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  1. Yeah, that is another perfect example. Nowadays, it's almost never is punished. And the players notice is and do it more and more. Absolutely pathetic from those in powers to decide to ignore it. It's not like it's even hard to judge(like with feigning injuries where only part of those feigns are clear and obvious). In 99% of such cases the player is clearly just wasting time and should be punished immediately. That never happens. A few years ago it was actually much better. Same, with shots after the whistle for offside.
  2. Noone ever raised an issue with players claiming corner kicks or throw-ins and that they should be punished for this. A corner is quite an opportunity to score. And many goals were scored from incorrectly awarded corners and many were not scored because the corner wasn't given. And in such cases fans and pundits blame the refs for the wrong but never ever have I heard them saying: This player claimed a corner and it was given. But it's obvious he was the last to touch the ball and he clearly knew it. So, the goal kick should have been given and a yellow card issued for the cheater. Or dives in the middle of the pitch. They are not dangerous. But the players are rightly branded as cheaters for the dives. Yet, nothing is said about their wrong claims for a throw-in. Even the managers never complain about it. So, yes, such cheating is universally accepted. And it's much harder to draw than to fight all of this together. Ok, claiming a corner is fine. A dive in the penalty box is not - it's cheating. What about diving in the middle of the field? That's cheating, as well, right? Then, what about feigning injuries? That's not cheating by any referee of any federation. That is quite an awful line, isn't it? Or look at what happens and happened before with players asking for the yellow cards for the opposition. That is such a joke. There is absolutely no consistency here. Nowadays, the ref never punish it. Before they did. But it was also ridiculous when they punished waiving imaginary card but did nothing when the players were saying it in words: "you should give a yellow here". I hate cheating and diving. But I think you should choose one way here. Either accept it or fight. And it's clear that the governing bodies decided to accept it.
  3. Yes, but those things are really connected to each other. You either think that cheating should not be accepted or just accept it. Not only those attempts to deceive for corner kicks. How many an almost dead player jumps up to argue with someone who tries to pick them up(it should not acceptable as well). Or when they realize the ref is not going to give a foul. They are never punished with a yellow card. So, there are huge possible advantages to be gained by feigning injury but no real risk to get punished for this. All of this form this cheating culture within football. It's a hypocrisy to say that only diving is bad and accept everything else. Especially, as the governing bodies make it clear they don't see much issues with diving.
  4. And let's be honest. deceiving the ref is like a culture in football. Forget about dives. The laws state that the cautionable offense is:   attempts to deceive the referee e.g. by feigning injury or pretending to have been fouled (simulation) Diving is just an example. We check the glossary of the laws of the game: Deceive - Act to mislead/trick the referee into giving an incorrect decision/disciplinary sanction which benefits the deceiver and/or their team So, during every match there could be literally dozens of yellow cards issued for players intentionally trying to deceive the referee into giving an incorrect throw in or corner decision. And now check your reaction to this. I am sure most just smile and think that's ridiculous to give yellow cards for this. That is exactly what I called a culture of deceiving the refs. That is considered a normal and integral part of the game. Not only by those "South Americans" but English players try to cheat the referee every game and multiple times. May be, everyone should just stop complaining about the diving then.
  5. @Mr Wallin is right that the current stance is that they don't really want to fight diving. Not at all. It was obvious during this WC that the refs got instructions not to issue yellow cards for dives. There were numerous cases when the ref spotted the dive, waved play on and didn't give a YC. If those at the head have this stance, it's useless to dream about them trying to get rid of this from the game.
  6. This, million times. That could and should have been done even before VAR. Why the dives were not punished after the match, I can never understand. The same with VAR. Not, like it will really negatively affect their work. Let them review all possible dives and issue yellow cards in any of the next stops of play after VAR made a decision. Is there anything wrong with such workflow?
  7. His trailing leg is clearly behind the ball. Is it not onside? Or have I completely forgot the rules and the rules are the opposite: not all aprts should be ahead but any? Then, I am wrong. Checked the rules - yes, I was wrong. He is offside. Then, the ref should be sacked for life for spoiling such a fantastic moment.
  8. Actually, he is just onside there if you stop the frame at the moment of the pass. But how great would it be if the ref allowed to score only for VAR to rule offside if he would've been offside there(again, on this video he is onside).
  9. Alli in the second half near his own area was a clear dive. McGuire now. And there was someone else in the 2nd half.
  10. Tbf, he didn't give a few clear yellow cards for diving to English players. But he is just crap overall.
  11. Croatia need a win in 90. They would definitely lose if it's their third 120 mins match in a row.
  12. England are going to get to the final. Could anyone here they eould see it in their lifetime? Great WC. **** it.
  13. I edited the post as i used the wrong term. Both deserve to be knocked out, not kicked out. This match is pathetic. Colombia you see why. Enlgish players are as bad but luckily the ref helped England here. No yellow for the dive, no red for the kick to the head, a penalty after Kane pulled the defender first. And the fans in this thread behave even worse than the players
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