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  1. Like a bargain in the transfer market and can't resist a bit of wheeling and dealing. Generally quite media friendly and always good for a quote on transfer deadline day. Generally start down in the lower leagues and work my way up to the big time. T'riffic! Yup you guessed it, good old 'Arry Redknapp 😁 Not been asked to go in the jungle yet though...
  2. Right, so player goes on intensive language course and loses determination? Have you been hanging out with the bad kids Zdravko?!
  3. Did your staff suggest you do? If so and it's ahead of a big game then probably worthwhile to try and take the pressure off, otherwise why would you?
  4. The board think I've done badly with this one and are not happy with me. Right, so signing a player for less than half of his current value and getting him on loan for the first year for no fee and reduced wages is bad business is it?!
  5. Is this an exciting new addition for FM21 then? Cos they never get injured in any other version (I've never had a sub keeper on the bench for >1000 matches)
  6. I'm trying to figure out what the tipping point is here between having a good team dynamic and destroying that. In the off season I signed: Seven first team squad players, though a couple are really signings for the future One joined on a free who was on loan the entirety of the previous season; dynamics screen describes him as a 'new signing still establishing himself at the club' Another joined on a permanent deal having spent the entirety of the previous season on loan with a mandatory future fee; dynamics screen describes him as a 'new signing still establishing himself a
  7. My idiot DoF gave most of my hot prospects from the youth team min fee release clauses when signing their first pro deal. I found out the hard way when one got poached by a bigger rival, the rest I had to hurriedly give new deals to weeks after signing pro terms before they got spirited away
  8. Er right, in that case perhaps I'll just keep my gob shut in future then?!
  9. My previous ass man told me on a regular basis in his tactical advice that we should both 'get stuck in' and 'stay on feet'. I tended to gloss over his report after that
  10. So if you were say, Martin Braithwaite and you got the call from Barca to sign for them, you would stop and think 'huh I'm not as good as Messi, Suarez, Griezmann or Fati so I'll just stay put and turn down this €50k a week wage hike'?
  11. The trick I've sussed out in Fm19 at least is if you receive an offer (particularly close to the transfer deadline) then accept it but add a 'sign a replacement first' clause. Then I sit back and do literally sod all, the deadline comes and goes and the player stays. Yes they may be a little miffed their 'dream' move didn't happen but hey, they generally get over it.
  12. If I'm playing a high intensity pressing tactic then the first thing I probably do is switch to a tactic more sat off and look to hit them on the counter. Emphasise 'don't get complacent' in the half time team talk. After 60 mins start subbing off players I want to preserve, mainly CMs or wide players or anyone who looks a bit knackered that I'd definitely want to play the next match. At 4-0 up I wouldn't bother with time wasting as I figure there are more goals in it for my team, plus you don't want to encourage the opposition too much!
  13. This happened to me in FM19 and I'm sure I had to take it again when I got my next job...
  14. Here's one for players not on a youth challenge - what's your best crop of youngsters you've had come through your academy at a similar time? Am very excited for next season as I have a few youngsters who I think are ready to be part of the 1st team squad next season - they might have got in there already but I'm playing in Germany and you're not allowed to play players who are under 17 These include: AMC - described at 16 as a leading player for Bundesliga sides(!) MC - 17 year old who is good for Bundesliga, massive potential AML - 18 year old playmaker with 4.5 s
  15. Your chairman is a crook Assume your % transfer revenue received is >0? Did your wage budget change at all? Any other incomings/outgoings around the same time?
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