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  1. How do you find players who win Golden Boy tend to do in their careers? My 18 year old half Italian/half German striker who won it last season was absolutely lethal in front of goal for 1.5 seasons, then he won Golden Boy. Fast forward to Xmas the following season and he has one solitary CL goal to his name and four cup goals in one match against a regional side. Nothing in the league and has performed absolutely abysmally! Is Golden Boy a blessing or curse generally?
  2. Sometimes you can discipline players for being a tubster. I once fined Luke Shaw one weeks wages and accused him of being a pie monster.
  3. Ditto, haven't bothered with a sub keeper at all in this version of FM apart from during injury crises. They never get booked/sent off either, very unrealistic!
  4. 19 seasons...you must be bored by now! I'm playing FM19 but generally get loads of job offers, though I was surprised to not be interviewed for the vacant England manager's job in summer 2028 seeing as I'm the highest positioned English manager in all leagues who hasn't had it already... Agree with the above though, time remaining on contract tends to affect the flow of job offers.
  5. Perhaps the horrors of a season in Andorra live long in the memory
  6. This may not be true any more, if people are expecting the same Bale that left Spurs back in the day to suddenly waltz back into the PL then they're probably in for a shock. At 31 as his body has aged and he's picked up injuries throughout his career (same as most players) and it simply can't do what it used to at 18-25 or so. The top players start to use their brain more and adapt their game so that they can still affect a game, but in different ways than they used to. Ronaldo would be a prime example of this; he no longer plays out wide so much and does all the sprints and dribbles he used to as a kid at Man Utd. Now he's arguably more an archetypal penalty box player and leaves other younger, fitter players to do his running for him and saves his energy for where he's most effective. In Bale's case I imagine he's a researcher's nightmare, as he simply hasn't played enough football over the last 18-24 months to be able to judge the decline in his attributes so well. He's probably not been fully match fit in the games he has played, so as in real life it's tricky to model him as you really don't know what you're gonna get with him. IMO FM does a reasonable job of keeping the very top players relevant once they hit 31-32. It's the players of lesser ability that it struggles to credit with a bit more intelligence towards the end of their careers, players whose game was previously based more on physical stats. This is where the improvement needs to be made, not for players like Bale.
  7. I qualified for CL for the first time this season (and first time in a long while for the club too). We're not an affluent club ordinarily, last couple of budgets I've had about £6m and £10m to spend iirc. Last summer I agreed to sign a LB on loan, converting to mandatory signing at the start of next season for £14m. At the moment I have about £16m in transfer budget remaining, plus £80 - 100k in wages. In an ideal world I'd like to sign a MF in the January window, however if I do that am I jeopardising signing the LB? I definitely want him as he's done well for me and is young enough to improve further. What kind of windfall can I expect from the CL? We've done ok in our group but will drop into Europa league barring an 8 goal swing on the final match day...
  8. As I enter into my tenth season of management in my FM19 game, this is also the first in which I've been in the Champions League (I started out as a LLM). As a result I insist on playing the CL anthem ahead of kick off for every match. I think I would probably apply the same principle if I became an international manager, and play the national anthem before kick off (certainly for competitive matches).
  9. Ole is so old they stopped counting...maybe that's the definition of hell, endlessly managing Man Yoo
  10. Graham Potter inadvertently annoyed me too actually...I won the championship and then the next season he won the play offs with Derby. I then got the sack having been relegated and Potter somehow got the England job, despite never having managed in the PL (this is FM19). He was even as low as league one for one season. Bit of a double (or treble) whammy as if the England job was vacant a year earlier, then surely I should've got it! After lasting just over a year as England boss (lost to France in QF of Euros) he then did a merry go round with his replacement and landed the Newcastle job. Nice life for some eh?
  11. Just be glad you still have fans is my advice!
  12. I think it's debatable as to whether a couple of non-league titles,a 'Leasing.com' trophy and FA Trophy would be > promotion to the second tier relative to club size. You've done well don't get me wrong, I sympathise as I've been guilty of delusions of grandeur at some of my clubs, but IMO to be a club legend you have to REAAAAALLY earn it!
  13. Er hate to burst your bubble but Stockport have been as high as what's now the championship within the last 30 years, so you ain't getting close to matching their best achievements!
  14. Happened in my game too, but not that unlikely is it? There aren't that many English managers in top divisions, so who's a better English manager than Dychey? Barca on the other hand...
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