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  1. Then you need to apply, as explained above in several places, explaining why I should consider you as a researcher for your club. I will not consider one sentence replies in this forum as a full application, I am afraid.
  2. Update: Vacancies currently exist for the following English clubs (National League Premier and above): Barnet, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Bury, Charlton Athletic, Derby County, Dover Athletic, Eastleigh, Ebbsfleet United, Gateshead, Guiseley, Leicester City, Milton Keynes Dons, Northampton Town, Norwich City, Notts County, Oldham Athletic, Peterborough United, Scunthorpe United, Swansea City, Torquay United, Tranmere Rovers, Wigan Athletic. Please email Dean (scouting at sigames dot com) to apply for any of those vacancies. (last amend 24/04/18) CONFERENCE REGIONAL DIVISIONS NATIONAL LEAGUE NORTH: (Click to go to the BSN Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.) Vacancies (Apr 2018): Alfreton Town, Brackley Town, Bradford Park Avenue, Chorley, Darlington, Gainsborough Trinity, Harrogate Town, Leamington, North Ferriby United, Salford City, Southport, Spennymoor Town, York City. NATIONAL LEAGUE SOUTH: (Click to go to the BSS Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.) Vacancies (Apr 2018): Bognor Regis Town, Concord Rangers, Dartford, Hampton & Richmond Borough, Hemel Hempstead Town, Hungerford Town, Oxford City, Truro City.
  3. Email us if you are a genuine applicant to research a club in USA>. Thanks.
  4. That seems to be an -in-game bug. They are set as having Good Relations in the database which should not mean they cannot face each other in a league game.
  5. Please read the details in the first and second posts in this thread, and apply accordingly.
  6. Thanks. Obviously a human error. There will not be any further data updates for FM18, but you can amend this in your database using the editor.
  7. Thanks for this Cal585. We added English second nationality to get round this.
  8. Thank you clintabn, that was amended for the recent update.
  9. The average CA of the best 16 players in Peterborough's squad rates them ninth in League One for that score. I appreciate your comments, bearing in mind that you do not watch the team play. I shall be searching for a new PUFC researcher shortly, so it is pointless asking the outgoing researcher for his explanations, save to say that he did watch the team play every home game this season, and I pushed him hard on his assessments.
  10. He is on a youth contract in the database I am looking at here.
  11. Mbuti was listed as having his contract cancelled in the FA Registrations document for November 2017.
  12. Thanks for the feedback Walshieboy750. Any loans after Jan 31st are NOT included as they are short-term loans.
  13. [China] (Official) Data Issues

    That happened yesterday, and the database for yesterday's update was already locked.
  14. The date Bosomworth started as chairman is not listed in the database. Please let us know what it is, though it is too late for the winter update as the data deadline for changes for that has gone.
  15. I'm concentrating in the imminent winter data update, so am not looking to recruit for FM2018 now. Once that its out, I'll start to recruit for the next version of the game. One researcher one club is how we work it, though we are open to other ways of working, However, ultimately, two or more people researching a club means that nobody takes responsibility and differences occur. And, repeating the info set in the opening two posts of this thread, you must prove yourself as a dedicated supporter of a club. If you watch Man Utd on the telly, that simply does not cut it to be their researcher. if you live near Plymouth, that does not qualify you to research Plymouth. You have to watch a team play week-in, week-out, in person by attending their football matches, to be a serious candidate to research any club. To research a bigger club, you have to prove your knowledge of the U23s and U18s, and be the type of fan who goes to watch those teams play on a cold winter evening in person.