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  1. Well the developers think otherwise... https://www.balls.ie/gaming/football-manager-wonderkids-miles-jacobson-477312
  2. Last season I won the Bundesliga title and had the fifth best record for defending against corners. I used the exact same set up for defending corners, which was/is: Since then in the season just finished I used the exact same set up. The only real differences in terms of personnel: - I sold my best jumping CB (16) and loaned a guy from PSG (jumping 15) - I brought in a LB who is better in the air than all of my CB (jumping + heading 16) who I started to switch with one of the weaker CBs when I noticed we were leaking so many goals The overall results though we
  3. From experience generally no, though occasionally it has an impact if the other manager is a bit volatile. Wouldn't recommend using it for close matches, more where you're the complete underdog and have nothing to lose as it can very easily backfire.
  4. My 19 year old English striker won the European golden shoe last season, still yet to gain his first England cap. To be fair, England do have a clutch of top strikers at this point (it's 2032 and they recently won the Euros), in particular a guy at Spurs who my scouts tell me is also World Class. I think when I signed him for about £92m I didn't even bother to add in a future payment for international caps as I assumed it was a given he'd get in the side... Also my young Czech winger who half the top sides in Europe were chasing was struggling to gain international caps. The Czech manager
  5. Yup sure feels pretty random, that or it prioritises scouts who aren't actively doing anything. I often circumvent this by manually assigning the scout myself, as in my scouting team of about 15-20 scouts I have a few ones that aren't particularly good that I hired purely to give me scouting knowledge in a specific region (Africa, Asia). I clearly don't want these guys (JPA/JPP ~11) actually scouting any player that's of reasonable interest to me; by the same stroke, some of my scouts are only good at one of JPA/JPP so I don't want the guy with JPA 20 / JPP 11 scouting a new wonderkid (and vic
  6. The star rating is generally bs, my players tend to fluctuate +/- a star every season according to my staff member with the best judgement (JPA 17/JPP 17). Just monitor how they perform on the pitch and whether their average rating drops.
  7. Not sure the game is that smart. As a related anecdote, I just got offered an interview with Liverpool so I'm quite well acquainted with their current financial position, i.e. they're skint and need to sell to buy this transfer window. I didn't get the job, but I just put in a bid for their second choice 24 year old LW who is valued at £60m. They will sell him to me for £120m, but realistically I could just say to them 'I know you're skint, give me a better price' and yet I don't have this option.
  8. 22 goals in 34 appearances speaks for itself really. I'd sign a youngster with the potential to be better as a back up, with a viewing to replacing him eventually. While the goals keep flowing there's no reason to ditch him however, he hasn't gotten any worse after all.
  9. Yeah unfortunately I'd drummed it into him since he came through. It was a good move he had lined up though to a well established side, deluded of him to think he can get back in my team ahead of the £50m first choice RB and the £26m back up ahead of him. That and I have another two kids ahead of him in the pecking order...
  10. I have a 22 year old academy player who was a bright prospect at 17/18 and played for me in the Bundesliga/CL but failed to live up to his potential. After an unsuccessful spell out on loan he had one year left on his contract so I decided to get rid. I had a transfer agreed with another Bundesliga club, set his squad status to 'not needed' and dumped him in my B team squad playing in the third tier, but he still rejected the transfer and said he was going to prove me wrong
  11. His det is already 19 so not much scope there. Also I'm guessing he's played at least 100 games already with those stats so unlikely to be mentorable
  12. He's basically the Turkish Paul Pogba then...I wouldn't go out of my way to sell him but if I got a ridiculous offer of say €125m+ for him I'd certainly be tempted
  13. This is too much like self sabotage for me, given they do ridiculous things like giving your best youth prospect a £3m release fee clause. My DoF just decided to retire, I'm over the moon
  14. I mostly agree, however on my FM19 game it's 2032 and there are hardly any newgens for specific roles (i.e. ball winning MF, ball playing CB) so I need to find players with the correct attributes and retrain them for those roles.
  15. Having worked my way up from LLM to the top of the pyramid, before every CL game I play now I make sure to play the CL anthem to remind myself how much effort it's taken to get here and not take it for granted. Has an impact on my results too, one season I forgot and we tanked massively in the CL!
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