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  1. But that's how good he is. You can get 100% Waldo in half the time the other guys need to fail.
  2. Posted in the wrong thread, obv. Oi, that's not a knife!
  3. Americans say gimme more of that crack:
  4. While Howard got all the glory, Courtois was really good as well. US didn't have a lot of chances, but he thwarted a couple of good opportunities.
  5. Looking at vines of the Wondolowski miss, I think Courtois was in such a good position that only a very good to great shot (alternatively, something lucky) would have been successful. That said, shanking it over the net has a zero percent chance of going in - you want to at least force Courtois into making a save. https://mtc.cdn.vine.co/r/videos/863C60A5931095876587200679936_26305a44189.0.4.8160619374952812879.mp4?versionId=ZkTba4jedxbWw4HitE37ZqMsZz61puje
  6. Although no goal scoring sequence ever starts with DMB, and he still gets body checked off the ball by anything heavier than 20 pounds, he had some good moments in that game. I've been hard on him, but he stood pretty tall today. Happy trails.
  7. If this game goes to penalties, I will be properly impressed.
  8. Well done DMB. (I can't believe I'm saying that.)