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  1. Because all the issues that he is stating, is related to the lack of movement and final passes. They're all tied together in this issue of attacking predictability and lack of movement. And he's stating something along the same lines I have. For one, a bit of acknowledgement that the movement and through balls would go a long way, and some feedback on what SI has planned, but in relation to you, to me your answer was diversionary to what we are trying to point out.
  2. It seems several of you misinterpreted what I said earlier. Not sure if there's a language barrier, or you just read what you wanted to. For one, I never said the game was unplayable. In fact, when I stopped playing in November last year, I was top of the league and cruising. The problem is the lack of being able to create what I want the way I want. A lot of my style of play involves movement of the front 3, with all contributing to goals and assists. I never had a problem in previous FMs, even with FM18's constant nature to blaze it over at 5 yards. This year, there is a genuine lack of movement intelligence in players, and yes, that is a problem, and yes, it should be resolved. Pawing it off for FM20 is insulting the people who spend their hard earned money on this game every year. Bugs are there to be fixed, not pushed to the next edition. Also, when I said long time fan members have lost interest, I meant that a large amount of the fanbase have stopped playing, of which SI should acknowledge. These are all paying customers who are disappointed. Obviously, this may not be some of you, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. A few of you seem to assume your opinion is more valid than ours who have a genuine issue with the game.
  3. To be honest. All I want is for the striking movement to work like it should. When I want my striker dropping deep, he should drop deep, when I want my front 3 to create space, they should create space, and not have the predictable ball out wide instead of having my players even "attempt" a through ball into the box. In general, player movement is mostly nonexistent, bar players out wide. Fixing this, just this alone, will give me reinvested interest in FM. Until then, I'm not gonna pick up the game again. Also, for those of you saying we should stop 'complaining'. Some of us actually want to get what we paid for, and have every right to criticise this game, especially given that the ME is an integral part of the game. Idgaf to be honest, how the UI looks. I care about how the ME translates my style of play in the game, because it's what decides my success in FM. But for that to be decided, things have to work as they should. It should be telling that people who have played consistently for over 5 years at least, such as myself, have found complete disinterest in the game this year.
  4. Maybe the wrong place. I haven't played FM19 since the month after it's release and have uninstalled and am currently in a refund battle. Just curious whether there has been an update? I've noticed there previously was one, which by the looks of the bugs forum, have made things much worse. So yeah, has there been an update, or are they stalling for FM20 to release more nonsense? If not, I've lost faith in FM.
  5. Did this game add a "get the CFO of opposing club drunk and coerce him into accepting your offer" feature? That Smalling deal is unreal.
  6. Looks like the Barca players went on strike. lol.
  7. Not so bad. I've already had Poch sacked by Spurs, Emery by Arsenal, Puel by Leicester, Sarri by Chelsea, Kovac by Bayern, all before the midway point, and Pellegrini is about to be sacked by West Ham for being 18th in the league after 23 games.
  8. Why are all these issues with the ME issue still a problem? They should have been fixed immediately. This is not a free game. It's 9ne that several people have paid for, and that you milked, expecting a quality game. However, it renders on impossible to create your desired tactic due to the ME, something that was falsely promoted to us. From issues like this with the lack of movement, to the complete lack of intelligence within the AI. The graphics still resemble something from the 90's. And yet going back to FM18, there are still issues that remain unfixed, and carried on over to FM18. Ive seen small-time indie developers create more extensive games than this lot, with next to no money, and actually provide care for the community that plays their game. Frankly, what SI's plan every year is, is to basically delay till the release of the next game, pretend to fix the issues, add something new that's more or less pointless and then let you deal with the problems. It's a going trend. I'm done with FM. Until they start fixing their issues, I won't be purchasing this game. Frankly, I want a refund. Poor Development. Poor Testing. Just Poor All Round.
  9. Frenkie De Jong? Seen nothing about the lad.
  10. Can anyone give a recommendation on Frenkie De Jong? Looking for a DLP for my United save. He seems perfect. However, my scouts don't recommend him. Haven't seen anyone posting about this so trying to find out?
  11. I'm just curious. Is it possible to control possession, so to speak, with a more direct, higher tempo style of play? I've tried it out a few times. In my last game at home against Burnley, I ran out 4-0 winners playing Standard passing + Higher Tempo. I had Pass Into Space on for a little while, then disabled it. I created a lot of chances, and averaged about 56% possession, until the 4th goal went in, and suddenly they were firing in chances, and I ended my match with 51% possession. This makes me think it wouldn't be too great and see them dominate me a little, possession-wise, at home. I also played an away match at Newcastle, same tactic, but only had 39% possession, running out 2-0 winners. I want to control possession, as it's more or less part of my ethos, and I want to create a style, that attacks the opponent constantly and controls the game, similar to the United of old, and one would say, now. It's always confused me. Is it even possible to play more direct while controlling the game? Again, the United of old did this, so I wouldn't understand why it isn't possible. Also, what is the correlation between all the TI's? If I play "Shorter Passing" with a "Higher Tempo", should I then disable "Work Ball Into Box"? Can I play at a "High Tempo" with "Shorter Passing", or is that contradictory to "game mechanics"? Also, how does "Pass Into Space" work? I've always found it rather ineffective in my tactics, and have reverted to having it off.
  12. I've seen a lot of people here using the CM midfield role, so I'm wondering if someone could explain to me what the role entails. I've never used it because it always seemed like an all round no strengths, no weaknesses role. So yeah, anyone got a deep understanding of the role? How does the CM(S) differ from a Carrilero, or how does the CM(A) role differ from a AP(A), for example?
  13. Anyone got any recommendations for a great either current or high potential midfielder. with excellent passing stats. Looking for someone in a Xavi, Fabregas, or Scholes mould, just to give varying examples. Signed De Jong before the update, but he seems to be nowhere near the same level in my new save. Also looking at Ndombele, but am not sure he's the right fit. Good passing range, but something just doesn't fit. So yeah, any decent, creative passers that are around, other than Tonali, who fit the CM role? Would have loved Rakitic, but he's too expensive and too old. Also, does anyone have a decent suggestion for an alternative to De Ligt? I've signed Skriniar, but I'm looking for a BPD to play alongside him. I want a fall-back if I lose him to another club, and I can't seem to find anyone. I scouted Dias for around 5 months total, but my scouts didn't rate him that highly(I know this can be misleading), so if anyone can prove them wrong, would be great, and now I'm looking at Eder Militao from Porto. Anyone got suggestions? Must be a BPD. Bonus points if they have leadership potential, which is what United need. For the BPD, established players can be mentioned, I don't mind, however I just paid 72m for Skriniar, so I'm not looking to spend that amount again. More or less looking at 55m and under.
  14. With this being said, what PI's do you suggest I remove or add? I've also only recently switched Lukaku to PF(A), as he was a DLF(S) previously. I just got overly conscious that I had too many support roles here, and it also just seemed to result in Pogba getting into the box, while my wide remained substantially out marked, and Lukaku acting almost as a CAM that drifts wide. I've also had a concern that allowing Rashford to be narrow would cause too much of a compact area, as my idea behind my two wide men is sometimes to draw out defenders.
  15. Alright, so I'm at work at the moment so I can't post a screenshot. However, before the update, I had a bit of a problem with long shots, obviously especially by Pogba and Fred. I fixed this issue in my tactic and all was well. I had Martial smashing goals in from the left as an IF(A) the left and he became my most potent forward, Lukaku picked up 38 goals, while on the right side, Lingard as a IF(S), or W(A) became my assist king. All was well, and I had my team playing the way I wanted. shh Fast forward past a broken laptop, a re-install, and new update later. Now, bear in mind, I do know that this was overachieving drastically, and although I don't expect them to be this good again. But I do expect better than what I've got. So I vary between a 4-1-4-1(when Pogba plays) and a 4-2-3-1(when he doesn't), and since the update my tactic is not only offensively completely destroyed, but possession-wise I have nothing, against substantially smaller teams, too. My left-wing is completely ineffective. I play Martial as an IF(A) as I want him to be a goalscoring LW and a support to the striker, but he's just invisible every game. The most I see is him making a run, passing backwards or getting tackled. So is my RW. Nobody plays effectively there, at all. I had a plan to morph it into a sort of front 3 all working together, in terms of goals and assists, so I want them to know when to cut in, and sometimes when to stay wide, but I want my front 3 to be all among the goals(if you want an example, even though I hate examples, Liverpool's front 3 last year, ugh). In turn this makes my striker isolated. Then there's Pogba and Fred. Pogba just seems to blast from about anywhere he wants to, and Fred seems to make a run in order to fire off a shot, so it seems awfully intentional, rather than pass to an unmarked player. It results in a few spectaculars, but that is not sustainable at all. My goals are 80-90% set pieces and penalties(I've had 5 pens in 5 games), and those otherwise are deflections and own goals. It's immensely frustrating. Another few issues I've picked up is players reaching the goal line and always shooting rather than passing, which just wastes the opportunity, and my wingbacks almost never cross, well barely cross. They prefer to pass back(yes, I have work into box enabled, but that's how I want this team to play, it shouldn't result in eliminating a move altogether, that's just dumb), and take waaaaaaaaaay too long on the ball when in space. Before the update, the only difference was my midfield 2, as I had Pogba as an AP(A), alongside De Jong(DLP-S), and it worked wonders in midfield(I wanted a goalscoring midfielder alongside a playmaking midfielder. Think Xavi-Iniesta, but a different variation), now I have Fred as a B2B(S), alongside Pogba in many different roles: AP(A), RPM, AP(S), but mostly as AP(A), and can't get him to stop his ridiculous shots. He has 6 goals all from spectaculars, yet in perspective, he fires off about 9 shots a game with a 20% accuracy. Fred is the same. To post my tactics in text atm. This is my more or less go-to side. A few weaknesses that need to be addressed. De Gea - SK(A) Darmian - WB(S) Smalling - CD(D) Bailly - CD(D) Shaw - WB(S) Matic - HB(D) Fred - B2B(S) Pogba - AP(A) Rashford - IF(S) Martial - IF(A) Lukaku - PF(A) PI's that I currently have selected are(These are position based)(Because of the TI, most of my players are on Shorter Passing): Both Wing Backs -----> Get Further Forward Fred --------> Shoot Less Often Pogba ---------> Shoot Less Often, More Direct Passing Martial -------> Roam From Position Rashford --------> Stay Wider Lukaku --------> Move into Channels The TI's are the usual: Offensive: Work Into Box Pass Into Space(seems to push my possession don't so it's not enabled atm), Shorter Passing, Higher Tempo, Wide Formation Defensive: Pass Out Defence Higher LoE Higher Defensive Line Transition: Regroup Counter There isn't any be more expressive, disciplined, etc. If it's not here it's not enabled. I'm just curious if anyone else is facing the same problems, and is going with it, or if you're not having any of these problems, well then, please do help. Sorry for the long post.
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