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  1. To try and make a case for the counter argument, you could suggest that dribbling is about touch and technique but also speed of reactions. As a player ages their reaction speed could reduce slightly, meaning that previously a player would instinctively move the ball out of the path of a thrust of a defender, whereas if they lose even a tenth of a second they might just move the ball a bit slower and it gets nicked away. To put forward a (not very typical) counter example, think of Ronaldo. When he was in his early 20s at Man Utd he was full of tricks and flicks. Nowadays although you could argue part of it is because he's lost a bit of pace/acceleration (though never really had any major injuries so not too much) he won't try and bamboozle a defender with quick feet as much as he used to, more run at them with pace and power. In terms of the ongoing criticisms of player attribute decline with age, I could buy a drop off in some physical and technical stats but at the same time there should be a proportionate INCREASE in mental stats - vision, anticipation, teamwork should all improve to offset the drop off in other stats but they don't, or at least not enough. Heading, first touch, technique could arguably increase too, or at least not be subject to age related drops.
  2. I have a related dilemma involving Wolves - they have a fantastic youngster who my scouts tell me I must sign at all costs. He's an AMC naturally and I already have three in my first team(!), but he looks like he would make a pretty good IF which I lack currently. Wolves are currently 20th in the PL and it's April so looking pretty terminal. I spotted he has a relegation release clause of about £30m when he's valued at about £40m; he has a regular min fee release for around £80m which I wouldn't pay. I can't resist a bargain so I'd probably poach him on the cheap at the end of the season. At the same time I loaned them a pretty good 22 year old RB who I originally signed to help my star striker settle in, he's fairly good but I have a couple of younger RB who are home grown and will probably have better potential than him. I could do with Wolves to start picking up a few results as he's averaging 6.7 atm and I don't think he will improve with that kind of rating. At the same time I don't really want them to stay up so I can trigger the release clause. In an ideal world them I want them to do a bit better but not enough so that they stay up. To add a bit more spice to the mix, they agreed to sign my German International MF on a free after he rejected a move to Napoli at the start of the last transfer window. IRL I actually quite like Wolves too but on balance I kinda want them to suffer a bit this season! 😬
  3. Not sure I'd want him as my manager. Still it worked with Cloughie...
  4. I believe it's a random process as to adding new teams into 3. Liga each season and it happens at the time of the season update (this is a good thread) Unlikely your B team will be promoted as their rep won't be very high. Personally I wouldn't bother stocking it with a load of duds in a non-playable league as there's no benefit to it really.
  5. I know, but I have so many good MFs I already have a 19/20 year old defensively minded MF that I've brought into my first team this season, his technicals are better though he isn't as aggressive in the tackle. I've decided I'm going to get rid of the German international DCM/CM I have who is effectively my aggressive ball winner as his average rating plummeted last season and he's out of contract soon. Maybe next season I could blend him in...don't play with a back three ever
  6. Yeah I can see that he'd make an excellent destructive DCM. There is a real dearth of aggressive ball winners in my database too so he's a real find. He does remind me a lot of Mascherano, it's just I like my CB to be able to be at least reasonably effective in the air...
  7. I signed this youngster in the summer who has massive potential as per my scouts. His average ratings were not so great, which I attributed to him being not so good in the air for a CB. As his mentals are excellent however I figured he would make a fantastic defensively minded MF. Since signing him I've worked on improving his mentality and retraining his position. My coaches tell me he could be retrained as 'a defensive midfielder', however with my preferred formations I generally don't play with a holding DCM as I have several awesome ACMs. Instead I've been training him as a ball winning MF, but I wonder how effective this will be as this disagrees slightly with what my coaches say. Also I'm wondering whether or not I should loan him out before he gains some positional ability as presumably loaning teams would want to play him as a CB. I could try and specify that he plays as a MF but I reckon they'd just ignore me. He's currently playing in my B team in the German third division, when my coaches rate him as being good enough for the Bundesliga. Better to loan him out so as not to stunt his growth or keep him at the club until he learns a new position?
  8. I would recall the 17 y/o, too young to be out on loan IMO. I believe SI have said players develop better in your youth team at that age; once they hit 18 match experience becomes more important.
  9. I would note that as he has a full light green circles in three positions he possibly looks a bit worse statswise than he actually is, as this will swallow up a bit of his CA. His technicals do look a bit on the weak side however. £110m looks an overinflated fee for the player that he is, though he did smash it up in his last couple of seasons at Hertha. Guessing his PA reports persuaded the OP to push the boat out as personally I tend overspend a bit on potential. Give him another season, he might still come good yet. He's done ok in the CL and internationally so probably has a low adaptability rating is all.
  10. Don't think this is that unrealistic tbh. Ok players from European nations don't tend to hit those sort of numbers but in other regions for example: Uruguay - four squad players on 120+ caps (Suarez, Cavani, Godin, Muslera) plus Caceres has over 100 Chile - five squad players on 120+ caps (Sanchez, Bravo, Vidal, Medel, Isla) Japan have a defender on 125 caps Zlatan has 118 caps and would've got more had he not retired/missed the last Euros Zokora and Kolo Toure got 120+ caps for Ivory Coast, Drogba and Yaya Toure over 100 Portugal - Ronaldo has 179 caps, Moutinho 135, Pepe 119 150 may be a little extreme but given we know most players on FM are generally ruined by the time they hit 33-34 yet stay in the international set up based on reputation, this probably balances out a bit. Also as FIFA/UEFA etc. keep increasing the size of international tournaments to the point where the group stages become largely irrelevant, I can see the cap count rising for the top players.
  11. Sometimes they complain if you don't do much training during the week if you're playing at the weekend and midweek. Not much you can do about that. Try and be less successful?
  12. How do you define a 'really long save'? For example, in my current FM19 save I'm about to start the 33-34 season so (*scratches head*) that's 14 seasons factoring in starting unemployed and a spell unemployed between clubs. In terms of RL time however I started playing this save at Xmas 2018 so the hours clocked count is pretty high. This save means a bit more too as it kept me going through various lockdowns so I'm pretty invested in it. I can only see three potential reasons why I'd give it up: 1. I achieved everything I wanted to in the game - I started unemployed at have worked my way up from league two to Bundesliga champions and the CL. I didn't have a goal at the start but what I'd like to achieve is to get the England manager's job and win a trophy. Why? Firstly, because it still rankles me that I got fired for an early confederations cup exit in CM03-04 and secondly, well because the Euros final still hurts...overriding emotion then? Mix of happiness and satisfaction 2. The game gets fundamentally broken as time progresses - for example I've abandoned a journeyman save before as regens were not that good and the sides who dominated were full of players 33+, which was a bit unrealistic. The final straw was I couldn't get Milan to sell me Donnaruma (they sold him elsewhere for less money than I offered) and there were no decent LBs, so I opted for a 343 which didn't really work. In my current save there's a dearth of aggressive DCMs and ball playing CBs which is quite irritating, but not enough to tip me over the edge. Overriding emotion if it did? Frustration. 3. I get a girlfriend. Not sure I could devote enough time to keep both of the loves of my life satisfied. The emotion? 😅
  13. Huh, I would've expected aggression and determination to be higher. Also teamwork and strength should be off the charts!
  14. Oh dear Matty Cash...not sure I've ever seen a more awful non-playing staff! Perhaps you should spend some more time on the golf course?
  15. This is the comparison for the player I sold (on the left) versus his replacement. He was an upgrade in most respects with stats that are comparable/better. French international with 80 caps too, my other defenders and keeper are all experienced internationals. Will try and find a few examples in the replays but unlike the last time when it seemed we were getting done at the near post every time I don't remember any obvious patterns...
  16. Well the developers think otherwise... https://www.balls.ie/gaming/football-manager-wonderkids-miles-jacobson-477312
  17. Last season I won the Bundesliga title and had the fifth best record for defending against corners. I used the exact same set up for defending corners, which was/is: Since then in the season just finished I used the exact same set up. The only real differences in terms of personnel: - I sold my best jumping CB (16) and loaned a guy from PSG (jumping 15) - I brought in a LB who is better in the air than all of my CB (jumping + heading 16) who I started to switch with one of the weaker CBs when I noticed we were leaking so many goals The overall results though were pretty alarming: What gives? Is it just the AI susses out your set piece routines after a few seasons? I used pretty well the same tactics over the last 15 seasons but had some issues with conceding lots of goals from the near post a few seasons back, so I changed by men on the posts to mark zonally rather than just marking the posts and this seemed to work. Any obvious weaknesses in my set up?
  18. From experience generally no, though occasionally it has an impact if the other manager is a bit volatile. Wouldn't recommend using it for close matches, more where you're the complete underdog and have nothing to lose as it can very easily backfire.
  19. My 19 year old English striker won the European golden shoe last season, still yet to gain his first England cap. To be fair, England do have a clutch of top strikers at this point (it's 2032 and they recently won the Euros), in particular a guy at Spurs who my scouts tell me is also World Class. I think when I signed him for about £92m I didn't even bother to add in a future payment for international caps as I assumed it was a given he'd get in the side... Also my young Czech winger who half the top sides in Europe were chasing was struggling to gain international caps. The Czech manager (Petr Cech) insists on playing a 5-3-2 system with wingbacks, meaning there is no natural role for him. I've played him at LB a few times so I reckon he would be ok at LWB but despite being a regular in the Czech squad, Petr refuses to play him. Have since sold him to Barcelona though I think without a future fee for international caps clause, as no matter how awful the Czechs do Petr never seems to get sacked!
  20. Yup sure feels pretty random, that or it prioritises scouts who aren't actively doing anything. I often circumvent this by manually assigning the scout myself, as in my scouting team of about 15-20 scouts I have a few ones that aren't particularly good that I hired purely to give me scouting knowledge in a specific region (Africa, Asia). I clearly don't want these guys (JPA/JPP ~11) actually scouting any player that's of reasonable interest to me; by the same stroke, some of my scouts are only good at one of JPA/JPP so I don't want the guy with JPA 20 / JPP 11 scouting a new wonderkid (and vice versa). I delegate everything else scouting related as it's a pain in the ar5e and yields no better/worse results doing it yourself, but this way I get actual good scouting info I can use. I also recommend your scouts with their scouting stats, as some of them I can never remember what it is they're good at!
  21. The star rating is generally bs, my players tend to fluctuate +/- a star every season according to my staff member with the best judgement (JPA 17/JPP 17). Just monitor how they perform on the pitch and whether their average rating drops.
  22. Not sure the game is that smart. As a related anecdote, I just got offered an interview with Liverpool so I'm quite well acquainted with their current financial position, i.e. they're skint and need to sell to buy this transfer window. I didn't get the job, but I just put in a bid for their second choice 24 year old LW who is valued at £60m. They will sell him to me for £120m, but realistically I could just say to them 'I know you're skint, give me a better price' and yet I don't have this option.
  23. 22 goals in 34 appearances speaks for itself really. I'd sign a youngster with the potential to be better as a back up, with a viewing to replacing him eventually. While the goals keep flowing there's no reason to ditch him however, he hasn't gotten any worse after all.
  24. Yeah unfortunately I'd drummed it into him since he came through. It was a good move he had lined up though to a well established side, deluded of him to think he can get back in my team ahead of the £50m first choice RB and the £26m back up ahead of him. That and I have another two kids ahead of him in the pecking order...
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