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  1. I aim to pretty well select my starting XI at least by the time the pre match briefing comes around, that way the players are receiving their full instructions in advance. In practice though I don't know if it makes any difference, can't say I've observed any issues from doing it last minute?
  2. Second the recommendation on Rowan McDonald, signed him on a free from Man City and was part of my promotion winning squad. Just about to flog him for £800k + sell ons a year later. Did a similar thing with Felix Nmecha also from Man City youth team. Southampton are my parent club and got some great loanees from them, Tom O'Connor (BBM with set piece abilities) and Christophe Klarer the pick of the bunch
  3. Control possession with tweaks worked really well though The main issue with some of the preset tactical styles is the player roles that are required. Some are extremely rare to find at that level, e.g. control possession requires a complete forward which is not generally possible for players of a lesser technical ability. Seems you can get away by substituting for an advanced forward so long as most of the other key roles are there. Pre season odds are out and suprisingly we're 9th favourites for promotion despite being forced to sell some players to bigger clubs. There is definitely still the need for a defensive tactic though so I will test out the 4-2-3-1 in a couple of friendlies vs prem sides.
  4. Hi guys, I was pretty successful in my season just gone with my Crawley side in league two, winning automatic promotion. During that season I managed to dominate the majority of my games using a 4-1-2-3 control possession based tactic, with high press, low tempo short passing, positive mentality, no counter and a holding MF. I initially set out playing a less adventurous mentality away from home, but as we struggled to get results I did some reading on here and discovered that an attacking mentality is crucial for the success of this tactic, so basically played the same home and away with minor adjustments. This worked fine for 95% of matches, however occasionally when we played times in the top 5-6 away from home or in the cup and I felt the need to be less expansive. I tried a fluid counter attack style with the same formation but without the high press and a cautious mentality. This seemed like the natural complement to my primary tactic to me, however this tactic generally was a complete flop, I don't remember picking up any results with it. In fact I had to give it up when we played the time who finished third behind us with a few games of the season left and got whupped 5-1. This state of affairs wasn't too much of a problem as we easily secured promotion, however for the coming season where we'll be up against stiffer opposition it seems I need to remedy this. I don't think I'm quite ready to fully abandon the fluid counter as it still seems to suit my players best. It seems I need to change something though, and my first thought is to shift formation to 4-2-3-1 with two holding MF. The reasons for this are as follows: - Squad/transfer-wise I just signed an DCM who is easily my best player and potential captain, so it seems I should build my team around him. I also have a couple of good DCM from last season to fill the other spot. - I have an up and coming young ACM who I can give some game time to in this formation, plus I loaned a striker who can also play in the hole - The season before I played a 4-2-3-1 with conventional CM which worked well as a counter attacking formation - The two DCM should give adequate protection against these rampaging former Championship sides I'll be coming up against The main issues I have with this though are: - I'm still mentally scarred from the failure of fluid counter last season! - All my DCM are purely destructive players; I can possibly try and shoehorn the better DCM to play a more creative role (segundo volante perhaps) but it's not ideal for anything other than a defensive style - My CM I don't think are versatile enough to move forward to ACM or back to DCM, so effectively I need two squads of MF - My FB aren't amazing so I still may get killed down the flanks So now it's over to you guys - do I stick with fluid counter, try and adapt my primary tactic to make it more defensive or come up with something new entirely?!
  5. This sucks. My MF with the blank promise was apparently promised first team football this season. He started 32/46 league games, apparently this wasn't enough to keep him happy!!!
  6. Haven't got to that stage yet. I guess I'm waiting to see what players I can get in before I commit to a suicidal expectation from the chairman! And yes, FM19
  7. I just won promotion from league two with my Crawley team who the board expected to finish in the play offs at the start of the season. I over achieved versus expectations slightly as we finished second and went up automatically. My contract is up for renewal in the close season and in the terms offered by the chairman state an expected position of play offs again for next season. I turned down the original offer for contract discussions as I wanted some certainty first about which division we'd be in next season. After we got promoted, the next time the chairman offered me terms the wage budget increased, transfers funds remained the same (~£100k which is naff all really) but the expectation is still play offs! At this point it's well after the season ended (FA Cup final played) but before the official season update. Are the expectations likely to remain the same after the update? It seems a tad unfair that I'm expected to work miracles with a budget that won't compare favourably against most of the established league one sides as I'm forced to wheel and deal for frees and loans. We also desperately need a training ground upgrade as players aren't progressing with our current below average facilities, but the board say there is no money! Am I panicking over nothing or is this a tad unrealistic?!
  8. Lol what wages is he on? He became Wednesday manager on my game which as a Wednesday fan I was surprised about tbh! Wasn't very successful, got sacked after a year or less then they went down ;(
  9. Did you find a work around for this? Both players are under contract, I can promise to pick them in the desired position again next season but might get the same issue..
  10. I have a couple of issues with this at present; one a CB who wanted to play central defender (defend). True I played him as a ball playing DF on a few occasions, but mostly as what he wanted. The other is a RB I signed in January who is complaining I never played him as a WB, when I did every game! Also I have another player with a blank/missing promise, he hasn't complained (yet) but this is clearly broken!!!
  11. Oh didn't know this festure existed! Maybe now I can constantly hassle other managers the way Mark Hughes moans at me for playing his CM as a B2B MF rather than a ball winning MF. This is despite him being more natural as a B2B, although admittedly I did accidentally say he would be played as a ball winner. I just ignore Sparky now, who hates me with a passion
  12. First point I would make here is that surely once he joins the club, he ceases to fall within the remit of your scouts and is the coaching staff's responsibility? I never scout trialists; I make sure I have at least one coach with good JPA/JPP to help me rate my players. I understand the point about the slow reveal of stats though. As a LLM I take on trialists regularly and don't see it as particularly unrealistic; if you're doing mainly tactical training that week for example then you might not get a clear idea of how much pace he has, or his heading ability. He probably needs to play for reserve/youth team in an actual match to give a good feel for his abilities. In any case if it was based purely on training then it's probably unfair to judge him off a couple of sessions, he might play a blinder on the first day then be shocking the day after. In summary, I think it works pretty well as is really.
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