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  1. I have found the badge I have attached the picture I don't know how to add it to the game.
  2. Thank you for sharing I tried to search online and could find nothing about it. Even Google was still showing the old club. Do you know anywhere to find their game graphics for the new team?
  3. Sorry maybe a bit off topic as you mentioned Andorra do you know why the team Penya Encarnada have been replaced by Mavlon FC? When the former exists and are still playing in real life.
  4. Hi not sure if you can help me why have Penya been replaced by Mavlin FC Andorra in FM23 now?
  5. In Andorra and I think in FM23 why had the team called Penya Encarnada been replaced with Mavlon FC Andorra? I've looked online and the former still seems to be playing in the top division.
  6. Hi is there any chance someone has verified the Andorra and San Marino files and can upload them? The editor keeps giving me an error every time I start it up. Many thanks
  7. Have you added the prize money its meant to be quite lucrative. Also do the players not go on holiday at all at the end of the seasons where you may be in the cup? Thanks
  8. It's great work hope you do it for years to come and the file can carry over so it can be expanded easily.
  9. No problem only found it a couple of days ago myself.
  10. Check out this it needs a new save to take effect. https://sortitoutsi.net/content/62180/worldwide-stadium-improvements?page=1
  11. The update 23.4 is out is there any chance you can update your file when you get time? Many Thanks
  12. If you buy the in game editor you can terminate any contract instantly.
  13. Then you are waiting until April 2024 for the final update of 24. Best just to play 23 after the final update until then.
  14. That's great thanks will you update it when the next/last update comes out as I am waiting then to start a save.
  15. From what i've seen from his schedules before is you have space to add in your match specific training and team bonding etc in the available slots it just develops players more efficiently also.
  16. Great work are the Under 20 leagues and teams what they have in real life? And are the cups and leagues all accurate to real life? Thanks
  17. Ok thanks i just watched his latest and he's working on a 23 version.
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