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  1. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    How old are you? Those are the rules for international tournaments since like forever. 90min wins are not required to determine the winner. I guess you will like NHL with play-off rules. Though, they have overtimes as well... NBA is even better for you.
  2. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    If you are not illiteral you should try to read the rules of European championship. Fifa rankings don't affect the places of this tournament. 90mins is also a ********.
  3. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Fraudulent winner
  4. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    The irony of the guy defenfing stupid opinion and then spouts absolute rubbish himself. A pair made in heaven.
  5. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Is this borophil the biggest scum here? His posts look like his l8fe is miserable.
  6. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    In ice hockey that is considered like the most dangerous foul. And the punishment is very heavy.
  7. Semi Final 1 - Portugal VS Wales #PORWAL

    Surely, if Germany goes through they will be considered to be completely undeserved to win the tournament. They didn't "properly" win quarter final. Portugal hate is so ridiculous. English people are so jealous of them. Winning in extra time is not a win for them. No wonder English team fail time over the time. It seems to be a national thing that they just don't understand the simpliest rules of the tournament. The task is to go to the next round and not to get knocked out at the current. Yet, it's too hard for some to understand. If football fans are so stupid, I guess the players and the manager are the same.
  8. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    That's not how it works though. Take a look at some examples who have such limits. You are right. A player at 19 who is local get the place in the starting team. He gets huge money. What is the incentive for him to improve. To earn 2 times more he will need huge amount of work and dedication. Is it worth it? The reality is that it's not. I gave you an example of Russia. There were so many young superstars in the last year, yet basically noone had any serious further development. Looks at Dzagoev or Kokorin. Especially, the latter. He is talented and if he does nothing to improve himself he still gets big payouts from transfer every few years. He had to improve massively to have a further step in the career which is not worth it with the limits in place, as his position of strength is not going to change. Or look at Arshavin. He was a great player who developed quite a bit, yet he had to have a pay cut I think just to move to the top level football. Player who were worse than him had the same pay level in Russia and they had no reason to improve. That's what happens with the foreign player limits. You will see more ENglish players in the squads obviously. You will see more younger players. You won't see more top class player, that would the opposite.
  9. England - Euro 2016 Thread

    Do people really suggest that limit on foreign players will improve te qulity of local players? That's the stupidity level of Russian sport authorities. Of course, the players quality gets worse because of such limits, the Russian national teams start to perform worse, so what? Correct, they propose even heavier limits as the young generation needs further aid to get better and give a boost to the national team. And it results in even worse quality. Would be a proper laugh if England goes the same route.
  10. Portugal vs Hungary / Austria vs Iceland

    1/4 is an incredible achievement for them. That goal vs Austria helped them massively to pass 1/8.
  11. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Sure, he was. Still no worse than Alli or Sturridge. Or Wilshere.
  12. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    It really hasn't. So weird to have a go at Rooney as he is in the top 3 English players at the tournament this year. Alli has benn about 42 times worse than Rooney.
  13. Round of 16| France v Ireland| ITV 2.00

    If the referee spotted Long's dive for the penalty (well, it was impossible for the ref. Only from one replay angle it's visible that he dived onto Pogba before any contact was made) then the game could be completely different. Ireland could be less defending, get the lead in the second half and defend it. As seen in this match they were able to do it for an hour.
  14. Round of 16| France v Ireland| ITV 2.00

    Was absolutely clear he did it intentionally to waste time. I guess the ref also took in account that Ireland were already heavily wasting time. So, that is like an accumulator.
  15. Round of 16| France v Ireland| ITV 2.00

    There was a replay front the front of Long. Was a flying dive into Pogba before there was any contact made. A cheating retribution for that handball, I guess.