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  1. They seem to be different people, despite the similar names.
  2. Indeed, I’ll just remove the unavailability but it shouldn’t have any effect in Brazil in the game.
  3. Thanks, I have now removed the common names (and the titles) of both of them.
  4. This is the closest we got to win our 6th title. It's a nice goal though.
  5. Globo Esporte’s Team of the Tournament:
  6. Maybe they should increase the impact of the WC in the ranking.
  7. I think it will make no long term difference either way. In long term most people will probably remember only the football part.
  8. Indeed. Even Mexico or Uruguay were bigger underachievers than Denmark.
  9. Brazil somewhat divided but more pro-Argentina than against it, I think. We are not big fans of France either, which also helped make people support Argentina.
  10. Owners come and go though, while the clubs stay (generally!). So one can still support a club even if one doesn't like the owner.
  11. Apparently in Brazil we will most likely have these long injury times next year (2023 season).
  12. Could make a BRICS bid too, if huge distances don’t matter. Games in Brazil, India, Russia, China and South Africa.
  13. France to score an early goal and win easily 3-0 or so. But I hope Morocco win.
  14. I think it has to do with the amount of journalists in an event like this, a few are bound to get sick or die. I wonder how many fans have died too. I know a Welsh fan died in late November. But there were surely more.
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