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  1. I never rotate more than five players at a time as I find this usually upsets the rhythm of my team and a bad result invariably follows. The only exceptions to this are if I have a cup game against complete minnows, or if I'm forced into it from injuries/suspensions.
  2. How does that saying go, something to do with money and sense...?
  3. This is the latest offer I've had in having rejected an earlier bid of around £60m. The kid already has 3 caps for the Czech Republic and would be a regular starter if they didn't play WBs, so pretty well nailed on to get 10 caps. My staff rate him as a leading player for the Bundesliga though only three stars at the moment; I reckon they're underrating him as his development has stalled/gone backwards a bit over the last 6 months. PA wise they think he could hit four stars, so leading but not world class. I'd say he's probably worth about £40m - £50m in reality. I don't have a good repla
  4. yeah think Robinho joining Man City, they probably promised him he was just the first of many big signings
  5. That is not ideal, given he's far and away the club's record signing at just over £90m; he's been signed to try and elevate us to genuine contenders for the Bundesliga title this season, not in six months time cos he's got the hump over something already. Especially when it's something he shouldn't be getting the hump over on account of how I've done what he asked for within the transfer window! The only solutions I can think of are: - Replay the entire month of January and delay his signing by a week, assuming I still have a save I can do that with - Sign some other defenders o
  6. I can do that but the issue is to meet the promise it needs to be by 1st Feb and players won't be hurried up before the deadline...
  7. I signed a world class striker from Newcastle at the start of the January transfer window (reminds me a lot of Michael Owen though no media comparison as such). As part of the promises I made to get him to sign, he insisted that the defence had to be strengthened or no deal. He signed on the 1st Jan and gave me 30 days to meet this promise. The thing is the transfer window closes on 3rd Feb for some reason, and whilst I have a target lined up, even if I offer terms a full week before the deadline the player won't agree to join till deadline day. In the striker's eyes this counts as me bre
  8. Don't know if this trick still works in FM21, but I find a good way to avoid players getting the hump from rejected transfer bids is to accept the bids but add a 'sign replacement player' clause. You can have no intention of actually selling or make any effort to actually sign a replacement, but to the player counts this as you accepting his request. This works best close to a transfer window, though he might still have a minor concern afterwards it's helped me keep several of my best players. This get scuppered by non-negotiable bids or loan offers however.
  9. Lol only in Brazil...case in point for why they introduced the 'set nickname' option. Surprised he doesn't have a second nationality with a name like that...or maybe even three or four!
  10. To add some context, this team (RB Leipzig) is my main bogey team; in my six seasons as manager I have precisely one win against them, maybe one draw, the rest all defeats. I get results from time to time against Bayern and some of the other bigger sides, but hardly ever Leipzig. Their usual formation is the same as mine, so if I match them up and go toe to toe avainst them they'll more than likely beat me as they have the better players overall. I also can't go for my direct wing plays route as their CBs are really good in the air. That just leaves defense (and hopefully counter) and try to c
  11. To try and put up a meaningful defence (unlike my team's efforts) my game plan was to start out defensive and open up to 'cautious' after 15-20 mins. That went out of the window however when they scored twice during that period, so it was largely damage limitation afterwards (they were 3-0 up by half time). My team was second favourite pre KO in that match, but we're not that far behind the top sides in my division so I expected a bit more of a fight at least. For the record I have pulled off many David vs Goliath away wins in my current save (it's 2032 on FM19) so I know how to set up a
  12. Trained 'defensive shape' as my match preparation too, might as well have not bothered...
  13. In a couple of away games to top sides this season I went with two different approaches; in the first against an out of form team I went with a positive mentality 4-2-3-1 and shipped four goals. In the second I went with a counter attacking 4-4-1-1 with defensive mentality and two defensive minded CM and still shipped four goals, so I hear you Fred! Of course the alternative explanation could just be that my £180m back five is crap
  14. I don't get the tunnel interviews period. It's to the media 10 mins before we go out, while my team is sat in the changing room focused for the match ahead and presumably not watching Sky Sports News etc. Surely they have absolutely zero chance to influence anything? I set the responsibility for these to my Assistant as it just seemed like a waste of time.
  15. Despite all this the keeper still gets a rating of 6.6?
  16. Personality type should be 'Very superstitious'
  17. Never spend any money on compensation for staff. Work the summer free transfers market extensively. As above, get in as many quality players on loan from top clubs for no wages as possible (ideally I want players rated by my scouts as good for the division above, or leading for my division as possible).
  18. You didn't read the response I posted above then. The pre-season training sessions by default have a team bonding session, which I make sure to use myself. When I saw these problems occurring I immediately started adding these into regular season training. I would note my team cohesion never dropped below 'good' at any stage. As evidence for the first point, I actually abandoned the season where we signed too many players in February as it just got to the point where it got unsalvageable and no fun to play. As an experiment I replayed the same matches a few times with different tactics, s
  19. I tend to aim for more determined senior players, kids <23 I'm a bit less demanding on as I figure I can mentor/bollock them to the required levels. Never sign anyone with det <12 though, unless they're an incredible youth prospect.
  20. The core squad is relatively stable. Some of them were just kids getting a small amount of first team experience, others were forced because of injuries (of my two main strikers, one got ruled out for 3 months and the other was consistently turning in <6.6 performances). Another was a bit of an accident, as I confused one Portugese RB with another of the same surname(!) I only signed one player in the Jan window; I trimmed the squad down a bit too as we were out of Europe. Probably I feel the need to rotate so much as we're in the CL and have two games a week, it's quite punishing
  21. I did, also added in some teamwork sessions. Can't see it makes a huge impact tbh.
  22. For the second season in a row I find myself relegated to the role of picking the team and letting the assistant handle matches. Why you ask? It seems there are certain criteria hardcoded into the game which results in an instant ruin your season. Namely: - Buy more than x players per season and squad breaks - Use more than y players per season and season peters out This generates a media article saying 'your team looks like a set of individuals rather than a team' or 'have used a staggering amount of players this season', though surprisingly squad cohesion is still rated as goo
  23. Lol I probably overpaid a little for him too as I signed him on deadline day!
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