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  1. agree that the old 'team stats' one-pager - featuring passes, key passes, tackles, intereceptions per player - is sorely missed.
  2. It's all good Cleon! Sorry. I suppose I was just using you as an archetypal example of a high-skilled tactical manager. But point taken. You are not reactive, perhaps, but you are HIGHLY tactically detailed (or at least appear to be)
  3. It's a very enjoyable game, as ever. The match engine needs tuning, clearly. They need to think about data-overload, clearly (in my view). They need to think about aspects of the game which simply feel 'procedural' (repetitive, rule-based following of in-game indicators, which is dull as hell and takes no skill whatsoever)... But - generally speaking - the game is not broken. It is deep, it is challenging (I find!) and it is fun.
  4. Wow - that escalated quickly... Didn't quite go in the direction I imagined it might when I read the headline. For what it's worth, I do echo the wider sentiment that crosses remain unsatisfyingly potent, and - whether truth to life or not - the match engine could better express more 'different kinds' of goals etc. Clearly, there is also an issue with Direct FKs, which - again, all statistical verisimilitude aside - should not be served up to the user as often as they are in light of, well, what appears to be close-to-zero chance of success. (0 DF goals in four years with Newcastle from hundreds of 'highlights'? i know I am a bad manager, but bejeezus that feels tough on my user satisfaction levels! "Andreas Pereira stands over it...oh....(repeat x nauseam)" More widely, an area of consideration for me would be quite how demanding the game now feels tactically. I am cool with the idea that only a handful of hyper-engaged, hyper-skilled tactical gurus will squeeze every last inch of potential out of their group (this will never be me!), but the flipside - where tactical miscalculations appear (in my view) almost crippling to your team's output can feel a little dispiriting. There may be managers who prefer the strategic (i.e. long term, macro view: focused on recruitment, philosophy, macro squad building etc) to the tactical (i.e. short term, reactive, micro view: a world of TIs and PIs, focus on opposition etc), and - purely for sheer playability's sake - would be cool for these guys to get oxygen too! I don't expect to do as well as guys like Cleon, tweaking away to respond to Barnsley's half-time inverted wingback tactical shift, but can I at least do okay with my fairly neutral, inoffensive 4-4-2 if I have good players? Just a thought. If the game is moving in that (hyper-tactical) direction, that is totally legitimate. But a notable shift so far (or at least as I perceive it) in terms of FM18 vs previous incarnations.
  5. ...yes it is the ones closest in to goal that cause most frequent howlers...My newgen 6'8'' targetman simply can't head it down! He wins everything, has 15+ for heading, and if it's within the 5 yard box the game almost won't let him score. He has a better chance from further out, where the ballistics seem to allow the ball to reduce in height... Real shame. And still don't think this has been properly acknowledged or investigated by the powers that be...
  6. I have had exactly the same issue. The points above from the OP ring true with me. It makes me want to sell the player, as his apparently best attributes are all but nullified!
  7. He has Composure 16, decisions 14, off the ball 16. I'm not sure I've given any real information on frequency here...it's just a comment that picks up on a hunch somebody else had around the same issue - if you're comfortable the issue has been explored then - of course - no problem. The spectacle of it just jars somewhat and thought it was worth flagging.
  8. ...I remember some murmurings of this on the forum before... increasingly convinced there's a problem here. I have a mountainous centre-forward (six foot eight), with 17 for finishing and 17 for heading, with 19 for jumping reach. He wins - as you can imagine - an inordinate amount of aerial encounters. Problem. He heads the ball over when he has open goals. Repeatedly. It's as if the game can't process the need to head it downwards or something... Has anybody else noticed this. It happens 20-25 times a season and is blunting his efficacy significantly. BTW the guy is no mug, and has 40 caps for england or so.
  9. HUNT3R do you have any tips for preparing set piece routines given most people's teams will rotate every few weeks? This might mean my 6' 4'' MC is replaced by a 5'3 MC, yet they assume the same roles within the corner routine for example...i'm borderline running out of energy to reconfigure the routines every time I change my team! I wonder if the corner system would work better with rules? parameters you set for the group? sorry if i have missed an obvious trick here
  10. oh fascinating - so there are aspects of these roles that are 'under the hood' so to speak? I kept noticing players banging it long to my targetman, and thought something must be going on here...The role is problematic because, though I like all of the instructions associated with it (they suit my 6' 8'' centre forward perfectly), it changes the way the rest of my team plays. We are actually a Champions league winning passing outfit, but just happen to have been handed a wonderkid target man regen.
  11. Hi there. Curious one this, and forgive me if it's been covered elsewhere. Are player roles simply 'editorialised' names for different hard-bundled presets of player instructions? I.e. is a target man simply a definition of a preset suite which is = dribble less, hold up ball, get further forward (Etc etc)... Or is 'target man', as the descriptive copy/messaging appears to suggest, something more nuanced? Are there aspects to that role that aren't captured by the parameters of the player instructions? One particular interest is - does having a striker as a target man, for example, affect the way OTHER players see him? I.e. excluding aim for target man type instructions, is my centre back able to recognise my striker's "target man" role and therefore aim to hit him aerially earlier? Or is a player's role only applicable to their own behaviour and actions? Re: the point above, if a player role really is a just a 'preset' for player instructions, it would make me look at the roles afresh. Roles that I had discredited because of their verbal descriptions, or which seemed too niche/complex (RaumDeuter), suddenly become interesting. Equally, roles as simple (and crucially, as open in terms of customisability) as Centre Midfielder suddenly become attractive... thanks.
  12. TKG i love the historic matches section - cracking idea. It is about making the game experience feel more precious isn't it, less disposable...
  13. Rayr27 makes some interesting points - if you got a top infographic designer to look at the presentation of data in FM they would see clear opportunities for improvement no? You nail it when you say there is "so much information that I find it hard to take any of it in." That really says rather a lot, doesn't it?
  14. we seem to have gone off topic here. - The random event generator is something of a red herring I think. I was just trying to articulate one way of injecting 'life' into the game. That particular phrasing makes it more polarising than it really needs to be. - Think there is also something of balance to be struck between learning from the things that - say - RPGs do well in terms of emotional experience, and preserving the authenticity/credibility of Football Manager, which has a particular idiom and tone of voice. This said, think there are some great ideas above. I think the "Reward" element, in particular, feels like a pain-point for users. I mean, how emotionally underwhelming is it to receive a generic email having won the UCL with Aston Villa?! I find it difficult to believe that this isn't addressable in some way. Find the best copywriter in the building, give him a week to produce handwritten (not literally, obviously) variants based on possible game data cues = Immediate quick win for game's perceived value.
  15. yes - I think we understand the legal issues around real-life players. However, given that the more engaged players quickly get to regen worlds, the opportunities begin to open up.
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