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  1. anyone on the public beta know if it's made a decent difference to performance?
  2. at least we managed to get those f*cking tories sorted out in my save
  3. IS there any tactics page or training I can do to fix the following two issues 1) players just not picking up at throw ins, they stand in formation like zombies and suddenly spur into life when the throw is taken, but often they are 2/3 yards off and it's too late 2) preventing my players from just heading the ball up in the box and not out, followed by stopping and staring as the opposition run in and smash the inevitable bullet volley into the net?
  4. Notes from this patch Striker with high levels of composure, decisions, finishing and concentration sent through on goal - no goal any nonsense mid/def with less than 6 for long shots and technique, running on to a loose header from 30 yards out - scores every time
  5. It certainly seems to be much smoother on my laptop than before so that's appreciated. Does anyone else think the issues with the ME would be more tolerable if it was reflected in the ratings and the commentary - for example When a player takes a ridiculous shot from the byeline it acnkowledged it and said "he ignored the obvious pass" or "there were no other options open", it would give a better indication into why something actually happened on the pitch rather than just looking ridiculous. Another example being if a defender has an absolute meltdown and plays a short backpass which results in an easy goal, if it acknowledged that mistake rather than the usual "the keeper will be dissapointed to concede that at his near post" etc
  6. First time I've been able to play it for a prolonged period and compelte a few seasons. my christ the 1v1 thing is bad, unwelcome return from the only time they are scored is the weird animation where you wait for the striker and keeper to colide only for the attacker to hammer it through the keeper. no picking a spot, dinking it. That and wing play is pointless. It's not really enjoyable to play, just a case of managing your tactics to restrict and exploit match engine tendencies .
  7. It's way too easy to concede few goals by exploiting the complete lack of finishing ability and intelligence with obvious goalscoring chances. If you sit deep and keep it tight the AI teams have no issues pinging ridiculous long shots from all angles, if you play a crazy high line then they just miss chance after chance because attackers can't square a ball or finish a 1 vs 1. It feels this is more about exploiting the tendencies of the match engine than replicating real football just now.
  8. apologies if this has been discussed in the past but I wanted to try and give some ideas for future editions for a part of the game that's been neglected - set pieces The current concepts of having up to 3 saved "routines" is outdated and doesn't allow you to adapt in any kind of real time to what's happening in front of you, it also doesn't allow you to easily adapt to game specific situations - i.e dragging everyone back for any set piece late on or ensuring everyone gets forward if you need to push it late in a game. The whole concept of the options available needs to be replaced or updated. Things like adding an option for different types of delivery - driven, flat, drifted, high/low balls would add more variety, alongside different types of runs from your attacking players - peel off to the back post, make a decoy run, looks to block someone off to set one of your teammates free, show short to drag someone out of position. similarly with defending set pieces, rather than just man mark small/tall, having a brief overview of some responsibilities going into a game is needed. Similar to opposition instructions, you should be able to select someone to mark the most obvious threat, designate the person to match the short corner run. When it comes to the "stay back if needed" instruction, you should be able to say what "needed means" you could set that to always needing one more player back than they leave forward - if they leave 3 up then a 4th can be instructed to stay back with them, you could then be allowed to tell them what attacking position to take up if they are not needed at the back. Possibly the addition of an in game shout to tell a player to go back or forward when you see something in the build up to a set piece being taken would be good - it happens in real life and can prevent an overload if you're quick enough. Then there's the chance to revamp the whole coach/analyst feedback when it comes to set pieces in training and match preparation. IRL analysts look for ways to exploit the opposition and set pieces are a huge part of this. You could set this to tie in with the analysts attributes, but you could get feedback ahead of a game saying we could exploit x for set pieces ( or they might exploit this) and then recommendations on how to react to that, they could suggest you need to set aside more training time and what to work on to get the most of it. Obviously a lot of that will come down to your players and the ability of the coaches, but then feedback from the training could tie in with this too. things like saying the set piece taker is killing us with poor delivery so replace them or put them on a training plan, maybe your players aren't brave enough to carry out the set piece instructions you require or feedback that certain players are doing a certain duty well in set piece training so you should switch the instructions up for the game. There was a post split CM that featured a set piece demonstrator or testing thing for training, that might be a bit much but training feedback could help, even things like you instruct they play it to the near post but you are overloading the back post so you need to change it. Another good option would be to have a bit more realism in player choices or even have the option for a fourth routine when it comes to seeing a game out. it's too common to see you stick to a corner routine where you put 7/8/9 forward in the later parts of the game when defending a lead. the opposition will leave 3 or 4 forward and it's a total mismatch at both ends, it wouldn't happen IRL and it takes a lot of clicking and editing instructions to fix it - touchline set piece shouts, a fourth option or again going back to the "stay back if needed" instruction could help to counter this. There's so much more can be done with set pieces and it could make a huge difference to the game experience.
  9. It's a bit embarrassing all round when we have to pay for a full game and then sit about saying hopefully it might get fixed at some point
  10. It's not the greyed out players, it's all the real players that start the game, so unless you want to go 20 years in the future it will impact you
  11. again, literally one goal in his last one minutes played, keep going with these, you might hit on something eventually
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