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  1. Please post any data issues for Estonia in the Europe Data Issues thread. If you wish to research football in Estonia, email us (scouting at sigames dot com) explaining why you should be considered as a serious candidate to join the research team. Obviously, while we wish to get the best research we can in all nations, the lower-tiers in Estonia is not a high priority compared to ensuring we have great research bases in France, Spain, UK etc.
  2. Every player is currently being assessed based on the 2017/18 season. Every player is assessed from one release/update to the next, for every club, regardless of whether they are progressing or regressing. Of course we will look at Harding, and we will look at every single player in the Blues squad. You need to remember you are playing with data collected in January for the winter update - ie five months ago. Of course the database is being updated.
  3. Which club, specifically, do you wish to research? (Tip: the answer will be the club you watch play football, in person, week in week out).
  4. Stockport Town are at NWCL Div One - ie level 10. Anything below NWCL Premier (level 9) is too low for us to spend time on. Lord - we would keep him in his role at the playable club in FM, Stockport County. It is pointless offering players a loan out to such a low level in the game. Thank you for the info, but it is not relevant to the FM database at this time.
  5. Please email us, stating which specific club do you watch play football, in person, every week, @Sacioli. Only then can the Holland Research team consider you as a serious applicant.
  6. Scunthorpe United back on the vacancies list after newly-appointed researcher let us down.
  7. I have been busy appointing many researchers in the last few days. If I have not sent you an email offering you a position, then you are not currently successful. Rather than disappoint every other applicant with that news straight away, we are set to wait until the appointed person has attempted the current data research exercise successfully. Then, when that person proves themselves, we can then send a definite message to every unsuccessful applicant. If that person does not prove himself, and it does happen on occasion, then we will offer the role to the next best candidate. The other very good applicants were not yet contacted as they may be appointed as a substitute in the case where the appointed person does not turn out to be a successful candidate. This has happened too often for us to be certain with our appointment until he proves him/herself. The not-so-good candidates have already been contacted, and rejected outright.
  8. Then you need to apply, as explained above in several places, explaining why I should consider you as a researcher for your club. I will not consider one sentence replies in this forum as a full application, I am afraid.
  9. Update: Vacancies currently exist for the following English clubs (National League Premier and above): Barnet, Bristol Rovers, Burnley, Bury, Charlton Athletic, Derby County, Dover Athletic, Eastleigh, Ebbsfleet United, Gateshead, Guiseley, Leicester City, Milton Keynes Dons, Northampton Town, Norwich City, Notts County, Oldham Athletic, Peterborough United, Scunthorpe United, Swansea City, Torquay United, Tranmere Rovers, Wigan Athletic. Please email Dean (scouting at sigames dot com) to apply for any of those vacancies. (last amend 24/04/18) CONFERENCE REGIONAL DIVISIONS NATIONAL LEAGUE NORTH: (Click to go to the BSN Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.) Vacancies (Apr 2018): Alfreton Town, Brackley Town, Bradford Park Avenue, Chorley, Darlington, Gainsborough Trinity, Harrogate Town, Leamington, North Ferriby United, Salford City, Southport, Spennymoor Town, York City. NATIONAL LEAGUE SOUTH: (Click to go to the BSS Data Issues thread and Head Researcher profile.) Vacancies (Apr 2018): Bognor Regis Town, Concord Rangers, Dartford, Hampton & Richmond Borough, Hemel Hempstead Town, Hungerford Town, Oxford City, Truro City.
  10. Email us if you are a genuine applicant to research a club in USA>. Thanks.
  11. That seems to be an -in-game bug. They are set as having Good Relations in the database which should not mean they cannot face each other in a league game.
  12. Please read the details in the first and second posts in this thread, and apply accordingly.
  13. You remain The Don, paz, when it comes to this game. That Fred Winter race is too competitive for me. That said, I need a bet to watch the race on my betting account's website, so may put a little on one of those two. I don't need a bet to enjoy the racing (only had two yesterday, one won, the other didn't - Us and Them). Can't pick one with any confidence in the RSA (one of my favourite races over many years going back to Miinnehoma), as usual the QM is for watching and hoping that something amazing happens. The cross-country is a farce and I can't be doing with the flat race, so that leaves just the Coral Cup, which looks impossible.
  14. Am all over Rathvinden for the NH Chase, and have also backed it for the National too. Beware: I am a dreadful tipster. There's a very fancied one in the Ultima that, if it wins, I am going to give up the whole game up as a bad do.
  15. Thanks. Obviously a human error. There will not be any further data updates for FM18, but you can amend this in your database using the editor.