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  1. That Brazil would lose due to having no goalkeeper…
  2. It seem it will most likely be 12 groups of four teams each in 2026 due to the success of this year's group stage.
  3. How should the stars in our badge look like if we win our 6th title? I prefer Option 3.
  4. Brazil can become kings of Yugoslavia as Brazil beat Serbia and Switzerland (they have Kosovar players!) in the group stage and should beat Croatia tomorrow.
  5. If we must suggest crazy formats: Could make the tournament be played in a knockout format, but with a double elimination system, so everyone would play two or more games. The trouble would be finding enough dates.
  6. I think Mbappé is more afraid of getting burgled in Qatar on Saturday.
  7. It's obvious he had to go home and see what happened. If I were him, I would also want to have a 'conversation' with those criminals after their arrest. The police probably wouldn't allow it.
  8. Portugal doing what Brazil should have done against South Korea, instead of our lazy second half.
  9. Alex Sandro may return for Friday’s game against Croatia.
  10. Paulo Bento has left the South Korean national team following their defeat today. He was manager of Cruzeiro in 2016, couldn’t last longer than 2.5 months or so. Maybe he could return to Brazil and try his luck at another team.
  11. I doubt the Koreans felt disrespected anyway, but as you said, whether they liked it or not is not important.
  12. Brazil eliminated in three out of the last four quarterfinals:
  13. Now Asia also eliminated from the World Cup. If Morocco lose tomorrow, there will be six Europeans and two South Americans left.
  14. The Uruguay of Europe. My city (Rio de Janeiro) has a population of 6.8 million.
  15. Weverton was Brazil’s main goalkeeper in our first Olympic title in 2016.
  16. Weverton (Palmeiras goalkeeper) on the pitch now. So everyone in Brazil squad played at least a few mins.
  17. England and France were given 6 days before their QFs while Brazil and Croatia will have only 4 days.
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