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  1. Ive got to september 2021 in my save and for some reason only foreign players have been called up for the national side which left the squad with a few fake players in it? Never seen this before apart from the obvious release game
  2. Whos at fault then? Its not possible to have these leagues as playable, maltese and georgian leagues. There should be a way that makes scenarios like playing these teams a little more realistic. Its certainly not the customers fault we dont make the game
  3. Yeah it is usually mostly greyed out teams. Its very unrealistic, its games we would usually win 3/4-0 but certainly never 13/14-0
  4. Something ive noticed in the last fms is scottish teams scores in european games especially qualifiers. I often play in scotland and far more common than often the smaller clubs who get into the qualifiers stroll through to the group stages against teams they usually wouldnt beat. And as celtic its just ridiculous im currently playing against valletta in fm20 and im 14-0 up on the 59th minute, celtic would win this comfortably but score lines like this are ridiculous and take away from any sort of realism game ended 15-0 61 shots on goal 0-12 away leg not scottish but AIK beat HB 14-0 aswell
  5. Theres so many good parts of the game, scouting etc is spot on etc, a couple of little things like im middlesbrough and i travel home from newcastle the day after the match, was the same last year with celtic travelling the next day home from local games. Its annoyingly unrealistic. Which is a shame because for me the rest of the game is very realistic. But my main moan and ive tried not to come on here with it because its everywhere on here is the match engine, im simply getting to the point where i cant watch strikers smashing the ball off keepers anymore on a one on one situation umpteen times a game, add to this the wingers refusing to cross when theres better options in the box with a tap in, choosing to hammer the ball into the side netting instead, its driving me to distraction! its getting to the time for me to stop blindly buying the game on release after this one, which is a shame for me as ive had every game since the amiga days its mid january and still the match engine plays like this!
  6. This had never happened before even before lowering my settings
  7. I dont know whats happened, for a couple of weeks after lowering my settings it was bearable to watch on 3d, today it started jittering during a game again, the fans on my computer went mental and next thing i know the game shut down completly and back onto my main screen!
  8. Try zooming in and then out, i had the same with the far touchline but zooming in fixed it. The match engine isnt very good on the eye at all ive found with the lag i get at times and crowd colours etc, its a poor effort
  9. Mines is really bad at times, was fine mostly in the beta. I can gona few games with it acceptable and then sometimes it is terrible with the lag im hopeless with computing terminology etc, but i have an: AMD A10-6700 APU with radeon Hd graphics (4 CPUs)3.76Ghz now i dont know what that means beyond the manufacturers name and the PC is around 4 years old but it ran FM19 on 5 stars and high settings flawless and now ive 1 star and experiencing bad lag a lot of the time
  10. Ive set the graphics to medium as it was getting a bit jittery on high at times, the far touchline is missing on sideline cam(done the same on beta at first but a fix sorted it) any ideas on how to fix this while keeping settings on medium as the match engine is running smooth on this setting?
  11. Is it not possible when starting a new game to have the option of pick a team for me anymore?
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