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  1. Hey guys, sorry, I forgot I'd even run a sweepstake I'll PM you all to sort paying.
  2. Correct. Maybe if I'd thought about it pre tournament, I would have done it over average minutes or something. But I didn't. So we won't.
  3. Open on your phone: https://m.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/tryit/701897310202343/
  4. Calm "Do it for the fans"
  5. **** the "They've done us proud". We're in the last four. Make the final boys, do whatever it ****ing takes.
  6. Not changing it, it’s a perfectly good one to pick. Switzerland got knocked out in WC2014 without conceding.
  7. On my 4th listen of the day already. ENGLAND HAVE DONE IT IN THE LAST MINUTE OF EXTRA TIME
  8. I've really enjoyed the Volkswagen idents on ITV this year.
  9. #GarethSouthgateWould ensure zero hour contracts weren’t an issue for people potentially missing England matches.
  10. Kane isn't scoring past the best keepers in the world, despite him also being at a World Cup, the same way Pele was?
  11. 8 games, there's a third place playoff. Savour the extra 90 minutes!
  12. I don't get this argument (Maybe it's because I'm an England fan). I'd take us winning the World Cup if it meant beating Arsenal girls U9 side and scraping it on penalties ffs.
  13. Uruguay 3-1 France Brazil 2-1 Belgium Russia 0-1 Croatia (AET) Sweden 0-1 England
  14. I'd agree with this as well. Uruguay if they were on the other side of the draw would be favourites to make the final. Yet they're probably the weakest on their side (only just mind...)
  15. England have a World Cup top scorer and are into the QF's yet still people find something to knock them for. It's like reading the Daily Mail
  16. Saw Nacho going at it the other night and thought he could get away with it
  17. Apologies - almost more. It's fairly incredible either way.
  18. Even with the extra 30 minutes I find it remarkable a keeper has run almost more than someone in a 4-3 game.
  19. Incredible stat from last night I have just seen. Jordan Pickford ran only 200M less than Messi did in their equivalent R of 16 games.
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