Europa League. Somehow... Just signed this guy in January for 600k, I'd say he's the best striker in the team now. I really don't have an idea how to get this formation working, because flanks are unprotected and I'm conceding from crosses. It's a bit better than it was at the start of the season that's for sure...I'm constantly changing roles.
  5. I know it's preseason but damn...I didn't expect this at all...not with that formation. I'm probably going to mess with strikers a bit more but at the moment I really like MR crossing into CF-S, scored some really nice goals from deep crosses.
  6. I took a small break from FM last week. This seems really interesting, definitely enough to get me back to playing again. Count me in!
  7. From what I've gathered around here, width setting doesn't really affect width when you are defending. @zio_cantante I would suggest lowering your closing down from much more to more. In both situations there are 3 of your players closing down the player that's holding the ball. In the 1st picture that you posted I think that's exactly why there isn't a player around the area you marked with a circle. Not sure if that's the main reason you conceded in the 2nd situation.