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  1. I wish to congratulate WWE for making Apollo Crews even more boring than he already was. But now he has a fake accent which makes it even worse. Halfway through his diatribe, he forgets the accent. I mean even Kofi kept it up until his character suddenly changed one week.
  2. I like the college idea of giving each team one possession from the 25, but I would move it much further back like the 50. NFL kickers are generally too automatic from 40 yards out, so I want a team to make a first down or two just to get a long FG. It eliminates the kickoff aspect, which is what the league wants anyway for safety reasons.
  3. So Wight's hint as to the "HOF level" person being introduced almost certainly has to be Kurt Angle, right? I just don't know what he would do other than be a producer or something. He physically can't compete, and I don't want him to at this point.
  4. I mean at the end of the day she actually messed up a basic bodyslam. Yes she was trying the gorilla press thing, but she dumped Dakota on her hip at the tail end of the move.
  5. He looked a little out of breath at times, but he was certainly moving around pretty well for a guy who hasn't competed in 2 decades.
  6. the legendary Jim Crockett Jr. has passed away at 76 https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2934447-legendary-wrestling-promoter-jim-crockett-jr-dies-at-age-76
  7. Only because Tuesday Night Titans was cancelled. It's just USA Network bringing back WWE Tuesday programming "Promotional consideration paid for by the following..."
  8. So there was supposed to be some charity event in a few weeks supporting women who suffered sexual assault. The man behind the wrestling portion of it? You guessed it, Joey Ryan. Tony Khan heard about this, pulled all the AEW talent, and the event got cancelled altogether. As I was reading up on this, I discovered that the Bucks apparently went back and edited out all of Joey's past BTE scenes.
  9. One question: why is the Coach "Waldorf" from the Muppets?
  10. The only question was not whether Lashley was going to win the title last night, but how long the match would last. Sad part is that Miz's promo in the back was very good and very real. He has been a workhorse for the company for 15 years now, and has 1 medium-length 5 month title reign and a 8-day reign to his credit. He does every available media opportunity to promote the company, and is arguably the most visible and recognizable superstar outside the ring of anyone on the active roster. During the first hour, they showed the countdown clock with about 12 minutes to go heade
  11. Also, today in 1985, Hillbilly Jim broke his leg while chasing Johnny Valiant around the ring. His absence led indirectly to one of the best moments in WWF history: Uncle Elmer's wedding
  12. My wife said the same thing last night. She gives it 2 weeks before he returns to TIJ.
  13. It dawned on me that since last night's Dynamite was pre-taped, they've actually been sitting on that news for at least a week now. Seems hard to believe that in 2021 that news wouldn't have leaked sooner. "Telegraph, telephone, tell a wrestler"
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