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  1. Can you just make down to tier 4 or 5 (FM21) if it's causing issues first? I would love to start a save in those leagues. Thanks
  2. Yeah as long as they don't get promoted which they don't, its not much of an issue luckily the region i want to play in avoids these teams anyway.
  3. Yeah end of 1st season the 3 reserve teams mentioned are still at the same levels.
  4. It does say in the league rules that B teams cannot promote. But as they are reserve teams and have been added separate (they even have a different shade of colour when you view the squad) Im not sure how they will be treated.
  5. Ok just holidaying a season and a half myself so i will check if they get promoted. I did stop and check and they were both top of the league unbeaten. How do you fix it in the editor? Thanks
  6. Can these teams be promoted to the same leagues as the 1st team? Are these teams able to promote IRL?
  7. Really hope you manage to fix this it's an amazing job you've done.
  8. Just holidayed and the 2nd season in October the competition hasn't started at all.
  9. FA Trophy has teams up to vanarama national? Not sure how far up the Vase goes but looks like county leagues?
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