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  1. Gents you are right. I have totally forgotten about this. Forgive me. I will DM you all shortly. Been busy changing jobs and this has gone over my head
  2. Went straight over my head I think in the entire block I was sat in, there was perhaps 4-5 empty seats.
  3. This is just wrong - even if the game had sold out, there would have been thousands still trying to get in. The initial reports of 5K fans without a ticket is hugely underestimated imo. I would have thought it is between 2-3 times more than that at least.
  4. And only a penalty shootout away from a semi final spot as well!
  5. Having been there on Sunday - can confirm the security was beyond woeful and I could have carried anything I liked into the ground. On the subject of ticketless fans - this was always going to happen to some extent that people would try and get in. It's an event where demand far outstrips supply. It happens at a lot of major events, big music festivals have it every year where people hop the fence. The bigger issue is that Wembley has a reputation for being easy to get in for free. The turnstiles are so wide, and slow that it's very easy to follow someone in behind as they scan their ticket. Particuarly as there are no staff outside the gates, only inside. The overall design of the stadium doesn't lend itself at all to major events. You have a bottleneck with Wembley Park and Wembley Way (The fact there was no design to try and have more people travel via Wembley Central by making it more accessible to the stadium was madness), now with all the construction, high rises etc which are around the stadium, it makes it impossible to lock the area down and do ticket checks a certain distance away from the ground like we see at other European grounds for major finals. Frankly, Wembley in all honesty, at least security wise, is not really fit for purpose. If someone wants to get into Wembley currently for a major event, they will, ticket or not, it's as simple as that. They need to rip the turnstiles out and reinstall them, they are almost 20 years old, and by this point, outdated. Review security, particuarly on the outer ring outside the turnstiles - the gates currently funnel inwards, and end up creating surges/crushes into the gates. Not safe in anyway whatsoever. Outside the security aspect, Wembley is actually a bit ****ing ***** really. It's prohbitivley expensive, the transport is awful, and all in all not that enjoyable to be at!
  6. £75 winner - Italy£37 2nd - England£20 Semi Finals - Denmark & Spain£20 "Worst Team" (Lowest GD and points total combined) - Turkey£10 team with most fouls conceded per match (This is too tough to calculate and be "fair") £10 to team with the "latest" goal (Normal time only, injury time counts) in a match - I believe this is Connor Roberts for Wales v Turkey who scored in 90+5. If anyone sees something different please shout.£10 Team with most amount of corners per match - Spain (7.8, 2nd was Switzerland on 7.2) I will PM everyone about payment this week and sort it out with you all
  7. Any fixture which is big enough for both sides doesn't need to have a history though for more arseholes to come out the woodwork. It doesn't need to be a match with historical precedent imo for that sort of thing to potentially happen. I've had it happen at Reading games before where people happily will shout/insult you through a bus window after a game. I've had it happen at Sheffield Wednesday on my own after an evening game, but I knew it might be the case with it being a big implication for both sides and tried to take some precautions. I understand why people may think they don't need to, or shouldn't have to, but I think it is the reality of the sport, that when there is a game big enough, this sort of thing unfortunatley does happen.
  8. Pub booked for 2PM, train at 1PM. Head to Wembley for 6, 6:30PM. Home anytime between 1AM and 6AM dependant upon result...
  9. Turkey worst team at -7. North Macedonia just missing out on -6.
  10. I did reply after this and said I chanegd my prediction to Yazici
  11. You can have Hungary for my £10 !
  12. I'm listening to the Euros Daily, and my friend is doing a 15 minute video show each day on his twitter @FootballSpecial
  13. Transfer is fine, I’ll pm you details
  14. alex@everson.com on paypal please
  15. Payment waiting from @bermybhoy& @arenarossI believe chaps
  16. Donation made here of £48 in all your names. Just Giving
  17. Just so people could see how I’d done it, don’t want to be accused of favouritism 😂
  18. ****ing hell, didn’t realise it was so difficult The list on the far right is who you’ve got.
  19. As long as you worked out you got Austria, you're all good!
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