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  1. Euro 2016 FINAL - Portugal vs France

    Portugal looking better in the final 20 minutes. **** final so far though. Caps off a **** tournament.
  2. Yes but you need luck to win a tournament so it doesn't really matter. If Croatia, Poland, France all fail to knock them out, then I guess you could say they deserved it.
  3. Belgium - Euro 2016

    However you rate him, he's still a quality defender and miles better and more experienced than Lukaku and Denayer
  4. Belgium - Euro 2016

    Neither is certain, but Lukaku was rumoured more likely. If vertonghen is out, both will play.
  5. Belgium - Euro 2016

    **** Vertonghen probably out for the Wales match. With Vermaelen suspended we're going to be weakened significantly in defense. Lukaku and Denayer will have to step up majorly now.
  6. Belgium - Euro 2016

    yeah we all want it, but there's no way the lump isn't starting
  7. England vs Iceland - 8pm ITV

    Glorious stuff.
  8. What a **** match. Expected more from the two best remaining teams in this half of the draw. Ronaldo completely invisible. You'd think one of the best players in the world would drop back and demand the ball if it's not reaching him up top?
  9. Belgium - Euro 2016

    Yeah the amount of times he's too late to connect with a cross is just laughable. We're going to persist with him and it's going to cost us. I hope Wilmots saw the same as everyone did, but he seems to be pre intent on not hurting people's feelings than doing what is necessary to win.
  10. Belgium - Euro 2016

    Wilmots made his team play lower apparently, he said this after the match. Just utter madness really. Why on earth would you decide to do that against Sweden? They hadn't had a single shot on target before last night. I can understand you don't press for 90 minutes when you're playing in 30 degrees heat, but just sitting back is asking for trouble. Can expect Hungary or Wales to exploit that better than Sweden did, who were clearly one of the worst teams in the tournament.
  11. Belgium - Euro 2016

    Thought we were awful. I expected us to lose tbh with the way we were playing, and it wouldn't have been undeserved at all. Good goal from Radja but I still hope Dembélé takes back his place against Hungary.
  12. Euro 2016 Betting Thread - Tales of Woe Guaranteed

    I thought I read Conte is looking to make up to 9 changes for today. I think especially now they know their next opponent is Spain, they'll rest pretty much all key players.
  13. This time thoug Nani could have been top scorer by now with a bit of better finishing, and Portugal could have been cruising to top spot in the group. Of course Ronaldo could have also, but they've had loads of other chances that were missed by other players as well.
  14. Impressive Players

    Underrated? I don't know anyone who doesn't rate him as one of the best midfielders in the world.
  15. Group D - Spain vs Turkey - NOW!

    Nolito would be an excellent back-up to the front three, Denis Suarez is more someone who would play behind them. There is absolutely no cover for injuries upfront so they need a forward, and Nolito is much more of a forward than Denis Suarez. 18 million is a no-brainer if he wants to come to Barcelona.