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  1. So, will we see buffs to Maddison, Tielemans maybe Harvey Barnes for Leicester? Tielemans is rather underrated for the job he does, and Maddison is proving to be one of the best in the PL this season at creating chances in his role. I think he deserves maybe a little high PA than what he's got currently. Also, would like to see Lingard lose a bit of Off the Ball movement and Work rate. He does not tend to press as hard as he used to, nor is his movement any good these days. Maybe a buff for Rashford in finishing, but not composure, Off the ball would also be appropriate? On the other side, Martial's dribbles are substantially less successful, so 19 dribbling seems a bit excessive to me. All subjective, I suppose. But I'm hoping there will be consideration.
  2. So, I'm not too good with dates, but out of curiosity, when should one expect to find information on the winter update?
  3. This seems to paint the picture that expectations are a bad thing? You're a gaming company. Expectations will always be there. You also talk about beginning work on the next edition(which will probably continue with the same issues), and the fact is that you had months and months plus the Beta tests to find out that 1v1s were an issue. And it's not like it's subtle. It's literally an in your face, there's a problem here issue. It was reported in the Beta. It's now the end of January. Nobody is asking for a fix but actual signs of improvement will be nice. SI can't even provide that. Since FM18, it seems like delay tactics. Tbh, you can keep your game. I'm done with the franchise.
  4. I'm getting rather tired of seeing these types of posts. Not because it affects me, but because it is so entitled, self revolving and ignorant. That's not an insult. It's how it comes across. First of all, thousands of people play this game around the world. Not everyone works with pounds and not everyone is living in a country with a healthy economy and decent paying job. You have no idea how expensive this is in some countries. For example, laptops in my country are phenomally expensive and a 4GB laptop is usually equal to the average monthly salary. That's if you're buying one with just a simple integrated graphics card. Prices go up by 50% of that total price for one with 8GB of RAM. Not everybody is in the same situation as you and it is insensitive and elitist of someone to think so. So, some consideration is needed here.
  5. Eriksen chose PSG. I already got Havertz. But Silva seems a decent option for a single season.
  6. Any of you tempted by David Silva on a free? He's a rival, but he's just so good.
  7. Mate, I just sat do what you want. If it doesn't work, well then that's football, yeah? Experiment. Have fun.
  8. I've got a midfield 3 of Emre Can, Paul Pogba and Kai Havertz. Can is my DM(S). I'm alternating Havertz between AP(S) and DLP(S). Starting to think I should have opted for Neves instead. Anyway, anyone have any suggested roles to get Pogba into a goalscoring role in the team, using this formation? I tried MEZ(A), but then he just gets in the way of the IF(A), and as a B2B, he tends to have more bad games. Rather confused about what role is going to be suitable for the style I'm aiming to create.
  9. I don't understand this new board happiness grading. I got a B- for match performance. I beat Barcelona 6-0 in the European Super Cup. You can't win these days...
  10. Same role. He scored 14 and assisted 10 in a defensive team for me. I'll get more out of him this time.
  11. So I played my first game on the updated M.E today. I like how attractive the forward play looks now. I'm ignoring the conversion rate as it's a well known thing now. However, what the hell has happened in the defensive aspect?? I play a high line, however it's not balls over the top causing me problems, it's my own defence. They don't move. When the ball comes high in an attempt to go over the top, my player stands completely still until it's bounced, then runs. Then you see them just goofing it forward when there's no opposition around them instead of playing it forward. Plus sometimes the defender just kicks it at the AI opposition in front of him, and he goes in for a shot. The static nature is shocking. I just won a match 5-2. The first goal conceded was because the ball bounced behind my player while there was enough time to get back to head it. The second happened, because a rebound from the corner went back into the box, it passed two of my players who didn't move and they scored. What da akshul fark.
  12. I set Martial as a CF on Attack. Scored 25 in 43. 22 in 37 in the league. I'm training Greenwood and Martial to round the keeper, in the hope it circumvents the issues somewhat.
  13. Plus the opposition basically camping in their own area. Rashford was basically a supporting left back.
  14. The board are blocking my sale of Phil Jones for 15m, because it's 1.5m short of what they want. I feel like smashing something.
  15. The obsession with realism has given way to complete unrealism...
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