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  1. Thanks i will give it a try!
  2. Do you have the modified for lower league version of the current tactic? Hope it will help turn my team around. Thanks
  3. Hi Mr Rosler when will the revised version be out? I've done quite good for 2 seasons winning both Northern Irish leagues until i reached the premiership which isn't a great step up but i've been pretty bad all season and about to be relegated despite dominating possession and even chances at home but still unluckily losing. Away however no matter the the opponent they always seem to score in the first 15mins most of the time and i can never get back in the game. I appreciate all your work keep it up!
  4. Good to hear have you made any adjustments to the tactic at all?
  5. TESTUDO for FM16

    Hi mikenevo which tactic did you use in that Man Utd season just the 4411 you adjusted?
  6. TESTUDO for FM16

    Thanks for your help i will try it out.
  7. TESTUDO for FM16

    Ok Thanks so you play him next to the DLF? And what Duty do you put him on? Thanks
  8. TESTUDO for FM16

    How do you change him to f9 do i need to move him up?
  9. TESTUDO for FM16

    Is LLv1a the updated one with the changes you made in your second season with Maidstone? Thanks
  10. Thanks Mr Rosler i play in the Northern Irish leagues so i will give it a try there.
  11. Looking forward to the FM16 tactic loved your work on 15.
  12. Thanks seems to have worked now i didn't have any " " in the path.
  13. ok i will try that quick thanks
  14. yeah i did at the D:\Sports Interactive location.
  15. It was so simple in all previous games it was in the preferences. I made the folder but when i launch the game it just creates a new one on the C dive and ignores the one i have on the D dive? Any help as i have around 12gb of logos etc. that i don't want on my OS SSD. Thanks