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  1. FCN

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Yeah that story is true our coach told it in an interview. Jonathan Amon came FCN two and a half years ago back in June/July and I thought It was just another come and go signing. But after he joined our U19 side, he never played for our U19 team, he only trained with them and played in reserve league and some friendly games with reserve team as well and I really thought that maybe he is not good at all even though he played good in a couple friendly games. For the story's Ghana part our team owner has another team in Ghana named Right to Dream Academy and RTD goes on tour in Europe for Academy tournaments together with our U19/17 team players but IRC Amon didn't participate in those tournaments too but I know he went to Ghana for train with them. Because of this circumstances his in game profile was bad but now I think I fixed that after I truly saw how he can play.
  2. FCN

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Yes probably Atletico Madrid researcher will add transfer fees to balance.
  3. FCN

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    No problem thank you for your comments.
  4. FCN

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Hi @Bechii Yes now we see that Mikkel Krogh Damsgaard is talented for sure but; when I finished and delivered data to @Nørbæk back in January; he was a reserve and U19 team player and he was just played in Superliga match for 10 minutes. So with such a little amount of data that I have and what I see and when I thought about what is best for the data I decided to not raise him. But I agree after latest performance of him he should be higher and has to be much potential than PA -45. For Benjamin Tiedemann Hansen; I think It is fair to say that his profile looks fair now in the winter update; because when I had him, his profile was pretty much empty and had CA 85, I raised it to CA 95 and filled his attributes but I really want to hear If you point out what can I do more for his profile.