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  1. Just to confirm I checked and I am classified as online on steam yet having the 1000 issue
  2. I am having the same issue although no greyed out pencil even I Bought via Steam but it doesn't appear in the game as in previous years. Go to downloads and get the 1000 error issue. Raised a ticket with Sega but they helpfully just say make sure you have a stable internet connection (palms head with hand) which I hope is not going to be the level of support the new ticket system provides! Its not urgent for me as I have hours of editing to do before I will start a game but if there is a solution I'd be grateful to know what it is NB I tried the 2019 & 2020 trick of closing
  3. Apologies, I read that but completely missed or mis-read the last point which covers this
  4. Crash Dump files {%22response%22:%22ok%22,%22_rxid%22:%2221200000-5a51-6205-0000-000000000000%22}.dmp 640C0029-2EC0-4B9C-B1C1-DBD5B756E2A6.dmp 2CBA176B-8270-4C8C-A9C5-1162B388B525.dmp 25BE4C8F-87DA-4D58-B430-D5183C388256.dmp
  5. Started a brand new game - normal leagues added (added Scotland & then Africa/South America in a custom database) Started unemployed; went onto manage social feed and the game crashes when you select all button (happened on both league and cups page
  6. I'm not sure this is a new feature - more of a tweak. I also don't think the current approach is a bug just something slightly out of kilter IMO With the deadlines extending beyond the start of the season it is understandable that some transfers and loans occur after a player has appeared for their current club. That said I think there are some scenarios I see that don't feel like they are realistic Obviously I am not talking about key players at smaller clubs that start the season and then move to a bigger club to be part of their squad for that season. While frustrating for the clu
  7. I really like the scout summary in this image. I am not sure I would want to do away with the detailed reports but as a "quick" or "one match" report I think this would be great. I also find your recommendation really interesting from a depth perspective; when you look through the attributes there is a top line metric and then a number of metrics that sit beneath; take passing for example - you could argue this should be separated out into long, short, accuracy etc. I like the idea of having a simple view i.e. passing but from a coaching, development perspective having the ability to dia
  8. This is a great idea and a very articulate way of saying something I have thought before about AI transfers In your own teams I think there is something in this too in terms of where any delegation/responsibility for squad building is with the SD/DoF. When you take over a team there is an expectation over style of play but this doesn't translate into types of players being bought. Yes there is players under an age not over an age etc but not inline with the OP's suggestion i.e. focusing on technical or hard working players etc. Even as far as young players with higher potential not just i
  9. Agree with this but would also add two other options: All winter updates set as future transfers rather than added to clubs (and clubs actually playing them rather than the issue where they rot in the reserves in some sides) Add a start date when setting up a new game of 1st feb / day after league transfer window closes and have the players join on the dates they did in real life with the appropriate first half of the history recorded
  10. 2 requests: When setting up scout assignments enable the ability to save the settings to be selected in the section where you can choose things like Hot Prospect, First Team Player etc. Often I set up essentially the same search (plus or minus a couple of things) and setting them up from scratch each time when all you're doing is choosing a different scout and maybe a region etc is a bit annoying Find a way to ask scouts to scout based on some kind of question i.e. scout this players ability to be re-trained into a specific role, scout this player's ability to perform a specific ta
  11. The player history page - after years of seemingly poor care and attention to data entry and the decision to only include league appearances the whole screen is a dogs dinner and really frustrates me - it's an area I would desperately like SI to remedy through better data visualisation (move away from just a page with rows of data on)
  12. I hate B teams for the simple reason that the AI will shift players to the B team for no reason and thus giving them a whole load of 0's in their career history and making it a worse mess than it is already and that hurts my weird need to see data presented neatly - so disable them as far as I can in the pre-game editor
  13. This - naturally it should be based on their ability (CA) and capability (Stats) but I completely agree that they should be able to recruit better staff & a better mix of staff (i.e. if you need a coach not another GK coach) - although regarding this being able to set the shape of your staff and for the TD or DoF to fulfil would be good RE the TD/DoF - it would be good to be able to have a sporting director as a hybrid option
  14. Cool suggestions - the one and only time I tried to use the editor to test giving a team perfect staff I deeply desired the following: The tab key to work between attributes rather than having to click into every single box Make perfect for role, for columns of variables or overall (with perfect recognising if perfect should be a 1 or a 20)
  15. The pre-game editor allows for this if you go into the rules of the league and edit there. Not anywhere near an expert in that but have seen (in looking at other people's databases they have put out into the world) that in that section there are multiple sub options available
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