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  1. That helps but he also had a good season and is one of the best Brazilian penalty takers. His main problem is that his temperament can be bad at times.
  2. Since 2002 Brazil didn't win by a 4-goal difference (4-0 vs China) (assuming the score doesn't change to something like 4-1, etc)
  3. South Korea would probably struggle in our Série B...
  4. Yes, last time was in 2002, in the round of 16 Brazil played against Chile, Mexico, Ghana, etc
  5. Brazil have only played against nobodies so far. It’s luck, etc but who knows if Brazil will perform well against Argentina or France.
  6. Penalty for Brazil. This could easily be a big score.
  7. He has declined too much and it seems has fitness issues too.
  8. Guilherme Arana was supposed to be one of the left-backs but he got seriously injured... There are a few young ones like Khellven (DR, Athletico), Ayrton Lucas (DL, Flamengo) did well this year, but no new Cafus or Roberto Carloses.
  9. The last (and only) time Brazil lost in the round of 16 was in 1990 (0-1 vs Argentina). Brazil have also never lost to an Asian team in the World Cup, South Korea were also the team with most WCs played (11) without having played against Brazil.
  10. Lineups: Brazil have only scored 3 goals in the tournament so far and were beaten by Cameroon in the last group stage game. The winner of this game will play against Croatia in the next round. Brazil beat South Korea 5-1 in a friendly game a few months ago:
  11. Brazil only beat Japan 1-0 with a penalty goal a few months ago. Brazil beat South Korea 5-1 that same week.
  12. If recent World Cup history is to be repeated this year, whoever wins this game will beat Brazil in the quarterfinals (Brazil lost in the QFs in 2006, 2010 and 2018)…
  13. Neymar changed his hair style before this Monday’s game, because why not? Maybe he wants that people focus on that instead of his return from injury.
  14. Likely lineup tomorrow: Should be enough to beat South Korea, probably not good enough to beat someone like France though.
  15. Hopefully the criminals will be dealt with.
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