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  1. I don't think it all looks amazing, but those people celebrating surely are genuinely happy and that's all that matters at that point doesn't it? Of course it's fleeting, but people should just enjoy it for what it is, an incredible achievement, regardless of surrounding issues. Can't take the moment away from them.
  2. Are people really crying about it? Or just not taking it at face value and and seeing it at this mighty achievement considering the way it happened?
  3. Croatia would be awesome, would really make it one of the GOAT world cups.
  4. Hazard was outstanding but as a non finalist he'd have to have been significantly better than Mbappé or Modric to have a chance and I don't think that's the case. Also Modric is always the obvious Croatia pick, but Rakitic has been at least as good really. He ran the midfield yesterday.
  5. Also pretty funny reading the predictions in here now.
  6. Pretty ****ing weird we'll be playing each other again for third place now
  7. Really gutting loss, in the first half it looked like we were going to do it. 3 times we came very close to scoring but either Lloris or a bit of bad luck were in the way. Second half we just couldn't find a way through anymore and against this defense you know it's going to be tough. France defend superbly and haven't stolen the win, they had their chances to score as well. Hazard though, what a special player. When he's on a mission he's just phenomenal. He has put his name firmly at the top of Belgian football history this tournament.
  8. Yeah Fellaini and Chadli will definitely remain in the team, they were immense. Carrasco or Vermaelen in and I think Carrasco has the biggest chance. Though personally I'd rather he put on Dembélé as a sort of wing back, he's not used to the position but he can defend, run his ass off and keep the ball.
  9. That's because defenders are used to getting away with it. It's about time wrestling during set pieces disappears.
  10. Courtois seems like the more obvious pick, his match against Brazil will be in the minds of everyone far more.
  11. I'm expecting Fellaini to start over Mertens with KDB higher up the pitch. Probably Chadli in for Carrasco as well because he was awful.
  12. People feel confident, rightly considered just below the absolute favorites for the tournament. With Kompany hopefully back now in place for Boyata, we have a pretty stellar 11. Don't think too many people mind we won the group either. Literally everyone I know will be rooting for Colombia now though
  13. I'm glad we won. Quarter final at euro 2016 and going out against Wales was awful. Going out in the quarters to Brazil would not leave a sour taste and if we beat them it'd be on par with our greatest ever World Cup achievement and we'd be favorites for the final I reckon. Now watch us get beaten by Japan obviously.
  14. Hope it doesn't end up an embarrassing affair, rather we (Belgium) take top than lose on purpose. Imagine losing 3-0 or something and then going out to a "lesser" side, it'd be awful.
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