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  1. Asda is at it once again: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-56185236 Getting away with forcing their staff to sign new contracts on worse T&Cs or sacking them wasn't enough, being in one of the few sectors that prospered under lockdown wasn't enough either, closing last Boxing Day forcing staff to either go unpaid or use their annual leave also wasn't enough. Now "cost and efficiency" savings must be made due to covid. Nothing to do with trying to fund the borrowing used by the new owners to purchase the company, and they'll get away with it again, which is what the worst part of it
  2. On a bit more of a positive note, meeting outdoors with at least 2 households is planned to be back on the cards from March 15. So a chance to at least meet some folk outside their house is something to focus and look forward to.
  3. I've been saying for years, you could spend a fifth of the HS2 budget to get virtually all the UK up to full-fibre broadband standard. The lesser cost and bigger economic benefits make it a no-brainer, which is why this government won't do it.
  4. The case for keeping the Union is so strong, Bojo is looking for his third head of Union unit in almost as many weeks: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56134386
  5. Just don't forget how Warcraft 3 Reforged turn out.
  6. There will undoubtedly be an enquiry about it all. The problem with it will be though it'll take so long to conduct, none of the current government will be in power to either learn those lessons, or be held accountable for any of their actions. Wouldn't surprise me if the duration of such an enquiry would be in the 5-10 year range.
  7. Certainly provides an exhibit a that we still haven't learned our lessons after all this time.
  8. Looks good, and leaves the door open for upgrades down the line. You'll be able to upgrade the GFX card at your leisure when supplies/prices are more reasonable again, and you'll also have scope to add in later NVME ultra-fast storage, which is very easy to self install.
  9. Aye the "CRG" - very original. What's the bet the ERG membership simply moved from one train to the other?
  10. The only major difference between the two brands this time around is Nvidia wins hands down at ray-tracing, and also offers DLSS. If you don't use or aren't bothered about those features, you can get either and be very happy with it. On the CPU, I'd dial that back to a 3000 or 5000 series 8-core one. In favour of 32GB of 32000Mhz memory, and upgrade the CPU cooler if there's any cash left to do so.
  11. Not really surprising. As mentioned before, CPU chip manufacturing is now focused towards the automotive industry for the moment, as in general supplies full stop are getting low. Out of all the hot ticket PC hardware, pretty much the Ryzen 5600x & 5800x are just about all you can get from retailers, and even those are getting punted a good chunk above their MSRP. 5900x or 5950x you can only get from scalpers at pretty much 2x the MSRP. 3090s are about the only GFX cards showing some stocks, and again their prices are above an already over the top MSRP.
  12. The warehouse staff pay issue isn't as straightforward as it might appear on the surface. I know certainly in Asda, a reason for the pay disparity wasn't because of any discrimination or other ill intent, it boiled down to the simple fact that over 4 in 5 warehouse workers had union representation. For shop floor staff it was reversed with only 1 in 5 of them having union representation, it was that lack of collective bargaining power that cost them much of the benefits warehouse workers received over the years. When the whole new Asda contract debacle happened back in 2019, warehouse workers
  13. Bizarre of the BBC to downgrade covid as an "epidemic" which suggests it's impacting only on large towns and communities. It's clearly still spanning the globe at this time.
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