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  1. i play xbox edition through game pass on PC and it absolutely sucks you can't add or remove leagues once you begin a save. what a stupid decision.
  2. its all relative though. i just can't get it to work against larger rep teams regardless of their quality of players and how much they press.
  3. you can rely on getting at least 10 goals a season just by having a giant mofo attack near post and a good corner taker. even more if you include free kicks + play for set pieces. really cheezy but you gotta do what you gotta do as the underdog.
  4. yea but im playing on PC game pass (and its supposed to just be FMT?) there was a lot more space when i played an HB with the CBs set to stay wider, practically a 3 at the back but it felt disjointed with the mid 2 with the HB left too far behind as soon as play progressed out our final third. i switched to DLP from HB and with distribute to DLP he either drops deep to almost just be an HB for GKs or the oppositions preventing short distribution and the GK boots it. at least with distribute to CBs theres 2 options for the GK and most teams play 1 striker. edit: switched him to DM to stop him from spraying long balls out poor off the ball, good mentals, defensive and passing attributes. how does high defensive line affect our ability to play out the back? i can run more games and post examples. EDIT: played pass the striker and punts it to nobody (switched him DLP to DM. edit 2: DM still doing it, no pass PPMs) clearance (13 composure rb) LCB plays a long ball to LW with the lb open RCB clears right off a goal kick. should've passed to LCB, if 14 presses then he can play to LCM #5. if 14 marks #5 then that means #9 presses, LCB could play a long pass to RB due to #15 pushed all the way up to RCB or pass back to GK and GK plays a straight pass to #4 with #9 on #13 now. more obvious ones inside 20 minutes
  5. FMT xbox edition (PC) pkm? how to get it? this is basically what im playing + take short kicks and distribute to CBs. i can change roles to make more passing options available when playing out the back but they'll inevitably just punt it. my AP has 0 PPMs and yet he'll punt it cross field, team continuously pick the incorrect passing option be it short or long, kick offs are usually just insta overturn like above.
  6. i have no idea why they keep clearing aside from the fact we're playing against bigger rep teams but it says everyones "composed" at the bottom of the screen
  7. been trying balanced. do you go balanced + play out of defense or just balanced? nope. happens very often off of kickoffs where the opposition striker just chases down the ball and the CB hoofs it to nobody with plenty of options which are apparently not safe enough.
  8. the player has no time only if you consider it beginning from the time he actually receives the ball. IRL you're consistently making decisions not just when you've got the ball. player should already be weighing his options before he actually receives the ball. also its not like that was a hard pass from #4, could've easily first time passed it the LB or am i asking for too much? if you really wanna justify the clearance then you can say its down to it being nerves from just conceding or he mis-controlled the pass in the first place but its hard to tell in 2D but arguing and nitpicking this example isn't the point of the post. the point of the post is to figure how others work around constant turnovers from the back without elite players. what should they be doing 3 passes after a kickoff?
  9. id agree with you if you could effectively play a TM as an out ball in the game, which would be my preferred choice, but you can't. you can't tell your players to aim clearances and long balls at your TM to relieve pressure when they can. even the distribute to TM TI doesn't work as intended, i have another thread in the bugs section on this, you can't rely on your GK to distribute to TM consistently even with the TI selected let alone hoping your players use him as the default out ball just because you have a TM. i've tried a lot of different variations along with another FM player; either they've intentionally nerfed it because TMs win too many headers or the game is overlooking the TM due to him being "marked". regarding the video, it could be due to the game speed set to 2 notches higher than normal. at what point is safe option too safe? everything would be a clearance at that point. i don't get how either of those side passes are too risky. cause its right off a kick off -_-
  10. 14, 10, 11, 13 passing stat back four. playing on comprehensive and have low possession due to this. "no one to pass to" eh?
  11. FMT, no tactical familiarity. already playing without a TM because distribute to TM TI does not work properly, ends up with more turnovers and sometimes lethal counter attacks on us.
  12. epl bottom half side. positive mentality. normal CBs. im not trying to play out the back tiki taka style, just don't want to insta clear it. as soon as they're pressured they clear the ball when there are options. normal passing length, normal tempo. i just thought i probably need defenders with higher composure. right now its just a marry go round of keeper kicking it long or cbs clearing long for the opposition to attack again. even during open play. if 12-13 composure is fine then why do my CBs constantly clear? 1.mp4 1.mp4
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