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  1. Haven't played this in a while due to a broken laptop. Going back to it in a week or so. Have there been any new updates or fixes? I speak mainly about the match analysis tools after a game. Sometimes I want to analyze the movement of a player I'm testing in a role, but the heat map just shows me a faded blue I can't even see. So no idea can be got from there. Then switch to the "Passes Received" tool, only to find its a convoluted mess and giving me unselected players' names. Surely this was fixed???
  2. Any hope of a look in at Wesley Fofana? Can't find anything about the guy anywhere. Thanks!
  3. Incredibly irritated by some of the changes to player attributes in this update. Yes, yes, I know I'm a Man United fan, and I might have bias, but changes to a few players constantly baffle me. This, in mind, while Kalidou Koulibaly continuing to have the attributes of a "strong physical, non technical(stereotype much?)" type player while it's well known by watches and by his stats that he's one of the best ball playing CBs around. Back to the club I know well, though, Marcus Rashford receives downgrades to his PA despite putting up his best numbers? Hes putting up insane num
  4. Kinda baffling to be honest. We've had players like Leon Bailey hold their PA for more than one edition, despite never showing that level, but Rashford gets nerfed despite his numbers being seriously good and Greenwood is still a kid with a little bad form. I've honestly never seen SI seem so reactionary.
  5. Seems awfully reactionary of SI this year, and the prime reason why I will not be starting a new save.
  6. Something that is awfully bothering me has been the attribute distribution of Kalidou Koulibaly. Last season, in reality, he's defensively was not at his peak, scoring quite low on defensive and aerial duels per 90, meaning he showed a few defensive weaknesses. His positional awareness was also not great. This was, to be fair, a bad season for him. In FM, he's quite a monster in this regard. However, also in reality, Koulibaly was second only to Skriniar in terms of passes per 90 for a defender, and was at the top of defenders in the league in terms of ball
  7. There's a seriously poor double standard that is continuing to exist for transfers, and has been ramped up this year. AI clubs make one single stupidly low bid, and your player is throwing his toys everywhere, because you've rejected it. Even if you reject, there's absolutely no room for negotiation. They want that player far below his actual value. On the other hand, a player you've scouted and showed interest in all season long and tried your best to unsettle at an infinitely smaller team in a league below is unwilling to budge and will not push for a move at all, while the
  8. Agreed. The problem is players demanding new contracts that are through the roof despite just having signed a new deal or just having joined the club. It makes it hard, especially when you're trying to create a wage system where nobody earns more than 200k.
  9. In FM20? Declan Rice, Lewis Cook, Sandro Tonali, Florentino Luis, Ruben Neves, Marcos Llorente, Rodrigo Bentancur, Ismael Bennacer. At least from what I can remember. Also, don't think you overpaid for Sancho. Pretty much all of us paid that price for him.
  10. I'm doing okay with transfers out of the club, despite the majority leaving on a free. But for the life of me, Phil Jones does not want to leave the bloody club! Just keeps rejecting every offer.
  11. Have sold Pogba for around 60m. 1 year left on his contract and no regrets. AWB is getting a bit annoying, but I've managed to shut him up for now. Ricardo Pereira is a great current option and Lamptey would be great for the future. As for Pogba, I'm currently hoping I can persuade Odegaard to make the move for 100m.
  12. Hoping for the update soon. Till then, I'm reliving a bit of Skyrim.
  13. No, he actually looks quite good. Personally wouldn't go for him because his pace is on the lower side for me, but if you're happy, he looks a good buy.
  14. Hoping for an update this week. I imagine many people are tucking in for the holidays now, so would be nice.
  15. Definitely a common problem. They finished 13th in my current save, 16th in the one before that. And I've seen a few others mention this.
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