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  1. I used a TQ for 3 seasons but as a striker, not as an attacking midfielder and it worked great, become my best player and basically kept me into the first division. I paired him with Poacher (A), Pressing forward (S/A) and Target man (S) depending on whom I had available ; I tried to use him as an AM TQ behind the main striker but didn't worked as good as a two strikers system (I played 442 and was trying to move to a 4-4-1-1). Now I am trying to make an AMC Playmaker who ticks all the requirements to play as TQ but despite having the skills, it does not work. My old Striker TQ was n
  2. Here is a very good analysis: https://www.holdingmidfield.com/bilardismo-argentina-at-the-1986-world-cup/
  3. Hello there, I enjoyed a lot this thread as I used to watch a lot of Italian football since 1991 until 2006. I am back to FM after a long hiatus (last I played was 2009 I think) so I started low with a Romanian newly promoted first division club which I turned into Cup Winner (3 times), Champion winner (first in 2028) and now Champions League groups' team. My main tactic is largely inspired from Atletico's Simeone because I simply don't like the gegenpress and 4-2-3-1 formations which seem to be the most fashionable. However, now I "built" some academy players to suit a "more
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