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  1. counter attacking and long balls are too easy. anyone else feel the same? coming up as the underdog was a breeze personally. giant TM + super speed AF up top, spam long balls to them, ezpz lemon squeezy. in my current save both strikers combined racked up at least 50 goals a season across all comps, would've been even easier if distribute to TM wasnt broken. as a bottom 5 team predicted by the media, the team finished top 5 for the first 3 seasons till the club's rep caught up. now teams sit back and it isn't viable to play yeet ball vs them. every team i go up against now just sits back
  2. decided to screen record and post it here but it magically stopped being choppy while recording. only other way to fix it is by turning off anti aliasing. r5 1400 rx 560
  3. should i be worried about a player unhappy about his current contract if his morale is high?
  4. meanwhile in bosnia... this guy with this club form has been starting every game for the past 3 seasons while my other striker can't get a call up either, not even in his +26 goals season
  5. my star striker, 3x danish player of the year with 115 goals & 40 assists in 172 games has 0 international appearances in the last 3.5 seasons. was only called up once after someone got injured but did not play at all and got angry over being dropped the next international break.
  6. any way to keep AML and AMR from tracking back. playing a TM on support, all three track back on defense which leaves no one up front for an out ball
  7. full but speed up 3 notches in the beginning then extended up 2 notches once im satisfied. i would prefer comprehensive because extended doesn't show as many highlights as older FMs but comprehensive keeps showing pointless offsides in which is super annoying.
  8. same. i play a SK and he'll play goal kicks to CBs almost always on distribute to CB but ignore distribute to TM, but the other way around for "in transition" distributions.
  9. distribute instruction is somewhat broken perhaps. someone on the forum pointed out that the GKs almost always kick towards the direction of his strong foot. right footed GKs kick it to the right side of the pitch. i was also told by one of the mods that distribution instructions are for in transitions so goal kicks don't count which makes no sense.
  10. i thought signing on fee was supposed to be a lump sum payment when the transfer goes through. all my transfer signing's sign on fees turn into loyalty bonuses. edit: also i can lowball their signing on fees and later loyalty bonuses as much as i want. 10k fee/bonus on a 50k/week player and they dont care. new 20 million signing - 50k sign on fee turned into loyalty bonus
  11. which CM role stays back like a DLP on defend when in position but doesn't drop back as deep while defending?
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