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  1. The bug where player conditions suddenly appear to be perfect (fully green) during a match is still there. Edit: This does only happen rarely to be fair
  2. The tactical team lineup still gets hidden (though not every time) when looking at your tactics screen during a match. I was hoping this would get fixed as it's so annoying to have to click the tactics button all the time. It should remember that I want the tactical pitch visible.
  3. OK thanks. And yeah I agree they don't make things like this very clear.
  4. When you discuss with a player to suggest learning (or unlearning) player preferred moves (PPMs) does it matter which coach I pick to suggest the training? If so how do I know which is the right coach to use? Thanks.
  5. So I guess nobody else has a clue how this works either... This is the trouble when they introduce new features - they don't explain them properly so everyone just assumes the game is either broken and/or terrible.
  6. I have a few questions about sending players on leadership courses. 1). Can players be sent on leadership courses during the summer so that it doesn't affect their normal training during the season? 2). What sort of player is likely to get the benefit from going on a leadership course? Is it better if the player is a certain age, has a certain leadership attribute to start with, or has a certain type of personality? 3). If the player does receive a boost in leadership, will the player potentially drop in other attributes due to the limited amount of CA points to go around?
  7. I'd like to play around with the panels that pop up when an ongoing match is waiting for the next highlight (I'd like to be able to click on the player names and be taken to the player profile - this is currently broken). I'll circle the bit that I'm interested in. I'd like to know which XML file is related to editing this pop-up panel? Many thanks.
  8. I think FM on Switch is a cracking idea, but my concern is similar to that of the first Vita release - you've released it at a time that will surely affect sales and put future versions in doubt. Your financial people are probably not smart enough to know that sales will be much much higher if it released around the same time as PC versions, and so may veto other releases.
  9. This is easily the worst "final" patch I've ever seen in a Football Manager game. Nothing got fixed. The problem is it's easily the worst match engine I've ever experienced in an FM game, and it really needed fixing. The game is making me genuinely depressed. I mean it does make you feel like a total loser when you can't get the likes of Kane and Suarez to score goals. My current (and probably last ever) game has Suarez with 0 goals in 7 appearances and I'm already sick to death of that save. Just awful. I really have no fun with this game any more. Why do you make it so so difficu
  10. Please could you change the pre-match screen (where you see the player line ups with their portraits) so that the animation effect only happens when you first see the screen. It gets REALLY tedious having to see that every time you click on a player and go back to this screen when you're assessing the opposition players. Pretty please . Thanks.
  11. Ah ok, I think this is where I have been going wrong. From the in-game description I always assumed "move into channels" meant players would try and find space anywhere they could between opposition players, I didn't realise it specifically meant going wide to do so. Thanks, I think I understand this a little better now.
  12. So that they're even more likely to be free to receive a pass from a team mate? And if you have 4 or 5 players all moving into channels, surely that's 4 or 5 players all making it easier for the player in possession to find them with a pass? Maybe I'm just misunderstanding what this actually does.
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