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  1. Summary: Player signed in off-season (holland) from in-season team (Brazil) before the buying team (Ajax)'s season updated resulting in a "season" row on the player's history Description of Issue: Had a situation with Ajax where a player brought from Brazil ended up with a line of 00's for 19/20 because I signed him in their 20 season but prior to the Amsterdam league moving onto 20/21. In other situations (domestic transfers for example) these lines delete and move to the next season if no games are played Steps to Reproduce: purchase a player for a dutch team between seasons (prior to the league updating to the next season) from a Brazilian team RELATED - I believe that this also happens domestically if you buy a player from a team when they haven't played a single game across the whole of the completed season; their whole season will transfer to your rather than keeping the original row of 00's for the team they have left and essentially starting their career with you from the next full season as would happen if they had played at least 1 game in any competition
  2. Not on the same level but I do like when you delegate conferences to your AM (or whoever) and they answer all the questions I... surely they would be answering with we?
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    1) Probably more of a tweak than a new feature but can something be coded into the game that stops clubs accepting friendlies (or me arranging ones for my own team) on or immediately around dates of known competitions (European cups qualification rounds, first weekend of the season etc.) Every season at least one of the friendlies I arrange gets cancelled because the other team is involved in a scheduled match. The dates of competitions are known (I assume) a lot sooner than the actual fixtures so teams know their first league game of the season will be X weekend while those qualifying for Europe also know the dates of the qualifying rounds so wouldn't be booking friendlies in those slots 2) Better AI organisation of friendlies; bar exceptional circumstances wouldn't the majority of friendlies be arranged a lot earlier? Certainly my local team the friendlies start getting announced as early as April but most commonly early May and I assume most clubs are the same. Often Im getting friendly requests on the first week of preseason (often from teams I'd like to play but weren't in the list of clubs I could play against when I arranged mine at the end of the previous season) which seems too late to me 3) Assign organisation BUT with guidelines - I'd like the ability to specify the shape of a schedule to my DOF or AM but for them to organise i.e. I'd want a training camp with 2 matches against lower/similar/harder teams, I then want to specify the dates and quality of opposition for the remainder of pre-season and for them to organise the details - perhaps this could be done as a meeting towards the end of the previous season?
  4. I disagree with what you are saying but that's fine; that's part of what these boards are for. Last thing I will say is simply that the game already allows you to call younger players up to train with the first team - i.e. within the units; therefore they are already spending time with these players. If the players can be called up to the units they should (IMO) then be eligible for mentoring too Look at any team in the world and I suspect they all have young players training with the first team despite rarely, if ever, making match-day squads. I would bet alot that as part of that they are getting help and advice and generally learning from the senior pros which is what I am advocating. If that is not what mentoring is then I am wrong.
  5. I think this happens quite a lot in football especially with those pushing to be with the first XI in order for some of the mental, professional aspects to be absorbed. You can already call younger players up to train with the first team "units" why would they then NOT be available for mentoring groups? If I was suggesting adding any or all young players I think that would be wrong and unlikely but if there are a couple of players - the sort I might call up for a cup game for example - who are close but not quite ready to be with the first team squad full time I think its entirely realistic that I would want to lean on my senior dressing room guys to help nurture them As I eluded to the obvious middle ground is that mentoring is based off the group of players in the units not the first team squad alone - therefore if you start to call them up to train with the first team they are then available to be mentored too
  6. Currently it seems on first team players can be included in mentoring; even if I add players to GK, defensive or offensive units the players don't appear on the mentoring pages. I would like to be able to include certain younger players into a mentoring group without having to add them to the first team
  7. I was watching a game just now and one of my players finally did something I have been trying to get them to do for ages... my winger ran at his marker and instead of keep driving towards goal he went outside to the byline and crossed... yep crossed for my striker to score. My immediate reaction was finally.... I wish I could show him that clip and for him to understand that's EXACTLY what I want him to do as often as he can.... So I wondered. We have analysts; most bits of football can be broken into types of activity i.e. marking, tackling, shooting, crossing, taking on an opponent and so on and I imagine that the code behind the game is such that it could record types of play. I also remember being able to watch a highlights real for a prospective player once so why could we not combine the two Something like: After a game I ask my chief data analyst to compile a video package of the team or a player or multiple players (ticking boxes to identify I want that player compiled for) and select the types of elements to record i.e. compile a package of all the completed passes or all the failed passes; compile a report of every time player x dribbled with the ball or took his player on or his final decision (cross, pass, shot etc). Naturally depending on how good your analyst is the better or more comprehensive the package will be When the clips come through let me mark them as good or bad (separate clip packs) or irrelevant (get rid) and then a mechanic to classify them i.e. this is what I want, this is what I don't want and - in the case of negatives - what I would like i.e cross don't shoot, take your man on vs pass simple etc. Then let me schedule a match review (team as part of training) or an individual review with a player and a coach to go over the good or bad bits with the output being the player will spend time focusing on implementing what I want. So if I show him that I want him to take his man on and get a cross, pull the ball back to the penalty spot from the byline, get tight to the player or get in front of the player before the ball gets to him etc and that's what he will do (possibly individual training) going forwards Naturally it will take them some time to master or do well (and they may never) but hopefully it would lead to more coached behaviours coming through
  8. One additional thought.. Individual training plans for players before they go away on post season and some way to put players coming back to pre-season training on different schedules to the rest of the team which may or may not (your decision ultimately based on the players natural fitness etc) result in them not being ready for the first game of the season
  9. Sadly not they come up as greyed out and in many times ineligible. And to be honest I want it to be an automatic thing i.e. I want you to come on the training camp join us when your international duties are over
  10. Enable the option to set all to automatic / select multiple people and set to the same training intensity (individual training) Add the ability to train tackling (surprised its not in there) as its very much a thing in the same way shooting is Add the ability to train anticipation Add lower intensity group training sessions i.e. speed, passing i.e. skills training rather than the more tactical technique training that's available today (and have it impact stats as players get better or worse) - maybe even link this to training notifications where a coach identifies that a player is struggling and could do with some individual training on certain aspects of it Be able to add players to training camp squads even if they are away on international duty - often being away is subjective i.e. their international team goes out early and they are back while the camp is on-going. IRL I suspect those players simply join up when they are done (within some realm of reality of course) rather than just not being there when they could be Be able to arrange a friendly from the training screen - i.e. I put a match in my pre-season schedule and be able to click in to that day to arrange a friendly When training camps are arranged have the ability to insist on at least x teams of x level (smaller, the same, larger) reputation to ourselves being available to play friendlies rather than having the camp but no teams available to play Amend friendly arrangement so that teams who will have games on those dates (fixture dates / weekends are known in advance of the draws/fixture announcements) to be unavailable so that you don't have to rearrange because Aberdeen accepted a friendly on the weekend their domestic season opens... When friendlies are cancelled allow an inter-squad friendly to be set up and develop the ability to select both sides even if you delegate the game management of the game to a coach/U23 manager etc - maybe create this as a capability generally Enable some kind of mechanism to inform players of your intentions playing time wise in the game i.e. two teams a half each, three strikers getting 30 mins each, goalkeeper playing a half each things like that Revolving subs if agreed between the two teams when setting up the friendly 120 min friendlies if agreed between the two teams when setting up the friendly behind closed doors training games as part of pre-season
  11. Pre-Game Add search by future transfer (either exists or by a transfer date similar to transfer embargo date for clubs) Bulk delete future transfers (like loans) to quickly remove ones you have added in the game in previous editing sessions option to either wait for criteria to be added or as criteria is added for searching the database better handling of large edited databases (I have over 300k recorded changes and it has become excruciatingly slow amend player attribute position to either a drop down of positions when selecting "position" rather than includes or make the selected position i.e. goalkeeper to be changeable to other positions rather than having to navigate the drop down menu to change Better connection of data points i.e. I.e. player history joined and exited dates to amount of time at a club data (including removing if I delete time at a club) and the dates on "player history" and non-playing history as they are independent but showing the same info (maybe delete non-playing history for players if its not used for anything in the game / remove the history dates in player history if non-player history is dominant) Be able to delete transfer fees directly from the box (player histories) rather than having to use the detailed boxes below Develop a mechanism to enable data files to have hierarchy / supremecy for specific things i.e. for simplicity I might create a data file focused on changes to clubs (non players) like removing B teams or changing finances. I might create another one for competitions and I might create another one for players - when it comes to loading them a mechanic telling the game to use a) use file x for all competition data, b) use file y for all club data, c) use file z for all player data and d) use the default file where no changes are found - hopefully this would help reduce conflicts and errors add a remove and delete from the database option on club "players" pages. Right now you can remove them from the club but then you have to find all "unattached players" to physically delete them from the database i.e. Create the ability to "mass Edit" clearing player histories / non-playing histories - i.e. in Portugal and some other countries you have youngsters with nearly entire careers of history as 0's for (I assume) all the time they have been in the youth teams - I would like to be able to select all players say under 18 and mass edit them by clearing their history (rather than go into every single player and doing them individually) Linked to the above make "appearances" either international or club searchable - i.e find all players where playing appearances is 0 or less than x - which would allow me to do the above even cleaner and less risk of deleting actual history rather than 0's. With this make it add from the player history page and then use this figure within the game as the starting point Link future finance to players being at the club i.e. if I move a player then either alert me that there is club financial information linked or better simply delete it from the club's record On club finances restrict the search just to players at the club i.e. if I am adding future transfer fees for a player and I click to add the player's name search just that club's players not everyone in the database For chairmen/women add some link to level of wealth (as shown in the coverage of Newcastle recently not all billionaires are equal) and currently with the "front end" its hard to give them unlimited wealth (within the confines of reality of course) without amending their reputation and for that to be recognised by the game bring the xml file for takeovers into the editor i.e. be able to allow/remove certain types of takeovers within the editor at a club/nation level Create the ability to move clubs (build on swap ability) and transfer key information between clubs i.e. if I swap Norwich & Leeds at the beginning of the current game to create a scenario where Leeds were promoted and Norwich weren't it would be great if the season history (club league history) and last position and the competition history record all changed as a result Linked to this if you change something like in the scenario above automatically deleting the "achievement" from players (Norwich) and adding them (Leeds) would be a nice added touch Add "has international data" at the top of player international data page to easily turn off existing history (i.e. if you are trying to create a legends database or something similar in which you might want to make all existing players super young and therefore remove their international experience) - and make this mass-editable Enable mass editing on person type Add a reset button to attribute pages to easily enable reverting to 0 - you could also add a make perfect button but that might be stretching it Enable mass editing on "days at club / in nation" page to include the ability to clear - currently you can add I think but you might just want to clear these records for the players selected Add region (not of birth) as shown in the game as a searchable criteria for nation i.e. UK & Ireland rather than having to individually select England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as separate or statements Search for / find ADDED i.e. new records the user has created and allow these to be exported as a file that can be added into a future version of the game - process would need to allow flexibility of existing unique ID in order that when imported they disregard the old one and assign the next available one as if they had been created as new in the current editor - upon import create and export a report with the old and new unique ID's on to allow those that have graphic packs assigned can update the XML files On Favourite Player & Club Legends pages (clubs) add the ability to create a new record for that person (i.e. if you want to make them as a staff member or in a legends edit bring them back into the game) that can be edited as if creating a new record from scratch where one doesn't currently exist In-Game Arrange future transfers Cancel Transfers (both arranged & in-progress) Add/Remove Transfer Embargos Disconnect Names / Nationalities & Languages from search i.e. favourite club and the name I enter there shouldn't be the one in Nation but equally "England" shouldn't then be the default the next time I come back to club again Edit Chairmen/Women / owners - i.e. make them really old and likely to sell the club or edit their vision on football Edit player history (never gonna happen but I can wish) including deleting rows
  12. One addition/change I would like to see would be in interview situations. Understandably a lot of the process is about you cementing yourself as the candidate but where is the club trying to sell you on the vision - a positive narrative take on the club vision for example. Especially as you go up the leagues and as your reputation gets higher its arguably more about the club convincing you to join than the other way around Equally I have always wanted more of a discussion based approach to new signings. Not necessarily promises but selling the vision you have for the club i.e. working towards silverware in the next few years etc
  13. I have started participating in organising training rather than leaving things to my coaches as I typically would have - and I'd actually like to structure days or types of training sessions rather than just the weekly calendar i.e. I'd like to be able to create my own "schedule" where we focus on a combination of things like defending wide and arial defence or attacking with wingers/wide players and a technical skill like crossing - I think a really cool feature would be a coach interaction session where we work out some of the issues the team has been facing (analysts tell us this) and we can devise a training schedule to try and solve it over time - something like we have conceded a lot of chances from crosses so lets create a session where we defend wide (stop the cross) and defend the box from crosses (arial/ground defence) or we have only converted 20% of chances so lets set up some sessions where finishing is a focus - I imagine some kind of widget/diagnostic where the issue gives you hints of the type of training to do - in today's structure that might be to create a day's schedule across 3 sessions but in the future if its advanced it might be one specialised session that can be created and saved for reuse I'd also like to be able to structure sessions based on units so have sessions where GK's are doing something, Attackers something different and defensive players too. Then have sessions where the team come back together as exists today. I feel when I set up training that I am ignoring certain groups i.e. I very rarely train any of the GK ones as it costs me time for the outfield players I also would like the option to have mentoring groups or individual training to occur
  14. Training I have noticed that "travel" seems off in the calendar - While I imagine for certain fixtures (European games, exceptionally long travelling domestically) there might be a reason for the travel to happen the next day this seems to be the norm in the game i.e. playing as Norwich and an away game in London (2 hours on the train) they travel the next day not in the early evening following a 3pm game). Maybe I am completely wrong but if the travel back is under 4 hours I'd imagine clubs return that day following games rather than always travel the next morning? Equally if games are in a short space of time and both away I imagine clubs often find a base and travel directly rather than back home and then out again to reduce the impact on players?
  15. On staff roles I would also advocate the addition of the "sporting director" which is a combination of DoF & Technical Director. Mid-sized clubs have this I feel vs having both or just one of the other roles?
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