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  1. If I'm playing a high intensity pressing tactic then the first thing I probably do is switch to a tactic more sat off and look to hit them on the counter. Emphasise 'don't get complacent' in the half time team talk. After 60 mins start subbing off players I want to preserve, mainly CMs or wide players or anyone who looks a bit knackered that I'd definitely want to play the next match. At 4-0 up I wouldn't bother with time wasting as I figure there are more goals in it for my team, plus you don't want to encourage the opposition too much!
  2. This happened to me in FM19 and I'm sure I had to take it again when I got my next job...
  3. The game is a complete farce without proper implementation of handballs, and goalkeeper fouls and injuries. The lack of yellow cards from these incidents is probably a sizable contributor to all the complaints about the game being too easy due to lack of suspensions and injuries. Granted the current ridiculous handball rules would be random as hell if implemented in the game, but the fact is this hasn't been addressed properly for years and based on general levels of progress would take several generations to catch up with reality. SI in various incarnations have been making this game mor
  4. Here's one for players not on a youth challenge - what's your best crop of youngsters you've had come through your academy at a similar time? Am very excited for next season as I have a few youngsters who I think are ready to be part of the 1st team squad next season - they might have got in there already but I'm playing in Germany and you're not allowed to play players who are under 17 These include: AMC - described at 16 as a leading player for Bundesliga sides(!) MC - 17 year old who is good for Bundesliga, massive potential AML - 18 year old playmaker with 4.5 s
  5. Your chairman is a crook Assume your % transfer revenue received is >0? Did your wage budget change at all? Any other incomings/outgoings around the same time?
  6. Jesus that's a long old slog...I wonder if you still would've persisted if you knew it would take that long? Similarly to the OP actually I am currently managing Vfb Stuttgart, though I took over when they were in the relegation zone in the Bundesliga and barely kept them up first season via relegation play off. Bayern have won the title 10/11 seasons on my game so I don't think breaking their dominance is necessarily going to be as straightforward as he thinks, though Vfb do seem to have a pretty good academy...I doubt I'll stick around for 18 seasons to break the top two though!
  7. I'm struggling to find CBs with good jumping reach in 2029. There's also a dearth of defenders and defensive MF with decent levels of aggression too, need to find a way to angry them up a bit I had a young CB I inherited with jumping reach of 8. At the time he was rated as my best defender, possibly best player full stop. I got bids of £20m+ from bigger clubs but held them off as they didn't meet his min fee release clause. Retrained him as a midfield anchor man, turned out he was equally crap there too. Flogged him to a Spanish team for £8-9m in the end, very disappointing!
  8. Have to agree with the post above, you shouldn't change your playing style just for the sake of it. I mean no one has a go at Pep for using his tiki taka everywhere and say he should start playing defensive direct counter do they?! In the three clubs I've managed in my ongoing FM19 save, at the first club I managed I was wildly successful with a control possession tactic. When I got a new job I found the squad was better playing a fluid counter attack style, and while I had success with it I can't say I got the same enjoyment out of playing dull defensive counter attack all the time. At m
  9. I probably don't make that much use of the scouting report tbh. I use it more when coming up against a team I don't know so much about, or for big games where there's a tight selection call; reading 'player such and such may negate this' sometimes tips the balance. Sometimes when you're playing a big team reading the scout report can be demoralising when you see the 'strengths' column is as long as your arm, and the 'weaknesses' has about three things on it, and has stuff like 'lacks strength in depth at LB' I make more use of the 'pre-match analysis' tbh. I use this to tweak my defensive
  10. Also as another potential option - "He's the best damn player at the club, so even if he's having an off game he's still better than the rest of them!"
  11. Think my squad player CM may have earned a few more starts!
  12. I generally end up at clubs where money is tight, so generally keep most of the staff on till their contracts expire. Priority number one is to get some decent scouts in, I'll happily sack off any scouts that don't have JPA/JPP of at least 13. Everything else you can pretty well get by with; medical staff for example are still going to be reasonably competent even if they're a bit rubbish. You can generally pick up better staff on the cheap in the summer too if you time it before contract renewals happen.
  13. You can ask them to tuck in in individual player instructions, may well be the same in different phases of play though
  14. I've always wondered what's more effective for coaching - having one overloaded but talented coach in charge of a coaching category, or spread the workload around whilst reducing coaching stars for the lead coach. Anything definitive from SI on how this works exactly?
  15. I generally used to skip them, but then I discovered that if you go to the opposition instructions section you can get a heads up on opposition team selection. Not 100% guaranteed but can help when faced with close calls in terms of team selection.
  16. I think they do, I re-signed a striker from Man Utd and yet his tactical familiarity etc. was very low...possible exception is if you agree another year while he's still on loan at the club from the previous season
  17. Three days later... US: Wth?!?! You lying sack of s...
  18. US: Ah great, well we can offer the same terms as Porto so looking forward to having you join us
  19. Your striker fails to play in the winger who's clean through on goal to seal a deserved win. That's ok though as you're 3-2 up at home to Bayern having just got a late winner from a corner, have your shut up shop' tactic deployed and deep into stoppage time...
  20. How do you find players who win Golden Boy tend to do in their careers? My 18 year old half Italian/half German striker who won it last season was absolutely lethal in front of goal for 1.5 seasons, then he won Golden Boy. Fast forward to Xmas the following season and he has one solitary CL goal to his name and four cup goals in one match against a regional side. Nothing in the league and has performed absolutely abysmally! Is Golden Boy a blessing or curse generally?
  21. Sometimes you can discipline players for being a tubster. I once fined Luke Shaw one weeks wages and accused him of being a pie monster.
  22. Ditto, haven't bothered with a sub keeper at all in this version of FM apart from during injury crises. They never get booked/sent off either, very unrealistic!
  23. 19 seasons...you must be bored by now! I'm playing FM19 but generally get loads of job offers, though I was surprised to not be interviewed for the vacant England manager's job in summer 2028 seeing as I'm the highest positioned English manager in all leagues who hasn't had it already... Agree with the above though, time remaining on contract tends to affect the flow of job offers.
  24. Perhaps the horrors of a season in Andorra live long in the memory
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