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  1. Hi all i had the chance of these computers cheap as mine is on the blink. Lenovo thinkcentre pc i7-4790@3.60 ghz 12gb ram 1tb hdd & 128gb ssd and a:- 10th gen intel core i5 processor 10400 Intel uhd graphics 630 8gb DDR4 memory 1TB hard drive i know next to nothing about the technical side of computers and would only be using it to play FM and go online. Would any of them be ok to play FM at a decent standard?
  2. Harry Kane got injured just before the euros in a save of mine then after that despite firing me to the league scoring allsorts he never got called up again with all the messages every squad announcement saying he was left out in the cold Tony Mowbray also got the england job after the first euros😂
  3. I knew there was a change but i thought they still tried to make it russian/ukranian games as 1 of the 2 if these teams are playing that day.
  4. Champions league scheduling is all over the place, theres usually early games but these games are meant to be russian clubs etc at home, numerous times ive seen western european teams playing early while russian teams kick off at 8
  5. For some reason in my spurs game Harry Kane isnt getting called up for the england squad despite banging in goals left, right and centre helping my team win the league second season(tony mowbray is somehow england manager after the euros)
  6. A put it here because it states fm21 realism thread, its about as unrealistic as you can get in football so id say its in the right place mate
  7. Bit strange in my spurs save just now, Harry Kane isnt being picked for England squads in the 2nd season, he got an injury just before the preliminary squad for the Euros. He would have made the actual start date of the tournmanet so in real life would have been selected surely. But then the whole next season(im in march) he hasnt been in a single squad despite being fit and banging goals in all over the place(tony mowbray is. Now england manager aswell)
  8. Tony Mowbray has just been appointed England manager after the euros in my save
  9. The ratings issue is kinda ruining the game for me a bit now along with some aspects of the me since the last patch, shots and crosses constantly being blocked and noticing less cut backs and more shots from daft angles again. Add to this some of the just stupid questions and lists of answers in the press conference and other UI and smaller immersion faults like teams 20mins apart travelling the day before an away game and staying the night of thengame and travelling back next day
  10. Its one of the most frustrating things for me playing at a ground where the home and away fans are in the wrong ends of the ground or even worse stadiums like ibroxs stand structures are all over the place completely. Some look very good, most decent but some high profile grounds look terrible and make this aspect of the game very unrealistic
  11. Some of the stadiums look better this year but im getting really frustrated at the outlay of some, in scotland celtic park looks quite realistic but ibrox is all over the place with the setting of the stands and where away fans are etc, also playing with spurs just now and cant get into it with away fans at the wrong side of the stadium
  12. Ive started my first EPL game in fm21 and noticed that apart from games moved due to europa league games there is no sunday or monday games? Am i missing something here? the tv scheduling was all over the place for the spfl but i didnt know it reached to other leagues aswell infact its only the 1st 3 weeks for some reason
  13. Its crazy and surely such an easy thing to avoid in the grand scheme of things
  14. Im mostly enjoying the game but there is a lot of smaller annoying things that ruin it a bit. Specific to scotland the tv scheduling is terrible, most weeks in real life celtic and rangers away games are usually live on the sunday or early saturday lunchtime. This isnt happening as much in the game, even worse is after the split in my first season there were no scheduled tv games at all, this is unthinkable and annoying to see as its such a simple thing to check. Same with the ridiculous teams travelling to nearby teams the night before the game then staying after the game and travelllng back
  15. Probably not a bug but something thats annoyed me for years, im playing as motherwell and my next games away to kilmarnock, we travel on the friday which might happen at a push with a team motherwells size to stay in a hotel the night before a game, but then it says travel on the sunday aswell! There is no chance they would be staying in kilmarnock on the sunday, its about 20mile away from motherwell
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