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  1. Quite disturbing the new line that's getting traction of "the 8pm kick-off is to blame!" Despite ignoring of course the many other major finals having the same KO time for a good number of years now.
  2. UEFA have solved the game's problems once again and taken their usual course of rapid, decisive, and comprehensive measure of issuing fines from the problems reported: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/57788267 Football is saved again, what would we do without you UEFA?
  3. For a bit more salt in the wounds if there wasn't enough, we had 1 less goal than England in the group, and 6 fewer points. Makes sense.
  4. And good night. Now to hit that 22 year old bottle of Dimple single malt...
  5. Said as much myself, were looking leggy before it. Can't see us getting 2 for winning this, so just all about trying to square it up now and take them out the Euros with us.
  6. Probably game over now, disastrous zonal marking getting us into major trouble once again...
  7. It's okay, just part of the plan. Marshall is going to come up for a corner on 94 minutes and bag the winner to come full circle from game one.
  8. Caught out again with that ball, lucky Marshall was alert. Some guys out there looking like they're making tired mistakes already, need to freshen things up a bit now I think.
  9. Huge let-off there, defence caught napping again with that ball.
  10. He's been poor, messing up even the most basic of passes.
  11. So vital getting that before half-time, we were looking very deflated and out of it. Get to the break, and start again like we did.
  12. Set pieces still not improved either, not a good sign.
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