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  1. You're not being a pain! If there's an issue then I want to know about it and you're absolutely right to raise it! However - that's still a custom skin as that's not the badge we use for England or Man City in the default skins, plus we don't have Kyle Walkers picture at either club or country (just realised your first screenshots were from a custom skin as well, you've got the Man City badge showing which we don't use in game.) Russell
  2. Those are custom skins, so won't have the same restrictions as our skins (your first post was using the default SI skins) Cheers Russell
  3. Hi all Thanks for raising this, it is an issue we're aware of and the devs are looking in to. Cheers Russell
  4. Hi @Hovis Dexter This is for licensing reasons, we can show them through club profiles but not countries. Cheers Russell
  5. Hi @Daniele77 I've tried to get this to reproduce internally but I've not had any luck, can you upload your save so I can take a look at it to see if it's something specific in your game? Details on how to provide saves below Cheers Russell
  6. Hi @hamsikarmino I'm not able to get this to reproduce here, what are the specific steps you're taking? Are you just changing the finances box to league table, clicking a players name then clicking the back arrow? Do you already have a league table showing on the first box on the home screen? Can you upload your save (and a screenshot of the layout you're trying to setup) to our cloud so I can take a look in to it? Details on how to provide saves below Cheers Russell
  7. Hi @respublik Thanks for raising this, we'll get this looked in to Cheers Russell
  8. Hi @Malloni That doesn't look right at all! Can you upload your save so I can take a look in to what's causing this? Details on how to provide saves below Cheers Russell
  9. Hi @Alan Watts Can you upload the save you're having this issue with to our cloud? I'm not having any problems trying to login to twitter or youtube when in FM19 so I'd like to see if it's something in your save - details on how to upload to our cloud below Cheers Russell
  10. Hi @Tiger666 Thanks for raising this, will get this looked in to Cheers Russell
  11. Thanks for raising this @maxfriend, it's an issue we're aware of and is being looked at Cheers Russell
  12. Hi @Weston Thanks for raising this and providing the save, this is now being looked in to. Cheers Russell
  13. Hi guys, Thanks for raising this, we'll get it looked in to. Cheers Russell
  14. Thanks @cbarroso When you go through the tree to find the folders, instead of using 'users - public' is there a file in the 'users' folder with your log in name? Public is the generic folder, FM tends to save to the logged in user (for example mine is C:\Users\Russell.Hammant instead of C:\users\public). The full file path should be 'C:\users\*login name*\documents\sports interactive\football manager 19' Cheers Russell
  15. Hi @cbarroso I've had a play around with various options here and I'm able to load tactics from the tactics page, can you post a screenshot of the 'load' page with the 'location' tree open? Can either attach to this thread or upload to our cloud here - Cheers Russell
  16. Thanks for raising this @leviathan1904, do you have a save from before you rejected the friendlies? Cheers Russell
  17. Hi @leviathan1904 Those columns show 'scout report' ratings - as your scouts haven't scouted your own players there's no information to display. They've given Brandt a rating as his previous 'coach report' details have now become a 'scout report' after he left the club (happens by default with any player that leaves your club). Russell
  18. Hi @ds123 I've got the scroll bar showing in 1600 x 900 (the colour makes it easy to miss though) - can you upload a screenshot and your save where this is occurring so I can take a look? Details below Cheers Russell
  19. Cheers @spctr It's a known issue that is being looked in to - you can set your players training to 'week of rest' for the weeks they shouldn't be back Cheers Russell
  20. No problem, thanks for letting me know it worked
  21. Yup, I'm seeing the text description of the change fine here and it's definitely working in the background as the facilities are upgrading 'under the hood' so to speak, so I'm not sure why it's showing differently for you. The descriptions are done in brackets (as you can see here - https://community.sigames.com/manual/football-manager-2019/club-details-and-board-confidence-r363/) so yes, sometimes you'll need more than 1 upgrade to get the text to increase as each score doesn't have a description (there's 9 text descriptions for 20 different scores, so some overlap) Next time you get an upgrade that's going through upload the save with that in progress and I can get the devs to see if there's anything strange going on when the upgrade goes through. Cheers Russell
  22. Hi @Andreas_89 Had a look through your save, with the youth facilities they're showing in your save as 'excellent youth facilities' and at the start of the game they show as 'great youth facilities', so that's what I'd expect as you've had 1 upgrade take place. With the data analysis facilities Celtic start with basic data analysis facilities and in your save they're showing as 'average data facilities' which is what I'd expect with their score and the number of upgrades since the game started - I've also gone through to the end of 19/20 season after requesting upgrades and they all happen as expected - do you have a save from before the upgrade is taken place and the description changes? Cheers Russell
  23. With asking the board for more money in general, it's behaving as I'd expect - the board set you an initial budget/spending and as a rule of thumb they won't go above that unless you're massively over achieving or had a really low budget initially (it also looks like they allocated you a bit more money at start of December for transfer budget, so they won't increase it again so soon after). The sliders seem to be working for me, in the save you've uploaded you've got a budget of £166m and wage budget of £4.2m p/w (currently spending £3.95m p/w), so £250k p/w is the max I'd expect the board to allow you to offer (they allow £240k p/w as max) Using the sliders (during Varane contract talks) I changed the wage budget to £4.6m p/w and was able to offer him the £350k p/w he wanted and the board were fine with that so I'd say give that a go, just don't reduce the transfer budget so much you can't then cover his agent fee and loyalty bonus as well! Let me know if that works for you Russell
  24. Yup, @Tarrantino if you can upload a save to the cloud I'll have a look in to this - the only thing I can think of is FFP/projections meaning your board think any wages over their cap will push you over the limits - if you've got a save before you offer a contract to one of the players your trying to buy that would be perfect Cheers Russell
  25. Hi @bigbear Can you upload the save to our cloud so I can take a look in to this for you? Details no how to provide saves below Cheers Russell
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