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  1. I've been playing 4231 and i've been getting the same feeling, massive possession every match 60-70% but can't score more than 1 or 2 goals no matter how many shots on target i get or whoever i'm against. IF's AMC's seem to refuse to do through balls and strikers seem to refuse to do off ball movements, game feels like ping pong, way too many shots are either woodwork or hits someone as if there were brick walls in front of them, i'd be okay if they failed the target, which they do often, but hitting defenders this often seems ridiculous, it all feels like a very artificial way of balanci
  2. Alright, let me see if i can help out a bit, i actually play the same formation this year, also with tottenham as my inspiration, and i just probably had the best season i ever had on any FM, granted i'm playing on portuguese league and by now my team is way above average on the league, but i managed a 103 goals difference with this formation with 114 scored and 11 conceded, so don't quit on the formation! It can create some crazy amazing plays, anyway my thoughts: Striker : Just like myself my first thought of role for the striker was the complete forward, and just like yourself i've use
  3. No worries, let us know how it goes on the new save and how the MEZ does for you!
  4. Here's my 2 cents about it, 1) Mentality & Shape : Since you using a standard mentality and a structured shape, your team play will depend a lot on which roles and mentalities you use individually, my guess is your MEZ will be pretty much your only runner on the middle and if he's running into a crowded area ball will most likely be lost, in my experience formations like these require a lot of movement and runners, i'd use a fluid maybe even very fluid shape, making sure the team moves as one, mentality wise i'd go for a more attacking mentality as well in order to get more runs.
  5. Bump, tactic still going strong but the lack of ccc's is still bothering me a lot, has anyone noticed if maybe ccc's detection this year is a bit off? i keep winning but very low ccc's even tho' i have an average of ~4 goals a game, fairly perfect heatmap with players being where i wanted them to be and then this, almost feels like they just ignore the striker as a passing choice which i understand since it seems they just don't try to go for through balls as the striker simply doesn't move away from the defender, i've tried pretty much every striker role by now, as you
  6. Well yea, but the 3-4-2-1 should work on FM plus i'd rather create something solid, i like to have possession and i rather win 2-0 than a 4-2 you know? I have since started playing fluid indeed to compact the team more and get the wingbacks more involved, playing with more unspecialized roles, as well as a normal/control mentality, mostly normal as i don't wanna push too forward and create too many gaps to explore Update: We've won our first trophy and we're still undefeated, i'm pretty happy with my defense so far especially since most of them are youngsters, having the mid defen
  7. Hey everyone, lurker here for a long time, i've been trying a new formation for once (4231 since ever) and and i'm getting out of ideas on how to penetrate most defenses especially weaker teams that defend deep, most games i get decent to good possession (50-65)% but very low good chances, if any, although i am now also baffled reason why i finally decided to post after beating dortmund 6-0 with my beloved benfica, having great chances but for the first time low possession. Therefore i need help brainstorming, is this result an anomaly and my formation just 'counters' theirs? What should
  8. It's true it seems the AI uses mostly support roles on advanced positions, especially on the 4231, it makes sense tho' and that's why i also use them, an attacking role on the winger position doesn't track back most of the time, that can be good if you are using a wide target man on a counter attacking strategy or counter attacking through the flanks but for possession football it hurts the construction a lot. I'm playing Arsenal just played vs Chelsea on the capital cup final winning 4-0, first season no big signings, using mostly support dutys. Game ended with me with 6 out of 9 shots at th
  9. 4-2-3-1 Denmark is my favorite formation since i don't even know when, i can make it work alright, winning or leaking on defense was never the issue. The problem imo is with how FM handles the IF role and especially the AM one, doesn't matter since a couple of versions ago what role the AM is i just can't get him to do what i, imo, think a 4-2-3-1 needs. The problem with the midfield trio on this formation is that they all need to play compact, two of them with good mobility, but at the same time none can be too agressive, also while they have to be mobile they must also be it on their own a
  10. To a certain degree yes, there are a couple of things that still illude me mostly related to their passing style. They have used the 4231 most of their season, i actually just played against them now and they went for a 4-2DM-1CM-2-1. Their defense is quite conservative using a defensive fullback on the right side and a support one on the left. I reckon hazard is an IF/S while using a support winger on the other side, their midfield trio is weird tho', i reckon fabregas plays as an adv playmaker on support, matic as a cm/d and a offensive mid support oscar. Pretty sure they use Diego Costa as
  11. I recently started my last save on fm 2014, and i finally reached premier league with Luton town, which fortunally wasn't as hard as i thought due to a major take over as i reached championship, that along with the AI letting pretty nice players out of their contracts helped a lot . Moving forward as my first 2 matches on the premier league i got Man City and Chelsea, i drew the first game 0-0 somehow and i got completely destroyed and amazed against Chelsea, over many saves i've played against them although with major teams so i never really bothered analysing much how the AI emulates Mourin
  12. Well first of all i didn't meant to confuse you at all, also by all of what i've read around this forum it seems there's a consense that the ME has a bit of an issue with what an actual CCC is. If you have some player with 6 finishing scoring 2 out of 2 then you are giving your opposition amazing chances. If you lost 5 out of 8 games, i don't know what's so surprisingly about your striker regardless of his finishing being on a low form or your team with a low morale, as i've said team chats and private chats, also team talks on matches can help with that. About the playmaker, what you've sai
  13. You just lost 2 games, it's obviously morale will go down, dealing with a bad team form is one of the biggest challenges on the game in my opinion, perhaps have a team meeting? If your striker is missing too much try to motivate him by having a private chat. As far as the tactic goes, it's not normal to be december and your tactic is still no fluid, i guess your frustrating is leading you to do a lot of changes? You can't expect the team to play perfect until the tactic it's fluid. Now about the tactic itself, here's my thoughts, you using 2 central mids where none will hold position, since
  14. How is the interaction between your CM/A and AP/S? Since CM/A usually advances supporting the flanks and AP cuts inside they might be struggling to find space as they are occupying the same one. Perhaps changing the AP to a W and your CM/S to a DLP/S or your CM/A to an AP/A will get a more fluid football on your right side. Also you are playing with FB's which is okay but i'm afraid with that setup WB's would help more on the attacking phase, i'd keep a FB on the same side of your AP if you change it to a W tho'. Some other points, you might be using too many specialized roles for a fluid me
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