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  1. So I give up on finding an English Defensive Midfielder who's of immediate quality. I just need a ready made DM at the moment. Matic is far too slow, Herrera is gone and Fred isn't good enough. I don't mind the type of DM. I'll adjust accordingly. Looking at Neves, Ndombele, Casemiro, Rodri, Allan and I probably forgot someone somewhere. Neves is great, and his positioning is decent(14), tackling okay(13), but I question his ability to be the last man before my defence. He also lacks quite a bit of pace. Ndombele has 13 for positioning and 13 or so for tackling which is a bit of a risk. Casemiro is great, but them wages are a problem. And Rodri has fantastic positioning but not much else. Doesn't look like he will develop too far either. Allan looks a good option, but is 28 years old and will require a fee of over 50 million,which isn't too smart. Quite a decision. :/
  2. Usually I just look for someone with decent passing and tackling, not great, but decent, and still in the mould of an out and out RB. It's a bit hard to cater to that role.
  3. I am not letting a player valued at over 100m go on a free. That's borderline sacrilege.
  4. Already got Fernandes in the first season, as well as Neves. He blew hot and cold for me as well, but it feels like I'm losing a WC player and replacing him with a not so WC player. I can't do Savic this season as I'm already over my limit at 213m spent(Net spend was 103m), so it's go to wait till next. But now he's dropping 6.2s consistently.
  5. BIG decision for me. Got an offer from Barca for Pogba. 100m. Now,what I'm thinking about is that his contract ends in 2021, and he absolutely refuses to sign a new deal with me. Now either I sell now, or think consider it again next season. Can't convince him to stay, so I've no clue wtf to do.
  6. I loaned out Sanchez to Spurs with a mandatory buy-out of 51m in the January window. I don't mind losing Mata and likes for free as well. I find just getting them off the wage bill is a massive difference altogether.
  7. It went well. I broke just about every record, from scoring(Over 120) to most wins(33). I'd upload, but I'm too lazy. Beat Liverpool 5-1 at home and 3-0 away, much to my delight. Only one loss, and it was away to CIty(4-1). Tactics went horribly wrong here. Repaid the favour by beating them 4-1 at home. Won the Carabao as well. Reached the final of the CL with ease, after a heavy group with Roma and Real Madrid, spending most of the group stage in 3rd, and a last match win, that gave me first place. Final was against Barca. Was an open contest, then Bailly made a mistake for Messi to score, and then wrapped it up with two own goals himself. Real Karius moment. I still prefer 19.1 on my laptop though. And will probably return to that version. It's got issues, such as the split of pretty much all passes going out wide, but it's still more fluid. On another note, City finished second and Pep lost his job. Emery and Pochettino, Sarri and Javi Gracia all sacked in my first season. Arsenal hired Pep, and City hired Zidane. Well then.
  8. Rashford for me at the end of the first season. As you can see, started just about EVERY single game league-wise. Most goals AND most assists in the league, and still didn't get Player of the Year. Went to Pogba even though he's been highly inconsistent for me. Rashford got PFA Young Player of the year, and Martial received Player's Player of the Year. Fun times.
  9. Maybe in the future. Right now, he's not quite ready.
  10. Looking for that big tackler, with a good aerial presence, and some key mental stats. Given the modern game, gotta have some good Ball playing ability as well. So far, players who met that category are Koulibaly, Skriniar, and maybe Varane. Skriniar is out. So I'm left with two. Although nowhere near as good, Maguire fits the bill, but not really sure if that's an upgrade. Militao or Pavard is who I'm looking at as the next partner for my defence, replacing Lindelof.
  11. Moved to Spurs in Jan. Liverpool even signed Umtiti while I was dozing ffs. I feel like Woodward. Gonna make a big push for Koulibaly, but that's unlikely.
  12. Is there a hidden rule in this game regarding PSG and Man United transfers? I tried to sign Neves, PSG chimed in during the contract negotiation and signed him up for less. Moved for Skriniar. I scouted for the entire season, offered him a contract, PSG signed him up for less again. I've now moved for Alex Telles, and they're doing it again? By the rate of things, I will lose all my main targets to PSG. So, any suggestions on a CB with stats similar to Skriniar, for 70m? Napoli asked for 130m for Koulibaly so that's a no-no, and don't even mention Bailly. Man conceded a penalty that lost me the game in the semis of the FA cup, then scored two own goals and made the mistake for the third in the UCL final. Karius would be tipping his hat. Hoping for someone with as similar stats as it gets.
  13. Loooool. More modest budget? Are you kidding me????!
  14. I diversify his role depending on who's in front of him. Mostly I play him as a Defensive Midfielder on support.
  15. That's the idea, but he's still not ready yet. Garner, that is. I get it, but my OCD nature likes to have at least 5 HGN players in the first team. I currently only have 3. Just a habit.
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