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  1. I agree with your idea but not with everything you suggest. Why should a player lose 6 passing and 2 vision as he gets older? Maybe lose some passing as he gets really old and weaker but the mental attributes should only get better as they age. As it is now, all physicals plummet for most players when they're past 32. Alomst no players left older than 35 after a couple of seasons. Pace, acceleration and agility should be the what mainly declines as they age but not as fast as it currently does. Strength, especially, should stay mainly the same. No reason why my 12+ strength CD should fall to 5-6 strength when he's 35-36. This, coupled with the importance of speed in the ME makes older players mostly unusable unfortunately.
  2. Even though they can't use the same software, they should absolutely aim for something similar. The amount of immersion this feature would add is greater than any other feature ever included. I will never ever play the game without that facepack again, until the deafult newgen faces reaches the same quality. The only downsides is that there is a finite number of faces in their facepack so you have to use duplicates eventually and that they look quite the same. Since there are som many you will probably never notice the duplicates. That they look the same and that the pictures does not "age" is the only real issues i can think of.
  3. Yes, unbelievable that this does not exist. Plus it's bugged, and been for many years..
  4. No, he is fully natural at both if this is what you mean. Guess it's not working as I think it should then. Should not be named playing position when he is in fact not training the position he is playing...
  5. Yes, I control all training for all squads. I select "Playing Position" and it does not train the player in the position he plays. He plays CM and no tactic i have in my three slots has a DM. Why is training as a DM? What determines playing position and can you change it somehow, without specifically choosing a position and role?
  6. Hi. When you select "Playing Position" in training under "Position/Role/Duty", what determines the position? For example: I have a player who is only natural at CM & DM and not familiar in any other position. He is currently training as a DM and have been since arriving a few months ago. Not one of the three tactics i have uses a DM. He has played 4 matches as CM and one as CD. Why is he training as a DM?
  7. Absolutely horrible idea.. they should instead remove stars completely or give more black stars that lasts longer..
  8. Hi. I'm trying to start a game in the vanarama north/south. When i start a game with no changes made in the english leagues the season starts in august after the first season. When using a file that changes something in England (an english flag next to it when choosing editor files when starting a new game) the season always starts in october.
  9. This already works. It's up to the people who do the database research for the teams with these players to change the letters. You can do it yourself in the pre-game editor or the in-game editor, I sometimes do it in my saves
  10. Agree with all your suggestions, especially getting options of how much you would like to invest in a certain facility. It's actually really strange that this has not been implemented all these years...
  11. Yes, i tried that yesterday. Maybe i made it too narrow Did you make it transparent and wider?
  12. Decided to try and remove last pieces of CA/PA that i could not find earlier. I found and removed the icons but how did you remove the text in the scouting pros and cons? regards Niklas
  13. If you have not unchecked the realisic or interested boxes he probably won't show up if he plays for a rival. If you have unchecked those boxes every player you have faced during the season should show up, especially if one of your scouts have been scouting the league.. otherwise it is not working as it should
  14. It's really simple, 20 in all attributes is impossible, even if you put his CA, or AC as you call it, to 200 the attributes would decrease quickly. CA = The maximum threshold of all the attributes you set combined, with different weighting depending on the players positions and how good he is with both feet. PA = The maximum threshold the CA can reach, this value never changes
  15. It is a goalkeeper trait, probably for someone who likes to participate in build up play and use his feet. Examples would be Alisson, Neuer or Ederson i would imagine, but neither of them has the trait so maybe i'm wrong...
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