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  1. Mines is really bad at times, was fine mostly in the beta. I can gona few games with it acceptable and then sometimes it is terrible with the lag im hopeless with computing terminology etc, but i have an: AMD A10-6700 APU with radeon Hd graphics (4 CPUs)3.76Ghz now i dont know what that means beyond the manufacturers name and the PC is around 4 years old but it ran FM19 on 5 stars and high settings flawless and now ive 1 star and experiencing bad lag a lot of the time
  2. Ive set the graphics to medium as it was getting a bit jittery on high at times, the far touchline is missing on sideline cam(done the same on beta at first but a fix sorted it) any ideas on how to fix this while keeping settings on medium as the match engine is running smooth on this setting?
  3. Is it not possible when starting a new game to have the option of pick a team for me anymore?
  4. Cheers for the response mate, but i remember other years in the game, fixtures from competitions you where involved in but not playing on the same day used to come up automatically without having to search for them through the menus
  5. Is it not possible to see results from competitions your team is involved in that are played on other days, for example if i play in the champions league on a tuesday, the fixtures don't automatically come up on screen before the games are played on the wednesday like they used to in other versions. Its the same with domestic cup competitions im involved in?
  6. Im having a problem where from time to time, the pitch gets bigger as do the players and it's impossible to see the goalmouths from crosses etc, only way i can tell its a goal sometimes is from the flashing commentary. Is there any way to fix this, im not technical at all when it comes to computers so any help would be greatly appreciated
  7. Hi i like to play the game in 3d with the elevated camera mode but every now and then the players get bigger on the screen as does the pitch and its impossible to see the goalmouth, at times from things like corners/crosses the only way i can tell theres been a goal is the flashing commentary. Im not very clued up on the technical side of things so any help would be greatly appreciated
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