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  1. The data update isnt out yet.
  2. Every post in this forum is considered by the relevant researchers for any updates that occur.
  3. Every player will be assessed for every update, as we have done for many many years.
  4. Jones appears to be rated quite fairly in our opinion. Remember, he's been out of work for over three years. His heyday was 10 years ago.
  5. Yes. We do need more help researching Africa, especially from people living there. As it states at the bottom of the opening post, if a country is not listed, then email us at scouting[at] If you were to go into the Africa Data Issues thread you would see the Head Researcher is active in there.
  6. Unfortunately, ting has had to resign as Everton researcher. There is therefore a vacancy for the Everton research role. If you are seriously interested, please email us (scouting[at]
  7. I only want them to spend as long as it doesn't cripple us. I remember everyone got giddy when we signed Zigic on £60k a week for four years - that worked out well didn't it? If the new owners as as naive as Yeung was, then the only way is down.
  8. Every player will be considered for update.
  9. Do you seriously believe that promise? If it is promised, and we spend £10m, then obviously not, as it will have been spent. if they "promise" £10m, and we only spend £2m, will that be because a) we couldn't buy anyone at all with the other £8m or b) the money wasn't actually there in the first place? The window hasn't come close to closing yet, so let's not jump the gun.
  10. FMT does not load as many players as FM. Therefore, the answer is no.
  11. Funny that. I know two Bath City fans who are actually Welsh, and they seem to like themselves.
  12. Yes we have, vamcj, thank you for those observations.
  13. Reece Brown's potential is the game is -7. That is not low. That's perfectly fine and probably generous, in reality. Thank you for posting about Dacres-Cogley. We are well aware of his progression, though it is clear to see that he will never be a Premier League player. The club called him Cogley up until he had his shirt printed for his debut last month.
  14. This. Locking this thread.
  15. Yes, that is how his non-playing history is set for the next update.