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  1. They being the NHS - assuming that in order to start giving vaccines to Key Workers, you'll have to slow down or stop doing it by age. It won't be an instant switch over.
  2. I agree with you that it's quickest, but would anyone trust the government to work out a system that would actually capture this and make it work correctly, without slowing up current vaccination speed?
  3. But in the time it takes to identify the 20 year old key worker as more important than a 40 year old WFH employee, they may as well have just vaccinated the 40 year old. I think adding any complexity to anything such mass scale seems unnecessary when they are by all accounts doing quite a good job of getting through them at a rapid pace.
  4. It’s not an argument I’m genuinely just asking a question
  5. What’s the %, any idea? I seem to remember back last summer crazy figures of 20-30% being brazened about
  6. Maybe, but not really sure how that answers the point I’m making that you’ll always see positive cases if there are false negatives in results
  7. At some point, cases have to plateau, if only because you'll get false positives if you're testing 500K a day. Even with only a 1% false positive, we will still get 5K a day surely? What if the false positive rate currently?
  8. First time I've ever heard of the Zoe App, went to look at it. The figures for contributors sound very high. 5K in the New Forest out of 180K have contributed? That's 3% of all people. Removing 21% of people who can't sign up as they're under 18 takes you to 4%. 1 in 25 people in the New Forest over the age of 18 have downloaded this? Sounds incredible.
  9. Trying to remember, who invented the Cup Cam? Was it @Bliss Seekeror someone else?
  10. Will be back this year if there is sports happening.
  11. He did - I had it for about 4 years before it ended up being used less and less.
  12. Rainbow Six evenings on the original 360 were fantastic as well
  13. Random memory I have is @NepentheZhaving a huge win on football one weekend back in late 2008 (A couple of £K?) and he wanted to lay the last leg of it off and ended up helping him out. We came to an agreement he'd send me enough to buy an iPod which was quite nice
  14. I did own one for a while - and seem to remember selling it on here
  15. Could be up for a game - would be more interested if there’s some kind of social element to it, a side zoom call or something, or Discord server. Not playing for thousands and would be doing it for the social aspect!
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