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  1. The answer for number nine will be interesting
  2. Am on holiday at the moment, will try piece together 20 minutes today to enter!
  3. Hey guys, sorry, I forgot I'd even run a sweepstake I'll PM you all to sort paying.
  4. Correct. Maybe if I'd thought about it pre tournament, I would have done it over average minutes or something. But I didn't. So we won't.
  5. Open on your phone: https://m.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/701897310202343/
  6. **** the "They've done us proud". We're in the last four. Make the final boys, do whatever it ****ing takes.
  7. Not changing it, it’s a perfectly good one to pick. Switzerland got knocked out in WC2014 without conceding.
  8. On my 4th listen of the day already. ENGLAND HAVE DONE IT IN THE LAST MINUTE OF EXTRA TIME
  9. I've really enjoyed the Volkswagen idents on ITV this year.
  10. #GarethSouthgateWould ensure zero hour contracts weren’t an issue for people potentially missing England matches.
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