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  1. Yes, you always need to start a new game to take advantage of an updated database. Did you realise you were playing a BETA version of the game when you started your FM2017 career?
  2. Thank you very much for this info cook6 - it is much appreciated. The entire database has been continually worked on since the public beta was launched, and these forums have been a real help in identifying data errors. Your posts have been considered and discussed with the PUFC researcher. The backroom staff have all been updated and factual errors amended, and player attributes all discussed.
  3. I have looked at the resources setting for the chairman (Hamer) and set it to match that of the owner. That should enable a better budget in game, without being too much.
  4. What exactly does that mean, running tenants? Is that going to be a new training ground? How much will it cost the club? The player stuff is too vague for me to deal with so close to data lock, I am afraid.
  5. The stadium is set as capacity 5,980 in the database I am looking at now, which means it will be fixed for the release. If the stadium looks too big, please log that in the Other Gameplay Issues thread - the animation and art team work on the look of the stadia, not the research team (though they use our data, of course).
  6. This is still vague. When will Bohemians move into Tolka Park? When will they move into the developed stadium? I am afraid you'll have to spell things out for me, it's hugely busy here at this very moment.
  7. I do not understand what the data issue is in this case. Must be a language problem, but what you need to do is to explain what is wrong, what the data should be and with proof. Then we can look at it.
  8. He has 55 set in the database - not sure what is happening there.
  9. The letter you are referring to for Kone and Niasse is a different letter to that for the Slavic c's. It's not a case of just putting an 'apostrophe' above a letter.
  10. He certainly has, interestingly-named new forum user! Taylor will be included in the database for the release of the game proper.
  11. Can you detail the debts again please, I am not sure what you are trying to say. "Bank loan is £8m of an original £15m" - but then "the club settled the £15m mortgage are are now debt-free". Those two statements contradict each other.
  12. So, pie in the sky at this stage then, and definitely not in any way set in stone or in any way approved. We'll leave them out until they are approved by the relevant authority.
  13. Some great work in here adineen98. Can you provide some polish to the line about Shelbourne sharing with Bohemians, please? Please provide some proof, and we'll need any actual dates of the arrangement, start and finish, too.
  14. The capacity of the Abbey Stadium is set as the figure given to us by the Football League, who should know! In your graphic, what are Phase 1 and those Future Phases, please? Are they pie in the sky plans or actually approved upgrades?
  15. Wolves have a sugar daddy set. They have already spent a huge amount, including a club record fee on one player, six-figure fees on four more plus the loan deals for five quite expensive players. Oh yes, they paid off a manager and brought in another Head Coach on a very big salary. They will also have spent a lot of money buying the club in the first place. Butti - he is a "General Manager". That job does absolutely nothing in the game except add another person to the database and is truly cosmetic. Does he actually do any of the responsibilties in the game at all? Given your job, and the job of the Wolves researcher, I am surprised that he left you out, Russell! He's on the case now.