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  1. This kind of thing is always annoying, as IRL a player wouldn't just continue on endlessly on a rolling contract. I always end up being screwed by this as well as the player at some point inevitably moves to another club on much lower wages than he wanted from me
  2. Slightly different question - what if you're a LLM and your training facilities are terrible?! In league two my facilities were among the worst in the division. In league one they ARE the worst in the division! As a result I loaned out my league two/conference rated youngsters to conference sides as no one else wanted them! The conference sides have better training facilities than me I would add. My coaches now only rate them as conference standard players, which means they've either regressed or the assessment was wrong initially. I brought in £2.3m net in transfers over the summer which I immediately channelled into upgrading training facilities, but they won't be ready till next season. January is coming, is it better to recall the loans or leave them put?
  3. I'm a LLM and following our promotion last season, my LB recently gained his first international cap. This appears to have prompted his agent to ask for a new contract on a significantly higher wage (+50%). The player has 6 months left on his contract; IIRC I gave the player a new contract towards the back end of last season shortly before promotion was confirmed, and he's on quite a modest salary for this level. As a LLM, I tend only to give out longer term deals for key players or leading young prospects. I had the option to suggest to the player that he should sack his agent rather than offer a new deal. As I'm on his preferred staff I went for this option and he promptly fired his agent and got another. Both agents have in their description 'friendly towards me', so it seems I saved myself a wage hike for 6 months at least by doing this. Are there any hidden negatives to doing this I haven't thought of however? The original agent is still friendly (so presumably hasn't got wind of my role in his sacking lol) so I don't appear to have obviously upset him. I suppose if I'd given him a new contract (not unreasonable in fairness given he's been at the club a while and is one of my favourite players, though my coaches don't rate him highly) his agent may have gone from friendly to being bezzie mates, giving me better terms on signing his clients. Anyone have any insight they can share here?
  4. Stick at it, just think how much of an achievement it would be if you kept them up! Sounds like you're expected to be in this position anyway if the players, fans and board aren't revolting. Sometimes the memory of tough times makes the successes all the more sweeter
  5. I signed this player on a free in the summer of 2021. At the time I thought he was a real coup, as we're a league one side and he did well in the championship last season. He was easily my best player and has great mental stats, potential future captain here I thought. Fast forward 4 months and I'm thinking what a waste of money! He's my third highest wage earner and so far he's managed a total of 115 minutes of first team football as he seems to be perennially crocked. Just as he's coming back from one injury he immediately picks up another. My coaches commented when he arrived that he seems a bit injury prone but jesus, this is really taking the p!55. He's already lost half a star ability rating from spending 4 months sat on the treatment table. I plan to add a nickname of sicknote shortly Can anyone compete for the title of most niggling injury prone player?
  6. Nope, happened already https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Maher_(footballer)
  7. Singaporean super league (or whatever it's called) was pretty short iirc for obvious reasons
  8. I agree. I tend to sub my entire XI during early pre season friendlies, then at least 7-8 subs in later matches and the AI doesn't really replicate this
  9. No guarantee that stats will increase even with first team football. I chucked a few kids into my first team in league two as the more experienced players in those positions weren't doing the business. Even though they pretty well smashed it up, stats wise they never really developed much. Supposedly I had one of the best coaching teams in the division, however my training facilities are sub standard so maybe if you have all the factors needed plus good player personalities you might get some results.
  10. I have spare spots in my staff allowance for extra physios, sports scientists etc but as a LLM on a budget I don't hire them for the simple reason that I don't need them. I have a head of youth development but no other dedicated junior coaches. Are you able to either request additional wage budget from the board, or offload some high earning players to free up staff you do need?
  11. Guess this is the downside of the realism of a manager sim. You have the option at least of creating a new manager and taking over again which you wouldn't have IRL?
  12. I'm having difficulties with this too. I'm a recently promoted league one club, and have three young strikers who my coaches tell me are good enough to play in league two. The best offer I have for any of them despite offering to loan them out for no wage contribution is from National League sides! Granted I myself try to loan players who my scouts rate as being good enough for the league above, but still it's annoying there are no decent takers for some reasonable players for nothing. I may have to accept these bids as there's too much competition for places for all three to play, plus annoyingly the National League sides have better training facilities than I do...
  13. I just flogged my best RB on deadline day so I can appreciate the dilemma. Club in my division came in for him a couple of hours before the window closed so I asked for 4.5x his value + sell on % and they said yes I literally had another RB ready to sign on a free lined up who was as good if not better, so no issues with replacement. He also had a major drawback like this guy (low det on my case) so banked the money and signed the replacement on 5x the wage, but the inflated transfer fee more than covers the difference. In summary I think you made the right call, every player has their price and when it's silly money on offer take the money and run
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