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  1. Again a perfect example of what I was trying to say, trying to belittle the argument and denigrate the opinion from those criticising rather than taking the feedback and trying to improve.
  2. I would also point to EA as being the perfect example of both sides of this argument, when you look at the offerings from Fifa and Madden. Fifa has been neglected for years and has barely showed any improvements, there will be some who point to improvements in the game play but realistically it's a new database and a new colour of menu every year - this has led to PES becoming a genuine contender again, even though their game isn't great. It means that previous fans of the game have lost loyalty and the contempt that EA show fifa fans online is plain for all to see. Madden is a completely different scenario and actually shows little things can go a long way. The latest edition had some issues to begin with, but they have introduced new game modes, constantly adapt ratings and review their "X-Factor" players each month and issue a detailed update note every time to say what has been improved, why certain things have changed and what they are working on going forward. They even indicate what they are struggling to fix and what is causing the issues, which is irritating in game but the openness and transparency is appreciated. I would say that SI are somewhere in the middle just now, but trust is fading with each passing update. The latest one did fix a lot of the shooting into the side netting issue, but also said it improved 1v1 situations which is arguable at best, and just not true at worst. It does feel like SI's approach is to keep silent unless they are continually pressed on an issue where we just get told it will be fixed, but we don't know when or how, and then the actual updates just seem to elevate different problems. It's clear that instead of acknowledging and being open about certain issues, the first response is to deny and attempt to denigrate the integrity of the person who made the complaint or raised the issue, in the hope that it discourages others from coming forward and even better if the few attack dogs can pop up on here to defend the game - they may genuinely feel this is the best thing of all time but it's important to remember that some people actually think being contrary is a personality trait and identify as that, which just helps to build frustration. Don't get me wrong the game is fine, but the ME has significant flaws that does detract from the enjoyment when playing it.
  3. While I understand the point you are trying to make, this also provides the perfect example of what I mean, always looking to deny and tell people they should be grateful rather than taking the criticism on board. I'm not trying to be a total d*ck here, I'm just trying to point out that a culture has built up of denying and defending any criticism rather than trying to take it on board to improve. I appreciate there will be plenty of people who irritate those at SI, but it comes full circle when they are paying customers who are vital to keep the company moving forward, and simply dismissing or patrionising customers is a sure fire way to make resentment and frustrations grow.
  4. Reading through this thread is a fairly good example of why there needs to be some kind or competition in the genre. not so much with the actual finished product as only SI will know if they truly put everything into making the game the best it can be each year or just do enough to justify the release and taking the money, but with the way they treat their customers. It's very important to remember that despite the cult following and the way that the "FM community has been built up", SI are a company who gladly take the money each year and are run for profit, it's not like they are doing this as a favour to everyone so it's nobody's job but their own to find out how to improve their product to meet the needs of their customers. A lot of the people on here are treated with a mixture of contempt as also as if they are employees - of course it would be helpful if we could all take the time to submit detailed reports on bugs, but I personally don't buy a game to sit and upload examples and jot down the exact minute and incident, so I'm perfectly entitled to say I'm unhappy and the reasons for it, the passive aggressive approach about needing to show why I'm unhappy only helps to fuel dissatisfaction towards the product. This isn't something that will come home to roost now, there isn't a viable alternative and SI know it. It's staggering to see multiple replies on here saying just take the hit and move on, or if you don't like it don't play it. Can you think of any other industry in the world where it's remotely acceptable for the customer base to be told to either accept it or sod off? It means that as soon as any viable contender comes along, they have so many PR open goals to build goodwill and get people interested in the product. Let's face it, the ME has some serious flaws this year and has done every year, it's up to you if you can put up with it and accept what's being offered, but it's got to the point where you would imagine a lot of people won't be exclusively loyal to SI when another offering comes along, so a lot of this current approach will build apathy and distrust among the customer base. It's well worth SI fully considering how they treat their customers and the long term ramifications of their approach, never before have I seen a company that is so resistant and easily offended when it comes to negative feedback, it's time to buck up and take it on board..
  5. Finally got my team to defend set pieces which is nice, but the ME just isn't fun. It feels like it's so easy to create good chances so the ME has to make the conversion rate on these so low to keep scores realistic, but it means there's no point in trying to play normal football and actually get your strikers in behind the defence or get a winger down the channel where they have an easy square pass on, because it just doesn't let you score from them. It's not bad enough to say it's broken, but it's just not fun to play.
  6. Oh wow, the corner shambles continues. I thought if I sent someone short they might be in a position to spring into action for the multitude of failed clearing headers in the game. It goes one better, I'm frequently getting a highlight where the opposing player just batters it into my player who is standing two yards away and I get to defend a throw in instead - obviously that brings the new zombies that spring into life one second after the throw is taken so isn't really preferable, but what a shambles.
  7. on one hand that does make sense, but it's like the ME is creating chances through absolute nonsense defending from set pieces rather than a good delivery or run, I'll need to look through the exact ratio per game but I'm easily seeing between 4-8 situations in each game where shots and highlights are generated through nonsense set piece defending and the inability to react in the next phase.
  8. Started a LLM save and have noticed there is a big leap in the variety/quality of efforts in 1v1 situations, keepers are better too so the conversion rate is similar. There's 2 huge problems that need fixed on this current patch set pieces - mainly corners. The defending team is literally incapable of getting a clearing header, I spent a crazy amount of time working on it in training and now my teams wins the first header 8/10 times, but it just goes up in the air and never clears the 18 yard box, while no matter how many players i designate to the edge of the box ( can be 3v1 in my favour) it will always be the opposing player on the move who gets there. Is it the case that there's no such thing as a loose ball in the ME so it's always "tethered" to a certain player, in this case always the opposition which leaves my players useless. As a side note on this, it's often the case that once my player doesn't clear the ball and just flicks it on to the far away sideline, my team will then spring into action and adopt a formation in the box that can only be described as "a Brazilian" all in a big narrow line, leaving the corner taker free to wander in completely unannounced at the back post for an easy chance. Curiously the only time a big booming defender is possible is when the attacking team has a header in the box, so it's actually better odds in my favour if they get a free run and header at goal from the original ball in. The second problem is more minor, but absolutely does my t*ts in. It's the same for me and the opposition, but the animation where someone will come out of position to hunt down the ball near the sideline, they win it, but then just step aside and allow an easy turnover and usually free run towards the box due to where the situation happens. But please, I have big aggressive players at a crap level where all they can do it hump the ball miles away, but they are incapable of clearing the ball. I regularly concede 20/25 shots a game, but 15/20 come from 6/7 corners where it's impossible to clear it and it just turns into one giant game of pinball as we block shots but no one can react to a clear ball.
  9. If anyone knows what they are doing with this, perhaps you can see if from a different point of view and see if it's normal or not Annan v Peterhead 1vs1 piss take.pkm
  10. Really wasn't on board with the home game breaking thing, my teams struggled with 1v1s the entire save but tried to work past it. Completely taking the **** now, I know the CC isn't always accurate but all of these were 1v1, a healthy mix of a ball to set them through on the keeper, a through ball that was struck first time in the box, cut backs to an unmarked player in the box, every single one side footed at the keeper, he got a ridiculous 8.7 rating but none of the saves were outstanding. I'm in the play offs, they are bottom of the league and can't buy a result. my 2 goals - i mental and unexplainable own goal and a long shot ( obviously) their 2 - my team stood like zombies from a throw in, bunched in the box and then missed 2/3 chances to clear resulting in an easy loose ball. Something is seriously wrong when you can't win by trying to replicate football, you need to try and get midfielders to get a first time volley on the angle if you want to score.
  11. It's only since that miniature one came out, laptop all plugged in and the same save that ran smoothly a couple of days ago
  12. anyone else having issues with matches being crazy slow and laggy after that minor update? I'd finally managed to get it running smoothly and it's got ever worse
  13. I've played a decent amount with the new ME over the weekend and there's a lot of good things with it, I would say there's 2 major issues 1) the long punts and consequently 1 vs 1s. It's not so much the frequency but the way the commentary interprets it, I'm playing with a Scottish League 2 side, one CS has 4 or less for composure and technique and a poor passing stat, so I could understand it if it was simply a panicked clearance that got lucky, but it always says he's played a great pass or searching for the striker - he simply shouldn't be good enough to pull off 2/3 hollywood balls a game. 2) set pieces - the actual delivery and first actions are fine, but it's the lack of any defensive actions as soon as the first header is made. The defenders can't clear the box, it doesn't matter how many players you put on the edge of the box they just don't react to a loose ball or to a player picking it up. It looks like the ME is more pre occupied with trying to have everybody transition slowly back into their positions rather than paying any attention to the actual phase of play thats going on. As a result - it's common to see 3/4/5 efforts from the same corner because there's no way to transition to get the ball back unless they score or put it out for a goal kick, which is why I'm ending games with a lot of 20+ shots from each side, it's mainly set pieces and the failure to transition back into normal play. Apart from that, pretty enjoyable stuff - apart from always having one team in a division who sets their pitch dimensions so it's square, is that even legal?
  14. On the topic of the confidence and streaks thing, I've always noticed that an angry action/team talk will 99/100 result in a "green - player reacted positively to this" but then their moral absolutely disappears afterwards, That's always been the case on every edition I think, is it intended?
  15. Are you still Saints? I've found a similar thing in the lower leagues where it becomes about exploiting tendencies from the ME rather than trying to get a realistic style, but not sure if this more for the Scottish leagues or similar in all of them.
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