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  1. If England make it through, Pickford won't have to buy another drink again in his life. Been outstanding.
  2. As someone with no dog in this fight, and not really giving a hoot on who wins, if Sterling hasn't delivered as you'd all hoped, what did you hope for? Right now, England are 45 minutes from reaching the final in over 50 years. Sterling has been part of every victory. Would you be happier if he'd scored in every game but they'd gone out in the group? He's made space for his teammates and is contributing to a successful, winning team. So what's the problem?
  3. Not the case, as it doesn't actually prevent you from employing anyone. The top level of Ice hockey in the UK for example has a maximum limit of 14 non-British players in the match squad. 3 of which have to be EU passport holders, or you can just go with 11 non-EU passport holders. You can still employ as many/few as you want, the rule only applies to how many can be present in the match day squad. It would be the same principal if football here was to implement such rule. (EU referendum fallout notwithstanding) I think though the main problem is the lack of need for English players to export
  4. Exactly this. Since the game runs on an older version of the FM engine, League standard and reputation remain static so you could use that as a base value for attribute scaling. Since the NHL is the "best" league, there isn't any change so you see everything as it is in the DB if you're the GM of an NHL team. KHL is generally considered the next best league, so you could say maybe 1.10 for attributes in that league. (Scale up 10%.) SHL 1.15, Liga 1.20, AHL 1.25 etc and so on. If not that, it would be extremely helpful as I've already said to have some sort of information to go on that tells
  5. I’m playing this new EHM from a different perspective since I played the last retail release several years ago. Back then I played only NHL as that was the only league I had any sort of knowledge about. In the years since we’ve had an EIHL team come in locally. (Braehead Clan) So I’ve been supporting them and following the Elite League since 2010. I’ve found trying to sign or select players for my line-up as Clan GM rather difficult to suss. Particularly for British players as some of their attributes are so low its makes it so hard to tell if they’d be any use whatsoever on my team. It’s als
  6. Reporting in my Maple Leafs game I have 3 games in 3 nights on 8th-10th November 2014, this isn't permitted under NHL fixture rules. Just as an FYI.
  7. Yep, can confirm I've also seen NHL teams that have committed icing still being allowed to change their line on the resulting face-off.
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