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  1. I'm playing with the latest version and I noticed that over the past couple of seasons my relatively thin squad hasn't really been stretched too much. Thinking back I can't remember picking up too many injuries, and even playing two games a week isn't much of a struggle. I'm playing as Wigan and am in four comps (Prem, CL, League cup + FA Cup) and not needing to rotate much. My training schedules are relatively intensive too (3 intensives + 2 mediums) but I've only had a handful of injuries. In all it seems to be making the game a bit too easy, anyone having a similar experience?
  2. What a run!!!

    What does their squad look like, do they have a keeper for example?! DJ kept us up this season so no complaints there! Seems he is better on a budget rather than with clubs content to ***** ridiculous sums of money left right and centre
  3. Expectations after title win

    Seems the lesson here then is set your expectations at a reasonable level (or just below) so as to not set the bar too high. Unfortunately at the time the targets came through the actual wage bill was three times the budget and there was talk of an unpaid tax bill, so it seemed like administration was in the offing. In the end I managed to offload most of the high wage earners and just about balance the books while maintaining a competitive squad, and so we did better than expected. Oh well at least I have a bigger budget this time and can hopefully use my experience last time to try and keep us mid table at least!
  4. Expectations after title win

    I could understand an evolution over the course of a few seasons, but to expect me to go from 'avoid relegation in the champ' to top half finish in the prem in the space of one season without an injection of say, £50m seems a bit over the top?!
  5. Have had a couple of experiences of winning promotion on my career game and was wondering if other people's experiences are similar to mine? Both are following me winning the championship against the odds. The first time I won it with Sheff Weds on a very limited budget and with the help of some astute loan signings, mostly for no wages. Once in the prem, to my alarm the board insisted my target should be a 'respectable league placing', i.e. top half finish. This was with a wage budget of around £250k and £3m for transfers - not fantastic I'm sure you'll agree. I was then sacked at the start of February in 18th place but still well in touch of my relegation rivals. I've now just won the championship again this time with Wigan mostly using the squad they went down with, but again the board expect a respectable finish! Given I doubt very much that IRL Martinez is told that Wigan should finish in the top half with mostly three star players, is this not a bit unrealistic? Is this to be expected following any promotion, would I have been better off being runner up to give me a better chance of keeping my job next season?!
  6. Unfair sackings?

    I won the championship on shoestring with Sheff Weds and got set the unrealistic target of 'respectable league placing' in the prem next season, i.e. top half finish. I was then promptly sacked just after the Jan transfer window 2 points from safety Given what's happened to McDermott/Adkins this season I probably can't really claim it as unrealistic though...
  7. Player carrying groin injury

    I've seen this too. Signed Suarez for barca, scouts said he had no injury problems then 3 months later he is carrying a calf injury. Just started a new game with Sheff Weds and one of my MF has a groin injury, the difference being i don't play him much as he's rubbish.
  8. Unhappy at sale of main player

    I sold a fringe midfielder and defender in the last transfer window and half my squad revolted saying they were upset I'd sold a star player! My coaches rated both as 3 star CA/PA, while my best players have 5 stars. neither had played very much either. Sort it out SI!!!
  9. Messi leaves the limelight

    In fairness, given he has the physique of a 14 year old school boy and the only way to stop him is to kick him off the park, it's not unconceivable that having lumps kicked out of him might take its toll eventually?
  10. Cup tied players

    Has anyone seen any evidence to suggest the AI recognises that players are effectively devalued if they're cup tied for Europe? My best player will most probably leave this summer but if he can fire me into the CL before he goes then that would be very useful. Would this make him worth less in the eyes of AI managers though? Also does the AI do things like leave players out of their squad for a European game if you're negotiating to buy them etc?
  11. What makes you want to move club

    Lol I've p!55ed away better positions than that with more at stake, seems a bit of an over reaction and your players probably hate you now. Give it a few days and you'll calm down.
  12. Stupid game robbed me of £900k!

    Is there any point? They're not going to release another patch for FM11. Just wanted to moan really...
  13. ...which my team can ill afford! I got knocked out of the CL qualifiers in the third qualifying round at the start of the season (playing FM11) which meant I didn't drop into the Europa league (or so I thought anyway). I kept being sent news items on the Europa league however, and was asked to register a squad at times even though I had no matches. My continental qualification status was also Europa League. This wasn't a problem until I reached the end of the season, when I received a message saying the club had paid out a £900k bonus for winning the Europa League! The money has gone out of the clubs' account but the board confidence still reflects reality, what a crock of *@$%!
  14. Selling playters to fund improvements

    Perhaps some context will help...I am Larisa in the Greek Superleague. My wage budget last season was around £90k p/w and my record transfer fee received is £1.3m. The most I've ever spent on a player is £300k, I rely on getting cheap youth players and developing them. By comparison the big clubs can spend up to £25k p/w on wages for one player, and there are even sides who consistently finish below me who have much bigger spending power. My main source of revenue is probably getting in good players discarded by big clubs on frees then selling them down the line, we're not really good enough to be able to compete in Europe. I can't really think of any alternative ways of generating cash to try to close the gap, any ideas?
  15. My current club struggle to compete with some of the bigger clubs financially and I feel like I'm always destined to finish fourth or below. I have two top drawer AML (one is better and younger) who attract a lot of attention. I figure I could cope with the loss of one of them and then use the money to improve my training facilities which are only average at present. If I sell the younger AML who is probably too good for my club then I should get at least £3.5m for him, though he is my second best player and set piece specialist. Will the board allow me to use the money to improve the training ground and youth network for that kind of money?