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  1. Wolves will probably have a sugar daddy enabled, yeah. Won't be a Man City type though.
  2. I have added him now, but you have given me three different ways to spell his name there, so I am not quite sure which to use. I have used Yasser Feysi, which was the spelling that you gave. Also added Thaer Krouma too.
  3. We are not in a position to add all regular starters at level nine to the database. If you wish to help re level nine research please email scouting at sigames dot com.
  4. Thanks sixtrap. It is more helpful with the dates, I am afraid to report. The database insists we enter dates for such boring things as transfers, contract signings etc, as the game then uses those dates to ascertain player happiness, or just to help the biog and history pages look neat. I am sure that the isthmian League Head Researcher Jake will be able to use that info.
  5. Can you quote a neutral commentator who said this, please? I didn't see either in the official League One Team of the Season.
  6. What date did they appoint him as manager? Is he still a player too? We need dates with everything, please remember that. If something happened to someone, the database needs a date entering to accompany it. Thanks.
  7. Do you have dates for those events please?
  8. Yes, it is strange how a player isn't on a club legends list for scoring a goal after the game was released. Thanks for the contribution, I am sure the (new) Halifax researcher will bear it in mind for the next version of the game.
  9. Thank you makul, JFH now updated.
  10. Nine of us fly to Bordeaux on Saturday (11th) - we land in time for six to go to Wales v Slovakia. Rest go to our centrally-positioned apartments in Bordeaux. Hoping to catch up with Welsh Head Researcher Adam and Slovakian Head Researcher Petr there at some stage. We're there for a week. Booked the accommodation two years ago! On the Monday of Spain v Czechia, we are going on train to Toulouse. Also set for Bordeaux on the Tuesday for Austria v Hungary. Due to drop-outs, including a guy who broke his hand and wrists two days ago, we have spare beds at our (lush) apartments.
  11. In cm2 days, I had a great fun save that I was only allowed to play when I was drunk. It was the time when Rangers were going for 10 in a row, so I managed Celtic in a bid to try to stop them. No flaming, I have no agenda in terms of the Old Firm, who I have equal disdain for ;-) Really enjoyed the save. So, recommend you have a separate save for drunk FM-ing, but make it a relatively easy one, probably best advised for Touch mode.
  12. No. You report data issues in here regardless of any deadlines that the researchers may have. If you have an issue, please report it. It's as simple as that.
  13. If you wish to post about Kosovo please post in the Europe Data Issues thread which covers the many European nations that we do not have as a playable league in FM.
  14. No, but it would be helpful, if you are serious about helping research that team in the future, for you to email us (scouting at sigames dot com) so that we can contact you should a vacancy arise. You can contribute to the research debate by posting in the Macclesfield Town thread at We often refer to data threads when sourcing new researchers, so posting constructively and sensibly in that thread can help highlight your suitability should any suitable role become available in the future. Posting your suggested improvements in that thread is the best method for you to help improve the data for any future Football Manager games.