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  1. I have no doubt that these are likely to have been discussed at some stage but just in case... Structure: More and more clubs are now employing sporting directors alongside finance or managing directors. They hire & fire the manager, they meet regularly with them about all aspects of the clubs direction (playing style, results, new additions to the squad in the next transfer window, or the one after that etc - more pre-planning for the club) It would be great if this was added IMO. Some clubs would operate the old way of doing things I.e. you are in control of everything whereas others you don't because the sporting director does which I think would add an interesting dynamic in terms of the relationship you have to build up with them Interaction: I increasingly put more of the things that happen into my DoF or staff hands to expedite gameplay but you hit a bit of a wall as you can't direct even if you don't want to do. For example I have training & individual training handed off. I have a new goalkeeper who isn't quite a perfect fit for a sweeper keeper role but he is young and has potential. However I can't (without taking control of training) have him trained to get better at that side of things. It would be great to be able to advise my staff member that that is my wish And this then gets me to the interaction side of things. Training, Scouting and even things like pre-season fixture creation would be great if they were more conversation based than just reports In training I would like to have options to ask questions - who has trained well, who hasn't and why? Who needs specific attention? Are there any things that I have noticed from games or about individuals that I want the team to focus on (we seem off tactically so lets add more of that this week, we didn't look fit, X player isn't crossing the ball very well etc) In scouting I would like to have a conversation about the various reports, be able to ask about specific players they have scouted, a discursive comparison between two players around stats, personality, short and longer term potential, comparison with existing players etc. Be able to ask them to look for a certain position. And then depending on how it is set up regarding whether I or the club buy the players add them to an immediate need, next window or future player request list In a scenario where the DoF/SD is buying the player - more interaction RE first attempt failed do we continue or look at a similar player? Have them come to me with alternative players and maybe a new planning session about areas of the team needing strengthening now and in the future (i.e. clubs plan well beyond the next transfer window) In transfer negotiations & contract negotiations - make them more conversation based so agreeing the component parts not just tweak the pick-list with the addition of tone playing a part i.e. keeping calm vs getting slightly annoyed when the agent insists on a ridiculous fee etc.
  2. I have no idea if this will help you or not. I was having the same issue. Exited completely out of the game (and pre-game editor). On steam I unchecked the box for overlay and exited steam completely. Upon signing in again I rechecked the box and relaunched the game and now it is working... Hopefully even if temporary it might allow you access
  3. In the new revamp has anything been done to fix easily the most ugly part of the game - player histories? And not just in look and feel but in the way that the data behind the scenes calculates what goes on the rows (random lines for an old club when they move teams despite not playing any games, cup or otherwise; players ending in B-Teams prior to transfer and therefore getting an unnecessary line of 0's; players who've played no games and transfer before the season ends/starts obtaining a full year's history with their new club) I also remember years ago asking for something akin to the way you can group and hide rows like in Excel so that club seasons are compiled under a "total" season view as well as cup games being an option to include but I am going to guess this area hasn't been touched? Also has anything been done with the summary pages to add more options in there? Season stats extended into a section for club history and career history for example?
  4. Hey guys I am sure someone has a ready made answer to this but just curious as to whether the editor files (i.e. the ones you make and save to base your games on) are re-usable in the next version of the game? I would assume not and that you have to re-edit from scratch every version but thought I would ask in case there was a way of re-using the file Thanks in advance
  5. With a lot of playing it appears the only way to do this is the following: Where B teams are "affiliated" i.e. Barcelona B change their status to Feeder Team and remove players move freely Where second teams are "reserves" i.e. Dortmund II the only way I have found is to effectively delete the reserve team. The team still exists in the game so no harm in the divisions etc BUT they no longer appear as part of the main club. I haven't tried it but I assume you could rename them if you really wanted but I can't then find them as a separate club in the editor to make them an affiliate I completely appreciate this is messing with the reality of clubs but until SI are able to fix the history screen to stop row upon row of zero's (usually caused by playing 1 cup game that doesn't count on the screen and then being moved to a B team OR moved to a B team and then sold but for some reason the B team row stays even if they haven't played a game) my OCD won't allow me to fully enjoy the game where players have completely messed up histories - especially for younger players impacting the longer games. This hopefully solves it at least partially
  6. Hey Community Is there a way within the editor (pre-game) to change the status/description of Reserve, 2nd and B teams to prevent them showing up as a line of history on a player's history page (similar to how English Team's reserves & U18's don't show up? There are a number of glitches (probably not bugs) relating to players being put into these second teams and ending up with season after season of 0's it would be nice to eradicate the potential Thanks in advance
  7. Just some tweaks I have noted from playing the latest game (finally) for a sustained period of time Amend the expectations if you start a game during the season. I tend to start the game by using the Swedish league 2018 start meaning I can effectively randomise the first season and take over a club (either by design) or at random in April, maybe try to beat the drop, steady the ship ahead of a full summer and pre-season. I tend to find, however, that in the initial set up, squad introductions etc its all still programmed as if it would be at the start of the season not taking into consideration the context of the current season. For example I take over a poorly performing team with maybe 6 game left and players think you have no ambition saying you want to avoid the drop (they still think the club should be aiming higher..) This feels like a little tweak that can be made quite easily Add more context and recommendations to the analysis . I really like some of the stats I get ahead of the pregame huddles etc BUT numbers alone don't help me. So we have x amount of shots from x forays into the opposition half. Is this good? Better than the last month? Better or worse than the league averages or my nearest rivals? What is this telling me and then what can I do about it? are certain players to blame, something we are collectively not doing? A tactical element I have on (i.e. work the ball into the box) causing the issue? This is the level of feedback that would make these features amazing Reverse the ability to allow players to play for U23/Youth teams. If I have a cup game or in fact any game within a day or so of a youth/U23 team have the managers ask me if there is any player(s) I may wish to use that week for the first team so that they are not involved and temporarily added to first team squad and training without me having to move them back and forth for 1 game Reduce the volume of "release clause" news items. I had a player with lots of teams after a player after we got relegated and for every team it effectively asked me the same question as if it was the first time I had been asked it.... Even allowing me to say "my position hasn't changed since the last time I was asked" would have felt more realistic Ask me questions . Where I hand over responsibilities to say the Ass. Manager have them ask me questions to clarify the position. I.e. for pre-match briefings they could ask me to clarify the formation I am likely to play (with a link to any opposition analysis, my schedule, any injuries etc) so that they give the right info rather than basing it on the tactic I played last week. Even better build this into some kind of meeting to discuss and provide me thoughts so I can make a decision and give them clarity Ask for games to be moved. I was playing in League 1 and had 6 young (first team) players in U19 & U21 teams but did not qualify for the game to be shifted. I remember in older versions you could ask the FA to consider moving the game... Remember & Match my preferences. The job does a good job of remembering certain preferences when you start a new game or take on a new job but in the news/social area you have to go through and change them constantly. It would be amazing if a) it remembered a set of default preferences based on what I typically follow/don't, b) match my preferences when adding new items in (i.e. if I have unchecked social and chosen minimal for a league or a cup or something make that the default for any future ones added) and c) give me somewhere to set some defaults i.e. don't follow players added to shortlists or scouted (beyond the settings for my shortlist) Yearly finance meeting. Have a meeting to go over the things money will be spent on (staff allowances, scouting packages, player wages, transfer budgets) with as much or as little control given to you as your club ways of working / your reputation allows. I have had my scouting packages stopped because not enough budget yet I would have assumed that would have been taken into consideration for the year when the budgets were set or if I changed things then that would have triggered some kind of budget re-cut...? Assist clauses in contracts. Might be key contributions or something but I am sure players are remunerated for more things than just goals and appearances these days Greater proactivity by agents when players are unhappy. While some players will always be less interesting to clubs (and they should ultimately realise this in their moods/attitude) agents must do more to tout their players if they have said they want to leave (i.e. after relegation) and I'd love to see more interaction from agents sounding you out about the price you might accept (which you could tell them where to go of course) and being informal not something that adds fuel to the fire (although it might on occasions) to help players get their moves... Not willing to subsidise wages as a rejection reason - I get sick of players who want to leave and clubs wanting me to still pay them. While it obviously happens I do feel clubs could rightly say no for that reason. The player can take less money or sit around they can't do both. Obviously if the latter and you want some money you might then accept it but... And a couple of bigger ones... Analyse and help me understand issues. Am I conceding certain types of goal (I seem to concede a lot from long balls down the centre and my CB's being caught out) - if so have my analysts and coaches identify the issue (i.e. you are having x issue) and be some ideas of what is causing it (player doing x, player instruction doing y) to allow me to remedy it Allow me to use the analysts to compile training issues with players - i.e. a player keeps doing a certain thing let me have the analysts create evidence that can be used with their training to remedy it Improve goalkeepers. I still see goals scored where keepers would have claimed the ball long before the striker or defender would have got there. Not just far out but near the goal in the 6 yard box etc when they leave it to the defender running back with an attacker - IRL the keeper would own that as its easier to come to the ball Meet players before transfer. I haven't had the speak to player to try and convince them so far this year but I would imagine all transfers include an element of discussion around the vision for the club (aims not promises), the way you see the player being used (role, amount of playing time etc) ahead of the financials... Implementation of different operating models. The sporting director is in a lot of clubs now with the manager just looking after certain aspects of the club. It would be good to see this implemented (i.e. above just a DOF) whereby you know (from interview) that you will get (and maybe insist on) final say but you won't be the one searching for and buying the players.
  8. Does anyone know if it is possible to : a) change the transfer window dates across ALL European leagues to the same date (effectively shutting them before the season starts akin to what the Premier League is discussing for England and b) amend ALL European competitions to start AFTER that date i.e. transfer window finishes say July 31 and all leagues & cups start in August? Just wondering if this is hypothetically possible and how it might be achieved? Thanks
  9. Si... Given that so many of your customers are reliant upon STEAM to access and play the game I am hoping you have a direct line to them to tell them to up their game... They have such an appalling customer experience and ZERO way to contact them when their processes are broken. I have been forced into some additional security loop which requires an email with a verification code to be sent. Unfortunately this process is broken and their "contact if you can't get a code" process is just an infinite loop. Whether its their app, mobile app or website the process is exactly the same and currently broken. Please can you raise that there is an issue with their process and "suggest" they might want to invest in a customer service department.... Thanks
  10. At random times the computer would stall and then switch off. It only ever happened when playing FM (I also use other memory hungry applications) - it got to the point (after 4 crashes where it would turn on) that it no longer would and it required a board in the mac to be replaced. Unfortunately this didn't cure the problem, re-installing the operating software didn't either. however reinstalling FM does appear to have stopped the problem repeating itself - just got to monitor it as I am not tech savvy enough to find error logs and understand them. I'm not saying FM caused it; just that it was very reminiscent of a couple of years back when the game was using too much of the available PC/Mac bandwidth and crashing. Hence why I asked if anything had changed in the most recent patch (i.e. one change that might put extra pressure on the resources etc) because the laptop hadn't struggled with FM before the latest patch
  11. Before xmas (and the last patch) my mac pro (late 13 with retina) was running FM perfectly fine, no graphical issues, highest resolution etc. Since the game updated this year it has been crashing randomly to the point it appears to have killed a board on the mac thats had to be replaced. Even now with it replaced the game is still intermittently crashing (more often than not when in or just after a game has played) - has something in the latest patch affected the settings in someway to make it more memory intensive? I am willing to accept the first part may have been coincidence with the board failing at the same time - but since that has been replaced and the laptop fully re-installed there should be no reason for this - and its always when in FM i.e. not happening when I am using the laptop heavily in after effects (which I believe is my most memory intensive program) Any knowledge of problems, solutions (beyond turn retina off etc) would be helpful. Are SI working on making the game work well with retina displays for the future?
  12. Am I being very blind? When I start a new save game I seem to have to re-select almost every league rather than it remembering what I chose last time. This is very annoying but I can't seem to find any way of saving as default?
  13. In previous versions of FM when playing on a Mac the dock was accessible (i.e. would pop up if you hovered over the space at the bottom of the screen.) I was wondering whether anyone knew how to enable this? On current FM there doesn't seem to be an easy way to minimise the screen to the desktop. I have had to resort to playing in windowed mode... Any suggestions would be welcomed
  14. I'll take a screenshot the next time or I can upload the game - if I can find the link to how to do so! On the second point - completely agree with that - however this is a player (in the case I was highlighting) who is my first choice left winger, not been out injured has probably been playing 80-90% of all games I play. I think what is driving it is my promotion and the better class of football - so my point was more about perhaps it should say something along those lines rather than just he's developing because he is playing...
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