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  1. This is the exact same M.E that we saw in the Beta. The same problem with wide players, 1v1s and so on. Kinda expected, when you noticed the lack of acknowledgement in the bug forum regarding the M.E after the Beta update. An incomplete game. Again.
  2. Okay. So after several more matches. Seen some of the issues others are talking about here. Wingers and wingbacks taking shots from wide is one. Can be a bit frustrating. Tried asking them to should less often, but it's made Rashford completely ineffective. Sometimes the midfield feels a little static, not sure if due to attributes, but they'll play a one two between each other in the middle forever. Not affected my results till this game, but I just played Wolves and got battered 3-0. They had about four 1v1s all and I had around 7 or so, and a few more chances missed in front of goal. So basically, all in all, it's a normal United vs Wolves game. However, I don't mind the goals Wolves scored, as I expected that I was going to be hit hard on the counter, based on the sheer volume of chances, it should have been an easy 3-2, 3-3 result. High scoring, but based on the gameplay, it would have been a decent result. Not worried about the loss. Going hard against Wolves is a bit daft, but I felt that missing so many 1v1s and the wide shots is a bit headache inducing. A few hours to release, so I think we won't see too much on this front soon.
  3. Just something interesting I thought to look at. I just had a match where I had 36 crosses. Thought that was a bit overboard, so decided to take a look. In the premier league, of all teams, Man City have attempted the most crosses. 323 to be precise, it seems. This is the team known for high tempo, quick passing and movement. And most teams would look to play a low block against them,given their dominance. City have played 12 games so far. That's about 27 crosses a match on average. Also. This could mean absolutely nothing.
  4. Yeah. Central Passing for me is a point of frustration. Maybe there's a case to be made for penalties, but nothing is really game breaking. Except maybe the fact that I now have to click out of a wage negotiation, to view the current contract. For some reason, I am visibly irked by the extra click. I've had three players suffer broken limbs recently, which encountered momentary frustration, but my blood boils at the thought of that extra click. Just me? Yeah, probably me.
  5. I'm wondering if the ME we're seeing in the recent update is the final product that we'll see in the full release on Tuesday? Or will there be a different ME? I may be correct in guessing, that since the short time between, unless it's game-breaking, it's going to be more or less the same thing?
  6. Just curious about those reading the thread? Would you sell Pogba? He's such a problem, having to incorporate the team around him. And he may want to leave anyway. Is it not better to pack up and sell?
  7. You're contradicting yourself here. Everyone is titled to their opinion full stop. If it happens to be negative without being constructive, well, unfortunately, you'll just have to deal with it, as it's not your concern, and again, they're allowed their opinion. You can't say that they're allowed to be opinionated, then tell them how they should be opinionated.
  8. Just bought and downloaded. I saw some great intelligence in trying to play a few through balls through the middle. Although only about 1 out of 6 wasn't intercepted(led to a goal), I am delighted at the mere attempt. You can see the difference in a higher tempo, in the way the ball is played too, which is great. On a side note, it feels like my centre backs spend more time as playmakers than the actual midfield. They create several plays with balls out wide to run onto, or split through and over the middle. Midfielders seem less involved than they are, which is a bit weird. Although I find that the balls over the top aren't too high for me, they are for the AI. I think so far, about 80% of chances were balls over the top resulting in 1v1s that weren't scored. Does take a bit away there. Otherwise, this is most definitely playable, and potentially enjoyable. Will see how it goes over time.
  9. Well that depends. As quite an avid gamer, I find that betas are always looked at, as unfinished products of the real game. I don't think that is the issue. I think the issue is that there are several problems from previous editions that remain, and like FIFA, whose quality is dwindling substantially, it seems preferable to just churn out the next edition, and promise fixes in that one. I would rather have the game delayed, and reach the highest possible standard, rather than have a point where I just do not want to play it anymore. FM19 was the first time I quit playing a version of the FM series. And it seems that there are issues that developed here because of issues there. Long shots, Through Balls(My biggest annoyance), Inside forward movement, Balls over the top, the freakish amount of shots taken in some matches and several others. What I'm saying is that, if these issues are not really fixed by now, in a game with over a year of development, is hardly going to become something special in a space of two weeks. The problem is the financial aspect. This is a game that should not have a yearly edition, but a range of updates continuously to develop and nurture the game for as long as is needed. Again, I understand it is not viable. But if the yearly thing is being done, it needs to be done properly, to meet the needs of it's players. Give your players regular updates, instead of reaching a date to say, no more updates. We're moving on to the next one. That doesn't seem right. On another note, my largest complaint of all is how good my team still is. -_- Barring a few, Manchester United players are not even average. They are below average, overpaid and overhyped. The likes of Mata, Martial, Matic, Young, Pereira, Lindelof and Shaw just really are nowhere near good enough. Was hoping to save my club from the horror of mid-table and make them champions again, but with it actually being challenging. :((
  10. If the Beta is an integral part of ironing out the M.E and the Bugs that exist, I'm curious why it isn't released earlier, to formulate them properly. And sometimes, they seem so obvious within the game, you have to wonder. I'm not trying to stir, but you really do have to wonder. For me, FM18 was enjoyable, bar the occasional shock misses from the forward, it was pleasurable, and nothing worth faffing about. FM19 became completely unplayable for me after a while. There just wasn't any enjoyment in it. After reading comments on the Beta, I felt optimistic, but looking at the bug forums, I am concerned with the cases of similar aspects popping up and further ones. And a peculiar case, is some of the 'dismissal' that I've noticed towards some. But still, back on point, why can the Beta not be released earlier, so that the full release is more presentable to players?
  11. I'll probably try this as well. Pogba had great effect in FM19 for me as the BBM, even with poor defensive ability, he got up and down the pitch really well. Arguably, he's been a better player defensively this season, and statistically is one of the best in the league going forward, so I'm not concerned he'll be too far downgraded. 4-2-3-1 has always been a favourite of mine, however with United, for years now, it's been a style I haven't been able to implement due to the players available, preferring to stick with a 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-3, depends how you see it. Was also unusable for teams playing a short passing game in FM19, due to the nature of through balls and no movement, as you just ended up passing the ball wide, and there was no link between the 10 and the forward, which made them both kind of ineffective. Hoping to go back to being able to play a No.10, which will mean Pogba sits in midfielder. He's got too much about him physically to just sit as a creative DLP, and I don't want him as my No. 10. I like to mirror reality, and the fact is, Pogba, while creative, is no Scholes. Someone who sits deeper and dictates, and it's a waste of his abilities. A whole team changed to accommodate one man.
  12. Always start a long term with the love of my life: Man United. However I seriously hope the quality represents the real life bottom half crybaby team they are(Yes, bottom half, because without certain players, we'd be in relegation), bar the few quality ones. Would give me the perfect chance to build a big side entirely in my image as well, and give myself that satisfying feeling of removing every aspect of the club I cannot stand. Well, maybe except Woodward. That's always my long term save. Then I have others in AC Milan, PSV and Salford. My usuals. Might do an unemployed as well.
  13. It's a fair point, and given the short time I've got, I'll wait to see how FM20 pans out. However, a criticism may be is that tactics aren't really taken into consideration. Maybe I misread, and you can correct me on that, but for FM19, I think these ME struggles are relative dependent on the tactic. That's why some have so much success with the Gegenpress, and deeper systems, while others prefer Tiki-Taka or a more patient passing game, aiming for control, struggle a lot more. I understand that it is a lot, however, part of the fun in FM, is determining a tactic, and playing according to your ethos, within reason, and if you have the players to achieve it.
  14. Quick questions about this. For example, Manchester United. In reality, they've over-inflated the importance of the academy and domestic-based players, and in a big club this isn't viable. Not much understanding that the class of '92 was an anomaly, and the academy hasn't really produced that much quality since then. Man United were built on signing the best players domestically and younger players internationally to take them to greater heights in the past. That's just for perspective. Given that some of these will tie into FM20's vision aspect for Man United, will it be possible to remove these objectives when we get going, especially, if, as a manager, you'd like to move the club in the direction you seem best?
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