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    Work on English research of the FM db.

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  1. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Bristol City Data Issues

    Are you playing the beta database, Barnzy? The release database has 27000 (used capacity 26419 to count for segregation)
  2. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Derby County Data Issues

    Mount has a very high PA. We are well-aware of him. On reflection, I should probably have pushed him into the next minus PA banding. For the next official data update, we will consider every player, as we do between every official update of the database.
  3. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Barnsley Data Issues

    Thank you - not sure how and when that happened. We'll get it updated. Dean
  4. Gripper

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    The database has a figure of 52000 season ticket holders for Celtic.
  5. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Middlesbrough Data Issues

    Yes, that's it, the Saville money was taken out of the starting cash as it does not come out automatically.
  6. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Portsmouth Data Issues

    Hello karanhsingh. I did include an entry for an U23 team, playing friendlies only. However, I did not untick the longstanding 'No Reserves fixtures' tickbox (I had not realised that was ticked, maybe down to poor design in the database here on that score). So, you can go to the editor, go to the Portsmouth club file, find the ‘Reserve teams’ tab, and go to ‘Reserve Teams to Create’ section. Untick the ‘Not used’ box. Your U23s will be restored. Apologies for that error. It is intended to be fixed in the next update.
  7. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Barrow Data Issues

    Wells' height is in the database at 1.5m. Clearly a typo from someone. Thanks for pointing it out.
  8. How much loss did you make in the first season? The club has to adhere to FFP rules in the game.
  9. Gripper

    [Germany] Data Issues

    On behalf of the SI research team, thanks very much for this message. It can be frustrating to find errors listed here, so we do try to alleviate as many as we can given our deadlines. So to read an appreciative message means a lot and I shall pass it on to the rest of the research team. Thank you.
  10. Gripper

    [ENGLAND] Bolton Wanderers Data Issues

    His attributes are indeed good. However, his hidden attributes are low, which brings down his RCA (and CA) accordingly.
  11. Gripper

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    I suspect human error, where someone did not pass the details on to someone here at SI. And despite there being a public and private beta for a couple of weeks, nobody else reporting it until now. Apologies for that.
  12. Gripper

    [Scotland] Data Issues

    I apologise for that I did add Hanlon's testimonial date in, but it was too late to make the last database extraction last Friday, and I did not realise this until reading your message here this morning. I have checked, and the testimonial date field is not in the current editor, so I am adding that functionality to the features database. Earlier you said that some errors have not been changed for three years. if you could list them then perhaps we can work out whether they are errors or differences of opinion.
  13. Note to everyone: LOANS THAT STARTED AFTER SEPT 1ST WILL NOT BE INCLUDED SO PLEASE STOP REPORTING THEM! Also, please input dates in your actual message (eg Rodney Longtrousers signed for Village Athletic on 3rd October).
  14. When linking to pitchero, you need to explain what actual date the item is. They refuse to use a date to stamp any story on their website, and it's extremely infuriating.