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  1. Very good in my last save. I'm not sure how he developed at Dinamo in your save, but in mine he was quite good foil if I wanted Sancho on the left and his left footed nature came in handy. He's not rapid, but he can cross, create, with good movement, work rate. A fantastic all round left footed winger. I signed him so I could stop using Dan James and increase the quality in depth, who offered me nothing. Chipped in with goals and assists throughout the season whenever he played. Careful though, cause bigger clubs do end up coming in for him later on. I haven't signed him on my current save, as I'm opting for a backup CF instead in Jimenez or Aubemeyang, both available for 30m and 22m respectively, so I can rotate Greenwood in and out with Sancho on the right and even centrally sometimes, until I feel he can supercede Martial.
  2. I'll throw a spanner in your works and say Viktor Tsygankov(actually Tsyhankov). Reminds me a bit of Mahrez.
  3. So, like many, I've made my return to FM by starting again. What a strange season it was, with me chopping and changing the midfield and wide roles trying to get the absolute best out of my team. I only settled on a consistent starting roles after 2/3 of the season has been completed, gaining more confidence in my tactics after heavily parking a planet in the big games early in the season. The only signing being Donny Van De Beek in January, the first season was a little heartbreaking. We were 2nd on the last day. But Liverpool drew 1-1 with Wolves(Damn, I love watching Wolves play the big teams), and I had to win by 2 away against West Ham. Unfortunately, at the end of the season, I'd begun conceding a lot of goals in the last 6 games or so. They included a 2-2 draw away to Leipzig in the Europa League, an incredible 4-3 win over Newcastle who were fighting their last hope at survival with Greenwood hitting a hat trick from RW, a 3-2 loss to Liverpool which ultimately probably cost us the title. In my final game, I got dominated by West Ham and fell behind 2-0 early on, but a second half blitz meant I won 3-2, thanks to Greenwood, Rashford and Martial. It was a shocking result, as one more goal would probably have given us the title on the absolute bare minimum. There's also a lot to be said about our taking of chances as Man United's conversion rate for the season was 9%. Nine bloody percent! That is shocking! I ended up winning the Europa and Carabao Cup, but that League loss really hurts. I wasn't expecting to be competing, especially with my early bus tactics and experimentation, but falters from Liverpool and especially City(who broke ahead early) game me first place for a long duration of the season. Ultimately, Liverpool held on, and their victory really knocked me over. Losing to THEM of all clubs makes it so much worse. Interestingly enough, even though he finished 3rd and won the FA Cup, Pep was sacked by City. Transfer Window is going to be interesting. With Dan James and Chong being hopelessly hopeless all season, and me wanting to emphasise that Greenwood is a CF and not a winger in the coming seasons, I'm looking for 2 new RWs. One as a backup, and one as the first choice. It may sound like blasphemy, but Riyad Mahrez was a player I had hoped we'd signed in reality when he was back at Leicester and I've always been a massive fan. He's available for 30m and would be a fantastic backup, but the City link is a problem, as I would have liked a loan to buy. He's quick, creative, left-footed and a natural RW, but also City are being douchebags over his fee, so I'm out of luck probably. Serves me right? If anyone has any suggestions for a quality, creative, left-footed RW that offers a good backup choice, I'm all ears. Looking for a player around a 30 - 40m valuation. Having a look at the squad this time round, Manchester United have a lot of potential in youth, but so many players who are not even worthy of being squad members in a top 4 team, let alone one challenging for a title. Aside from players on loan, players like this are namely Mata, Bailly, Fred(jack of all trades, but no significant abilities, so what does he really add to the team?), Chong and James are players that you just wouldn't see in a big team who wants to compete. Jones, Pereira and Lingard have already been shipped on for a combined 60m. Obviously, a lot of work needs to be done, and not all in one season, but this is definitely not a squad that is attractive in any sense when you take away sentimentality. Ah well, getting down to business is sure going to be interesting.
  4. The issue is that there are too many chances. If the chances are converted, we're looking at regular 9,10-0 scorelines, hence 1v1s have been nerfed substantially. This is, for me, a problem, because rather than working on improving the defensive aspects of the game to nullify the threat, it seems the complete opposite was done, resulting in an unrealistic amount of chances. Another problem is with pressing. Defenders should not be pressing players all the way back to the halfway line. And 2-3 players should not be running after one player. This just leaves gaps everywhere. Defensively, it seems interceptions have been the most notable improvement, but tackles are still issues, as it's way too easy for attackers to beat their man. All in all, this then creates the unrealistic aspect of attacking play. No excuses though. This was really something that should have been worked on. It's
  5. I think it's safe to say that for me, "other games" have been the hook. Also, does anyone actually mind if you post here. It may be FM17, but I personally come here for the stories and to see how everyone likes to envision their team.
  6. Tbh, your style and mine are completely different. However, in terms of wide players, I try to make mine the most expansive, yet dynamic players on the pitch. I have Rashford at IF(A) on the left, with the instruction to "Stay Wider". Rashford has 50 goals and assists combined in 55 games for me since I started this save( 42 goals and 8 assists). On the other side, I want a player with more creative output, so I have Sancho(Greenwood players here as well, but then it acts like a front 3, so you need your midfield and wingbacks to create width. Sancho alternates between W(A) and a Support duty. Mainly support against lesser teams, because they sit deep(and still somehow dominate possession), and then attack against the bigger teams, because he's got more space. So far Sancho's got 2 goals and 4 assists in 6 games in the league, I think. Not bad. The best example I can think of is to look at how Pep sets his wingers up. When Sterling and Sane played. Both hugged the touchline, until the final third when Sterling would cut in using his pace while Aguero dropped deeper. Sane always held width. Anyway, just my two cents. However, what do I know? MK Dons had 68% possession over me at Old Trafford for the entire game in the Carabao Cup.
  7. I can't, mate. I've tried. I like the updated database.
  8. Is the reason "Cautious Mentality" states "expected to lose the battle for possession" just SI half-heartedly copy pasting last year's text, or is it naturally supposed to be applicable. If applicable, I'm curious why every side that plays cautious tends to dominate possession (to an incredibly high extent) against me. Including a league 2 side. The moment they switch outside Cautious, I automatically start dominating again Confused as all hell.
  9. I like the Carabao Cup. I see it as a platform to further success during the season. I find the FA Cup infinitely more difficult as it starts in January when fixtures are tight. And I like that the Carabao Cup ends before Champions League knockout stages begin.
  10. The condescending tone tells me enough about you. Feel better about yourself yet? Good. I'm happy that attempting to subtly demean others makes you happy. You do you. The whole premise of many people having issues with this game has nothing to do with winning or losing. It's wanting to see good football. I don't have any problem winning, but I can't play FM20 in an enjoyable sense anymore because it's terribly dull and uninteresting to watch. Good football. It's not hard to understand. Aside from that, there's a complete dismissal by the system to actually adhere to tactics, and players seem to tend to do their own thing anyways. Hence, the ME seems to do its own thing. Defending is still iffy, as they don't seem to intercept and positioning still seems off. Possessional football seems confusing and watching a League 2 side play out the back against a team like Liverpool is just baffling. Aside from that, it seems player attributes matter little as the amount of threaded accurate passes in difficult spaces or over long distances don't equate to the players in question. I've yet to mention 1v1s,which ARE a problem. Although it's been mentioned that defence has been improved, I'm not seeing it. The 1v1 nerf seems like the ME's way of countering that. This game seems to have become more about an obsession with statistics that drive the game, rather than just trying to create good, attractive football. Or park the bus, what you prefer. I still love FM15, for the very reason that, although it was pitifully easy, I could see the system I wanted to play being effective. FM20 is incredibly difficult for me to get through, but I'm doing it because I enjoy playing with my football club, more than I'm actually enjoying the game. Even then, I have to put this down every week or so, because I just don't see any positive in playing it. This isn't Fortnite. Screaming 'Git Gud like a 5 year old isn't the only outcome
  11. I use Cavani as a CF(A). While he's not Kane, they're pretty similar in pace and as forwards, however Kane is much more creative and rounded. I've noticed that Cavani drops deeper than Martial and plays in Rashford a lot from the Left Wing. Then again, I'm biased as the CF role is the only role I like to use for my forwards.
  12. In terms of training, I handle the individual aspect, as Man United have a lot of players with key attributes slightly underdeveloped, especially in the Mental area. I replaced the backroom staff, and my assistant manager is Juan Carlos Carcedo, who handles the general training. Seems to do a good job at it too. However, I hit a stumble as one of my more defensive minded coaches(Danny McGrain) retired and I'm struggling to find an adequate replacement. In terms of the Loan Manager, I did at first consider hiring one, but when he demanded 30k, I told him very specifically where I'd like him to shove that wage. Very specifically.
  13. Tbh, I keep them around to make it feel slightly realistic, given I'm in charge of everything. I have Luis Ocampos as my DoF and don't remember who my technical director is. The idea was to have something similar to the way Sir Alex used to do things, in which he was part of negotiations and meeting players alongside David Gill. However, more delegation is needed. I don't use the Loan Manager as it makes no sense. The Head of Youth development can do the same thing, and I've placed him in charge of signing any potential youngsters for youth teams. However, he never seems to do this. He just accepts or rejects incoming offers which is slightly frustrating. As for the scouts, I sack anyone with below 16 in in the Potential or Ability stats. This is Man United. Only the best will do.
  14. Lo and behold, I've begun my second season of my Manchester United save, and I think I've done a fairly decent job of bringing in players that are needed and suit my style and United's club culture. In terms of transfers, in came: Sergio Reguilon - Free Donny Van De Beek - 28m Jack Grealish - 36m Jadon Sancho - 89m Edinson Cavani - Free Total: 153m Alongside, out went: Sergio Romero - 5m Eric Bailly - Loan(Nobody wanted to buy him) Luke Shaw - 39m Timothy Fosu-Mensah - Free Andreas Pereira - 22.5m Alexis Sanchez - 21.5m With Jones and Lingard already gone, the goal had been to remove the remaining deadwood, while adding quality and depth in order to realistically move for a league challenge. I think I've done that, with the squad looking like this: Goalkeepers: David De Gea, Dean Henderson, Joel Pereira Full Backs: Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Diogo Dalot, Brandon Williams, Sergio Reguilon Centre Backs: Harry Maguire, Victor Lindelof, Chris Smalling, Axel Tuanzebe, Teden Mengi Defensive Midefield: Nemanja Matic, Scott McTominay, Fred, James Garner Central Midfield: Paul Pogba, Bruno Fernandes, Jude Bellingham, Donny Van De Beek, Juan Mata(Don't use AMs in my system, or hardly), Hannibal Mejbri Wingers: Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, Daniel James, Jack Grealish Forwards: Edinson Cavani, Anthony Martial, Mason Greenwood The second and not so important goal was to lessen how many average players were on gigantic wages at the club. Hence, out went Shaw(160k per week ffs) and Sanchez. Mata and Matic both took pay cuts so they'll get to stay. Pogba signed a new deal that had the exact same wage as the old one. Now that depth is established, the next goal is to add the final pieces of quality, and then to make Man United the world's best team. Primarily, I need a new DM, and Rodrigo Bentancur has already agreed a move for 63m at the end of the season. He is my perfect DM, with great mentals, work rate, passing and defensive ability. That leaves me with the centre back and striker roles to obtain. Dayot Upamecano is my primary target as he's fairly cheap for a WC centre back, with Ben Godfrey being a decent alternative. In terms of a forward, Harry Kane is the primary target, with Lautaro being my alternative, as both are incredible all round strikers. The problem with Harry Kane is his undying loyalty to Spurs in my saves, and not willing to force a move which brings down the price. I watched and courted him for a full season before and got nothing for it. However, I may look to change striker profile if I can obtain either Mbappe or I will look to Haaland as a cheaper option. A lot depends on my budget for the upcoming season. However, with a net spend this season of only around 120m(65m before Bentancur), I don't see why I shouldn't be backed if I am still successful. Enough of that. On to the season. We started off beating City on penalties in the Community Shield after a 2-2 draw, with Set Piece Simulator doing its best to thwart me(Scored a goal in the 89th minute, immediate following highlight was a City set piece, instead of the usual kick off, which absolutely set me into a rage, as they scored. But we still won. Next important fixture was Barca. We scored first inside 12 minutes thanks to Cavani, but 10 minutes later Barca equalised and dominated the rest of the match, literally tearing apart my midfield. I stubbornly chose to let the game play out, until the final 10, where we really started to struggle. Switched to an experimental 4-4-2 diamond to body the midfield, which worked perfectly, as it shut them out. On came extra time, with me prepping for penalties, and Barca going absolute gung-ho. We hit them on the counter in superb fashion, and Martial finished superbly. What followed was quite emphatic. From Pogba heading out a cross in our box, to blasting his way into their box to score from our own cross. Who said he has no work rate?! And then Greenwood, who was having a shocker but I persisted, hit the final goal with a brilliant finish, as we ran out 4-1 winners. In the league, we're 5 wins from 5, with 17 goals scored and 1 conceded. My biggest problem is actually selection. Grealish is pushing Bruno for a place in the squad, as his creative output is exceeding Bruno's. In fact, Grealish has amazed me with how good he is in central midfield. Greenwood can't stop scoring from the RW, but neither does Sancho stop scoring and assisting. Donny Van De Beek offers brilliant control in the midfield and he tends to be involved in everything. Martial was first choice, except Cavani has just hit a hat-trick and scored in every game he's played. Martial has 4 in 5. I like these problems.
  15. Haha, I'm trying to get the best of both worlds here, which is proving difficult. I think sitting Pogba as the AP(S) or keeping the RPM while Bruno drops into the MEZ(S) might work, but I'm not sure. Bruno on support will mean he drops deeper to provide more defensive cover, and would be more applicable to a system of alternating 8's. What concerns me is Bruno losing his ability to get into the box, leaving me a man short going forward.
  16. I've thought about this, but I want Bruno to occupy a similar role to what he has for us IRL, which means his defensive responsibility ends at the halfway line. And Pogba needs to be the one to get back, with his passing able to control the flow and tempo of the game. Tbf, I'm not looking for so much out of them. 10G and 10A out of each of them would be something I'm happy with. Mostly assists out of Pogba, with Bruno getting into the box and position to shoot more. This is because I want Rashford as the LW(IF) to be my focal point goalscoring wise, with Martial adding up on it as well. It worked in my first season as both scored 35 goals across all comps(35 in 43 for Martial and 35 in 48 for Rashford). The issue here is I think I can get more out of this team, as I'm not fitting my roles in correctly. As for the 4-2-3-1, I don't prefer it as I prefer the extra man being able to hold in the midfield. I opt instead for a Diamond or a Back 3 when needed.
  17. So, I'm looking for a bit of suggestion here. I'm trying to figure out the perfect combination for Bruno and Pogba. Last season for me, Bruno(MEZ on Attack) had 11 assists and 5 goals in the league. Pogba had 7 goals and 4 assists(DLP on Support). For me, that's disappointing as I want more goals out of Bruno. I play a 4-3-3 DM system. With McTominay or Matic as the deepest in a DM(D) role. Now, I'm wondering if it's logical to change Pogba's role to that of the Roaming Playmaker, with Bruno keeping his MEZ(A) role, or is the "Roam From Position" going to wreck me, especially since both will likely like to move into the box? I like the idea that the RPM role also builds on a player being more applicable in the defensive phase as well, which suits Pogba. The alternative is Pogba as the AP(S), and Bruno as the B2B(S), which I'm not a fan of for these two. Does anything think these will work well, or any further suggestions?
  18. I did as well. I got turned off Tonali as, bar those two months of injury, he'd been a first XI regular, and yet he's barely showed any improvement. In fact, he's still too similar to Fred for me who IG isn't probably good enough. Edit: Nevermind. Game crashed in the middle of loading my save and the save has corrupted. Luckily I have a backup save. Stupidly, I only saved before the Europa League final. Not too bad I guess. Could be worse.
  19. Would it be too unrealistic if I signed Neves to play behind Bruno and Pogba? In game, his stats are quite close to Carrick's who functioned as the holding midfielder next to Scholes in a midfield two(who we all know wasn't the best in the defensive aspect). I'm looking for something in the mould of a Busquest. Great defensively, with the ability to pick out passes. I realize Florentino Luis isn't meant for this role, and Bentancur signed a new deal, and Sandro Tonali is considered average by my scouts after a season long scout where he lost 2 months to injury. Alll in all, unrealistic or no?
  20. Ah, so in the end, probably the most challenging league I've ever come across. For me, this was a fantastic result(I never wanted to win the league, it wasn't realistic), but I still found it indeed extremely challenging at the end. And dramatic. One of the reasons, is because although I kept winning, Liverpool never stopped winning either. So they always remained ahead. City had an early blip(including a 5-0 loss to Wolves) and fell to third, but their late season form was incredible. Liverpool, for all their quality and consistency, lost ground(*cough* choked *cough*) at the end of the season, with a draw 2-2 to Wolves(Wolves were incredible!), and a 4-2 loss to Chelsea costing them the title. As for me, it was 36 games, City were ahead by 4 points, but I had a game in hand(They played 37). That game......was against Liverpool. Due to the superior goal difference, only a draw and a win on the final day would have sealed the title. 83 minutes into the match, and it was 1-1, with Liverpool not having created anything reasonable since the goal. Enter Sadio Mane, who annhilated my title hopes with a deflected shot. However, this is the first time I've had the lack of depth at United affect me so incredibly(also, this FM's poor fixture planning, but anyway). My end of season involved 6 games in 12 days(Kind of insanity), which shattered my entire starting XI. This was made worse by the long term injury to Ighalo, Martial missing the final 5 league games, McTominay picking up an illness, Douglas Costa doing what he did all season and never NOT pick up an injury, James picking up a 1 week knock, and Bruno being too tired to keep on playing. All made worse by the sales of Jones, Pereira and Lingard. However, on the bright side, I don't think anybody would be complaining with a 2nd place finish with this squad by just 1 point. We also claimed the Carabao Cup and the Europa League, so all in all, it was a good season. City won the FA Cup, beating Liverpool, so they completed an English double as well. Barca won the CL, beating Real Madrid. English teams were knocked out early. We've also already got Van De Beek, Cavani and Reguilon joining soon. My plans to sell Pogba have been thwarted, as Liverpool have signed Milinkovic-Savic, and so I will begin negotiating a new deal for him. Leaving instead will be Romero, Sanchez, Rojo, Bailly, Shaw and Mata for now. Fred is not in my plans at all, so I will look to get rid of him in future. Levitt and Bellingham will have a loan spell away for game time. Still to come is an already agreed deal for Sancho for 90m(65m + 15m installments) and Florentino Luis to take over that DM role(was actually Ndidi, but a little negotiation and Benfica quoted me a price of 38m for him, which is incredibly cheap, and his mental stats are fantastic). That would be a grand total of 5 players coming in, and I won't sign anymore, to avoid upsetting the balance of the team. Although, I'm a little sad as my long term target for the DC role in Ruben Dias has just moved to Spurs along with Alex Telles and Max Aarons.(Damn, that's some good business!). Shockingly, on the other side of town, City lost Sterling to Barca and Jesus to PSG. And have yet to even move for anyone. Looking beyond this season, my other long term targets are someone to partner Maguire(can't replace Maguire as it's not seemingly realistic, although he isn't enough quality), and I'm looking at pacy options in Upamecano, and Ben Godfrey(who's developing into something akin to a Ferdinand Regen!) and a backup option to Rashford on the left(James, Gomes aren't good enough, and it looks like Martial keeps the CF role), of which Grealish is the idea target. Sadly he's wanted by Arsenal who just had an offer rejected, and I hope it stays that way. I considered making him sign up this season, but I then realised I need to fix priority before depth, and so I focused on the DM role. Other long term targets are Emi Buendia who had a blinder of a season(look at Norwich's league position for an idea of how good Buendia, Godfrey and Max Aarons were for Norwich) and Lautaro Martinez(Depending on how Martial develops in my second season. On the other side, I may stop playing again, as I really am finding it a challenge to play this game. Some things, like having 38% possession at Old Trafford against Tranmere in the FA Cup really do bug me, and I feel my enjoyment draining away. Will try to slog on, I really want to complete a long term Man United save, but I think if I do, it will have to be in increments.
  21. Wonder what the stats look like after the time that's passed. Surely he must be somewhat peaking as a player now?
  22. Yeah, but I really want to keep him. However, with his massive wage, I'm thinking negotiating may be difficult and so I could lose him on a free in the future. Gonna try to get him a new contract. If not, he's off.
  23. Just received a 120m offer for Pogba(86m upfront). If I sell, I can look to bring in SMS, as a more natural replacement, or Havertz, who can morph into a Kroos-like role. Or just not sell at all. Hmm. Decisions, Decisions.
  24. What budgets have you all received at the end of the first season? I just received 160m to spend from the board. Already spent 25m on Bellingham and 29m on Van De Beek set for future transfers, and was a little shocked by it. Can safely say it's my highest budget I've ever received in FM.
  25. Anyone really adept at finding youngsters after the youth intakes take place? How do you do it? I'm looking to find youngsters I can sign on a free before they receive pro contracts.
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