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  1. I am aware of that, thank you. I have been extremely busy with a data deadline, so have not had time yet to reply to your email. I shall do so as soon as my heavy workload commitments allow.
  2. We do not put businesses as a club owner in the game.
  3. If you have data issues to report, please do so in the South Korea section of this forum. I have passed your email to the Head Researcher.
  4. They are not listed, so therefore there is not a vacancy. The best way you can help with Grimsby Town research is to post in the Grimsby Town Data Issues thread. The researcher will see everything posted there, and if applicable, will include your data observations in the next version of the game. That's how this forum works. Thanks for your query.
  5. AFC Croydon Athletic ground is updated. Please do inform us of any other incorrect grounds in the data for this level.
  6. As the 'How to Get Involved' thread clearly states, you have to contact us. The email is, explaining which team you wish to research, and why we should consider you to research that team. Thanks.
  7. Thanks Domynix92 - Loza's history has been updated for the next game.
  8. Who to contact: as explained in the first two posts of this thread, contact scouting at sigames dot com. Can I drop you a hint? A good researcher will actually do some research. That starts with actually researching this forum and looking in it to find the info you are looking for. It takes seconds to look at the first post in this thread which pretty much explains all there is to know. So, in conclusion, email us via scouting at sigames dot com, explaining why we should appoint you to research the club you are interested in researching, and we can take your application from there.
  9. OK, well, if it happens later in your FM16 savegame (say at the same point next season in your save), then please submit the details as requested above, via savegame and to the bugs forum. Without a savegame it is impossible for us to establish what is happening in your savegame to make this happen.
  10. Are the club still fan-owned in your game or was it sold? The database has the club as a fan-owned club, so that happening is a bug. Can you please post about it in the bugs forum, and please provide a savegame from just before the director pay-out, so that the coder can establish why this happened in your game. Without a savegame, it is difficult to fix a bug.
  11. Hello. We require a new researcher for Aston Villa. if you are interested, please read this message and then apply via scouting at sigames dot com.
  12. Latest English research vacancies: Aston Villa, Fulham, Guiseley, Hartlepool United, Middlesbrough, Millwall, North Ferriby United, Oldham Athletic, Sheffield United, Southport, Sutton United.
  13. Hello instaboots. As it explains above, email us (scouting at sigames dot com) and we will pass your details on to the relevant Head Researcher.