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  1. Hi all simple query from me. I have been looking through historical development for some of my wonder kids over the last 5 or 6 years. One thing I am noticing consistently, and which irritates me a little, is that their biggest attribute improvements are often in set piece areas like “corners” “penalties” etc. This is really not where I want my wonderkid’s CA points to be spent, if that makes sense? Has anybody else noticed this? How do I stop it? My wonderkid Brazilian DMC has gone up 5 points in penalties from 7 to 12! Great!
  2. Any other reasons why this can happen? I have an outstanding 21 year old CB with model citizen personality who has developed brilliantly... ...before suddenly plunging into the dreaded orange arrows... any thoughts?
  3. Thanks. It’s mainly just attention-to-detail stuff that breaks the immersion. Some friends and I just had to stop playing in frustration. In memory: - weird stuff from assistant managers about youth intakes that made no sense - mid season draft disappearing - player role stars all the same - lots of glitches in search filters while doing the draft itself genuinely think Fm should give this mode a lick of paint and a little love. It’s potentially a brilliant deep-lite online mode - almost e-sportsy?
  4. haven't tried yet since update - in theory should it work now? the other problem is that a player has the same stars for every role now? Quite frustrating.
  5. Any update on this? Such a shame about draft mode. Most of the small stuff could be nipped in the bud pretty quick. Are people working on this?
  6. Draft mode needs some serious attention. So keen to play this again over lockdown 3 but our first attempt left us with no option but to simply give up. Mid season draft simply did not function, and reluctantly everybody agreed that the game was unplayable in its current stage. Very sad. Is anybody on top of this?
  7. Excellent post. There is also something here around “minimalism” (I.e not over stuffing every screen with as much information as you can!) and - dare I say it - even the connected quality of beauty/elegance. Looking back at early Championship Managers, it feels like - somewhere along the road - we lost this sense of elegance/economy/beauty. Too many screens today feel like ‘car boot sales’ of every imaginable data set, different font sizes, type sets, type orientations all over the place. This feels cluttered and decidedly un-modern somehow. Good data visualisation,
  8. This is fantastic. So there definitely already are different development curves baked into the game? That’s wonderful news!
  9. (You could do better than the above taxonomy obviously, but just wanted to highlight the kinds of dynamics that should exist around player development)
  10. “Dynamic potential” - for me - isn’t so much about a player’s ceiling level being changeable, it’s about the rate of development + decay being player variable. e.g you would build a simple model of four or five player development types and have them coded into regens Early risers, but never-quite-peaked = Walcott the late bloomer = Vardy the steady riser = Lampard the full wonderkid, then fade = Owen the full wonderkid, then evergreen = Messi wonderkid, stall, then explode = Henry, Odegaard (potentially?) etc etc
  11. I know. it’s SO much more effective as a piece of communication isn’t it? simplicity and clarity brings so much.
  12. Does anybody else wish the player rating system would get rid of the decimal point? And return to the classic system where a DMC performing his role well would get an “8”, despite zero assists or goals? I am a simple soul. Oh to look down my players, and see no lower than a “7 and think, ‘ah yes my team is playing okay’. It was so much more expressive somehow? There’s a wider message in here for FM, but I c a n t q u i t e t h i n k w h a t i t m i g h t b e
  13. As a connected point, can I ask the million dollar question: why are the 3D graphics so poor? I mean - I understand that the underlying AI and integration with the decision making engine is highly complex, but how does that relate to the outputted graphical render? As an experiment, could a graphics team not just build a ‘skin’ layer on top of what we’ve got that would look x times better? Even if it were running at a slight time delay or something? The above, very evidently, comes from somebody with no understanding of how these things work...but would love people’s t
  14. got through it - in the end, I just had to give it more time to process without clicking again. All very strange but got there in the end x
  15. You are literally describing the job of a high quality researcher/analyst/design-thinking expert. Doing proper consumer consultation does NOT mean that a punter asks you to jump, and you immediately say, “how high?” It DOES mean getting getting closer to a spectrum of consumers, synthesising their perceptions and feedback, before placing that usefully alongside the wider strategic agenda (and creative instinct) of the organisation/product in question (i.e SI). A skilled analyst/strategist is able to look beyond petty ‘opinion table tennis,’ and spot wider patterns and trends tha
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