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  1. It would be good, but the players should know better though, since most of them play in Europe. But Brazil always get overrated, this 2022 team was said to be our best since the 2002 title…
  2. Most of the squad support Bolsonaro though. You can blame Tite and Richarlison for being left-leaning. You can blame Neymar and most other players in the squad for being right-leaning. So both sides have someone to blame. But the defeat has obviously nothing to do with their ideologies.
  3. Should have called up Gabriel Brazão instead of Ederson.
  4. He was a very successful manager at club level, he is the one who beat Chelsea as Corinthians manager in the 2012 FIFA Club World Cup.
  5. Argentina must win or we might end up having an all-European semis again.
  6. Also, Brazil has now at the very least equaled the 24 years (1970-1994) period without WC titles as our last title was in 2002. But people here care far less about the NT nowadays than they did back then.
  7. Tite is leaving after the World Cup, it will be interesting to see who will replace him as Brazil manager.
  8. Brazil is like an improved old Mexico. They were always eliminated in the round of 16, while we are eliminated in the quarterfinals.
  9. Flamengo won Libertadores this year, which is the tournament I care the most, so I don't mind this Brazil defeat much. I hope Argentina win now though.
  10. Pelé doesn't count goals in training though or he would have scored 5k goals.
  11. Not made up. Back then games between NTs and clubs were common (Brazil even lost twice to Flamengo). But FIFA doesn't count these games.
  12. Yes, according to FIFA's record. But not according to the Brazil FA record as Pelé has 95 goals in this case.
  13. I think this is the first Neymar goal for Brazil this year that is not a penalty kick.
  14. Hopefully Everton Ribeiro and Pedro will come at some point.
  15. It seems Brazil wants to keep the recent tradition of getting eliminated in the quarterfinals.
  16. English referee for Brazil’s game, Brazilian referee for England’s game.
  17. Brazil to win 2-0, then beat Argentina in the semis then beat France in the final.
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