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  1. The EFL insisted we use sponsored stadium names this year as part of their licence agreement with us.
  2. Juventus, who hold a license with us, have told us to call their stadium that name as part of their license agreement.
  3. Kit clash issues are not data issues. The data exists to establish the correct kits. If the kits set are correct, the database has done its job. If the match engine is selecting the wrong kits for a club based on their opponents kit, then it is a match engine issue.
  4. If it appears as a colour clash then you need to log it as a match engine error. Thanks.
  5. [ENGLAND] (Official) Burnley Data Issues

    Please provide proof of the dates that you are using when you claim these figures? And of the source of the data. I have not checked all of those, but Hendrick has 33/1 according to the Sky Sports Football Yearbook which we use to refer to for the figures. Walters is 49/14.
  6. [N. Ireland] (Official) Data Issues

    Of course, if a club does not have an U18 team IRL, they do not have one in FM2018, and so you will not get a youth intake until you can persuade the board, in-game, of the need for a U18 team to be set up.
  7. Thank you dapperjosh1. I realise you are trying to help, but Adebayo's loan at Slough in October 2017 was too late to be included in the data for FM2018 release, so its omission from that game is not a data error.
  8. I don't know where you got those figures from. The figures we have for Martin, Anya and Russell are lifted from the Sky Sports Football Yearbook. I note you have posted similar info throughout the forum. I realise you are trying to help, but you must post proof of the figures you are claiming.
  9. It's a mistake. Is fixed for next data update.
  10. If the club is close to receivership, you need to log that as a finances bug so that the coders can work out why it is happening in your game. You need to issue a savegame just before that message so they can establish why it is happening. It isn't a data issue at this stage.
  11. Yes, it looks like there are a number of old contract clauses relating to his time at Fulham that should have been deleted. Apologies for missing those.
  12. [England] Free Agents

    He'll be non-contract there, at level 10 (or is it 11 now for them?)
  13. Thank you @Hill94. You need to provide proof of some of those "errors". I'm looking at the database and Douglas is listed as Chief Doctor there. Ridgewell is listed as Chief Data Analyst in the database - no where in the database is he listed as a coach so I have no idea why you say that he is. If someone has left the club, you need to prove it with a link to the news article about it, or about them joining a new club. The database needs dates to input in the person profile, you see. Also, we need to be able to confirm that what you say is correct - we often get people post "data errors" in here that end up not being errors at all which is why we ask for proof.
  14. Latest National League North vacancies: Alfreton Town Brackley Town Bradford Park Avenue Chorley FC United Of Manchester Harrogate Town Leamington Salford City Southport Spennymoor Town Tamworth York City
  15. We will try to use a stadium's traditional name, unless it is not possible to do so. We set Scarborough Athletic as playing at Scarborough Sports Village as that was it's name when it was being planned and built. You can change the stadium name in the editor. We do not use stadium sponsored names unless we absolutely have to. Unfortunately, this season the EFL insisted, as part of our license with them, that we must use the sponsored stadium names. We have no such license with the NPL or Scarborough Athletic themselves, so we do not use a sponsored stadium name for them.