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  1. 2 requests: Can you move the "instalments" option closer to the actual fee or integrate it together e.g. 10m 2 instalments 6/12 month instalments etc. Right now it is unclear whether if you add instalments to the transfer fee right at the bottom it divides the transfer fee you've set by that OR adds them as additional amounts on top Can you add competition achievement like you can in the game And on the subject of achievements and transfers can you allow multiple e.g. euro qual & champ qual as separate available options?
  2. Different leagues have different ways of second clubs being set up e.g. B'teams seem to typically dealt with by affiliates while II teams etc are under reserve teams Because I hate the way the game deals with players moving between main club and b/II/u23 teams (creating lines of 0's for playing 1 non-competitive game, calling players into the B teams for seemingly no reason etc) I typically disable the links. With the likes of French/German clubs you can simply disable the use of those teams and that seems to be that; they are gone never to be created. Happy days! With the likes
  3. If you have players on multiple shortlists (or just another shortlist beyond the default shortlist) add an option to remove from all shortlists alongside removing them from shortlists one at a time. E.g. you have a shortlist for different positions, you purchase the player meaning they are now on 2, upon confirmation you want to remove them from your shortlist having a remove all would save you having to remove them from each shortlist they are on When advertising for staff positions allow the option of stating how many roles e.g. 3 x coach meaning when you fill one slot the advert stays
  4. Couple of thoughts / requests: 1 - Immediate reports - often time is an issue and it would be great to get a "what we know" style report on a player. The bigger the club the better the general knowledge of players; their pro's and cons; their statistics etc will be. It would be great to tap into these in a kind of analyst/scout report that gives a snapshot into what is known and where gaps exist for example - the analyst report would contain the data they would have immediate access to (games played, goals scored etc) but to know how many games played in a certain position, the numbe
  5. There are probably other examples within the game but in places like preferences>match>highlights would it be possible to add a tick box to apply settings to all human players / teams so that if I set the match settings (or other settings that affect things in the game) I only need to do it once as a base. If I then choose to change things elsewhere (in the match for example) it could then apply just to that team Also - with shortlists would it be possible to have some kind of option to have cross-human team shortlists; appreciate that in the majority of cases a shortlist is unique
  6. When using the editor (mainly pre-game but guess in-game too) would it be possible to add to/change the contracts element. Currently you enter a start date & a contract end date which makes sense BUT sometimes you're not sure when the end should be e.g. some South American, Scandinavian leagues etc so it would be helpful to have a contract length option so I specify when they move / contract starts(ed) and then choose the contract length. Based on the club the game would interpret a 3 year deal with the appropriate end date Also on the future transfer tabs can you add the ability to i
  7. Probably not a bug but definitely something that seems wrong Players moving between senior & B/II/U23 teams getting history lines for both when they only played non-competitive games for one. Understand if they play cup or league games for both - cups are annoying as they are 0's but that's another gripe - but when they get them for simply being transferred between (as AI teams seem to love to do) it gets very messy very quickly
  8. When offering a player for loan/transfer would it be possible to add a tick box (like for exclude foreign teams, rivals etc) to exclude offering to human managers to avoid unnecessary player offers coming in Also, for loans, where you can exclude clubs outside top leagues would it be possible to add divisions to send loan offers to? e.g league one and above etc
  9. Would it be possible to add the ask agent feature to your own players for renewing contract and expected terms? Its a nice feature for transfer targets however I'd find it more useful to be able to ask the player or their agent about their interest in negotiating a new contract - especially at the end of one season ahead of a transfer window where I need to understand if the player wants to commit to elongating their stay or whether they aren't and I might need to think about a replacement!
  10. Just as an update to this; player unhappy that a loan promise has not been met I have offered the player out and had no interest in him (admittedly I wanted 100% of his wages) and he accused me of lying about the lack of interest. First I should have the option to tell him to wind his neck in but secondly there should be an answer that calls that out - not one offer for him and his agent has done nothing to help him. As it is I have transfer listed and demoted the t*** for his attitude but it does feel like this area does need some work
  11. In training.... When I ask a member of staff about a new trait for a player its always a negative reaction (do they ever agree?) and when you ask them for their recommendation its always something completely unrelated e.g. I am asking about finishing and they come back with a tackling recommendation. So 3 requests: Can there be an option to ask a staff member what they think we should train the player on (e.g. as an alternative to me asking them to start something) Can the staff members be aligned to how I have it set up in training>coach assignments e.g. defensive, tactica
  12. kevgaleuk


    Would it be possible to delegate elements of pre-season to the staff BUT with direction Currently you can delegate things like arranging friendlies and the management of friendly matches to staff; you can also delegate training too. But what you can't do - and what I'd love to see enabled is some form of instructions For example Delegate arranging friendlies - with direction over the cadence, the calibre of opposition etc maybe a template that you can create that flexes based on the small changes in dates year on year Delegate training - with objectives e.g. build
  13. Would it be possible to add squad status / playing pathway to both the pre-game and in-game editor? Most specifically for the pre-game editor in terms of the player's squad status at a team and then in future transfers too. Often when updating the database e.g. a player is announced to sign for a new team and reflecting this in FM they come to the squad with a very different squad status than I would imagine e.g. squad player rather than youth prospect/breakthrough prospect etc. It would be helpful to set this in the editor (including a pathway for young players) so the game reflects this
  14. Given the level of customisation possible on the team screen (other screens too) would it be possible to add a function to sort by multiple columns right now you can sort by an individual column but what would be great is to sort by (for example) team selection first and then position and then maybe name alphabetically - essentially a version of excel's custom sort on that screen
  15. Hey guys Can anyone point me towards where - in a custom skin - you might find the xml relating to the plater history page? I want to be able to amend the text colour of the club names under certain circumstances - specifically loans, B-Teams and other "human clubs" so that when I look at a player's history (at my club) the only text that is changed, colour wise, is my team and not loans, b'teams or other clubs controlled by other human players I have looked at a couple of the xml files across a couple of skins but nothing is obvious as to what would be controlling this Any hel
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