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  1. Are you a researcher for Frank's research team? if so, ask him to log them for us in TestTrack. He'll know what you mean.
  2. That's been fixed, thank you.
  3. Have added him now for you.
  4. Thanks Weston - looks like that's already been sorted by the QPR researcher - thanks for mentioning it though.
  5. He's too young. You have only seen one 15 year old included, and that was when we have express permission to include Odegaard.
  6. @PRobinson08 Please email us,, as instructed in this thread if you are unsure as to who to contact.
  7. Thanks tv_capper. He's already been updated for the next game.
  8. The Australia research thread here. Please post constructively in there.
  9. For the top five leagues in England, the only current vacancy is North Ferriby United. Gareth, nice to see you. If you wish to help our Swansea City researcher, you know where the Swansea City data issues thread is
  10. Yes they do - any players that used to be in an older game will still be in the database, but not extracted. That can be reversed if necessary. Clintabn, have I asked you to email me regarding researching the Southern Counties East league? If not, I am now.
  11. I am aware of that, thank you. I have been extremely busy with a data deadline, so have not had time yet to reply to your email. I shall do so as soon as my heavy workload commitments allow.
  12. We do not put businesses as a club owner in the game.
  13. If you have data issues to report, please do so in the South Korea section of this forum. I have passed your email to the Head Researcher.
  14. They are not listed, so therefore there is not a vacancy. The best way you can help with Grimsby Town research is to post in the Grimsby Town Data Issues thread. The researcher will see everything posted there, and if applicable, will include your data observations in the next version of the game. That's how this forum works. Thanks for your query.