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  1. Very true. Having seen the scheduling on these 2 up to release., it's just an odd practice I find!
  2. I thought TV money was hard coded in, prize money is not. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  3. I have a friend who plays in the conference South who has mentioned to me he posts here sometimes, but no idea on his username.
  4. Working in the industry, I'm well aware of the bad practices, thanks for the lesson though. Why add one more though?
  5. Fairly certain it's the first time they've launched with no features at all, this is last years thread with a link to "some of the features" etc, I'm not sure it is a well known method. Regardless of whether it's FM or not, it's not a great practice for the Games industry in general to get into I feel for the consumer surely? By FM doing it, and people palming it off, a publisher elsewhere will see it as an opportunity to do the same, until you end up ordering games with literally just a name and a general idea on genre.
  6. FM on MacBook

    Something tells me you should take the fan noise as a sign
  7. Timestamp

    Ah so only on desktop, no mobile?
  8. Timestamp

    There seems to be no timestamps anymore on posts, not going to be helpful if people are wanting others to post by a certain deadline.
  9. Euro 2016 Sweepstake

    Sorry tried to do it all by memory. I'll sort it tonight
  10. Euro 2016 Sweepstake

    All paid out guys
  11. Euro 2016 Sweepstake

    Poland had the quickest goal in the QF vs Portugal. Will sort out paying everyone tonight.
  12. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Come on France
  13. Euro 2016 Sweepstake

    Poland now have the quickest goal.
  14. Euro 2016 Sweepstake

    Ireland now quickest goal.
  15. Round of 16| France v Ireland| ITV 2.00

    This is already progressing to be one of the best games so far. Ireland still attacking despite being 1-0 up.