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  1. Totally forgot this existed. Remember watching it on a lazy Sunday afternoon on tv and also loved it. The music, the scenery, the unspoken emotion. Not the type of film you easily watch again.
  2. I still have 1 eth! I sold my 2 eth right before the pullback last week luckily. Took out 1k and bought back 1 eth at around €850. I’ll just keep this one forever I think. I initially got in for fun 3 or 4 years ago when it was worth €75. Only put in €200 iirc so made no major cash with this. In total I’ve now taken out 2k and moved it to my stock portfolio so I’m happy. I still believe in crypto and I think it can still reach a multiple of today’s prices. But I don’t have the nerve to put in a lot of money.
  3. Can impeachment procedures continue after January 20th or does it automatically stop there on the account of trump no longer being president?
  4. Entirely believable some of these people brought onions just in case they got maced. Many of them seem so out of place, like they went on a school trip to overthrow the government. That’s been the main theme these past 4 years hasn’t it? Everything they do seems so amateur. No-one even seemed prepared for the fact they might make it in.
  5. They just need some time to process the loss, give them a minute guys.
  6. Always seems like the person in charge of music is secretly a democrat.
  7. No, a vaccine is not a cure. Also it’s only effective after a couple of weeks I think, meaning you can still catch the virus and get ill shortly after getting the vaccine.
  8. Startling to see how little Trump is mentioned on the Fox News frontpage.
  9. It’s tradition to wait for thanksgiving before pardoning a turkey.
  10. The gall of acting as if a working vaccine is in any shape or form attributable to Trump. Being president while people do amazing things is not an achievement. For Trump it’s the most he could have ever aspired to.
  11. When are american newspapers finally going to run the headline “GOP is attempting a coup”?
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